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WebiMax is a reputation management company focusing on improving your brand’s online presence. With additional services in social media marketing and web design, WebiMax can completely transform the way you present your business online and increase your conversion rate. 

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WebiMax Compared to the Best Online Reputation Management Companies

WebiMax is one of the best reputation management companies because of its extensive services and free reputation analysis, but it’s not the only powerful company on the market today. After reviewing dozens of options for our top list of the best online reputation management companies, we found a few Golden Eggs that would make excellent alternatives.

NetReputation is an excellent alternative to help you permanently remove negative results from the web with its unique content-based strategy. Take control of your online reputation and schedule a free consultation today

Nextiva is a good choice for small business owners that want to take control of their online reputation. You can monitor brand mentions, schedule social posts, and reply to all your messages from a single dashboard. Get started with Nextiva today with one of their three plans. is the perfect platform for personal brand management, which helps raise your online visibility and build positive content. Fill out a quick form and receive a free online reputation consultation.

Podium gives you the best chance of capturing positive Google reviews through its MMS and SMS prompts to customers. Reach out to Podium today to receive a free consultation and custom quote.

WebiMax: The Good and the Bad

WebiMax stands out for several reasons, but all online reputation management companies will have good and bad features to consider. In your search for the best reputation management company, there is a good chance you will find variations in pricing, analysis, and customer support. Let’s take a look at the good and the bad of WebiMax to find out if it’s the right platform for you. 

What WebiMax Is Good At

WebiMax offers seamless reputation management and free reputation analysis to help you find areas of improvement before investing a penny into its services. However, it also offers exceptional customer support, confidential contracts, and additional extensive services to build upon your branding. 

Seamless reputation management: With WebiMax’s reputation management services, you can expect a seamless transition due to WebiMax’s utilization of customized strategies, cost-effective techniques, and top-notch service with a dedicated project manager. You never have to worry about stagnation or error-filled reports when it comes to WebiMax and its team of professional reputation managers. 

Free reputation analysis: WebiMax offers a free reputation analysis to all its potential customers so you understand what areas need improving before investing. With WebiMax’s free reputation analysis, you will receive information on timeframes, a report on all negative and positive content, information on unclaimed profiles, a free quote, and in some cases, content deletion. 

Exceptional customer support: The majority of WebiMax’s positive reviews involve customers praising its exceptional support system. WebiMax currently has phone, email, and live chat support—as well as several locations you can visit for in-house support. Another beneficial support network is its “Ask an Expert” tab, which allows you to send a form to an SEO expert for advice on any of your marketing questions. Most reviewers said that WebiMax’s support team is helpful, responsive, and friendly to engage with.  

Extensive services: WebiMax has a wide range of additional services on offer to help create a full-service platform for you. With services in social media marketing, web design, lead generation, and reviews—you can transform how your brand appears online. WebiMax also offers services in pay-per-click marketing, SEO, and public relations for additional brand presence monitoring. With WebiMax’s free consultations, you can create a customized package to suit all your brand’s needs in one service. 

Confidential contracts: Unlike other online reputation management companies today, WebiMax only offers confidential contracts that won’t lock you in on a long-term basis. WebiMax currently works under a non-disclosure agreement, ensuring that all the work you conduct together is discreet and confidential. 

What WebiMax Is Lacking

While the majority of WebiMax’s online reviews are extremely positive, we did find some complaints about the general expense for each service, the turnaround times, and the quality of some of the services. 

High expenses: Although WebiMax doesn’t currently disclose pricing on its website, a majority of its user reviews have claimed that its packages for most of its services are supposedly high. For example, the pricing for search engine marketing packages starts at $500, with a $1,000 setup fee—so if that pricing is anything to go off, WebiMax is one of the pricier online reputation management companies on the market today. 

Turnaround time issues: After reading through dozens of user reviews, we found that some reviewers claimed that WebiMax’s turnaround times for social media marketing services and web design were slower than its competitors. 

Content quality concerns: Similar to WebiMax’s turnaround times, we found a small portion of reviewers that claimed WebiMax had compromised their content quality. However, many of these users also noted that WebiMax’s customer service was responsive in resolving these issues quickly. 

WebiMax Options and Pricing

Other than reputation management, WebiMax offers a wide range of additional services, including its most popular products in web design, review systems, social media marketing, and lead generation. 

WebiMax Reputation Management

Your brand’s online presence is the most important aspect of running a business. WebiMax makes it easy for you to give a positive first impression to new traffic with its extensive reputation management system. 

Screenshot of WebiMax's reputation management web page.

WebiMax’s reputation management focuses on suppressing harmful search results and placing positive content throughout the web instead. Not only will WebiMax suppress harmful content, but you will receive a dedicated project manager who will continuously monitor your web presence. 

In some cases, WebiMax will even remove negative content and reviews from the web to improve your reputation overall. Unfortunately, WebiMax does not disclose pricing on its website for this service, but you can get a free proposal. 

WebiMax Web Design

Whether you run a startup or enterprise-level business, WebiMax can help you craft the most professional-looking website with its web design services. WebiMax’s design services will deliver conversion-based results with a fully customized design strategy to meet the unique needs of your brand. 

Screenshot of WebiMax's digital marketing services, web design web page.

WebiMax will pair you with one of its dedicated design experts to help bring your design visions to life. Whether you need to build a website from scratch or update an old one with a new color palette or photography, WebiMax will look at your industry and focus on designs that inspire confidence while retaining high conversion rates. 

The web design services also come with a content strategy, reviews and social media placement, and project management. WebiMax does not disclose pricing for its web design services on its website, but you can request a consultation and design quote for free. 

WebiMax Review System

If you want to receive more 5-star reviews and less negativity online, WebiMax can offer you a human-driven process that takes into account the entire logistics of customer reviews. With WebiMax’s review system, you can get more real reviews while promoting positive ones and suppressing negative ones. 

Screenshot of WebiMax's digital marketing services, get more reviews web page.

Not only does WebiMax reduce the number of bad reviews you receive, but its system also directs your customers to leave you feedback directly and gives you a chance to respond and make the situation right. You also get to notify your team of any negative reviews that need a response immediately, so you can respond promptly. 

You can manage all reviews from any site on your intuitive dashboard and get more reviews instantly with WebiMax’s email and text messaging system. You can request a free demo and price quote for WebiMax’s review service. 

WebiMax Social Media Marketing

With more than 11 years of experience as a marketing agency, WebiMax can easily expand your social media marketing strategy and enhance your social platforms. With a free analysis, WebiMax can review your chosen social media profiles and create targeted content. 

Screenshot of WebiMax's digital marketing services, social media marketing web page.

After a social profile review, WebiMax will work on growing your audience through social profile optimization, engaging in contests, boosting relevant content, and connecting your brand to similar influencers and companies in your respective industry. WebiMax also utilizes social media advertisements to target the right audience based on age, location, interests, and gender. 

WebiMax focuses on building a strategic content plan that helps your brand stay relevant by posting content frequently. You can get a free social media analysis today. 

WebiMax Lead Generation

WebiMax’s powerful lead generation can help you build a strong consumer interest and implement a high conversion rate without needing to outsource additional link building. WebiMax’s all-in-one marketing package comes with extensive tools and customer support to ensure your needs are optimized correctly. 

Screenshot of WebiMax's digital marketing services, lead generation services web page.

The search engine marketing package comes with full-service ad management on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, a custom landing page, CPQL optimization for cost-effectiveness, and a Zapier integration for ad optimization. You also benefit from call tracking, lead nurturing, conversion rate optimization, and a dedicated expert for advice and support. 

With a 24/7 dashboard, you can view entire campaign trends, data, and performance from any device, so you can continue to be in the loop on the go. WebiMax has three different pricing tiers for its search engine marketing package, including: 

  • Entrepreneur — $500 per month with a $1,000 setup fee. Includes managing $0 to $3,000 in monthly ad spend, one landing page, Google Ads management, one strategy call per month, and call and conversion tracking. 
  • Professional — 15% of monthly ad spend. Includes managing $3,000 to $25,000 in monthly ad spend, a lower management fee, free setup, lead nurturing, CRM integration, ROI bidding, and A/B testing. 
  • Enterprise — 10% of monthly ad spend. Includes managing $25,000 to $100,000 in monthly ad spend, the lowest management fee, Google and Microsoft Ads management, and two strategy calls per month. 

WebiMax in Summary

WebiMax is an excellent online reputation management company that offers additional marketing services, such as web design and lead generation, for a full-service experience. But the platform is supposedly quite expensive, and a few users have had issues with WebiMax compromising on quality, despite the pricing remaining the same.

While WebiMax is an appropriate platform for all your online reputation needs, there are other platforms we would recommend if WebiMax is not in your current budget. NetReputation can help permanently remove negative results, while is better for personal brand management. And if you need a way to increase the number of Google reviews your brand is receiving, Podium is the perfect platform to choose from. 

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