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If you use WooCommerce to run your online store, you need quality tools to take your business to the next level. That’s where StoreApps comes in.

StoreApps is a one-stop shop for nearly any WooCommerce plugin you can imagine. Are you looking to automate refunds? Do you want to streamline your checkout process? StoreApps has you covered.

With its suite of tools, your WooCommerce store can rival the heavyweights of online retail. Combined with great support, StoreApps gives you the key pieces you need to elevate the ecommerce experience.

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StoreApps: The Good and the Bad

StoreApps offers a robust collection of WooCommerce plugins broken down into a few distinct categories: Store and Inventory Management, Offers and Marketing, Cart and Checkout, and Pricing and Security. While the brand could use more documentation and a touch more development, StoreApps’ plugins are hard to beat.

What StoreApps Is Good At

Store and Inventory Management: With StoreApps’ flagship plugin, Smart Manager, you can edit products, orders, posts, and more with just a few clicks. The plugin also allows you to update hundreds of variations or manage stock levels in a single batch. It’s like having supercharged Excel built right into your WooCommerce dashboard.

Inventory management in StoreApps interface with descriptions and arrows pointing to various features.

Additionally, StoreApps offers plugins to help with every step of inventory management:

  • The Bulk Variations Manager plugin allows you to generate thousands of variations at once while setting custom pricing for each option.
  • For advanced automation, StoreApps’ Auto Complete Virtual Orders plugin seamlessly changes order status from Processing to Completed for virtual products once payment goes through.
  • StoreApps’ Smart Refunder plugin allows you to offer partial refunds, instant refunds, and store credit at the click of a button.
  • Putler provides data integration, cleaning, analysis, and visualization in one powerful package, allowing you to stay on top of key metrics like sales, refunds, and changing order status.
Smart Manager screenshot in WordPress with a list of products shown.

Offers and Marketing: With the Smart Offers plugin, you can run personalized promotions that convert into sales. Create automated upsells, cross-sells, order bumps, BOGO deals, and dynamic pricing with just a few clicks. Additionally, you can use segmentation to target promotions that will only show to customers who would be more likely to make a purchase.

The Smart Coupons plugin makes short work of managing customized coupon campaigns. It allows you to generate coupons and gift cards in bulk, set discounts and usage limits, and track redemptions. Plus, you can easily create giveaways, store credits, first-purchase discounts, and more.

Having influencers to promote your products is a huge asset in the ecommerce space, which is where the Affiliate for WooCommerce plugin comes in. With it, you can power your own customizable affiliate program. Affiliate for WooCommerce allows you to track referrals and sales, design commission structures, run promos to incentivize affiliates, and efficiently process payouts.

And to help you with email marketing and lead generation, Icegram provides beautiful popups, call to actions, and email campaigns. Through behavioral messaging, It allows you to grab visitors’ attention and convert them into quality leads.

Smart Offers page in WordPress with list of offers for various products.

Cart and Checkout Improvement: StoreApps has a host of plugins to help you create frictionless checkout experiences, cross-sell impulse purchases, and recover lost sales.

For instant checkout gratification, Buy Now implements one-click purchasing that skips the cart and auto-completes steps for virtual products. Customers get their goods faster with fewer chances to abandon. Likewise, Express Checkout removes billing and shipping for virtual orders. Less hassle means higher conversion rates.

WooCommerce Buy Now button plugin landing page with information on how it works.

Custom Thank You Pages lets you create personalized pages with upsells, guides, and coupons after a successful purchase. This helps with keeping customers engaged and priming them for repeat sales.

Looking at the cart itself, Update Variations in Cart permits changing attributes like color and size before checkout, which means a customer won’t have to start over if they pick the wrong option. Save Cart Items for Later lets customers bookmark their cart, creating a wishlist to revisit later.

Finally, Cashier provides a powerful suite of conversion optimization features that allow you to edit checkout fields, enable one-page checkout, show recommendations, and integrate direct purchasing. Friction-free yet persuasive flows convert window shoppers into loyal customers.

Additional smart plugins like Saved Addresses, Payment Method Rules, Frequently Bought Together, and Recently Viewed Products use customer data and psychology to nudge more purchases. Small prompts can have a surprising impact.

Pricing and Security: StoreApps has fantastic plugins for managing pricing options and enhancing security. These tools provide flexible payment models and reliable protection for your business and customers.

For selling products requiring licenses or serials, Serial Keys and License Manager lets you instantly generate unique codes and track validity, delivering your customers a seamless activation experience. Not only does automating this process save you time, but it boosts perception of your brand’s professionalism.

Offer Your Price enables dynamic “pay what you want” pricing. Let customers directly offer a price they’re willing to pay or implement donation-based payments. By giving buyers more control over cost, you can potentially increase conversions and up your customer satisfaction ratings.

Security is another priority StoreApps addresses well. Express Login Links lets you create handy auto-login links for WordPress and WooCommerce. Customers can instantly access their account or protected content without constantly re-entering credentials.

For recurring payments and reorders, WooCommerce Renewals provides comprehensive subscription management. Setup automated renewals, manage payment schedules, and track subscription status all in one place.

And for data tracking, the Connector seamlessly incorporates ecommerce analytics into Segment’s powerful tools. Gain unmatched insights into your store’s performance through customer lifecycle measurement.

LED Monitor product page with a frequently bought together suggestion.

Great Support: We can’t praise StoreApps’ customer support enough. Both pre and post purchase, its team offers phenomenal assistance that sets StoreApps apart.

The stellar support starts before you even buy. Have questions about how a certain plugin works or whether it’s the right fit? StoreApps’ support team promptly answers every pre-sales inquiry with thoughtful guidance. They want you to feel 100% confident with your purchase.

Once you buy, support continues over email tickets. Submit a ticket through their system and they’ll respond as quickly as possible Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m. GMT. We love how thoroughly they explain setup, configurations, and best practices in each reply.

Even better, they frequently offer screen-sharing video calls to dive into solutions together. Being able to visually walk through implementations is an invaluable service that really helps you feel at ease with your purchase.

WooCommerce Experts: The StoreApps team represents the best of the best when it comes to WordPress and WooCommerce expertise. Their decades of specialty experience shows through in every plugin they build.

With over 10 years specifically focused on the WooCommerce platform, StoreApps boasts an unparalleled mastery of its intricacies. They know the software inside and out, understanding both opportunities and pitfalls. This allows them to develop incredibly thoughtful tools catered to users’ pain points.

And with over 300,000 users and over 2 million downloads under their belt, StoreApps has a proven track record of building top plugins trusted by the WooCommerce community. Leading companies like Astra, UpdraftPlus, WisdmLabs, and BobWP integrate its solutions for enhanced store performance.

Beyond its products, StoreApps shares its WooCommerce wisdom through educational content. It provides tons of helpful advice around optimizing WordPress performance, conversion rate optimization, marketing automation, and more.

When you use a StoreApps plugin, you tap into expertise honed over thousands of hours analyzing and enhancing WooCommerce stores. StoreApps’ specialty focus pays off through tools that work seamlessly and powerfully right out of the box.

StoreApps’ Potential Drawbacks

Not Enough Documentation: While StoreApps’ plugins are incredibly powerful, we’d like to see more extensive setup guides and technical specifics within the manuals.

The initial setup process for using its plugins can be highly technical, especially for advanced tools like Smart Manager and Bulk Variation Manager. More details right in the manuals around available settings and options would smooth out the onboarding process.

That being said, the StoreApps support team does an amazing job filling any gaps. Its stellar customer service provides detailed answers to questions not covered in the docs. And they readily offer video walkthroughs for anything you need clarified or explained.

Some Plugins Are Underdeveloped: The Smart Coupons plugin lacks some more advanced capabilities compared to competing coupon plugins, even though it’s similarly priced. The feature set could be expanded to provide more coupon customization and targeting options.

However, it’s important to note these plugins are actively maintained and improved. StoreApps frequently rolls out updates to add new functionalities based on user requests. So capabilities that may be missing now could be on the roadmap.

Exclusively WooCommerce: StoreApps’ collection of plugins are exclusively built for WooCommerce stores. They don’t offer any options for other ecommerce platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce.

The bottom line: if you use another ecommerce platform besides WooCommerce, you won’t be able to utilize StoreApps’ tools.

StoreApps Plans and Pricing

Each StoreApps plugin is priced separately. Some are priced on a monthly or annual basis while others come with options for a lifetime purchase. In general, its plugins tend to be reasonably priced for what you get. The value these plugins help you generate usually outweighs the upfront or recurring cost.

Store and Inventory Management Plugins

  • Smart Manager: $199 per year for use on one site or $249 annually for up to five sites
  • Bulk Variations Manager: $79 per year for a single site license, $129 per year for up to five sites, or $249 for a lifetime license for one site
  • Auto Complete Virtual Orders: $19 per year or $59 for a lifetime license
  • Smart Refunder: $6.59 per month when billed annually
  • Putler: Putler uses a sliding scale based on your store’s monthly recurring revenue or MRR. Plans start at $20 per month for under $10K MRR and scale up to $750 per month if your MRR is almost $1 million.

Offers and Marketing Plugins

  • Smart Offers: $199 annually for use on one site or $249 per year for up to five sites
  • Smart Coupons: $10.75 per month when billed annually
  • Affiliate for WooCommerce: $14.92 billed monthly
  • Email Customizer: $8.25 per month
  • Icegram: Free

Cart and Checkout Improvement Plugins

  • Buy Now: Included with Smart Offers
  • Custom Thank You Pages: $49 per year for one site, $99 per year for up to five sites, or a one-time $149 for a lifetime license
  • Cashier: $12.42 per month with annual billing
  • Chained Products and Saved Addresses: $6.59 per month
  • Payment Method Rules: $6.59 per month
  • Frequently Bought Together and Recently Viewed Products: $49 annually or $149 for a lifetime license
  • Save Cart Items for Later: $49 per year or $149 lifetime
  • Update Variations in Cart: $29 per year or $89 lifetime
  • Express Checkout: $39 annually or $119 lifetime
  • Sold Individually: $19 per year or $59 lifetime

Pricing and Security Plugins

  • Serial Keys and License Manager: $99 per year for one site, $179 annually for up to five sites, or $299 for a lifetime license for one site
  • Offer Your Price and Express Login Links: $49 per year or $149 lifetime
  • WooCommerce Renewals: $49 annually or $149 lifetime
  • Connector: $6.59 per month with annual billing

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to take your WooCommerce-powered online store to the next level, StoreApps offers an array of quality plugins to choose from. From inventory management to marketing to checkout optimization, StoreApps’ tools reduce your manual workload while providing an improved customer experience at every step.

What we really love about StoreApps, though, is its commitment to helping its customers succeed with running their online stores. Whether you’re a tentative buyer or a long-time customer who needs help, the StoreApps team is always willing to help. The team goes above and beyond with screen-sharing video calls and prompt responses to all customer tickets. This provides the type of peace of mind any busy online store owner needs and deserves.

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