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Finding and collecting contact information for your prospects is a time-consuming process. It can feel overwhelming trying to track down a lead’s B2B emails, phone numbers, and even direct email addresses. Where do you even start?

A great place to find high-quality leads for your pipeline is undoubtedly LinkedIn. But sifting through contact lists and groups for prospects is not very time effective. Instead, simple Google Chrome extensions like Kaspr do the work for you, instantly.

In a matter of seconds, you can extract thousands of contact data points directly into Kaspr or your own CRM. From there, you can organize them and set up automations for contact. If that sounds good to you, then you’re in the right place.

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Kaspr: The Good and the Bad

There is no doubt that Kaspr made scraping contact information for leads from LinkedIn incredibly easy. However, there were issues on the periphery that made it difficult to appreciate, starting with the messy dashboard design and onboarding.

Then there were important features that just never appeared for us—notably “Email from Kaspr” and “Dial for Kaspr”—thus, taking the lovely option of automation and throwing it out the window. Aside from missing functionality, Kaspr is expensive and their credit system is less than ideal.

But it isn’t all dark clouds and gray skies. Kaspr will, mostly, provide you with accurate, up-to-date contact information that you can use in your sales outreach without having to do much to get it.

What Kaspr is Good At

Easy installation: As a Chrome extension, getting started with Kaspr proved incredibly quick and painless.

After grabbing a free account with our business email, the extension installed seamlessly in just a few clicks. We were immediately redirected to grant access on LinkedIn, allowing Kaspr to integrate with our profile.

Screenshot of page to connect to your LinkedIn account.

Next, the slick Kaspr sidebar appeared on-screen, easily toggled open or closed. We really appreciated how it adapts to the LinkedIn page that you visit—enrichment options only display on relevant pages, and details automatically populate upon visiting a prospect’s profile.

Enrichment options on a relevant page with a popup window from Kaspr.

The workflows we pre-configured ahead of time allowed us to export new prospects into our CRM or the Kaspr dashboard with one click—no tedious copying and pasting.

Kaspr’s onboarding, though not seamless, walks you through how to configure all tools and options, getting users up and running in virtually no time. For busy sales teams and recruiters, Kaspr removes all the friction points associated with installing new software.

Instant access and collection: Kaspr’s real power is its speed. It unlocks instant access to prospect contact information and flexible collection options.

Simply visiting a profile retrieves emails, phone numbers, and other details in seconds.

Using the bulk export features, we easily extracted information from entire LinkedIn lists, groups, posts, and events. Thousands of contacts were exported back to our Kaspr dashboards in a flash, empowering our outbound campaigns and list building.

Kaspr removes the typical delays that come with collecting quality contact data, making it an instant action rather than a chore. The combination of real-time individual lookups with batch capture flexibility is incredibly powerful.

Automated outreach: To streamline outreach, Kaspr provides three powerful options for automating workflows and sequences—LinkedIn, Enrichment, and Integrations.

While still in Beta, the LinkedIn automation can send initial connection requests and follow-up messages depending on whether a contact accepts or ignores. We expect the LinkedIn messaging capabilities to expand further over time.

Page with a blank workflow.

For Enrichment, prospects extracted from LinkedIn can auto-feed into integrated platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and more—all based on rules you configure.

The Integration workflows adapt to the way your CRM and email tools are set up to help you seamlessly execute your lead scoring, list addition, nurture campaigns, and more.

With three workflow builders available, gone are the days of manual busywork needed to leverage LinkedIn data. Now engagement and handoff can happen automatically based on prospect response and integration preferences.

Completed workflow with the first step of LinkedIn Invitation highlighted.

Lead tracking and organization: Managing prospects is easy with Kaspr’s robust organization and tracking options that consolidate all your contacts in one place with quick views of details and one-click exporting.

Segment your leads into pipeline stages with hot, cold, or lukewarm tags. With the helpful notes section, you can also capture personalized prospect details to reference later.

Lead contact screen with various features to take notes and add tags.

Attaching reminders, to-dos, calls, and emails to each contact ensures critical follow-ups never slip through the cracks. We also like that tasks can be assigned to team members, streamlining your workload.

Integrations with Aircall and Ringover allow you to initiate calls with prospects directly from the dashboard, making Kaspr a true hub for sales and recruiting teams.

Add a task popup with an empty title and option to Add Note.

Dashboard and data: All leads, tasks, and workflows reside in one command center where you can monitor key activity statistics and metrics. At a glance, performance indicators on workflows show volume of contacts, phone numbers, emails, and more.

By adding team members, you can share these metrics to keep everyone aligned. Recent lead summaries give quick insight into the latest enrichment results so users can quickly orient themselves to what workflows are producing and how prospect volume is trending.

While currently limited, the baseline statistics offer a useful top-level view of workflow productivity and new lead acquisition. For now, the dashboard strikes a nice balance—concise KPIs help gauge campaign effectiveness without information overload.

Lead organization and analytics landing page.

GDPR and CCPA compliance: Based on Kaspr’s transparency and claimed adherence to benchmark regulations, we see their GDPR and CCPA compliance in a good light.

While aggregating public contact details en masse sits in debatable territory, Kaspr seems upfront about their practices, and their adherence to key privacy laws is reassuring.

We can’t fully validate that their databases meet all GDPR and CCPA provisions, but Kaspr’s openness suggests conscientious data handling. Users are always given the option to opt out of any unwanted sharing of their data.

Kaspr homepage.

Kaspr’s Potential Drawbacks

Kaspr is expensive: Kaspr’s biggest drawback is its expensive pricing model and quite restrictive credit system. Across all tiers, the recurring costs to access features seemed high, especially compared to competitors—in fact, this was the most common user complaint.

The credit model, which even the upper tier plans use, forces you to continually buy more just to use the platform. You’re charged double credits to rerun advanced searches when data couldn’t be found initially.

Since teams can’t align usage to budgets without usage spikes blowing through credits prematurely, the unpredictable credit consumption can hinder adoption. Ideally, Kaspr would shift to unlimited plans or metered subscriptions and remove credits.

Limited integrations hinder functionality: Currently, Kaspr’s minimal integration tool options support only a handful of platforms: LinkedIn, HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Brevo, Lemlist, Zapier, Aircall, and Ringover.

Completed workflow with button to save & publish.

For teams using other software stacks, Kaspr loses some of its functionality. You can compile prospects in the internal Kaspr dashboard, but this creates data silos rather than seamless workflows.

In its current state, Kaspr is best suited as a standalone LinkedIn enrichment tool if you already use one of their supported CRMs. It really thrives when integrated directly with sales and outreach tools.

Overall, Kaspr’s data collection power can’t be fully leveraged without a supported CRM. Expanding support for platforms and custom APIs would help tremendously.

List of apps to integrate with Kaspr including HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive.

Data can be inaccurate or nonexistent: In testing, we found Kaspr’s contact data collection to be very hit-or-miss. Even when we ran advanced searches on LinkedIn profiles with clearly displayed contact details, Kaspr frequently reported no information available.

Popup message to add lead to waiting list.

Out of 71 test leads, it only retrieved complete data for 15 prospects. Many returned no data while some contained incorrect or outdated information.

Example from a list of leads to show lead that has no direct email.

Seeing empty or faulty data wastes credits on pointless automation. And creditless users can’t access advanced search to uncover better information.

Considering contact accuracy is the core value proposition for Kaspr, the shaky performance was disappointing. It needs major improvements in contact data reliability and relevance to become a go-to sales intelligence solution.

Lead list with arrows pointing to direct email, professional emails, and phone columns.

Kaspr’s dashboard and onboarding felt overwhelming and messy: While installation was seamless, the dashboard itself was cluttered and unintuitive compared to competitors. The LinkedIn panel also felt a bit intrusive.

Even after getting acclimated, the interface lacked the refinement and fluidity expected of a premium sales tool. We were unable to locate some complex features like Email by Kaspr via Gmail integration, even after following the step-by-step manual.

Connect your Google account instructions.
Software list that has integrations with Kaspr including LinkedIn, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zapier.

Other users similarly complained of the lack of user friendliness. Considering UI polish and frictionless onboarding are expectations nowadays for modern SaaS, Kaspr somewhat lags behind.

It’s not unusable by any means, but streamlining the UI and educational components would really enhance first impressions. But for now, it feels rough around the edges.

Kaspr onboarding steps.

Kaspr Plans and Pricing

The Kaspr pricing system is based on credits—mainly phone, direct email, and export credits. Your number of credits are divided per user.

For example, the Starter plan will cost you $49 per user, with each user getting 1,200 phone credits, 60 direct email credits, and 3,000 export credits. For two users, those credits—and the price—are doubled.

We were surprised to see that Kaspr didn’t offer any unlimited credit plans. While this could force a lot of enterprise-sized users to steer clear, you should be able to find a suitable plan if you use your credits effectively.

Four plans with prices shown for each.

Free plan

The free version of Kaspr provides a great starting point for solo users or small teams to try out core features before committing to paid plans. It includes monthly credits for five phone numbers, five direct emails, and 10 for exports.

One nice perk is unlimited B2B email credits if you refer three colleagues to signup. The free plan also enables saving and exporting leads in the dashboard and basic task management. While not seen in our testing, their site claims it should let you access Email and Dial features, too.

Integration is available with Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Lemlist, SendinBlue, Aircall, and Ringover. You can create up to three lead lists, run one enrichment workflow, make three monthly launches, and leverage one default LinkedIn cadence. API access is present but basic.

Starter plan

Stepping up from the free version, Kaspr’s Starter plan is billed annually at $49 per user per month. You receive a monthly allotment of 1,200 phone credits, 60 direct email credits, and 3,000 export credits.

Unused credits also now rollover month-to-month instead of expiring. The lead list limit increases to 10 and Zapier joins the integration options. For workflow automation, you can create three enrichment workflows for B2B emails and make three launches per month. LinkedIn cadences become unlimited as well.

Of course, all functionality from the free version still applies on top of the expanded limits. Compared to the free plan, the Starter tier enables running more sophisticated workflows and outreach campaigns while not quite reaching the enterprise-level.

Business plan

Kaspr’s Business plan, billed annually at $79 per user per month, caters to successful mid-market sales teams wanting to unlock more advanced capabilities. You receive 2,400 monthly phone and direct email credits and 12,000 export credits.

The plan also allows you to access LinkedIn on Recruiter Lite with two customizable admin seats. Lead lists and enrichment workflows become unlimited to support large-scale prospecting efforts. You can make 10 workflow launches per month with detailed insights on reporting and activity.

By significantly increasing monthly credits and removing restrictions of lower tiers, the Business plan empowers more lead enrichment and outreach campaigns. While not quite enterprise-ready, it certainly enables comprehensive LinkedIn lead generation despite not providing truly enterprise-level functionality.

Organization plan

Kaspr’s premium Organization plan comes in at $99 per user per month, paid yearly. With a five user minimum, you receive a whopping 24,000 monthly phone and email credits, and 120,000 export credits to enrich prospects at huge volumes.

The plan also provides five customizable admin seats, tailored onboarding, and dedicated account management. No limits exist on workflow launches, empowering near-mass-scale automation. You unlock premium API access as well.

With more credits and tailored optimization, the Organization plan enables enterprise-sized teams to execute sophisticated LinkedIn enrichment company-wide.

While very expensive, the plan removes all prospecting constraints for large teams, delivering the credits, control, customization, and support to maximize Kaspr at scale.

Final Thoughts

We see no reason that you shouldn’t at least try Kaspr to see if it is a software worth investing in to spark your lead funnel. With the Free plan, you can give it a test drive in a matter of minutes with a no-hassle Chrome extension. Assuming you have integrations that work with Kaspr, you will get a lot of use out of the instant scraping that it does.

The dashboard isn’t the smoothest or most robust in the league. But it will get the job done and make lead collection a whole lot easier. Anything that saves time and results in more sales is worth a look.

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