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QEval Review

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Top-notch customer service is a must for call centers, so it’s critical to find the right technology to support this goal. QEval stands out as a helpful option that’s specifically designed to make call centers work better.

In this article, we’ll look closely at what QEval offers, focusing on what it does best and where it could improve. We’ll give you a clear picture of QEval so you can decide if it’s a good choice for your business.

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QEval: The Good and the Bad

QEval is a software solution that helps you with monitoring the performance of your call center. Specifically, it provides a way for you to monitor your call center quality and agent performance in order to provide a better customer experience.

You can use QEval’s quality monitoring solutions to record and evaluate calls so you can figure out where your team could improve, and you can also use its coaching tools to provide comprehensive training to your employees. There’s a ton to like about QEval, so let’s dig into where it excels and its potential drawbacks.

What QEval Is Good At

Effective Quality Monitoring: With its powerful tools, QEval enables meticulous monitoring of agent performance and customer experience. It offers valuable insights for improvement through insights like customer effort score and sentiment analysis.

What we really like about this is that it takes the subjectivity out of quality monitoring. With QEval’s tools, you can be sure that all agents are being evaluated fairly and without bias. For instance, with automated scorecards, each call receives a comprehensive scorecard based on factors like greeting, how well they addressed the customer’s concern, and how well they did with customer retention. All agents are measured using the same criteria, and you can use these scorecards to evaluate agents in real time in order to make quick and meaningful improvements.

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Real-Time Speech Analytics: Leveraging AI technology, QEval offers real-time speech analytics for every call, giving a deeper understanding of customer-agent interactions as they happen. With QEval, you get insights into the overall customer experience, including a customer effort score, customer sentiment analysis, and customer journey analytics. This means that you have the ability to listen to every call made by your agents and evaluate what’s going well and what’s not. The insights you receive help you see what’s working and what’s not so you can continually fine-tune processes within your call center.

Ultimately, QEval’s speech analytics can help you improve the customer experience while increasing efficiency and productivity among your agents.

Customizable Coaching Tools: QEval simplifies the coaching process, providing updates on training and enabling tailored feedback for agents. You can assign training to agents, monitor their progress, and track improvement over time. On the flipside, the agents are also empowered to rate the coaching they’ve received, meaning you can continue to use your agents’ feedback to improve training processes.

Through evaluation reports, training modules, and agent dashboards, the platform streamlines the feedback process to help employees improve their skills and allows you to identify and reward top performers.

Compliance Assurance: QEval logs and analyzes every customer call, enabling real-time risk monitoring and fraud risk assessments to ensure every agent is following regulations.

The really great thing here is that you get near real-time feedback, so if an agent is performing below the designated threshold, you can respond immediately. You’ll also be able to give your agent instant feedback, which will help them avoid making repeated mistakes.

Easy Integration: The platform connects smoothly with systems like CRMs, which means it can use customer details to make call center tasks better. It also links agent training directly to how they perform, leading to a more efficient and well-run call center.

User-Friendly Interface: When going through customer reviews, one thing we noticed coming up again and again is that users consistently praise QEval for its user-friendly design, which makes daily operations smooth and hassle-free. Agents have access to their own easy-to-use dashboard, which shows their performance so they can continually see what’s going well and where they can improve.

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Comprehensive Reporting: The software’s robust reporting features provide detailed snapshots of several areas, including agent-level reports, overall performance reports, and QA performance reports, to name just a few.

QEval’s Potential Drawbacks

Reporting Challenges: Reporting is an essential feature of the platform, and some users have reported difficulties with it, such as the interface being challenging to use and agents incorrectly receiving low grades. We definitely recommend reaching out to customer support if you have any issues here.

Limited Advanced Features: Some reviewers noted that the tool lacks some important advanced features, such as audio clipping, keyword highlighting, and call visualization for recordings to show where there are customer interactions and not silence. This could be a drawback if your business needs more sophisticated functionalities.

Feedback and Dispute Constraints: The limited character space in the agent comment section can potentially restrict agents from fully expressing their feedback or disputes and make it difficult to change a negative score.

QEval Plans and Pricing

QEval doesn’t provide pricing details on its website. According to some review websites, QEval has tiered pricing based on the number of licenses you require. You pay per agent per month, and the more licenses you need, the lower the per agent monthly pricing gets.

To learn more about QEval and its pricing plans, you can request a demo on its website or reach out to its sales team.

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Final Thoughts

QEval is a competent solution for call centers, offering features to enhance agent performance and maintain compliance. Its interface, reporting capabilities, AI-driven analytics, and adaptability are all extremely helpful features for call centers looking to improve their processes, increase productivity, and provide better customer service.

While QEval has its strengths, especially in providing detailed analytics and customizable options for quality monitoring, some users find the call investigation features too limited. Examine your call center needs to determine if QEval can fulfill your requirements.

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