Wix Vs. Weebly

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Wix and Weebly are two highly popular website builders, giving you the opportunity to quickly create a site that looks great. Through our research, we found that Wix is the better website builder for the majority of people, giving it the edge in the Wix vs. Weebly comparison. Weebly still has plenty of satisfied users, though, as it provides some features to help you in specific situations.

Wix Compared to Weebly

Wix user account dashboard

We appreciate the versatility of Wix, as it works for both newbies and for those who completed multiple website builds in the past. You do not need to have coding skills to use Wix. Just answer a few questions about the type of website you want, as well as the specific pages you need to add. The builder will then walk you through the entire process in less than an hour. You can pay for special features with Wix, or you can sign up for a free website and free web hosting.

Weebly is also easy to use, as you can drag and drop the items you want to include. You do not need to know any coding to make use of Weebly’s builder. Weebly has a strong mobile app, making it easy to build and manage your site from a smartphone. One of the downsides of Weebly’s free version is that you must have a Weebly subdomain, meaning you don’t have a personalized domain. This can be a significant drawback. If you go with a pay tier version on Weebly, you will be able to select your own domain.

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Where Wix Shines

Wix page with six website template options

Versatility: Wix works for users with a wide range of experience levels, which is not the case with the majority of website builders. Those new to website building, those with plenty of experience, and everyone in between will find something they can do with the Wix service. It even has multiple tools that allow you to tailor your website to your specific needs, such as for a site focused on blogging or one that needs to allow online appointment booking. You can build your site quickly with Wix, yet you also can apply a number of unique design elements, if desired.

Ready for Beginners: If you are building your first website, Wix will make the process incredibly easy. Yet, you will still have quite a few options for adding unique design elements and for creating content. Unlike some other easy-to-use website builders, Wix will not deliver a website that looks like everything else out there, unless that’s what you want. Weebly is also easy to use, but Wix wins in this area.

Design Automation: If you aren’t quite sure where to start when it comes to designing your website, Wix makes use of artificial intelligence to simplify the process for you. You will answer a series of questions about what you want out of your website, and Wix will do the heavy lifting. You then can make a few edits if you want and hit publish. No other website builder aimed at consumers, including Weebly, is as strong in this area.

Security: The built-in security measures in Wix are stronger than you may expect for a builder that beginners can use easily. It has two-step sign-in verification, which greatly reduces the chance of someone hacking into your site. You also can make use of SSL web security, giving the visitors to your website confidence in your security measures. And any payment methods you use on a Wix site meet the highest industry standards for security.

Site Reliability: Wix also takes great care to make sure the websites its users create are always available to visitors at any time. With dozens of data centers throughout the world, supported by a blend of AWS, Google Cloud, and other servers, their infrastructure is strong. And it allows them to run routine maintenance without your site experiencing any downtime at all.

Multiple Pricing Plans: Wix offers several different pricing tiers, which makes it easier to find the exact plan that will fit your needs. You’ll receive a good value for your dollar by selecting a pricing tier that has the perfect set of features, rather than paying for features you don’t need. Weebly has far fewer pricing tiers.

Where Wix Falls Short

Mobile App Problems: If you are planning to build and manage your website through your smartphone, Wix’s app probably is going to disappoint you. Wix’s dashboard runs slowly on mobile devices, leaving you spending extra time in the build process. In addition, websites built through Wix have some design issues when visitors are viewing the site on a smartphone. Weebly is a far better performer in this area.

Editing Challenges: Once you select a website template to use and then publish your Wix site, it can be challenging to change to a new template. This is frustrating for beginners who may want to test out a few different site layouts before choosing one.

Using Ecommerce: Wix has good ecommerce capabilities, but you do have to subscribe to one of the more expensive tiers to be able to begin using them. Weebly gives you some ecommerce options in its free tier.

Where Weebly Shines

Weebly home page

Overall Speed: Weebly’s site-building dashboard is almost as easy to use as Wix’s. But where it outperforms Wix is in the speed and responsiveness of its dashboard. Wix’s dashboard tends to lag a bit, especially when using it on a mobile app. Weebly’s dashboard runs fast and reflects your changes quickly. When you select Weebly to host your site, visitors will see load times run quickly as well.

Great Free Plan: Weebly’s free plan ranks near the top among all free website builders. It has a large number of features, including the ability to make use of some ecommerce features on your site. You have access to live chat and email customer support with the free plan on Weebly as well. 

Strong Mobile App: If you are trying to build your site on a smartphone, Weebly’s mobile app is far better than what Wix offers. Because Square owns Weebly, Square’s strength in the mobile environment translates very well to help those using Weebly’s app when building their websites. It’s easy to view visitor statistics and interact with your site visitors when using the Weebly mobile app too.

Ecommerce: Weebly offers ecommerce capabilities beginning in its free tier and continuing through all its pay tiers. The integration with Square helps here too, as Square provided point-of-sale capabilities and the ability to accept credit card payments on a mobile device for subscribers for many years prior to purchasing Weebly. You will have to pay for some of the Square features you want to use through Weebly, however.

Where Weebly Falls Short

Limited Customization Options: Weebly gives you plenty of easy-to-use templates to build your website. However, you won’t have the customization options in Weebly that are available in Wix. When you select a template and widgets for your website, you need to make sure you like them, because you won’t have much of a chance to customize them.

Support for Foreign Customers: Weebly does support multiple languages in its website building features, but it is difficult to create a single website with multiple languages. Wix further outperforms Weebly in this area by providing support for visitors to see the prices in their local currencies.

Support for Large Businesses: When building a website through Weebly, you will have better luck with personal and small business sites. Creating a website for a large business is a little trickier with Weebly than with Wix, as Weebly doesn’t have a lot of high-end features for managing a website for a big business.

The Final Verdict on Wix Compared to Weebly

Both Weebly and Wix offer free tiers, so you can build a basic website at no cost. However, the majority of people who want to grow the website in the future will eventually need to subscribe to one of the pay tiers in Wix or Weebly to receive the features they need. 

Wix Pricing Tiers

Wix pricing plans with options for VIP, Pro, Unlimited, or Combo plan

Wix has seven specific pricing plans available for business and personal websites. It also has an enterprise tier, where you will need to request a pricing quote. 

Professional Combo: $16 per month

The Combo plan is an ideal option for someone who wants to use the site for personal reasons, such as for showcasing a hobby or for providing advice through a blog. You receive a custom domain in this pricing tier, and you do not pay anything for your domain for the first year. You can stream up to 30 minutes of video per month and store up to 2 GB of files in this tier.

Professional Unlimited: $22 per month

Wix aims the Unlimited plan at freelancers and small entrepreneurs, giving them a website to introduce themselves to potential customers. This tier includes everything in the Combo tier, along with 5 GB of file storage and up to 1 hour of video streaming per month. It includes a free year of visitor analytics and site booster features from Wix.

Professional Pro: $27 per month

Wix calls its Professional tier its most popular tier, as it provides multiple features aimed at helping a person or a small business work on online branding. You will have access to tools to create your own logo, as well as a free year of Wix’s calendar app. It includes everything in the Unlimited tier, as well as 50 GB of storage and 2 hours of video streaming per month.

Professional VIP: $45 per month

The VIP plan’s primary advantage over the Pro tier is that subscribers receive access to priority customer service. It includes everything else for building your brand that the Pro tier offers, as well as up to 100 GB of storage space and up to 5 hours of video streaming per month. (This tier recently underwent a significant pricing increase.)

Business Basic: $27 per month

The Basic tier is the lowest-priced Wix tier that allows you to begin taking online payments. You receive a custom domain name that’s free for the first year. You can make use of 50 GB of storage space and up to 5 hours of video streaming per month.

Business Unlimited: $32 per month

The Unlimited tier is a popular option for businesses. It includes everything in the Basic tier, along with support for multiple currencies and automatic sales tax calculation for up to 100 transactions per month. It provides up to 100 GB of storage space and up to 10 hours of video streaming per month. 

Business VIP: $59 per month

For those who want access to priority customer service, the VIP tier provides this option, whereas Basic and Unlimited do not. Beyond its customer service options, the VIP tier offers the same features as the Unlimited tier, other than allowing unlimited storage and unlimited video streaming hours. It will allow automatic sales tax calculation for up to 500 transactions per month.

Enterprise: Starts at $500 per month

Those who need a large website with multiple unique features, ecommerce capabilities, and priority customer care will want to look into the Enterprise tier from Wix. You will need to reach out to Wix’s customer service to learn more about the Enterprise tier and about your specific pricing options.

Weebly Pricing Tiers

Weebly pricing with options for Free, Personal, Professional, or Performance plan

Weebly has four pricing plans available for small business and personal websites. To create an enterprise-level website, you will need to create a website with Square Online. (Square purchased Weebly in 2018.) 

Free: $0 per month

Weebly’s Free tier provides support via chat and email. It allows you to build a site for ecommerce with an unlimited number of products, while also providing inventory management. This Free tier has quite a few limitations, though, and it tends to perform better for creating sites for personal projects or for testing the service to decide whether you want to upgrade to a paid tier on Weebly.

Personal: $9 per month (or $6 per month in the annual plan)

The Personal tier includes all the features in the Free tier, as well as the ability to calculate shipping costs and create shipping labels. You will be able to use a custom domain name in the Personal tier, which is not an option in the Free tier. 

Professional: $16 per month (or $12 per month in the annual plan)

Weebly’s Professional tier builds on what you receive in the Personal tier by providing unlimited storage and customer support via phone. You can track statistics on your website in this tier too.

Performance: $29 per month (or $26 per month in the annual plan)

The Performance tier gives you access to Weebly’s priority support for customer service. It includes everything in the Professional tier, along with the ability to accept payments on PayPal and the ability to allow customers to leave product reviews.

Wix Is Our Top Pick for Most People

Wix is our top pick because of its multiple pricing tier options, as well as its versatility. It’s far easier to find just the right pricing tier with Wix because it has so many more options than Weebly. It will give the majority of people exactly what they need in a website builder. It’s easy to use, yet it has strong customization features too. 

However, we also know that another website builder may give you the perfect features for your site. Wix’s versatility may not fit your needs quite as well as some of the other website builders that focus on certain features. If you would like to learn more about these products, you can trust the extensive research we put into our list of the best website builders. Our list can help you determine which features are ideal for your situation and needs.

  1. Wix – Best website builder for most users
  2. Squarespace – Best website builder for creatives
  3. – Fastest way to build a new website
  4. Shopify – Best ecommerce website builder
  5. WordPress – Best for bloggers and content creators
  6. Weebly – Best free website builder

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