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When you put simple, affordable, and intuitive together in an applicant tracking software (ATS) tool, you get a tool like VIVAHR. It comes with everything you need and nothing you don’t, so you have a streamlined hiring experience that doesn’t suck up all your time and energy. We go deeper into some of its best features below. 

Compare VIVAHR to The Best Applicant Tracking Software

If you want an applicant tracking system that sticks to the basics and doesn’t add a bunch of extra tools outside of the hiring process, then VIVAHR is right up your alley. It runs on simplicity when it comes to creating and managing a hiring process that’s simple, straightforward, and that garners results. 

Though VIVAHR didn’t make it onto our best applicant tracking software list due to a few limits in its feature list, it’s still a solid tool for businesses that thrive on simplicity and affordability. It delivers the essentials so as to help you get through the hiring process faster without weighing you down with too many intricacies. 

It’s always a good idea to check out the rest of our picks to make sure you’re making the optimal choice. We spend hours researching, comparing, and trying out some of the best tools on the market to make sure we bring you some of the best options out there. See all of our top picks here.  

VIVAHR: The Good and The Bad

Every tool you use is going to come with its own set of pros and cons. Ultimately, it isn’t about finding a flawless tool, but more about finding out if a tool is a solid fit for how you operate your business. Below we shine a light on some of the best, and not-so-great features VIVAHR has to offer. 

The Good

Team collaboration: Hiring doesn’t have to be an isolated process. VIVAHR lets you create a collaborative hiring process with scorecards and access control features so every stakeholder has a say on who they estimate the best candidate to be. 

One-click job posting: Save yourself the hassle of posting a job to each job board one by one. VIVAHR’s one-click job posting feature lets you post your job to over 50 job boards in an instant. 

Custom tag resumes: Keeping track of resumes accordingly can be done with custom tags. VIVAHR lets you create custom tags as you review resumes so you can easily classify and find candidates later. 

Candidate database: Have a bunch of candidates that applied for a job? You can easily search through them and keep track of who applied to what in the organized candidate database. 

Resume self-uploading: Candidates that are interested in your job openings can upload their resume right for VIVAHR to store and resume parsing. 

Custom scorecards: What do you do to weigh how fitting a candidate is for a particular job opening? You keep a customized scorecard. VIVAHR’s scorecard feature allows you to keep a finger on how you’re weighing and analyzing every possible candidate. 

Candidate profiles: Once you log on to your VIVAHR dashboard, you can create candidate profiles for easier navigation when you’re trying to fill a new role. This unifies all your candidate information in one place for easier management. 

Culture profiles: Teams can often have different cultures. VIVAHR lets you set culture preferences for each job opening so your hiring process is done with more accuracy as you find candidates that fit within certain subcultures. 

Bulk candidate emailing: Bulk emailing is a hiring tool that saves you a ton of time. Especially during the screening and interview process. When you need to send a mass email to your eligible job candidates, it can be done with one customized email. 

Custom questionnaires: VIVAHR allows you to pre-screen possible candidates with custom questionnaires so you don’t waste time on candidates that aren’t a fit. 

Branded careers page: A branded career website can up the ante as far as the quality of candidates you attract. VIVAHR lets you shine the spotlight on the best your company has to offer with a customizable branded careers page. 

Custom recruiting pipeline: No one recruiting pipeline is exactly the same. VIVAHR lets you customize how you want to go through the process of capturing interested candidates as you vet them and find the best fit for your final interview. 

30-minute success call: VIVAHR offers a 30-minute success call to all its new users regardless of the plan you choose to help you get started using it right away. By the end of the call, you should be able to seamlessly post jobs and vet candidates.

Built-in training: VIVAHR offers an online knowledge base as well as training videos so you can easily find answers to your questions and get unstuck at any part of the process. If this doesn’t work, its dedicated support team can be reached through the app or through email. 

Flexible refund process: Though VIVAHR’s plans are annual, it isn’t in the business of locking you in. If you feel its system and tools don’t work for you, it’ll work with you on a refund. They even make it easy for you to extract your data out of its system so you can move on without the extra hassle.  

The Bad

Limited reporting metrics: Depending on how deep or customized you want your reports to be, VIVAHR’s reports feature can be a bit limited, though you can run the more basic reports without a problem. 

Lacks a mobile app: Unlike other applicant tracking tools, VIVAHR does not come with a mobile app. This might limit the work you can do on the go if that’s something you rely on. Though you can always access its website through any device. 

Limited career page customization: Though VIVAHR does come with the option to create a careers page, it’s a bit limited on how deeply you can customize it. Though for the most part, this can be a matter of preference. 

VIVAHR Pricing and Options

If you’re on the fence about using VIVAHR you should take advantage of its 7-day free trial. That’s one of the best ways to decide if you really like it once you get a firsthand feel for what using its dashboard is really like.

Otherwise, here are how its prices breakdown:

  • Starter – $65 a month billed annually
  • Grow – $115 a month billed annually
  • Pro – $199 a month billed annually
  • Corporate – Contact the sales team for a quote

VIVAHR thrives on being both simple and affordable. While other applicant tracking software might charge you twice as much for the same features in its Grow plan, VIVAHR starts at $115 a month for unlimited job postings. 

However, if you’re a smaller startup and don’t have too many vacant job postings to take care of at a time, its $65 a month Starter plan might be just enough to help you get the job done without paying a ton on its annual plan. 

Now, it isn’t until you start looking at its Grow tier and beyond that you start getting access to more advanced hiring tools, including the ability to post an unlimited number of job openings. Though, if you’re wanting access to its integration with Zapier, team collaboration features, culture profiles, or the ability to customize your hiring pipeline, you’re looking at paying at least $115 a month. 

Keep in mind that you can go for either a monthly or an annual plan. You can save 17% with the annual plan. If you aren’t satisfied with VIVAHR’s software, you’re able to ask for a refund without hassle. So the yearly plan is definitely the way to go. 

If dedicated customer support is an important factor for you, that feature isn’t offered until you sign up for its Pro or Corporate plans. Long-term, it always pays off to take advantage of the free trial for any tier you’re interested in. You can also request a demo to learn more about the ins and outs of how VIVAHR works. 

How VIVAHR Ranks

You might be wondering how VIVAHR measures up to our other top choices in the applicant tracking software space. VIVAHR has positioned itself as the best applicant tracking tool for teams that need a simple and affordable tool that helps save them time and streamlines their hiring process. As far as this promise goes, it delivers. 

But when you compare it to other, more built-out ATS tools, it’s definitely going to fall short, for obvious reasons. Robust applicant tracking software tools like Greenhouse or Jobvite offer a wider, more varied array of tools that get more specific in the needs they meet throughout the hiring process.

For example, Jobvite offers specific tools for hiring veterans, onboarding, college recruiting, diversity and inclusion, and even recruiting events. Greenhouse, on the other hand, is built for enterprises that continue to recruit job candidates at scale and that invest lots of time and resources to create a specific company culture. 

If you want to take it a step further, a tool like Recruiterbox offers similar hiring tools to VIVAHR. But since Recruiterbox doesn’t publicly list its prices, it’s hard to tell which one would be the better deal at first glance. Other than needing to determine which is better for your budget, they can work more or less interchangeably. 

None of these tools is necessarily better than the others in a hierarchical sense. Rather, each of them serves different needs for different industries and businesses. VIVAHR is a great option for both small and growing businesses that have more straightforward hiring practices.

Some of the industries it serves best include:

  • Automotive
  • Cleaning
  • Electrician
  • Garage door
  • HVAC
  • Landscaping
  • Pest control
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing

Whatever you do, you’ll want to check out our list of top picks to learn more about the best each tool has to offer. To help, here’s a quick overview:


Overall VIVAHR is a solid applicant tracking system for small to medium businesses that need a tool that eases their hiring process and transforms it for the better. Once you centralize your pool of candidates, are able to parse resumes, and use its one-click job posting feature, you’re sure to accelerate the hiring process and save time and energy.

Want to try VIVAHR? Get started with it here. 

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