New Features Roundup: Fall Edition

by Cecilia Haynes

Last updated on November 15th, 2018

Crazy Egg Release Notes

Hard as it is to believe, we’ve reached the tail end of 2018!

With the change in temperature and the excitement of the holidays ahead of us, we also have some great new Recordings and Snapshots features to share with the website optimization community – and a sneak peek at two beta releases that are in the works.

If your aim is to build a better website in 2019, these extra tools in your arsenal will help you make a big impact on your user experience. 

Let’s dive right in:

New Releases

1. Recordings Improvements


Crazy Egg Recordings Playlists

Quickly access relevant Recordings with our new Playlists release. We now pre-filter recordings based on the following categories:

  • New visits
  • Most engaged visitors
  • Mobile users

Bulk Delete 

Crazy Egg Recordings Delete

You can now delete recordings in bulk! Spring cleaning has never been faster.


Crazy Egg Recordings Tags

Easily categorize and sort individual user session Recordings with our new tagging feature, located in the Recordings Player.


Crazy Egg Recordings Timeline

Get more value out of your Recordings by seeing each visitor action, along with their corresponding timestamps.

2. Updated Snapshot ExperienceCrazy Egg Snapshots

Based on high demand, we’ve made it easier to navigate between Heatmaps, Scrollmaps, Confetti, Overlay, and List views. Plus, our quick-start tips are more readily available so you can understand the use cases of each of our user behavior reports.

Beta Launch Alerts

Recordings Sampling

Crazy Egg Recordings Sampling Feature

The brand new Recordings sampling feature is arriving soon to a Crazy Egg dashboard near you! With this launch, you will have the ability to control when and how frequently we record your website visitors.

Have a sale coming up that you’d like to monitor closely? Just head over to your Recordings Settings and customize your sampling rate to record more visitors during a specified time frame.

Check out this Help Center article to learn even more about how to take advantage of this new feature

Interested in giving Recordings sampling a try?

Email us at, and we’ll get you into the beta group.

Snapshot Summaries

Crazy Egg Snapshot Summaries

To help kickstart your website optimization and CRO projects, we’re starting to roll out a new Snapshot Summaries feature that will give you three immediate insights on how your page is performing. 

From there, you can use our Editor to make a quick change, run a new Snapshot report to see if the change made a difference in user behavior, or A/B test your adjustments and see hard data on how your time investment paid off in conversions!

For example:

Based on Summary #2 in the screenshot above, if you’re trying to boost your social media engagement, but no one is clicking on the links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube, you may want to move those links further up the page (or test icons rather than text).

Interested in taking Snapshot Summaries out for a test drive?

Email us at, and we’ll get you into the beta group.

New Partner Integration: Wix!

Wix and Crazy Egg Integration

A Wix integration has been highly requested by our customers, and we are over the moon to share that it’s live!

Now, paid Wix users can analyze and optimize their website traffic through Crazy Egg without having to install our script.

Learn more about how you can leverage this exciting partnership here.

Customer Highlight

In need of inspiration?

Find out how Intuit’s Head of Conversion Rate Optimization uses Recordings to improve his user experience.

Any Requests?

Do you have any product requests for us? Pop us a message at  

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