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Wix Review

A good website builder is the foundation for most successful websites, and Wix is certainly one of the best. With its extensive customization features and template range, Wix gives you complete freedom to design and manage your website with ease. Whether you want a website for blogging or a professional online store, Wix truly has the functionality to provide it all. Wix makes it easy for you to build your ideal website without technical know-how and is an excellent choice for most users’ needs. 

Compare Wix to The Best Website Builders 

Compared to some of the best website builders on the market, Wix is a lot better than most other platforms. Wix is our top pick due to its flexibility and affordability. 

Wix offers a versatile platform to its users by including features for every type of business at an affordable price. Unlike other website builders, Wix is more of an all-in-one platform that gives its users as much freedom as possible. 

We reviewed dozens of website builders on the market and narrowed it down to the top five. We looked at each option to see who it’s best for, what features to consider, and how to find the best one for you. 

See all of our top picks and read an in-depth review of each website builder, with our methodology for choosing the right one. 

Wix: The Good and The Bad 

Even the most flexible website builder has its flaws. Here’s an in-depth look into Wix’s top good and bad features. 

The Good 

Ease of Use: Wix’s ease of use is by far its best feature, especially for beginners. Wix does everything in its power to make sure you have a seamless experience from installation to design. With one-click installs to drag-and-drop features, Wix is one of the easiest website builders to use on the market. 

All Wix design elements are fully customizable, so you can expect to resize, recolor, reassign, and rotate them with no restrictions. You can then choose from over 100 intuitive tools to expand your website design and presence, all with just one click. 

To make it even easier, Wix also offers built-in tools to keep things hassle-free, like SSL web security, two-step verification, and 24/7 website monitoring for your peace of mind. 

Animations: Wix is one of the few website builders that offers design animation for all subscriptions. With its extensive suite of design features, you have access to flexible animation tools that let you create custom animations and transparent videos. 

The Wix animation feature is a unique way to transform your website presence with high-quality visual content. You can choose to fade, fly, or float in text, images, and videos, while also having control over the duration and delay of the animation. 

Having the option to animate certain elements of your website is a fun and interactive way to keep your visitors engaged. The only thing to consider with animation is not to overdo it, as it can cause your website to look too cluttered.  

Managed Security and Maintenance: One big sigh of relief for most people using Wix to build their sites is that essentials like security, optimization, and even site data backups are taken care of for you.

Wix has a team of professionals handling all things security. From ensuring data privacy meets the highest industry standards and providing TLS encrpytion to 24/7 monitoring and incident response, Wix takes care of everything so you and your visitors can rest assured that data or privacy aren’t vulnerable.

This is also a platform that emphasizes reliability. Wix employs several data centers across the world to make sure your site can handle sudden crushes of visitors and to maintain its available during maintenance periods. Wix also uses those data centers to store duplicate backups of your site data, so even if the worst happens you’re not back at square one.

Extensive ADI: Another unique feature of the Wix platform is its Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). This feature is perfect for beginners, as it’s a quick and easy way to build a website with content and images built-in. 

All you have to do is create an account and choose the ADI service instead of the Wix editor. From then on, you fill out a form that feeds the ADI technology information about your design and content preferences, which then creates a fully customized website in just a few minutes. 

After the ADI has created your website, Wix still lets you go to the ADI editor and make any changes, so you have the freedom to polish up your website. Alternatively, if you are happy with the finished product, you can click Publish and be online instantly.

Template Library: Wix has the largest collection of templates compared to any other website builder on the market today. With over 800 designer-made templates to choose from, Wix gives you the option to find something that works right for you and your website needs. 

You can choose templates for several types of business niches like health, travel, food, photography, and education, to name a few. Because there are so many templates to choose from, there are separate categories and subcategories to help you find the perfect template for you. 

You can find categories such as business and services, store, creative, community, and blog. Wix also gives you the option to open and save as many templates as you want before committing to the final product. 

The Bad 

Slow Loading Speed: Unfortunately, there are a few downfalls with Wix, with loading speed being one of them. Many users found that during the editing process, in particular, their website performance would run incredibly slow, especially on mobile devices.

Some users even explained that despite a fast internet connection, loading speeds when editing were still painfully slow. Although this issue isn’t a deal-breaker for most users, no one wants to waste hours of their time editing their website because of lag. 

Difficulty Switching Templates: Although Wix has a wide variety of templates to choose from, it currently does not allow you to switch templates once officially applying one to a site you have already created. However, you can create as many sites as you want in your account and use different templates for each one by transferring your Premium plan to the new site. 

This transfer doesn’t help Wix users, though, as there are some features you can’t transfer, including:

  • Site theme, layout, and design 
  • Premium apps
  • Contacts 
  • Site members 
  • Wix store 
  • Wix bookings 

The inflexibility of Wix templates can be a deal-breaker for many, especially for beginners looking for a platform to experiment with fresh ideas–and especially in a website builder that’s known for being super-flexible in most other areas. 

Poor Mobile Optimization: Most website builders will have the option to view your website through both a desktop and mobile view. Unfortunately, Wix’s mobile optimization leaves a lot to be desired. Many users have expressed their distaste for the Wix mobile view, as it makes most websites look cluttered and less functional as they do on a desktop.

Wix Pricing and Options 

Wix offers quite a few pricing plans for individual website goals and user needs. Let’s break it down into each pricing tier. 

Wix Pricing 

Wix separates their pricing plans into two categories: “Website” and “Business and Ecommerce.” 

The Business and Ecommerce pricing is a tad more expensive, as it offers appropriate features suitable for online stores. On the other hand, the Website pricing is affordable for all users looking at building a simple or professional website. All Wix plans offer a 14-day free trial. 

Website Plans 


  • $10 per month, billed at $120 per year

The Combo plan is best for personal use, like hobby blogging or to build a portfolio. The great thing about this plan is that you can still have a professional website, as Wix offers a custom domain that’s free for the first year. 

You also get the option to remove Wix ads and showcase or stream your videos online for up to 30 minutes. With the Combo plan, you receive additional features, including: 

  • Free SSL certificate 
  • 3GB storage space 
  • 24/7 customer care 

The Combo plan is the most basic subscription of all Wix’s pricing plans. It’s a great starting point to get used to the ropes of website building. 


  • $14 per month, billed at $168 per year

The Unlimited plan is essential for all freelancers and entrepreneurs, as this plan is where you can start managing analytics at an affordable price. 

You receive everything in the Combo plan, but with 10GB storage space and one hour of video streaming instead. The Unlimited plan is an excellent choice for users looking at growing their business or freelance profile, as some other features include: 

  • Site booster app (free for one year)
  • Visitor analytics app (free for one year)
  • $75 Google ads voucher 

The Unlimited plan is great for entrepreneurs or freelancers who are starting to take their craft seriously and are looking for a website to showcase said craft.


  • $19 per month, billed at $228 per year 

The Pro plan is the most popular Wix subscription, as it’s the best value for money. For just $19 per month, you receive a functional platform for complete online branding. 

Online branding is essential for a successful business, as it makes your website stand out and look more professional. With this plan, you receive all Wix features among branding tools like: 

  • Professional logo maker 
  • Social media logo files 
  • Events calendar app (free for one year)
  • 20GB storage space 
  • Two hours of video streaming

The pro plan is an excellent subscription for more advanced website branding tools. 


  • $27 per month, billed at $324 per year 

The VIP plan is by far the most advanced website subscription that Wix offers its users at a fairly affordable price. This plan is more suited for individuals looking for high-priority support for their professional website. 

You get everything in the Pro plan, plus 35GB storage space, five hours of video streaming, and priority customer support—where you receive phone support and can skip the line. 

Business and Ecommerce Plans

Business Basic: 

  • $18 per month, billed at $216 per year 

The Business Basic plan is an excellent and affordable place to monetize your content and accept payments for sales. 

Similar to the Website plans, with the Business Basic plan, you get access to a custom domain that’s free for one year, the option to remove Wix ads, 20GB storage space, and five hours of video streaming. 

Regarding the ecommerce side of things, some features you receive with this plan include: 

  • Secure online payments 
  • Plans and recurring payments 
  • Customer accounts 
  • Unlimited products 
  • Abandoned cart recovery 
  • Sell on social channels 

The Business Basic plan is the most straightforward way to accept online payments while still running a website with a simple business structure. 

Business Unlimited: 

  • $28 per month, billed at $336 per year 

The Business Unlimited plan is the best way to grow your business while not jeopardizing your budget. You receive 35GB of storage space, 10 hours of video streaming, and 100 transactions per month. 

Business owners can expand their sales with unlimited products, multiple currencies, advanced shipping, and the ability to sell on marketplaces. Some other features include:

  • Up to 250 products for dropshipping by Modalyst 
  • 1,000 product reviews by KudoBuzz 
  • Subscriptions 

The Business Unlimited plan is the cheapest way to build, manage, and scale your website with Wix. 

Business VIP: 

  • $38 per month, billed at $456 per year

The Business VIP plan is Wix’s most extensive subscription, as it offers the full suite to its users. This plan is ideal for users that have high-volume websites that sell thousands of products. 

You receive everything in Business Unlimited but with a few extras, including 500 transactions per month, unlimited products for dropshipping by Modalyst, 3,000 product reviews by KudoBuzz, and a loyalty program by Smile.io. 

We would only recommend Business VIP to users that have a fast-growing business and need the additional features. 

Wix Offerings 

Wix offers a few products related to website building that cater to most users. Here’s an in-depth look at two popular products from Wix: 

Email Marketing

Wix offers powerful email marketing features so you can create and monitor your email marketing campaigns, to boost audience engagement and traffic.

Wix’s email marketing features let you connect to your audience in a more personal way, with an intuitive email editor, email automation, and advanced data analytics. You can completely transform your business by creating customizable email campaigns you can tailor to your audience. 

Similar to website templates, Wix allows you to choose from its growing collection of designer-made email templates, which is just the thing you need to stand out from the crowd. 

Not only do you have access to powerful features suitable for any email campaign, but Wix also gives you access to its complete marketing and customer management suite. Some of these features give you the ability to: 

  • Create social posts 
  • Make a promo video 
  • Live chat with visitors 
  • Customize forms 
  • Get advanced SEO 
  • Manage your finances 

You can get up to seven times the amount of visitors by using Wix’s email marketing tools, making it a great extension for any user. 

Wix Bookings 

Wix Bookings is online scheduling software that helps you manage, host, and offer services to your audience through an online store. 

You can integrate Wix Bookings into your website after purchasing one of the Business and Ecommerce plans, starting at $18 per month. An online scheduling system is an essential tool for ecommerce users, as it makes selling products and accepting payments so much easier. 

With Wix Bookings, you receive an extensive range of scheduling tools like calendar management, staff management, and secure payment solutions. The all-in-one booking solution lets you streamline your business by managing everyday tasks on an intuitive interface. 

With online scheduling, you can display services, timetables, and pricing, talk to customers via live chat, create custom booking forms, and send SMS or email booking reminders. 

You will benefit from several features with Wix Bookings, including: 

  • Memberships and packages 
  • Client management 
  • Advanced analytics 
  • Accept payment in 40+ currencies 
  • Wix mobile app 

Wix Bookings is the perfect extension for businesses that need a more controlled booking and scheduling system. 

How Wix Ranks 

Wix is certainly a top contender when it’s compared to some of the best website builders on the market today. And it takes the top spot for being the best website builder for most users because of its affordability and versatility. 

You can read more about all the website builders on our top list to see our picks and why we chose them. Here is a short overview of the five best website builders: 

  1. Wix – Best website builder for most users 
  2. Squarespace – Best website builder for creatives
  3. Web.com – Fastest way to build a new website 
  4. Shopify – Best ecommerce website builder 
  5. WordPress – Best for bloggers and content creators 
  6. Weebly – Best free website builder 

Overall, Wix is the best website builder for a good reason. With affordable plans, advanced tools, and exceptional functionality, Wix is better than many website builders across the board. 

Offering valuable products like email marketing tools and booking plug-ins, we think most users will enjoy the Wix experience. 

The good outweighs the bad, and it’s definitely a platform worth looking into—especially for beginners. 

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