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  • Track Visitor Clicks
  • Pinpoint hotspots
  • See where visitors stop scrolling
  • Connect clicks with traffic types

Perfectly Suited for…

  • Digital Marketers
  • UX & UI Designers
  • Web managers & analysts
  • Agencies & consultancies

Over 200,000 businesses Convert Better with Crazy Egg,
The Original Heatmapping Technology

A heatmap is an easy way to understand what users want, care about and do on your site by visually representing their clicks - which are the strongest indicators of visitor motivation and desire.

A Crazy Egg heatmap lets you collect more than 88% of the data you would using a traditional eye-tracking process. At a fraction of the price. With no hardware. Almost no IT involvement. And no strings attached.

Because Google Analytics & Site Catalyst Leave Questions Unanswered,
Trust Crazy Egg Visualizations to Help You Understand Your Users.

Wouldn't you like to fill in the gaps left by analytics… without A/B testing every little assumption… and without
breaking the bank on in-lab usability studies? Here's how Crazy Egg will help you connect the dots for less…

Heat Maps:

At a glance, see the hotspots on each page - so you know what to change, preserve or delete

  • "Do our users think they can click greyed out buttons?"
  • "Are we wasting prime real-estate on boring stuff?"
  • "Are people clicking on rotating banners?"

Click-Tracking Overlays:

Find a hot spot? Use overlays to see the percentage of visitors clicking something...

  • "What percentage of traffic clicked the primary button versus this smaller link text below it?"
  • "How many people clicked Pricing in the nav instead of clicking the Pricing button down the page?"

Scroll Maps:

See how far your users scroll and where their attention fades or disappears

  • "Where are we losing visitors on our lead gen page?"
  • "Does a long-form sales page work for our visitors?"
  • "What content should we keep above the fold?"

Confetti (our little surprise):

It's not just about what get clicked... but also who clicks what. Map traffic sources to behavior!

  • "What does our traffic referred from Facebook do here?"
  • "Where do visitors who searched X keyword go on this page?"
  • "Is there a difference between what new visitors and returning visitors click on or how far they get down the page?"

The Easy Behavior Visualization Tool Trusted by Master Web Marketers
Like Best Selling Author Tim Ferriss

Here Are 30 Powerful Ways YOU Can Optimize Your Site's Usability &
Conversion Rate During Your FREE 30 day Crazy Egg Trial...

  • Discover "false bottoms" in your page design
  • Know whether buttons are prominent enough
  • Reorganize layouts to streamline UX
  • Compare clicks before & after tweaks
  • Generate new A/B test ideas
  • See what style of banner ads get clicked
  • Discover on-page distractions
  • Know which messages to make prominent
  • See how search traffic behaves on-site
  • Reveal hotspots beyond the F-Pattern
  • Make clickable elements easier to find
  • Give HiPPOs proof of what's working or not
  • Overhaul lead gen forms for different traffic
  • Test if your visitors scroll beyond "the fold"
  • Test if "one pager" designs work for your users
  • Optimize for various screen resolutions
  • Tweak your navigation copy
  • Discover which graphics look disabled
  • Make better sense of high bounce rates
  • Inform user tests and further research
  • Challenge "best practices" in design
  • Replace or delete ignored content
  • See if long-form sales pages get read
  • Validate or question number for form fields
  • Reveal anxieties about security or policies
  • Compare clicks on buttons vs text links
  • Learn whether users read or watch
  • Determine if an image carousel gets views
  • See what type of traffic is completing forms
  • Be sure before you delete an element

With 30-Second Setup, Flawless Functionality and the Lowest Pricing You'll Find,
Is It Any Wonder Crazy Egg Is Trusted by So Many Web Leaders?

Crazy Egg is great at tracking clicks on ads like AdSense. You can track where on the ad they click, test ads in different positions and of different designs (run one test for a few days, then make a change and run another one).

Crazy Egg is like X-Ray vision for your site! By using it, we were quickly able to see where people are clicking on our landing pages. The reports Crazy Egg generated allowed us to make the changes accordingly, which helped us drastically increase the click-through rate.

There is nothing in Google Analytics that can replace the functionality Crazy Egg provides -- Google Analytics have the site overlay report, this tells you what percentage of people clicked through to what page -- but it can’t tell you which part they clicked. Crazy Egg shows you where everyone has clicked, whether it was on a link or not -- this highlights usability errors and often areas that could result in an improvement in conversions.

By using Crazy Egg, I was able to find metrics that were really worth measuring, like "where people click." Also, I was able to segment the visitors that came to my site into multiple categories. These types of visitors had distinctly different behaviors, and I was able to enhance our site to improve the experience for the various types of visitors by presenting content that was relevant to the visitor's needs. Conversion optimization can be direct or indirect, in our case Crazy Egg has helped us find small indirect interaction treasures otherwise hidden from us.

I have used many analytics tools in my career, but Crazy Egg is pushing the envelope. If you want to understand consumer behavior on your web site in an effort to increase conversions and engagement, Crazy Egg is the tool to use.

We have used Crazy Egg extensively on a number of different projects. In each case, Crazy Egg was able to illuminate not only how our users were interacting with our site, but also what content they were looking for. This allowed us to optimize our pages so that our users would stay on the sites up to 30% longer leading to higher SEO rankings as well as higher sales. On oDigger.com, we actually did a full site redesign based on the information collected from our Crazy Egg Heatmaps.

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