Zyro Review

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Zyro (pronounced just like “zero”) is a feature-rich, affordable, DIY website builder that combines powerful tools with an excellent interface. Use it to build attractive and functional web pages for a personal or business site without much fuss. Plus, use Zyro’s logo building tool and copy generator to make building and launching basic websites even more effortless.

Compared to other website builders like Wix and WordPress, Zyro‘s tools aren’t as scalable and advanced. Still, it provides enough power and design flexibility to get the job done—and done well.

Zyro home page

Comparing Zyro to the Best Website Builders

Zyro has managed to make a mark in a competitive niche with ease thanks to its rich feature set of advanced marketing tools, ecommerce functionality, and business management aids. Customization options are admittedly limited compared to its better-known competitors, but you get a massively user-friendly tool at a fraction of the price.

If you’re looking for advanced features to flesh out your website, you can check out our list of the best website builders. We’ve reviewed several basic and advanced services to help you make the right choice based on your needs. See all of our top picks.

Zyro: The Good and The Bad

The Good

Low-cost solution: Zyro‘s affordability stood out most for us. It lets you set your website up in minutes with no requirement to learn WordPress or HTML. Or hire a web developer, which will save you hundreds of dollars a year. The base Zyro plan starts at just $2.90/month, while the more premium plans begin from $4.90/month. It’s also commission-free, meaning you get to keep 100% of the revenue from your ecommerce sales.

Excellent site performance: Zyro comes with Hostinger web hosting included, so you get fantastic site speed and uptime. In Pingdom‘s Website Speed Test, it scored an impressive 98. Also, Zyro offers a 99.9% guaranteed uptime which ensures your customers and clients can always find or access your site. 

Tons of free templates: Zyro leaves you spoiled for choice, offering many beautiful and customizable templates for your website. These are divided into different use cases, making it easier to choose one based on your requirements. While Zyro offers some of the most professional-looking and attractive templates we’ve seen, you can also customize them further to make your own. Modifying existing templates is much easier with this website builder compared to the competition. 

Drag-and-drop editor: You get a brilliant drag-and-drop editor that’s simple to use, complete with intuitive page-building grids. You can add some text or a contact form or embed a video or Instagram feed—whatever you want—by dragging the respective elements and dropping them onto the web page you’re working on.

Useful AI tools: Zyro’s AI-powered tools are a value add aimed to help users optimize their website and content without professional assistance. You get a business name generator tool, an AI slogan maker, a logo maker, and an AI-powered writing assistant to generate SEO-friendly content for your website and blog. We particularly like the heatmap feature that tells you which areas of a specific page your website visitors spend the most time on.

Multiple payment processing options: Zyro supports payment processing options like Stripe, American Express, PayPal, and Afterpay, which makes it a top choice for ecommerce sellers. You also don’t have to worry about any transaction fees for online payments and you can create and share discount coupons to attract more sales. Zyro ecommerce websites can also perform automatic tax calculations for orders, making your job even easier.

Fast and frequent updates: If you’ve followed Zyro‘s journey, you may know it has improved a lot over the years. The platform has frequently rolled out new features to keep up with its competitors. Zyro has a dedicated page called ‘Zyro Roadmap’ for users to keep track of the latest updates, including improvements in the pipeline. They also allow users to submit their own suggestions, which shows how committed it is to provide the best possible site-building service to customers. 

The Bad

Somewhat limited customization: While Zyro is an excellent option for those looking to build and launch a basic website, the drag-and-drop editor is perhaps too simple. You don’t have a lot of creative freedom compared to top-tier site building platforms like WordPress. If you’re okay working with the available tools, you can build a simple site quickly. But if you have a very specific design in mind for your website, you may need to explore other options.

Complicated domain handling: While the rest of Zyro is simple and easy to use, connecting domains is slightly complicated. Typically, updating the DNS servers is enough (even in instances where you’ve bought the domain name separately from web hosting). But, in Zyro’s case, you have to go in and edit CNAME records. This isn’t too difficult, but it still adds an unnecessary level of complexity for beginners and less tech-savvy users. 

Template switching issues: You can’t change your chosen template after entering data, information, and content into your website. This is a significant drawback, because you’re back to square one if you decide another design is better after having done some building. Moreover, Zyro offers over a hundred templates to choose from, but other website builders offer thousands.

Zyro Pricing and Options

A comparison of Zyro premium plans with options for website, business, online store, or advanced store

Zyro is hands down the cheapest option on the website building market. While there’s no free plan on offer, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee with every plan. If you don’t like the platform, you’ll get every penny back, no questions asked.

Currently, there are four plans:

Website (Starting from $2.90 per month):

The Website plan is a great option if you want to build a professional portfolio, blog, or business website.

It includes a free domain for one year, along with free email for three months, free web hosting, and several marketing integrations. This is in addition to unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, and several AI-powered tools. 24/7 customer support is also available.

Business  (Starting from $4.90 per month):

If you plan to sell digital products and services, you should consider the Business plan.

It includes all the features of the Website plan, along with certain ecommerce functionalities like up to 100 product listings for sale and over 20 payment processing options. Your customers can easily make online payments for your products. Inventory management and order management features are also included in the plan.

Online Store (Starting from $8.90 per month):

The Online Store plan makes selling online easier than ever by offering tons of professional ecommerce tools.

In addition to Business plan features, you get additional benefits like shipping and tax management. The number of payment methods is increased to over 70 in this plan, and you can offer customers discount coupons and gift cards as an incentive to shop more from your store. Setting up a Facebook Shop and Instagram Store is also possible. 

Advanced Store (Starting from $15.90 per month):

The Advanced Store is a premium plan designed by Zyro to help you grow your online business.

Besides the features listed under the Online Store plan, you can expect access to tons of powerful marketing tools. Product filters let customers browse your products by price, size, materials, and other categories. Abandoned cart recovery helps boost conversions by reminding your almost-buyers to come back and make the payment. 

Other features include Amazon and eBay integrations, multiple language selling support, shipping management, and automated marketing emails.

Note: The above prices are currently discounted and may increase in the future.

Zyro Website Builder and Online Store

Zyro website builder page

Zyro makes building a website super easy and fast. Thanks to its flawless templates and a drag-and-drop interface, you can have a functional and attractive website within minutes, even with no coding knowledge.

The powerful ecommerce builder allows you to start, manage, and grow your business online with no hidden fees. Not only does Zyro let you sell everywhere (on your online store, Instagram, Amazon, and Facebook), but it also has advanced tools to manage and simplify inventory, shipping, and taxes. 

Accept online payments from all over the globe, including via PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa.

Zyro Products

Zyro website menu dropdown with list of products offered

Zyro offers a wide range of additional products and free tools to its customers, helping them optimize and accelerate website building. Here’s the complete list of products on offer:

  • Domain acquisition
  • Titan email service
  • Logo maker
  • Image resize
  • Privacy policy generator
  • Refund policy generator
  • Terms and conditions generator
  • AI slogan generator
  • AI SEO writer 
  • AI heatmap analysis
  • Ai background remover
  • AI image upscaler
  • AI business name generator
  • AI block title generator 

How Zyro Ranks

Zyro is the top website builder on the market in our eyes. You get a great website builder, low hosting rates, and tons of amazing tools, making it a holistic solution for your website building needs. 

It’s safe to say Zyro is an excellent option for beginners and small business owners. While people with extensive tech and coding knowledge can still use it, they may find the trade-offs frustrating. 

Despite the amazing features and affordable plans, Zyro isn’t the only option to consider. Take a look at our carefully curated list of the best website builders on the market to find the perfect fit for your business.


Zyro is a Crazy Egg-approved website building service.

It’s a low-cost, easy-to-use builder that will give you a ready-to-rock website in minutes. While the customization options are limited, the features on offer are more than enough to produce a stylish and highly functional website. What it lacks in design options, Zyro more than makes up for it with its AI and SEO tools. 

So, if you’re looking to build a professional online presence on a tight deadline, Zyro is all you need.

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