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Proofing and finalizing projects can be time-consuming and lead to long email chains, lost and overlooked comments, and an array of edits in multiple versions of the same file. The results can be messy, and the edits can be time-consuming, and that’s what ReviewStudio works to prevent. This online proofing software facilitates communication between team members as they all work together to proof a project and stay on deadline. With multiple plans and pricing options, ReviewStudio is a valuable investment that can pay for itself in terms of the efficiency and time-saving benefits it will give your team.

ReviewStudio: The Good and The Bad 

ReviewStudio offers many benefits, but it also has some downsides, detailed below.

The Good 

Choose your preferred markup tools: With ReviewStudio, you can choose from a wide variety of markup tools, including on-frame video file markups, text markups for PDF files, and more. You can also customize your pen and shape uses, as well as freehand your feedback. These different markup options mean you can choose what’s most comfortable for you, as well as what’s best for the project. Choosing the best tool can streamline the feedback process across all sorts of different media. 

Multiple file types: This platform supports video, PDF, image, and web content files so that you can review just about any project. You can even combine file types within a single review, ensuring an efficient workflow. This versatility makes ReviewStudio a great choice for advertising, marketing, video, CGI, and design teams.

Discussion threads keep everyone updated: In-platform comment discussion threads and conversations include @mentions for easy communication. These threads ensure that your entire team has all of the latest information, and it’s easy to search threads for a quick review. You can even attach files within the comments, creating a comprehensive record of the discussion around a project.

Task management tools keep reviews progressing: ReviewStudio comes with an assortment of task management tools to ensure you meet project deadlines. With options to assign comments to different team members, filter tasks by their completion status, and set approval deadlines, it’s easy to keep your team accountable. You can also quickly visually monitor a review’s progress and take any steps needed to keep it moving forward. 

Easy-to-use dashboard: The dashboard has a clean look and consolidates all of your essential information at a glance. Its user-friendly design is easy for staff and clients to learn to use, and you can quickly see where you have approvals pending right from the dashboard. A project manager can also see the approval status of all projects for easy monitoring. 

Multiple video review modes: Compare Mode and Presentation Mode give you the precise control you need to ensure your videos are finished products. The Compare Mode lets you view the latest version of the video side-by-side with another version, so you can verify changes have been appropriately made. The Presentation Mode allows for a live feedback session, complete with a laser pointer tool for precise comments and discussion. 

Excellent security: You’ll have peace of mind knowing your projects are secure, thanks to ReviewStudio’s excellent security measures. The platform uses 256 bit SSL encryption and security validated to comply with PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, SOCI, and ISO 27001 requirements. ReviewStudio also offers a 99.99% uptime, meaning downtime won’t disrupt your work and cause you to miss deadlines.

Zapier integration: With a Studio or Agency plan, you can use ReviewStudio’s Zapier integration to create the platform for your Zapier apps. You can create new zaps to automate your workflows within ReviewStudio, streamlining your work and customizing the platform’s performance.

Plenty of customization options: ReviewStudio gives you excellent control over your sharing options. You can modify your sharing settings so appropriate staff have access to each project. For easier sharing, you can also enable guest access, giving anyone access to the project with a review link and an optional guest password. This is particularly helpful when sharing the project with a client who isn’t a team member. 

You also enjoy plenty of control over automation. You can set digest notification preferences to help minimize the number of notifications received. You can also customize the notifications users receive about project updates. 

Lots of documentation and tutorials: With a library of online tutorial videos and a knowledge base of articles, there’s plenty of information available. This information can help you get started using the platform, and you’ll also find articles that can help with some troubleshooting.

The Bad 

Phone support is only included in higher plans: Phone support is only included in the Studio and Agency plans, but email support is included with all plans. Email support is available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. Users can request a call back via email. The lack of phone support can slow down the support process, potentially delaying projects. 

No downloadable app: ReviewStudio is browser-based only, meaning you’ll need to be connected to the internet to use it. Users can run it from most browsers like Chrome and Firefox, but the only way to access it on your phone or tablet is by using the browser with no mobile app option. 

No chronological comment numbering: Comments on your files are organized based on who viewed the file first, not necessarily who made the first comment. This can make comments appear disorganized and don’t make for intuitive reviewing.

Limited visual customization: While you can customize your business’s URL and add a logo, there are limited customization options. The ability to fully customize page layout, dashboard design, and other visual elements would make for a more personal feel and allow you to adapt ReviewStudio to your business’ needs and preferences. This is a significant downside if you want clients to access the platform and prefer a white-labeled visual appearance. 

ReviewStudio Pricing

ReviewStudio offers four plans based on the number of users and team sizes. Plans are available on a monthly or annual billing schedule. If you choose the annual billing option, you’ll get two months of service free. 

The Pro plan is designed for individuals and costs $15 per month when billed annually. It includes one user, unlimited guests, and up to 15 GB of storage, plus 10 active reviews. 

Upgrading to the Pro+ plan for $24 per month will get you additional storage and unlimited reviews. The Pro or Pro+ plans are ideal for individuals who may be working on multiple projects. 

Stepping up to the Team plan for $56 per month includes 250 GB of storage and unlimited reviews. This plan accommodates up to seven users and is well-suited to a small team working on many projects. 

If you’re looking for seats for several teams, the Studio plan is ideal. It costs $124 per month and includes up to 20 users and 500 GB of storage and unlimited guests, project teams, and reviews. This is one of the most versatile plans that’s a good fit for a larger business with multiple smaller teams handling a large project workload or working in a fast-paced environment with many projects simultaneously in the proofing stage. 

For agencies and large-scale businesses, the Agency plan includes up to 50 users. It costs $240 per month but includes 1 TB of storage plus unlimited guests, reviews, and live reviews. 

All plans include essentials like email support, customized branding, and SSL security. The Studio and Agency plans include additional perks like phone support and custom domains. It would be nice if phone support were available with the lower-level plans since that’s a valuable benefit that a business of any size might need.

ReviewStudio also offers a 15-day free trial. There’s no credit card required to sign up for the trial, so there’s no risk of being billed for a full month. You can just test the platform and see if it’s right for your team. 

ReviewStudio Offerings

ReviewStudio Proofing Solutions

ReviewStudio’s primary service is its online proofing solution. Suitable for everything from a startup to a large agency, this proofing service allows you to upload files and collaborate with your whole team as you review, edit, and approve each project. 

ReviewStudio supports multiple file types, including the most popular video, PDF, image, and web content file types. You can upload multiple file types together as one project, and the ability to upload zip files makes it easy to work with video files. 

Once files are uploaded, all team members can access and review them. Multiple markup tools include text markups for PDFs and on-frame video file markups for easy, efficient commenting and editing. While teams can make comments directly on files, in-program messaging also chronicles discussion and is easily searchable. 

This platform allows for efficient team collaboration and eliminates the back-and-forth chain emails that tend to result from the editing process. A project manager can assign tasks to individual team members and review deadlines to keep the project on task. 

ReviewStudio absolutely makes the editing and approval process easier, especially when working in a larger team. Clients can become a part of the review process. Keeping all edits and comments consolidated on a single review project helps streamline the process while also ensuring that valuable suggestions aren’t overlooked. 

This platform isn’t without its downsides. The Pro and Team plans lack phone support, and email support is only available on weekdays during EST business hours. A technical issue could potentially hold up a project, leading to missed deadlines. 

ReviewStudio is a web-based-only platform, and it lacks a downloadable app. To access the platform on a tablet or phone, you’ll need to use a web browser and have an internet connection. For teams working on tight deadlines requiring quick review approvals, this is less than ideal, especially when team members may travel for work. 

Despite those shortcomings, ReviewStudio is still worth the investment for many businesses that have multiple people involved in the proofing and review process. It helps facilitate a more thorough, more straightforward, and faster review process, and it just may be the difference that helps teams get important projects over the finish line by their deadlines.

ReviewStudio Enterprise Proofing Solutions

ReviewStudio also offers Enterprise Proofing Solutions, a software application that can be paired with your existing media management platform. This solution is designed for a company that wants to integrate this review and markup functionality into their existing project management solution, and it pairs with many platforms. 

This application offers review and markup functionality of image, video, HTML, and PDF files. Thanks to its JavaScript API, you can easily incorporate the app into the platform that you’re currently using. 

Enterprise Proofing Solutions includes a fully customizable feature set, so you can pick and choose the features that you’ll use the most. The CSS is fully customizable, so you can tailor ReviewStudio to your needs and design preferences. 

All plans include email and phone support, which is a significant advantage compared to the ReviewStudio Proofing Solutions platform. Pricing for Enterprise Proofing Solutions isn’t published, but a free 15-day trial is available. 

Enterprise Proofing Solutions is a good fit for a larger business that wants proofing and review software functionality but already has an established project management platform. By integrating this functionality into your existing platform, you can reduce the learning curve for both clients and staff. You’ll also streamline work processes, allowing your staff to stay focused within a single platform instead of having to change back and forth between programs.


ReviewStudio’s Proofing Solutions efficiently keeps entire teams updated and involved in the review and proofing process. This platform eliminates long back-and-forth email chains, keeping all comments and edits consolidated on each review for valuable organization and time-saving benefits. Features like a variety of commenting tools and the ability to assign tasks with deadlines help to keep projects moving forward so you can stay on deadline. This platform is ideal for companies with medium- or larger-sized teams working on frequent projects. 

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