Dialpad Meetings Review

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Dialpad Meetings has almost everything small and medium businesses need to conduct successful conference calls. This affordable software comes with plenty of features to help your team get things done. It also has the scalability to grow your business, especially in the early stages.

Compare Dialpad Meetings to The Best Conference Call Services

Dialpad Meetings didn’t make our top picks as it’s not suitable for enterprise businesses, but it’s still a quality product at an affordable price. Its ease of use and scalable platform make it ideal for small businesses and it comes with collaborative tools and plenty of integrations.

We researched and tested many conference call service options and found seven that stand out. If you’re looking for high-quality software to grow your business, we’ve got you. See all of our top picks here to see more in-depth reviews and information.

Dialpad Meetings: The Good and The Bad

The Good

Fair Pricing: Dialpad Meetings has two pricing options: free and premium. The free version has a tight meeting duration and participant limit, while the paid version gives you more freedom. The paid version only costs $15, and it gives you many other features, including up to 100 participants, five-hour meeting limits, and the ability to conduct meetings internationally. Plus, you get analytics and a team management portal.

Easy to Use: This software has a straightforward platform that gives you access to all the features you need in one place. You can see meeting participants and control your video and audio settings. Dialpad Meetings also makes joining meetings simple by integrating with Google Calendar, and it lets you add or remove participants from a call with the click of a button.

Advanced Call Features: Dialpad Meetings doesn’t have as many advanced features as other conference call services, but the ones it does have come at a better price. Its native artificial intelligence (AI) gives you a summary of your meeting, as well as a to-do list that it captures during your call. You can also get analytics to keep track of call metrics, and the mobile app lets you collaborate with your team on the go.

Scalable for Small Businesses: If you run a small business, Dialpad Meetings lets you start with its free version and work up from there as your team grows. When you want to upgrade or need more features, the affordable paid version has what you need to run a successful business and keep your team on track. Even the free version comes with the essentials, like unlimited conferences, call recording, and screen sharing.

Versatile Platform: Dialpad Meetings has many native features that let you customize your call to your team. You can control who’s on the call, schedule meetings with ease, and use integrations to make up for any features the platform form doesn’t have on its own. You can use audio-only or participate with video, and its collaboration features allow you to run any kind of meeting.

Collaboration Tools: Dialpad Meetings’s screen sharing, video, audio, call recording, AI, mobile app, and team management settings help you get things done with your team. The integrations allow you to get everyone on the same page before and after the meeting. The AI tool captures your meeting minutes and summary, including everyone on the call, action items, call duration, and a recording link, so even if someone missed the call, they could still get access to the information.

Lots of Integrations: What the software lacks in native features, it makes up for with integrations. It integrates with programs like Google Calendar, Salesforce, Slack, Office 365, HubSpot, and even social media platforms, like Twitter. The integrations help you run your marketing campaigns and manage them on all platforms.

The Bad

No Native Cloud Storage: Dialpad Meetings integrates with Dropbox and similar cloud storage options, but it doesn’t have its own native storage. That puts it at a disadvantage since most conference call software has at least some storage, even if it’s limited. Many services even have unlimited storage, depending on which package you purchase.

Less Suitable for Large Businesses: We talked about Dialpad Meetings as a scalable software, and it is—just not so much for enterprise businesses. Many conference call services have limits of up to 1,000 participants, so you can host meetings with more people. Dialpad Meetings maxes out at 100 people, which might not be enough for larger businesses.

Limited Meeting Time: With the Dialpad Meetings free plan, the service restricts your conference calls to 45 minutes or less. The paid plan upgrades you to a five-hour limit, but other software, like RingCentral, gives you a much longer 24-hour meeting time limit. A lot of free software services also provide at least an hour for your limited meetings, meaning Dialpad Meetings falls short with both packages.

Dialpad Meetings Pricing and Options

Dialpad Meetings comes in two packages:

  • Free
  • Paid: $15 per organizer per month

The free version gives you the basics of Dialpad Meetings at no cost. It can host up to ten people in a meeting for up to 45 minutes per meeting. This version requires PINs for phone and VoIP audio.

You get unlimited conference calls even with this version. It also includes screen sharing and call recording, making it easy for people who aren’t on the call to get up to speed.

With HD audio and video, you get crystal clear calls every time. Plus, you can use the software’s mobile apps, which not all conference call services give you with their free packages.

There’s only one paid tier, and at $15 per organizer, it’s one of the more affordable options. You get all the free features, plus up to 100 people and a five-hour maximum call time.

Beyond the basics, you get a custom call-in number for the United States and Canada, as well as international calling capabilities. You can dial out to your guests, ensuring that you start your call when you want, rather than waiting for participants to show up.

Analytics and a team management portal give you the tools to create a more cohesive space for your team. With voice intelligence and other AI features, you get more insights to process incoming data and help you drive sales.

However, even the paid package doesn’t have as many options as other services. Other software has options like storage, higher participant limits, and longer call times.

Still, the price makes this service great for small businesses. It has lots of features for small businesses without having to spring for pricey software. It’s a good place to start if you need a solid base for your team, though Zoom has more of the same features for free.

Dialpad Meetings Web Conferencing

Dialpad Meetings lets you join calls from your browser, making starting a meeting simple. There’s no dialing necessary, and you can jump in from anywhere in the world.

Just put the link into your browser, log in, and click “start or join conference.” You can also click the link in your calendar if you use the Google Calendar integration.

Dialpad Meetings shows who’s talking on the call and makes sure you can see each participant. You have plenty of collaborative features to work together seamlessly.

Participants are easy to reach whether they’re in the office, working remotely, or on mobile. Each person can use video and audio features, but everyone can mute or turn off video when calling.

Dialpad Meetings’s web conferencing feature works to increase productivity with less effort on everyone’s part. You can share your screen and take notes with its AI feature, so you have a summary that you can send after the meeting.

Dialpad Meetings HD Video Meetings

High-quality video and audio make it easy to connect to your team. Dialpad Meetings has video resolution up to 720p.

You can control your camera and audio settings as you like, and its reliability makes Dialpad Meetings a favorite for major companies like HubSpot and Square. With superior video quality, you can see who’s in the meeting without worrying about participants interrupting or not hearing the speaker. It also reduces the likelihood of cutting participants from the call.

High-quality video is a critical part of running a successful meeting. Dropped calls, pixelated images, or inconsistent sound can put a stop to any meeting. The higher the video and audio quality, the lower the chances of those things interfering with your call.

Dialpad Meetings Voice Intelligence

Voice intelligence (VI) gives your whole marketing campaign a boost and helps you connect with customers. It creates better communication and works well for growing businesses.

VI drives sales and gives you more insights so that your company and software can personalize your marketing and productivity approaches. Dialpad Meetings uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to take your conversations and process them into a summary that’s easy to read and understand.

Machine learning works to understand your conversations and makes transcripts more accurate over time. Voice recognition identifies different participants’ voices and transcribes them accordingly as it learns who’s who.

This use of AI helps you improve sales, serve customers better, improve meeting productivity and efficiency, and innovate within your company. It saves you time by taking minutes, letting you search conversations for information, and writing to-do lists and summaries for you.

Dialpad Meetings Mobile App

Dialpad Meetings’s mobile app is available with its free software, which isn’t always the case with other conference call services. It allows team members to access meetings and participate no matter where they are.

The mobile app supports remote teams, so they can join even if they work remotely. The mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android.

The mobile app works just like the desktop version. It’s still a one-click system to join and keeps its video and audio quality.

Dialpad Meetings Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is one of the most important visual components of many meetings. It allows for supplementary collaboration and communication with participants.

You can choose to share only one window from your device or your whole screen. Viewers automatically see whichever you select.

You can also share one document, a tab, or a secondary screen, depending on what you want to show. The software allows you to control sharing between participants.

Screen sharing is available for every participant with both the free and paid versions of the software. Only one person can share their screen at a time, but many people can share their screens throughout a call.

Dialpad Meetings Call Recording

Call recording helps everyone get the information they need after a call, even if they weren’t there for it. You can share the call recording after the meeting with anyone you choose.

Call recording comes with the software’s free version, and the recording gets saved as an MP3 file so you can send it to anyone. The AI also links the recording in its call summaries, making the process low effort for you and your team.

Unfortunately, Dialpad Meetings doesn’t keep the recorded calls in the software since it doesn’t come with native storage. Still, you can save them in Dropbox or download them to your device, so you always have access.

Dialpad Meetings Analytics

Just as important as the calls themselves are the analytics. Knowing how your calls went and how you can improve them can help your team maximize their time.

Dialpad Meetings gives you different statistics and tells you how much time your team spends using the conference call software. It shows the total calls and minutes, screen sharing statistics, meeting participants, and the average call duration.

You can see statistics based on an individual or a whole domain. Each paid user has access to their analytics data.

Analytics can help you understand how productive your team has been throughout a particular product, how long they spend getting tasks done, and allows you to adjust accordingly for greater efficiency.

How Dialpad Meetings Ranks

Despite its great features, Dialpad Meetings didn’t make our top list. It’s not quite as comprehensive as other software, like Zoom’s free version. It’s also more limiting than other conference call software, like RingCentral, despite its otherwise solid features.

Check out our top picks for conference call services to find the best one for you.

  1. Nextiva – Best conference call service for most
  2. RingCentral – Best standalone conferencing solution
  3. GoToMeeting – Best for keeping your remote team cohesive
  4. Grasshopper – Best mobile virtual phone system
  5. ClickMeeting – Best for webinars and conference calls
  6. Zoom – Best for hosting video conference calls
  7. Vast Conference – Best for instant conference calls
  8. – Best free conference call service

Dialpad Meetings has plenty of excellent features, but it doesn’t stack up to its stronger competitors. That said, it makes a solid small or medium business option with features like HD video and audio, call recording, screen sharing, and analytics with its paid version.

It might not have made our top list, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work for you. After all, major brands like HubSpot, Square, and Stripe use it. Give it a try to decide if it’s right for your business or choose another conference call service from our top picks.

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