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How To Use Pepper Content

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If you are struggling to achieve your marketing goals because of difficulties keeping everyone involved in content creation on the same page, Pepper Content provides an interface that ties everything together. As a content marketing platform (CMP), it simplifies the process of delivering useful content to potential customers.

Rather than allowing your marketing efforts to become lost on their journey through a bevy of writers, editors, SEO specialists, and production managers, Pepper Content holds it all together with one collaborative platform.

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Why Using Pepper Content Is Worth It

Pepper Content is a CMP that helps website owners deliver the kind of content that both search engines and human readers want to see.

It’s also an all-in-one solution, meaning it walks you through every step of the process—from creating a content generation strategy to implementing and measuring the performance of your efforts. Pepper Content can create a wide range of materials depending on your website’s needs, including:

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Landing pages
  • General web content
  • Whitepapers
  • Videos

Pepper Content automatically generates significant amounts of performance data for customers, helping them focus on website areas that will bring about the greatest level of return—and, with its recent addition of artificial intelligence (AI) tools, Pepper Content also gives you the ability to increase your publishing output and stay on top of strategic changes that may affect your site’s performance.

Once you sign up, you’ll gain access to a detailed workflow process that has built-in auditing aimed at keeping the quality of your content extremely high. Additionally, you’ll also gain access to Pepper Docs, which is a text editor that relies on AI for content generation.

However, Pepper Content also maintains a roster of (human) freelance copywriters who are available for your on-demand needs. Pepper Content screens these writing experts to ensure they are able to deliver the quality you need for general topics, highly specialized topics, and anything in between.

How Do I Know If I Need a CMP?

Deciding whether you need to subscribe to a content marketing platform often comes down to how much it would benefit you to ramp up your content creation and marketing efforts. If you need extra help, a CMP can deliver key capabilities for you, including:

  • Planning your content strategies
  • Creating content with potential help from AI
  • Publishing content in a timely manner
  • Determining the best way to optimize your content
  • Analyzing the performance of your content

Perhaps the best way to know if you need a CMP is through determining whether some of the key benefits that CMPs offer fit the needs you have. These benefits include:

  • Reducing time needed to create content
  • Making your marketing team more efficient through the use of a single platform for all tasks
  • Planning the release of content in a steady manner
  • Receiving more focused and accurate data about content performance
  • Running simulations about the potential performance of various content strategies
  • Saving you money over the long run for content management and generation

If you find that your marketing team is struggling in one or more of these areas, a CMP could give you the boost you need to become more efficient with a better return on investment (ROI).

Four Steps To Using Pepper Content

Here are the steps you can use to move from the ideation stage to the execution stage of your marketing campaign with Pepper Content.

1. Set Your Content Strategy

Keyword search for customer engagement.

Pepper Content can help you design your content strategy through various research tools and using AI-powered algorithms.

Start by putting together keyword ideas that match your marketing goals for your website. Pepper Content helps you understand your customer’s intent so you can target your audience appropriately through keywords. It also helps you organize keywords into categories so you can deploy them more efficiently.

If you’re looking to plan ahead, the software makes predictions on the traffic you’d potentially receive by developing material based on certain keyword topics.

You also can see reports on your competitors who are using similar topics. This helps you determine the directions you want to go in your strategy, ensuring you remain one step ahead of the pack.

2. Create Your Content

Overall score for a keyword.

Pepper Content gives you access to a combination of content creators and editors powered with AI to deliver the high-quality content you need in a streamlined manner.

By starting with the Pepper Docs text editor that uses AI writing assistance to create the basics of your content, you’ll be able to pump out results faster. Pepper Docs also can work with SEO considerations in mind, giving you more performance-oriented output.

However, you can also have Pepper Content provide human content writers for your project, should you want to use them alone or in conjunction with Pepper Docs.

Next, Pepper Content streamlines the workflow process, allowing your content creation to occur faster without sacrificing quality. All content goes through a workflow auditing process, ensuring it meets the requirements of your project. The audit checks content for:

  • Proper grammar
  • Keyword usage
  • Word count
  • Reading level
  • Possibility of plagiarism

Pepper Content gives each piece of content a letter grade as it moves through the audit process. If the content is not up to the standards required for the desired letter grade, it can return to an earlier step in the workflow process for more refining.

Your team members can remain in contact with each other by using the Pepper Content interface, discussing the project and any changes that need to occur.

3. Distribute Your Content

Screenshot of publish drafts on WordPress option.

To simplify the publishing process, Pepper Content can work directly with your CMS to publish or schedule content, allowing your team to manage everything in one place. You don’t have to bounce among multiple pieces of software to ensure a proper publishing time.

4. Measure Your Content Analytics

Domain performance analytics screen.

Once you publish your content, Pepper Content delivers an up-to-date statistical analysis on its performance.

You can measure the real-time positioning of your SEO campaigns directly on the software. This simplifies the process of tracking the positioning of your most important keywords and determining whether there are any ranking changes that you need to address.

Pepper Content uses AI to help you analyze the performance of your domain and those of your competitors. It then can make suggestions on areas where you could make improvements or on areas where you could expand your keyword campaigns.

5 Pro Tips for Using Pepper Content

Making the most of Pepper Content is easier when you have some insider knowledge, and there are some key processes you can follow to that effect.

1. Scale the Amount of Content Creation

One of the most challenging aspects of growing your domain is scaling content creation in a meaningful way. You need to increase the amount of content without sacrificing quality to meet your goals for growth in customer acquisition.

Pepper Content’s tools focus on generating content at scale, ensuring you can grow at the pace you desire.

One of the key tricks to scaling your content creation capabilities quickly with Pepper Content is by using its AI-powered writing assistant effectively. Whether you have a human review the AI-generated content or publish AI content on its own, the use of AI speeds up the process of creating content significantly.

When using Pepper Content, you also have access to some of the best freelance content writing experts to employ as needed—and whether you use AI or human-generated content, you gain the same checks and balances through the workflow audit system.

By deploying AI to help, you can potentially reduce your overall costs as you quickly ramp up your content generation.

Additionally, because Pepper Content allows you to use a single platform for creating, publishing, and measuring the performance of your content, you can work faster and more efficiently as you scale up. You don’t have to use multiple tools to do the same amount of work.

2. Streamline Your Productivity

Spending less time in the content creation process makes you and your team far more efficient in producing high-quality content. Pepper Content has a number of features aimed at improving productivity.

It starts by allowing you to manage all your content, performance data, and team members on the Pepper Content platform. By keeping everyone on a single platform, everyone has access to the same information in real time.

You also can collaborate while working inside Pepper Content, ensuring you receive answers to your questions immediately.

Additionally, not having to bounce back and forth among different platforms allows you to work faster without worrying about missing any steps.

The use of AI-generated content, either as a starting point or as a finished project, allows you to work faster in content creation.

With Pepper Content’s team of freelance content writers, you can find a subject matter expert you can trust in very little time, allowing you to spend more time creating content and less time searching for qualified freelancers.

3. Reduce Your Customer Acquisition Costs

By increasing productivity and by taking advantage of AI in content creation, you could see a reduction in your overall content creation costs. This includes your customer acquisition costs as well.

If you are using expensive advertising spend to drive customer acquisition, Pepper Content can allow you to reduce costs in this area. Instead of buying ads, you can improve your results in search by creating amazing content that appeals to customers and search engines at the same time.

The idea is that Pepper Content increases your organic traffic, allowing you to spend less on ads. By organically increasing your customer base through your own content, you can save money on customer acquisition costs in the long run.

4. Accurately Measure Your Return on Investment

A challenging part of improving your results is accurately measuring whether you are having success with your content creation and marketing campaigns.

Pepper Content allows you to project your ROI at every stage of the process. When holding strategy meetings, you can use Pepper Content’s ROI projection data to help you decide whether one strategy is better than another.

Of course, to reach Pepper Content’s projections for your ROI, you need to have a successful campaign without detours along the way. You can continue to measure the performance of your work at various steps in the process, ensuring your ROI remains on track. If you notice a dip, you can make adjustments midway through, rather than waiting until after everything is published.

Rather than offering vague ideas about how to achieve the ROI you want, Pepper Content delivers specific actions you can take to reach your ROI projections and goals. For example, it may suggest that you expand your content into new topic areas or that you expand on some of your current topics.

The Pepper Content interface delivers graphics that help you measure your past results versus current results versus projected results. Having all of this data readily available gives you the best chance at taking steps that are meaningful to your bottom line performance.

5. Easily Add Video to Your Content Generation Campaigns

You may already have a process for generating text-based content. However, if you find that adding videos to your arsenal could be beneficial, Pepper Content can simplify the process of creating this type of content.

Videos can deliver many of the same search engine positioning benefits that blogs and text-based material can give you—plus it can also give you ways to generate additional backlinks.

Pepper Content has the same quality control and expertise for videos as it does with copywriting. It maintains a group of video creation experts who can manage the process from start to finish.

You can use Pepper Content for multiple types of videos, including:

  • Product introductions
  • Storytelling
  • Corporate news
  • Corporate branding
  • Online advertising

Video content can be a way to reach a certain subset of customers who prefer information in a video format as opposed to reading a blog. Video also can be a way to deliver a steady brand awareness through consistency in the presentation.

However, your video has to be professional to have the effect you want. A low-quality video will turn off potential customers just as quickly as poor-quality textual content. Pepper Content focuses on quality to ensure you are receiving the ROI and the benefits you need to see from your investment in video content creation.

Next Steps

Should you choose to use Pepper Content, your work is not over just yet—after all, your website should never remain static. Instead, you should always be looking for ways to improve and draw in new potential customers.

Doing regular keyword research, for example, is a good starting point, since writing blog posts in conjunction with other marketing assets can boost your website’s overall performance.

As you use new keywords to guide your website’s content, Pepper Content can make sure that your messages remain relevant, allowing you to scale up your output without sacrificing quality and results.

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