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Are you ready for a website builder that finally has all the tools and features you need to build a great looking website without having to code? One that gives you a high depth of customizability whether you’re looking to work on pixel-level details or make one-click global changes? Then you’re ready for Wix.

Wix is basically the holy grail of website builders. It’s simple to use yet has the power to build anything from small ecommerce platforms to full-blown social networks. You can spin up a website in minutes, then take the time to tune it exactly to your needs. As Wix says itself, the platform really does allow you to create websites without limits.

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Wix Compared to the Best Website Builders

Wix is truly one of the best website builders on the market. It has features and functionality galore, with all of them packed into one easy-to-use interface.

While not an entirely open platform, Wix has a level of customizability and control that’s hard to beat when you compare it to other closed-platform website builders. Of course, Wix is just one of the great website builders on the market, so it’s possible that others may suit your specific needs better.

Squarespace, for example, is great for visually stunning templates and showing off mixed-media content, without the need for web development experience. is the fastest option for spinning up a great looking website with powerful ecommerce payment, fulfillment, and inventory management features.

WordPress is a truly open platform allowing you maximum flexibility, and it’s great for bloggers and content creators.

Weebly has the best no-cost tier on the market, with a website building tool that only requires a Weebly link at the bottom of your site.

Wix: The Good and the Bad

Wix has pretty much every feature you could ever want in a website builder.

Great templates and an easy design interface? Check. Artificial design intelligence software to create a custom template from scratch? Check. Analytics and marketing tools to help you reach your customers better? Check.

On the downside, if you’re looking for a completely free website, you’ll have to put up with some potentially annoying ads with Wix. Plus it can be a little difficult to switch templates or platforms. Either way, Wix is truly one of the most complete website builders on the market.

What Wix Is Good At

Minimum effort, maximum result: Wix has made it as simple as possible to craft a professional, eye-catching website without having to code. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop editor and a vast library of designer-made templates, so you can quickly build a site that looks incredible.

Wix gives you over 900 beautifully designed templates covering every business type imaginable, from sleek online stores and bold portfolios to snazzy restaurant landing pages. What’s even more impressive is how much you can customize them with point-and-click tools.

Once you select a template, Wix makes it super easy to tailor everything to match your brand. With just a few clicks, you can change major design elements like colors, fonts, and buttons. You can also edit the overall theme to make site-wide changes instantly.

Adding new pages is a cinch, too. Wix automatically generates pages using your chosen theme to maintain visual consistency, so you don’t have to worry about manually designing each new page from scratch.

Wix interface to edit site.

Artificial Design Intelligence: One of Wix’s most useful innovations is its ADI, or Artificial Design Intelligence. This nifty tool whips up a custom template for your website in minutes, with no design experience required.

To start, just tell ADI what kind of site you want to build—this can be a blog, an online store, or a portfolio, just to name a few examples.

Next, input your site name, choose your desired pages and features, such as a forum or booking system. Then select a theme and pick your favorite homepage layout. That’s it.

With Wix’s user-friendly editor, you can then customize your ADI-generated template the same way you would with any of the pre-made templates.

For many users, this feature can be a total game changer. After answering 7 simple questions, you’ll have a sleek, professional site that’s ready to edit and publish. All you have to do is let ADI work its magic.

Options from Wix for a homepage design for a building a website.

Great support: Wix has stellar support options and a user base that often raves about the helpfulness of its support team.

Wix’s smart chatbot gets things started, making it easy to find proper assistance. Simply describe your issue and it will either direct you to useful resources or get you chatting with a support rep as soon as possible.

Wix gives you three convenient ways to reach a customer support specialist: you can live chat on the site for real-time help, request an immediate callback, or you can schedule a callback at your earliest convenience.

This offers a ton of flexibility on its own, but what really sweetens the deal is how knowledgeable and patient Wix’s support reps are as well. For do-it-yourself website builders, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better assistance.

Wix chat support screenshot.

Editor X: For those looking to fine-tune their Wix site’s design, Editor X unlocks more robust styling options, effectively allowing you to edit your site as if you were working directly with the code.

With Editor X, you have total command over layouts using both flexbox and CSS grid, so you can control the precise position and behavior of every element on your pages. You can define sizing, spacing, responsiveness, and other properties at a granular level.

While retaining Wix’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor, Editor X also lets you apply custom CSS classes, animations, transitions, and other advanced interactions. You can even control breakpoints in order to craft fluid, responsive designs.

It’s impressive how well Editor X bridges the gap between visual editing and raw code. You still get Wix’s easy point-and-click tools, but with more dominance over attributes like layers, scale, docking, alignment grids, and more.

If you’re an advanced user seeking “dev-level” customization power, Editor X opens the door to HTML and CSS mastery without having to touch the code directly.

Wix Studio: While Wix Studio hasn’t officially launched yet, it promises to empower teams with abilities to collaborate and manage client websites with ease.

Wix Studio will allow you to handle multiple client projects from one intuitive platform. This streamlines client handoffs with custom review and approval processes, since you can add team members to specific accounts and give them special access to collaborate on sites.

For clients, Wix Studio provides a code-free CMS for them to update content at any time. It has live comment tools to allow collaborative communication within the editor itself.

For designers, Wix Studio takes customization to the next level with animations, complex responsive behaviors, custom CSS, and shared design libraries to maintain visual consistency. This helps you build stunning sites faster than ever before.

Wix Studio will also enable you to develop premium applications and themes to sell on the Wix App Market. Those who participate can add an exciting new revenue stream.

Even though it’s pre-launch, Wix Studio’s promise of streamlined team management, improved client handoff, deeper customization, and new monetization opportunities make it an exciting development for web professionals.

Analytics and marketing tools: Wix goes far beyond website building with built-in analytics, email marketing automation, AI copywriting and design, and other tools to help you engage your audience and make data-driven decisions.

The platform’s in-house analytics and marketing capabilities are particularly impressive. Wix provides a sweet suite of reports to help you analyze your web traffic, including where visitors come from, their behavior on your site, what devices they are using, their contributions to your sales revenue, and more.

Collecting emails and sending marketing campaigns is also a breeze with Wix’s integrated email marketing system that lets you segment contacts and automate drip campaigns. You can also take advantage of eye-catching templates to create newsletters, promotions, and other broadcasts to subscribers with just a few clicks.

Some of Wix’s cooler marketing features include QR code generation, blog title optimization, and the creation of conversion-focused landing pages. Plus, you can even use the platform’s AI to create social media graphics and Facebook Ads for you automatically.

For today’s digitally savvy small business owner, Wix has everything you need not just to build your website, but to understand visitors and turn them into customers as well.

Improved SEO and performance: Once notoriously weak in SEO and loading times, Wix has come a long way since its early days of poor optimization and slow site speeds.

These days, you now have full control over key SEO elements right within your Wix dashboard—from custom meta tags and URL structures to canonical tags, markup, and robots.txt, everything you need for search engine visibility is right at your fingertips.

Similarly, Wix pages used to be bloated, but it has since made investments to site infrastructure that have really paid off—pages load lightning fast and Core Web Vitals scores are able to exceed speed benchmarks fairly regularly.

For entrepreneurs who rely on SEO to drive traffic and conversions, having an optimized website that loads fast is essential. Wix’s evolution in these areas make it easy for business owners to rank higher and engage visitors successfully.

Logo maker and business name generator: If you’re launching a new business but are stuck on naming and branding, Wix provides user-friendly tools to get your identity squared away quickly.

Just enter a few keywords and the platform’s Business Name Generator instantly churns out dozens of creative and catchy options.

Once you’ve picked a business name, you can immediately create a logo through the Wix Logo Maker. Just type in your new company name, select your industry and brand colors, and then customize the icons, fonts, and design elements.

For entrepreneurs who may be starting from scratch in the naming and branding process, Wix makes it incredibly simple to establish your business identity in a matter of minutes. No creative skills or prior experience needed!

Wix website name generator.

Mobile management: The Wix Owner App is a gamechanger for handling your site and business tasks on any device, from any place.

You can access your complete Wix dashboard through the app to make changes to pages, add new posts, modify menus, and analyze traffic metrics—nearly anything you can do from a desktop you can do with the app.

The Owner App also lets you communicate with visitors in real time using live chat, allowing you to connect with customers on the fly. You can write and publish blog posts for your audience when inspiration strikes, regardless of location.

Ecommerce stores can even process sales through the app, enabling the remote handling of orders and payments. Appointment-based businesses can also manage bookings through the mobile calendar.

While not as capable as the desktop for major website overhauls, the Owner App gives entrepreneurs the flexibility to manage, edit, engage customers, write posts, track data, and handle business operations from their phone. For today’s mobile business owners, it’s an invaluable tool for staying on top of an online presence.

Wix Marketplace: The Wix Marketplace makes it easy to find and hire talent to assist with your website and digital marketing. It’s home to pre-vetted freelancers and agencies specializing in key services like graphic design, web design, development, SEO, and ecommerce store setup.

The vendors you’ll find in the marketplace have experience working with Wix and can provide services for creating, optimizing, troubleshooting, and managing your site. You can view vendor profiles, reviews, portfolios, and transparent pricing right on their listings before reaching out.

For entrepreneurs seeking help building their online presence, the Wix Marketplace simplifies hiring the right freelancer or agency for your project. With pre-screened and reviewed vendors specializing in Wix, you can confidently outsource tasks to qualified talent.

Velo: Velo is Wix’s integrated web app development tool that allows you to create highly professional web apps related to enterprise ecommerce systems, social networks, custom CRMs, and more.

A key advantage of Velo is its minimal setup. You can immediately start building your web app using an intuitive visual editor, complete with a library of components that require no coding.

Velo is built for seamless integration with third-party APIs like SendGrid, Twilio, Stripe, and hundreds more, so you can incorporate leading tools and services without hassle.

You can also manage data with Velo’s built-in database management system, enabling you to create dynamic, data-driven web apps that deliver customized experiences.

For entrepreneurs seeking to launch web apps on a single, integrated platform, Velo is an incredibly powerful development tool available right within the Wix dashboard. With its visual editor, third-party integrations, and database tools, you can rapidly build and deploy apps that drive business impact.

Solutions for everyone: No matter your industry, Wix has the tools you need to build an effective online presence.

For ecommerce businesses, Wix provides a complete sales platform with multichannel management, POS capabilities, dropshipping automation, and over 80 payment gateway integrations.

Service companies can leverage Wix’s integrated scheduling solutions to manage appointments, clients, staff, and payments from your site so you can streamline your operations.

Restaurants can showcase menus, take reservations, connect with customers digitally to coordinate deliveries and pickups, and process orders online.

Bloggers can choose from hundreds of templates to share content in a visually appealing way. Wix helps you boost audience engagement with newsletters, members-only access, scheduled posts, and donation opportunities.

Fitness professionals can offer online classes, take bookings, bill clients, and track progress through the platform—which is convenient both for instructors and members.

All in all, Wix goes beyond mere website-building to provide tailored solutions for key industries. Its partnership integrations and app add-ons deliver specialized tools that can help any business succeed online.

Wix dashboard with a list of 12 products shown.

Wix’s Potential Drawbacks

Ads on the free tier: The free version of Wix has several drawbacks related to ads and branding.

For example, with a free Wix site, your web address will be a subdomain of “” rather than your own custom domain name. This can diminish your brand authority right away at the URL level.

Free Wix sites also place conspicuous ads on every page of your website. These range from banner ads to text links saying “Create your own website with Wix.” Although understandable for a free platform, these ads can detract from a polished, professional look.

Your site’s favicon—the small icon in browser tabs—is the default Wix “W” logo on free sites. Most businesses prefer to upload their own custom favicons for a more customized, branded experience.

While Wix’s free plan is useful for basic websites, the inability to remove ads and Wix branding presents limitations for businesses focused on conveying professionalism. While fine for personal sites, it may not be enough for customer-facing sites that rely on better user experiences.

Site designed with Wix.

Closed platform: Wix strikes an outstanding balance between design freedom and usability. However, the trade-off is that its closed, proprietary system has constrained options for site migration, back-end control, and complete customization capability compared to open source alternatives.

Unlike open source platforms like WordPress, you cannot freely export your Wix site’s code or content. This means your Wix website can only exist within the Wix infrastructure.

While you also have a great deal of design flexibility via Wix’s templates and tools, you are ultimately limited to what the platform can accommodate, even with the ability to add some custom code.

For users who are happy to have Wix handle updates, maintenance, speed optimization, and security patches, it can be quite convenient not having to manage the technical backend. However, those desiring full control and flexibility would benefit more from open source platforms where they can host and govern all aspects.

Difficult to switch templates: Another key limitation we’ve observed is how difficult it can be to change to a different template once your site is established.

When you first create your Wix site, you’re free to pick from an ample selection of templates to match your vision. However, once you populate your chosen template with content, changing the template becomes problematic.

There is no automated way to migrate your pages, text, images, and other elements into a new Wix template, so you may need to rebuild each page in the new template’s format manually, copying content over one section at a time.

Of course, you can always modify your current template’s overall style by changing the site theme, but this only makes global updates to basic design elements like colors, fonts, and buttons—it doesn’t change the template’s core structure of layouts, sections, and built-in features.

While changing to a completely new template is cumbersome and labor-intensive, it’s potentially manageable for smaller sites. But for larger, more complex sites, the inability to switch templates is a big item to consider at the planning stage.

Wix Plans and Pricing

Wix is definitely a bit pricier than some of the other website builders out there. That said, its free tier with ads can be very useful for getting started, and there are several remaining paid tiers that may offer just enough features at a price point you can afford.

Five plans with prices shown for Wix.


Wix’s free tier provides an excellent way to test out building a basic website on its user-friendly platform. While limited, it comes with the following:

  • A free “Wixsite” subdomain URL (such as
  • 500MB of storage and 500MB monthly bandwidth
  • Access to hundreds of templates and the drag-and-drop site builder
  • Ability to connect your own domain (by address only, meaning it will still show ads)
  • Wix ads on all pages
  • Wix branded favicon on browser tabs
  • Full access to Wix support and community forums

The major constraints of the free plan are the aforementioned ads, the inability to remove the “wixsite” domain, and the limited storage and bandwidth. This makes the free option best for personal sites or simple business pages.


The Light plan costs $16 per month and provides a solid upgrade from Wix’s free option, including the ability to remove ads and use a custom domain.

With Light, you can connect your own domain name for free for the first year. This enables you to establish your brand identity with a professional custom URL, leaving the Wixsite subdomain behind.

Storage on the Light plan is increased to 2GB from 500MB, providing more room for high-quality images, videos, and other media.

You can also add up to two collaborators to your site, allowing a small team to work on your Wix site together.

This plan also unlocks Wix’s Light Marketing suite—you get four lead capture forms to help convert site visitors, with up to ten fields per form. Automated marketing tools are also included.

While Light has limits on storage, bandwidth, and marketing capabilities, it’s an affordable option for many small businesses and individuals wanting to upgrade from a basic free site.


The Core plan costs $27 per month and adds key features and functionalities for building a powerful business site.

You get 50GB of storage space, five collaborators for your team, and the ability to create customer accounts for clients. Also included are apps like the Events Calendar, Site Booster for performance, and other tools that are useful for generating brand assets.

The Core plan’s marketing suite is upgraded to ten forms, with 50 fields per form, site search, and live chat to engage visitors.

For ecommerce store owners, you’ll also find features that enable you to accept payments, set up subscriptions, integrate with marketplaces like Amazon, sell on social media, and process orders in-store with POS integrations. You can manage up to 50,000 products.

Additional sales features include abandoned cart recovery, automatic discounts, pre-orders, and manual order processing.

With ample storage, a wide feature set, full ecommerce capabilities, and powerful marketing tools, Wix Core provides tremendous value for small businesses looking to sell online and market themselves effectively.


At $32 per month, Wix Business caters to bigger ecommerce stores and other companies needing advanced features beyond Core.

The Business plan gives you 100GB of storage space and the ability to add ten team members. For marketing, this tier bumps up to 25 lead capture forms with up to 75 fields per form.

On the payments side, you get everything included in Core, but the Business tier adds automated sales tax calculations for up to 100 transactions monthly.

For online selling, Business expands ecommerce capabilities with up to 1,000 product reviews, branded gift cards, unlimited “back in stock” notifications, and support for five additional currencies.

With ten times the storage, more marketing customization, automated sales tax, and expanded ecommerce features, Wix’s Business plan is ideal for established companies selling online.

Business Elite

At $159 per month, Business Elite caters to established enterprises needing premium capabilities and high scalability. It comes with:

  • 15 collaborators for your team and unlimited storage for media, products, and files.
  • Custom analytics reports for granular insight into traffic and customer behavior.
  • Priority 24/7 customer support.
  • Marketing suite upgrades to 75 lead capture forms with 100 fields per form for highly customized conversions.
  • Automated sales tax covers up to 500 transactions monthly.
  • Up to 3,000 ecommerce product reviews, support for 10 additional currencies, and a loyalty rewards program by

With unlimited storage, priority support, key analytics, advanced marketing tools, and an expansive ecommerce feature set, Wix’s Business Elite plan helps established companies manage a large-scale online presence.


For major corporations and organizations that need tons of flexibility and virtually limitless scalability, Wix Enterprise offers custom plans with custom, needs-based pricing.

Essentially, Enterprise makes everything unlimited—team members and permissions, storage space, marketing forms and customizations, product catalog capacities, currencies, and transactions—none of these are capped with an Enterprise plan.

With Enterprise, Wix provides white-glove support and consultations to match these limitless capabilities to your goals. It’s designed for massive, complex sites like those of leading global brands.

Whether you need to onboard thousands of users or manage an international multi-brand ecommerce operation, Enterprise has the scalability and flexibility without artificial limits.

Final Thoughts

Wix is basically the gold standard when it comes to website builders. It’s easy to use, incredibly functional, and has pricing to match most budgets.

While it can get expensive if you want all the bells and whistles, it ultimately serves as an all-in-one platform because of its capabilities that typically require multiple services and subscriptions anyway. Besides, it’s also easy to get started on the free tier and move up from there.

If you’re a small business or an entrepreneur looking to build your own website, you really can’t go wrong with Wix. Of course, if Wix doesn’t quite fit your needs, our list of top website builders has some other great options.

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