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Acquiring customers is a challenge. If you can use sales and marketing data to help you tell which products attract a potential customer, it’s all for the better.

That’s what Salespanel attempts to do. It tracks customers as they interact with your properties along the customer journey, automatically measuring which items interest them. It then gives you the ability to trigger real-time actions based on that information while also integrating with your CRM software, making it easier to track and make use of that data.

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Salespanel: The Good and the Bad

Salespanel’s offers are impressive because, in today’s world, it’s vital to have access to first-party intent data. As a company that’s only been in existence since 2018, though, it isn’t a perfect solution quite yet.

It will be interesting to see how Salespanel evolves in the coming years as the ability to track first-party intent data improves and regulations shift around the world. For now, Salespanel has far more advantages than disadvantages.

What Salespanel Is Good At

Collecting first-party intent data: Salespanel focuses on tracking the interactions your customers are making with you in real time, and it does a great job.

With Salespanel intent data, you can see exactly how customers are reacting to your website, newsletters, email messages, live chats, webinars, case studies, and more. This gives you the insight you need to tailor your sales pitch to a particular customer because you know exactly what interests them.

When you set up a custom event for current and potential customers, you can track exactly how they are interacting with the event during the entire customer journey.

At a company-wide level, you can see which aspects of your website are drawing the most interest among visitors and respond to them. Then, make adjustments to the webpage design to emphasize certain elements.

List of features for Salespanel including Lead Generation, Real-time Tracking, Lead Qualification, and Marketing Automation.

Driving sales through data: The intent data that Salespanel collects on first-party interest can help prioritize your sales team’s time. They no longer have to worry about doing research on potential leads.

Your sales team can use the data to personalize marketing materials to suit each potential customer and focus messaging on the items that are of highest importance.

Since Salespanel integrates with your CRM, it can update in real time. This ensures that your sales people always have the most up-to-date data possible. Plus, Salespanel can generate notifications when certain leads are showing an intent of making a purchase or interact with certain key marketing items.

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Qualifying your business leads: Salespanel also helps you rank the quality of the interactions you form with visitors to your webpage. Over time, Salespanel will generate a lead score for each of your potential customers and award and deduct points to them based on the way each visitor is interacting with your website and marketing materials.

Perhaps you want potential leads to receive points for attending a webinar or lose points when they are coming from a country where your company doesn’t normally operate. You can determine the criteria yourself, or let Salespanel do it automatically.

Salespanel is also able to update the lead score in real time and display the number to salespeople in the dashboard, adjusting the score as the lead interacts with your website or marketing materials. When a customer shows they’re ready to make a purchase, Salespanel can generate an automatic notification. Your sales team then can reach out to that customer.

Determining sources of leads: Salespanel data also tracks exactly how a lead began interacting with your marketing materials, whether it’s from Google, a random email marketing campaign, or another source.

This data helps you figure out which marketing campaigns are giving you the best return on your spending and where you may need improvements.

Salespanel will show you a pattern as you close leads. You may find that customers who initially interacted with you through a certain marketing campaign are converting at a much higher rate than with other campaigns. You then can focus more of your marketing spending on the items that are generating the best results for you.

Salespanel integrations including Salesforce, Pipedrive, Mailchimp, Intercom, WordPress, and Calendly.

Takes advantage of multiple integrations: Salespanel is able to integrate with a wide range of apps and software packages. By automatically transferring Salespanel’s data into these other apps, you can gain insights that may have been tough to see before.

Salespanel syncs data directly with your CRM. If you use automation tools, your CRM can work with Salespanel to sharing and sorting data, while integrating with:

  • Salesforce
  • Mailchimp
  • Zapier
  • Calendly
  • Moosend
  • Pipedrive
  • Intercom
  • WordPress
  • Typeform
  • Zoho CRM
  • HubSpot
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams

Reach out to their support team to request additional integrations.

Account-based marketing feature: Salespanel allows you to show your highest value leads personalized messages and generate targeted messages given their behavior.

Rather than trying to mass market to leads that have widely varying levels of interest, Salespanel helps you make more efficient use of your time and resources.

Sales teams can focus on the leads that have the best chance of converting and create a customer experience that is far more useful to potential leads. All without wasting the customer’s time.

If you are using a marketing tool that helps you run account-based marketing campaigns, you may be able to integrate Salespanel with this tool. Then continue using your preferred tool with Salespanel’s up-to-date data.

Salespanel’s Potential Drawbacks

Information on privacy features provided by Salespanel.

How the cookie-less future looks: Privacy concerns are more and more important for individual users every day, and Salespanel is readying itself for a cookie-less future. But when you subscribe to Salespanel, you’re taking a bit of a chance hoping this service will continue to give you results as privacy laws change.

Without third-party tracking, companies have to rely on alternative methods of tracking, which primarily involve first-party intent data analytics.

Salespanel already does not participate in cross-site tracking or third-party cookies. It promises never to share its collected data with third parties, while complying with all international regulations related to customer data collection.

So how is this a potential drawback? Although Salespanel is highly focused on a future without cookies, it’s difficult to know whether the steps it is taking will work.

Dealing with the data: Given the significant amount of data that Salespanel generates, it’s possible that the sudden influx of all of this information may be overwhelming. Especially if your company hasn’t been tracking it in the past.

If you’re looking for an instant solution with Salespanel, you may end up a bit disappointed. However, after working with the software, you may figure out the best way to use it for your particular situation. It just takes a little practice and time.

Salespanel platform informational page with a graphic of integrations flowing into interface.

No automated emails and SMS messages: Salespanel does not currently have a feature that allows you to automate emails in real time. Still, you can run automated outreach email campaigns and track the interactions that your customers have with them as first-party intent data.

You also cannot generate SMS messages in real time as part of your marketing campaign with Salespanel’s current feature set. As of now, you need to subscribe to a separate automated SMS marketing software package to gain this feature.

Pricing for small companies: The cost of your Salespanel subscription can increase quickly since it charges you based on the number of visitors and leads that it’s tracking.

If you have a sudden influx of visitors, you could find your budgeted number of visitors for the service becoming overwhelmed by overages. A smaller company that doesn’t have a large budget may find this type of pricing structure worth a second opinion.

Salespanel Plans and Pricing

With Salespanel, your pricing depends on your usage.

As your web traffic or app traffic increase, you can pay for any overages in your current plan without having to go to the next pricing tier. You don’t have to pay for a higher pricing tier because you have extra web traffic for part of the year, which is a nice feature.

All prices listed here are for an annual contract. Salespanel also offers the option of paying quarterly instead of annually, but you will pay a surcharge that Salespanel doesn’t publicize until you subscribe.

Three plan options for Salespanel including Basic, Growth, and Scale.


The Basic tier has a starting price of $149 per month (or $1,788 over the annual contract). You can take advantage of a 14-day free trial in this tier.

You receive up to 5,000 tracked visitors per month, but you can pay another $10 per month for every 1,000 visitors you go over that number.

The Basic tier tracks your website visitors in real time, plus the ability to track the entire customer journey including interactions with your app, webforms, live chat, email, and newsletters. You can sync all the generated data with your CRM software.

Salespanel offers email and live chat customer support in this pricing tier.


The Growth tier has a starting price of $499 per month (or $5,988 over the annual contract). You also can use a 14-day free trial period in this tier.

You receive all features in the Basic tier, along with:

  • Real-time lead scoring
  • Real-time audience creation
  • Deep tracking technology for a cookie-less future
  • Lead tracking from multiple websites you operate
  • Tracking visitors based on country of origination
  • Running personalized marketing during the customer journey

This tier includes 20,000 visitors per month. Should you end up with more visitors, you’ll pay $15 per month for every extra 1,000 visitors.


To access the Scale tier, contact Salespanel personally. Should you go beyond the number of visitors per month that your custom plan sets up, you can pay for overages just like the other pricing tiers.

You receive everything that’s in the Basic and Growth tiers, along with:

  • Tailored solutions for customer tracking
  • Special customizations for first-party data management
  • Customization of your data sources
  • Assistance with onboarding
  • Access to a dedicated account manager

When you need customized solutions at a large scale, the Scale tier is well worth investigating.

Salespanel Account Reveal

In addition, Salespanel offers an Account Reveal feature for $399 per month on an annual contract (for a total of $4,788) with a free trial.

The Account Reveal feature helps to disclose up to 67% of previously hidden visitors to your website, in a process called ‘deanonymization.’ This allows you to target and track visitors and create a far greater number of potential leads.

It can track customer interaction with webforms, live chat, newsletters, email, and marketing campaigns. It also can help you create custom events and deliver targeted account alerts for your sales team.

Salespanel Account Reveal landing page with a start free trial button.

Final Thoughts

Salespanel is a powerful alternative to Google Analytics, thanks to its ability to track first-party intent data accurately. That’s important, since many countries are deciding to ban Google Analytics in the name of data protection. However, it’s much more than a tracker. It helps you analyze data while generating lead scores to prioritize leads.

If your business or organization is struggling to convert leads and generate winning strategies in sales and marketing, Salespanel may give you the insights you need to show improvement.

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