Crazy Egg’s Hard-Boiled Guide to Holiday eCommerce

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Have you ever wished you could have a direct, easy-to-follow guide to improve your site and increase conversion rates over the holidays?

The race to grab the attention of your best customers is on, and by starting early, you can reap the financial rewards of holiday shopping readiness. Thankfully, we can help.

Introducing the…

holiday ecommerce guide

Our conversion and content marketing elves have been hard at work creating a detailed map of how to boost your holiday eCommerce efforts this season.  In this guide, you’ll get valuable insights, actionable steps and real resources.

Why did we write this guide?

The holiday season isn’t just the season to be merry. It’s also the season to build relationships, help one another… and shop till you drop. So if you do e-commerce on any level, you can easily bank some holiday cheer by leveraging people’s holiday spirit – if you know how.

With this guide, we aren’t trying to give you comprehensive instructions on doing e-commerce in the holidays. First, there’s no real need: The same tactics that work year-round also work in the holidays. And let’s be honest, a complete holiday strategy should have been put into motion months ago.

Perhaps you did create a holiday marketing strategy and you’ve already pulled the trigger to execute. Now, you simply need a checklist to be sure you didn’t forget anything.

Or perhaps you didn’t have time to create a multi-channel plan and now you’re scrambling to find some quick holiday marketing ideas you can easily put into motion.

Either way, this guide is for you. We share simple, easy-to-execute ideas to reach more customers and sell more throughout the season.

What will you learn? Take a look…

Chapter 1… What’s Ahead for the 2013 Holiday Shopping Season?

Holiday profits don’t just happen. You need to gear up for the holiday season. From outfitting your site with a festive new look, to learning where to concentrate your efforts in the coming months, this chapter will help you create a smart holiday marketing plan that engages customers.

Chapter 2… Connecting with Customers throughout the Holiday Season

You need to connect with your customers on a lot of different levels: visually and through holiday-themed messaging. This chapter shares tips for sprucing up your website and social media channels. It also helps you develop an email marketing strategy that cuts through the clutter and gets read – even during the busy holiday season.  See what we recommend and how to turn your messages into something your customers can’t wait to read!

Chapter 3… Create a Holiday-Themed Gift Guide

Everyone wants the perfect gift for each person on their list, and now you can make it easy with these gift-guide suggestions. Make sure customers can find everything they need – right when they need it – with these helpful tips.

Chapter 4… Leveraging Social Media over the Holidays

Although social media hasn’t always be the best strategy for holiday promotions, knowing how to use it effectively will separate your brand from the noise and untargeted promotions cluttering up timelines and newsfeeds. See what social media campaigns really perform in this chapter.

Chapter 5… The Power of Crowdsourcing

No one ever said you had to do everything alone. Sometimes your customers can be the best advocates for your brand! Learn how companies large and small are using the power of people to create memorable holiday campaigns that make money well into the new year.

Chapter 6… Improving the Checkout Process

All the sales and strategies in the world won’t make any difference if your checkout process lets customers slip through the cracks.  Learn how you can help shoppers get when they need quickly and easily and greatly increase the odds that they’ll be back for more!

Chapter 7… After the Sale

This is the area most businesses (and even large companies) forget about in their holiday planning – but it could be the difference between a horde of angry shoppers or a group of fanatical fans. Learn the little tricks top companies use to springboard off of customers’ anticipation and excitement over the holiday season.

Each chapter also provides a helpful checklist to walk you through each step and make sure that your site presents a holiday experience that your shoppers won’t soon forget!

Ready to start?

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