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A solid set of features and a user-friendly interface make WorkflowMax a good solution for managing your organization’s workflows. It’s designed for smaller and medium-sized businesses to streamline job tracking, managing timesheets, sending invoices, and making purchase order requests. But it lacks some basic functionalities regarding reporting and customization, so there’s some room for improvement.

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WorkflowMax Compared to the Best Workflow Management Software

When looking for workflow management software, features like integration, automations, collaboration tools, and task management often take priority over other factors. While WorkflowMax makes a good choice for some users, these three picks from our list of the best workflow management software can handle a wider range of requirements: 

ProofHub offers seamless integrations with several popular tools and apps, including QuickBooks, to build out comprehensive workflows with ease. Get started on ProofHub’s Essentials plan to try out what it can do for you. 

Process Street is handy for automating recurring tasks and even lets you set up conditional logic rules to make your automations more elaborate and useful. Start on a 14-day free trial period.

Hive lets you manage projects in a beginner-friendly interface that sports several view options like Gantt charts and Kanban boards. Get your team on Hive for as little as $12 per user.

WorkflowMax: The Good and the Bad

WorkflowMax delivers excellent capabilities and analytics, making it a great option for many sales and customer success teams. That being said, it falls short in a few ways that might be crucial for some users. Let’s dive into everything that makes WorkflowMax tick. 

What WorkflowMax Is Good At

WorkflowMax has several commendable aspects that make it shine when used by sales teams, between its features for customer management and capability to integrate your pipeline into your workflows. But that isn’t all in terms of the virtues of this platform. 

Lead management: Sales and customer success reps will find WorkflowMax incredibly handy. Track and transform leads into winning quotes, monitor team activities and overdue tasks, and maintain profitable and productive customer relationships. You can stay on top of your sales pipeline by monitoring your leads and proposals from a centralized dashboard.

Create customized lead categories to forecast lead conversion and projected dollar value. This is also handy for managing cash flow and capacity planning. WorkflowMax also gives you a bird’s eye view of all team activities, which you can filter by team member, to see upcoming activities in the calendar. Plus, you can use the API to sync leads from your website straight into WorkflowMax when a potential customer submits an inquiry. 

Fast quotes and invoices: WorkflowMax allows you to send professional and accurate quotes faster using parameters like time estimates and client history. Start with a premade template and customize it to your needs. Once the job is finished, you can generate an invoice from your initial quote and the software auto-carries client details to populate fields. All you have to do is enter the job description, budget, and due date.

While WorkflowMax presents a quick rundown of associated costs, you can also adjust costs as needed by adding optional extras and upselling clients—all with the click of a button. You can then view your gross profit margin for every quote, too.

Built-in time tracking: WorkflowMax bakes in a bunch of employee time tracking features that let you capture every minute of work done every day. Choose from over eight different methods to record both billable and non-billable time in a way that is most suitable for you. Use the daily or weekly timesheet input option to enter your start and finish time and total duration. 

WorkflowMax also lets you add handy descriptions in the form of timesheet notes to remember how you and your team’s time was spent. And time can be tracked from anywhere, thanks to the WorkflowMax mobile app. 

Simple reporting and analytics: Admittedly, WorkflowMax reporting and analytics aren’t as deep as other workflow management software tools but are adequate enough to provide most teams with a comprehensive understanding of how things are going. Reporting in this software on job costs, labor, and profitability helps you make better data-driven decisions for your next sales push.

Streamlined pricing: WorkflowMax’s pricing plan is one of the easiest to wrap your head around in this software category. Choose from one of two plan tiers (Standard or Premium) and simply input the number of users you need access for to get a price. Then, simply choose whether or not you want to add the integrated CRM module, and you have a final, predictable price tag.

What WorkflowMax Is Lacking

As you’ve read, WorkflowMax shines in some unique workflow management capabilities for sales teams, but some aspects of this software don’t rise as well to the occasion. Here’s a look at three elements of WorkflowMax we find disappointing.

Limited integrations: One of WorkflowMax’s biggest drawbacks is its low number of prebuilt integrations with other commonly used platforms and tools. Other workflow management software options boast superior integrative capabilities, allowing you to connect their software with more than the 34 integrations which WorkflowMax offers.

Due to this, you may find it difficult to integrate this workflow management software into your existing systems. This, in turn, can result in a lack of productivity or a protracted onboarding period, causing slowdowns and friction as you try to get your team members up to speed on WorkflowMax. And it may lead to the need to manually transfer data between systems, which is both error-prone and time-consuming. 

Intimidating UI: Another disadvantage of WorkflowMax is its unappealing user interface. It’s not terribly hard to get the hang of the basics during initial setup, but it skews closer to QuickBooks than more beginner-friendly platforms like, say, Hive or This may make it challenging for your team members with limited technical expertise to get comfortable using it. And, if team members find any software too complicated or confusing, they may get frustrated enough to quit using it altogether, leading to sunk cost.

WorkflowMax Options and Pricing

WorkflowMax is workflow management software that boasts a host of features specialized for lead and customer management. But what does it actually cost for your sales team to use? Let’s get into its pricing structure and extras.

WorkflowMax Workflow Management Software

Example of WorkflowMax workflow management software on a laptop and mobile phone

Pricing for WorkflowMax is refreshingly simple. There are two plan tiers, with Standard delivering the essentials of this platform and Premium unlocking additional features. Both are simply charged per user per month.

The Standard plan gets you access to a lot of what we’ve talked about above, from quoting, invoicing, and job costing to timesheets and job, client, and document management. Pricing starts at $20 per month for one user but scales up incrementally for additional users. 

So, a team of three will pay $45 per month total, or a team of 10 will run your bill up to $120 per month, all the way up to $350 per month for 100 users. The more people who need access to WorkflowMax, the better your per-user rate.

If you need to run recurring invoices, create client groups, or want access to productivity reporting, opt for the Premium plan of WorkflowMax. Pricing starts a good bit steeper for a low number of users (for example, three users will run a bill of $95 per month) but skews much closer to Standard’s per-user rate at high user quantities. A team of 100 users will only pay $50 more per month for Premium as opposed to Standard.

WorkflowMax Integrated CRM

Example of WorkflowMax lead manager interface

We mentioned earlier WorkflowMax’s unique capabilities for lead and sales management. A lot of those features come from an add-on module that you can apply to your base software plan for a flat $15 per month.

The core features of this add-on include the use of lead templates (which can more easily be converted into active jobs), unified communication dashboards that pull together emails, quotes, rep notes, and more, and overall lead management tools to improve your funnel and turnaround time.

WorkflowMax in Summary

Overall, WorkflowMax makes a good workflow management solution for sales teams that want to get better at lead and job management. It’s simple enough to set up and goes deep into sales support features that range from time tracking to pipeline management. 

But there are certainly options that handle a wider range of use cases. ProofHub and Process Street are powerful platforms that deliver more automation and integration capabilities than WorkflowMax, while Hive is overall more user-friendly (while also starting at a lower price point).

Want to go even deeper into this category of software? Check out our full post on the best workflow management software to learn more in order to arm yourself with the information you need to make a confident purchasing decision.

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