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Sciforma Review

You can’t be in two places at once, but with Sciforma you can manage much more than just one project at a time. With the ability to build custom workflows and reports, you can manage projects, set processes, and see all the key information and data points you need to ensure project success across your entire portfolio. But having these abilities doesn’t necessarily mean Sciforma is perfect for you. There’s more to it than that, so let’s dive into details and look a bit closer at what this platform can do.  

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Sciforma Compared to the Best Project Portfolio Management Software

Depending on what you need most from project portfolio management software, Sciforma may not be the ideal fit. That’s why we’ve listed our Golden Eggs below, our top three picks in this category for their versatility and likelihood of being a good fit for your organization. 

Monday.com is extremely flexible, letting you easily manage more than one project at a time in a familiar, friendly interface. Save nearly 20% on any Monday.com plan by paying for a full year upfront. 

Hive knows managing your portfolio relies on effective collaboration, and it delivers unique, custom ways to work together without ever missing a beat. Start on Hive by trying out their free-forever plan

Asana keeps you and your team organized because of how easy it is for anyone to use. Give your project team an easy-to-use solution by signing up for Asana today.

Sciforma: The Good and the Bad

In this portion of the post, you’re going to find out all the ins and outs of what Sciforma will give you. Here, we’ll break down exactly where this software rises to the occasion and the aspects where it falls short. Let’s get right to it.  

What Sciforma Is Good At

Sciforma can handle a lot well. Below, you will see six main facets of the platform that can really help your business manage multiple projects better, be more flexible, and collaborate in ways that keep everyone on the same page.  

Versatility: Sciforma’s ability to create custom workflows and project templates to fit your organization’s preferences and needs makes the software flexible enough to fit in nearly any PM methodology. Whether you’re juggling large projects, small ones, or a mix of the two, you can tweak the platform to give everyone the visibility they need through multiple project views. 

Portfolio management at scale: It’s almost impossible not to stay on track in the Sciforma platform. Admins get one-click instant access to Sciforma features that spotlight issues, statuses, requests, dependencies, and more at the task, project, or portfolio levels. Bring all the data points and KPIs you need together in a centralized way so all the stakeholders, portfolio managers, and team members can monitor projects and keep everything organized. 

Resource management: One of the key features of Sciforma is its ability to manage resources effortlessly: track time, resources (and their allocation), and your overall planning capacity. Whether for one project or several, project managers can direct resources towards the best ideas and projects with clear metrics to prove why the team should move forward in that way. There’s no guessing. Sciforma allows teams and managers to do what they are used to doing, only better. 

Time management: Let’s drill into the time tracking a bit more because Sciforma goes beyond workload capacities and helps you track and manage billable hours while also giving you better insight into how long tasks and projects should take.

Save your team time by automating the submission of weekly or monthly timesheets from your team. You can also separate the time it takes for specific tasks, giving enhanced visibility into project costs and success. Learn what time-consuming tasks aren’t worth the effort and get your team to use their work hours more efficiently on what really matters.

Collaboration: Tools like team calendars, task assignment alerts, and document sharing make working with a team easy in Sciforma. It helps improve communication and coordination among teams, managers, and stakeholders. Message and tag other workers and supply them with assets all within any task’s action card in Sciforma, keeping collaboration focused and centralized to relevant areas of the platform. This lets admins also escalate issues and help their teams solve them in real-time.

Reports and dashboards: Dive deeper and make more results-based decisions by taking advantage of Sciforma’s reporting features. Check the health, budget, and resources of ongoing projects from a wide view in dashboards, then whip up individual reports based on elements you choose, from cost tracking and milestones to current resources available and much more. This makes your project planning and management so much simpler and everything is customizable to fit your needs. 

What Sciforma Is Lacking

Sciforma has many more positive reviews than negative ones, but we did still uncover a good number that pointed out areas where the software still needs improvements. Depending on your project management experience and needs, these shortcomings of Sciforma may make the final call on whether it’s the right choice for your organization. 

Not for beginners: Better for complex projects and teams that are used to that level of project work, Sciforma is not easy on folks who don’t have much experience with advanced project management. Some of the features are more enterprise-minded (like the tools for idea, demand, and intake management), which can require some explanation and education to utilize correctly if your organization is more used to simpler, single-project PM platforms.

Difficult to navigate: Sciforma’s interface is harder to get the hang of, as well, and is generally too complicated for novices to grasp right off the bat. Your team’s learning curve may be a lot longer than it is on other platforms. 

Trying to find project details is a bit cumbersome within the software. The design makes you have to bounce around within different tabs and sections of the interface, whereas plenty of other modern PM software sports floating interfaces and seamless navigation from one section to another. The design team at Sciforma makes adjustments and updates often—which is encouraging—but it feels like Sciforma is focused more on fitting its deep features into the software than trying to make a sleek user experience. And that’s understandable, considering the depth of what you can accomplish once you learn the ropes. 

Glitchy: Not only is the UI a bit dated and intimidating, many users complain that Sciforma freezes way too often while working in the software. Since you have to move from tab to tab while reviewing reports or adding and removing data from tasks, you can see how this becomes frustrating if it happens often. 

There are many variables that might slow the software down (including many outside of Sciforma’s control, like a company’s internet connection or the devices they use), but the fact that this is a consistent complaint in reviews we analyzed is worth noting. We suggest putting Sciforma to the test during the trial period to make sure your needs for speed and reliability are met before you commit to this software for the long haul.   

Sciforma Options and Pricing

Sciforma is advanced project and portfolio management software that is capable of handling enterprise-grade demands. Because of that, their pricing structure isn’t terribly transparent, but we’ll delve into what you can from the platform and how to get to the purchasing stage below.

Sciforma Portfolio Management Software

Three examples of project methodologies that are supported by Sciforma: Integrated Agile, Critical Chain, and Phase Gates

With many mid-market and enterprise-level pieces of software, you will need to request a demo for your company. Sciforma is no exception. No pricing material is available on their website. 

However, that leaves room for the company to tailor the experience of trying out the platform to what you’re looking for specifically. By requesting a demo, you’ll get a chance to be walked through the six major capabilities of Sciforma: 

  • Idea and demand management
  • Strategic portfolio management 
  • Resource management 
  • Visual collaboration
  • Project planning and management 
  • Time management

Now, in the interest of delivering all the information we’ve uncovered, there are some hints to what Sciforma might cost you. Many reviews and review sites set a base cost-per-user at $20 per month to use Sciforma. That monthly rate may rise upwards of $60 per user, depending on how many of Sciforma’s advanced features and offerings you need to utilize.

Sciforma in Summary

Sciforma is a unique software platform that unifies project and portfolio management with intake and resource management in a way that is changing how larger companies are planning and budgeting their own projects. They are encouraging better collaboration, simplifying reporting, and taking the yuck out of time management. 

But that may not fit your scope of needs or requirements. Sciforma is powerful, but that comes with a lack of user-friendliness and a likely steep price tag. Options like Monday.com and Hive are, by and large, more affordable, while Asana can hold its own for managing complex portfolios while delivering a more modern and pleasing UX.

If you want the full story on this entire software category, we can help even further. Check out our dedicated post that reviews the best project portfolio management software and learn all you need to know to make a strong, confident decision for your business. 

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