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Coming up with sales leads that are actually useful for your sales team can be difficult. That’s especially true if you work in a niche industry where most prospect lists are inaccurate or half-complete.

Datanyze is trying to change the narrative on prospect lists. It guarantees accuracy in its contact database, a faster experience finding contact information, and easier cold calling. We’ll spell out exactly what Datanyze can deliver to your sales team, while also highlighting some of the drawbacks of subscribing to this service.

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Datanyze: The Good and the Bad

Datanyze is highly appealing to sales teams due to its free trial period, detailed market share reports, and more. But does it deliver on its promises? We’ll explore what it’s good at and where it could improve below.

What Datanyze Is Good At

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Long free trial period: Anyone can put Datanyze through the paces for up to 90 days for free without having to enter credit card information. Very few subscription service packages offer a free trial period as generous as this.

Keep in mind, the free trial only allows you to view 10 sales lead records per month. However, you can still get a feel for the service and whether you think it can be a benefit to your sales team over three months.

Leads sorted by industry: Datanyze gives you dozens of industry categories on which you can focus your attention when seeking sales leads, with several subcategories to investigate. This makes it easy to find leads that are specific to your business.

Datanyze lists the largest and fastest growing companies within each category. You also have the option to check out the companies that other Datanyze customers are interested in. From there, you can get insights into new potential sales leads that are relevant and time-saving to you.

Data warehousing software market share landing page with a button to find contacts.

Detailed market share reports: Datanyze publishes market share reports that are available to anyone. However, you can’t view the contact information of people working in these industries until you subscribe.

You can view a lot of data about any market you’re interested in, including:

  • Top-selling companies
  • Market share numbers
  • Newest products available
  • Top companies using products from the market
  • Total number of companies involved

Just click on a company or name inside the market share report to learn more. Some additional information may only be available to subscribers, so consider purchasing a paid pricing plan if you’d like more detailed analytics.

Secure and compliant contact information: Datanyze follows all regulations and laws when gathering potential sales leads. It promises that all data is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) requirements.

According to the platform, it uses a mixture of human research and machine learning to search and verify contact information, along with some third-party partners. It declares that it has more than 120 million people listed in its database, with 84 million email addresses and 63 million direct dial phone numbers.

Landing page for Datanyze Google Chrome extension.

Easy-to-use Google Chrome extension: If you use LinkedIn to view potential contacts, it’s easy to set up the Datanyze Chrome extension to automatically pull phone numbers and contact names directly from LinkedIn profiles.

The Chrome extension can also gather contact information published directly on a company website, so you never have to leave your browser window to collect or store contact data.

If you’re already busy searching LinkedIn and company websites to find prospects, the Datanyze extension makes the entire data collection process easier. Plus, you can export data in a CSV format once you have all your profiles and contacts loaded in the extension.

Receiving personal information: In the near future, Datanyze will begin collecting more personal information about prospects from publicly-available social media feeds. This way, your sales team will be able to make cold calls seem a little less cold.

With this data, you’ll be better equipped to assign prospects to sales team members who have similar personal interests. This advantage should give you a better chance of making a connection that opens the door to a potential sale.

This feature, which is listed as Coming Soon on the Datanyze site, will also add some information from local news sources in the contact person’s area, so your sales team can reference local events.

Datanyze’s Potential Drawbacks

Datanyze landing page for information on credits.

Pricing is complex: Budgeting with Datanyze can be a challenge, especially if you’re expecting to grow as a business over the course of the year.

To be sure, you’ll know the cost of the service each month or year. However, Datanyze limits the number of times you can ask for contact data based on your subscription level. You may struggle to figure out exactly which pricing level you need if you under- or over-estimate the contact data credits you require over a period of time.

No option to add credits: For now, you can’t purchase additional credits if you need more at the end of the month or year. Datanyze says that this feature is coming soon, but it doesn’t list specifics about a release date, cost, or further details.

As it stands, you can’t access new contact information when you run out of credits. Nor is there a way to receive a refund for unused credits at the end of your billing period.

Billing and subscription informational page.

Very few customer support options: If you have questions, Datanyze does provide a Help Desk with FAQs and some troubleshooting tips. But that’s about it for customer service. There is no live chat option or phone number you can call before you subscribe. They do provide an email address on their Help Desk webpage, so you can try that out if you need assistance.

Datanyze Plans and Pricing

Three plan options for Datanyze.

Datanyze has three subscription tiers available, one of which is free to use. You can subscribe month by month or pay for a full year upfront for roughly 30% off the monthly price.

As with most subscription service packages, you must agree to an automatic renewal process when you subscribe. Datanyze will automatically charge your credit card at the end of the month or year.

Nyze Lyte

This is the 90-day free trial period for Datanyze.

You do not need to provide any credit card information to use the free trial, which makes it a customer-friendly option for many.

At this level, you are limited in the number of contact records you can view, at just 10 credits per month. However, you can benefit from the Nyze Lyte tier by testing the service over a long period of time before you decide whether to subscribe.

Nyze Pro 1

Nyze Pro 1 carries a cost of $29 per month on the month-to-month plan, or $21 per month if you subscribe to the annual plan.

In this pricing tier, you receive 960 credits for the year immediately if you subscribe to the annual plan. If you subscribe monthly, you get 80 credits doled out each month, which is equivalent to 960 credits over 12 months. This averages out to $0.263 per credit.

Nyze Pro 2

If you want more credits at a lower price, you have the option to subscribe to the Nyze Pro 2 tier. You pay $0.244 per credit here, which is a discount of about 7.5% per credit versus the Pro 1 level.

Nyze Pro 2 costs $55 per month on the monthly plan, or just $39 per month for yearly subscribers.

The monthly Nyze Pro 2 plan offers 160 credits per month, which is 1,920 credits over a 12-month period. Or, receive all your credits at once with the annual plan.

Final Thoughts

Datanyze homepage.

Your sales team can save a lot of time if you’re able to receive key contact information about potential sales leads directly. Datanyze does just that, giving your team data that is difficult to find and information that can make cold calling prospects a lot easier to face. If you’re willing to overlook a few minor drawbacks, you may be able to improve the quality of your sales leads with Datanyze.

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