Official Feature Release: Crazy Egg Recordings

by Sean Work

Last updated on August 28th, 2017

Today we are releasing our newest feature – Recordings.

And as the name suggests, Crazy Egg users can now view video recordings of their website visitors’ sessions. Just to be clear, Recordings doesn’t record visitors through their computer cameras :). We record their screen activity as they navigate and use your website.

Here’s an example:

try crazy egg recordings

We’ve been very excited about this release. Many of our customers have been asking for this functionality, and it was our pleasure to build it for them! We really wanted to make sure we built a visitor recording feature that serves our customer base in the best possible way. So we took our time making sure we did it right. Our founder, Hiten Shah, shared a little insight on this a while back:

That’s right – we’re not the first. But we feel we’ve built an even better product by spending a little more time on it.

Recordings gives you the ammo you need to do an A/B test.

Before you start an A/B test or decide to make a change to your website, you should have a good reason for doing so. You’re free to test and change your website blindly, or you can use a tool such as Recordings to develop a sound A/B testing hypothesis.

By viewing recordings of visitors using your site, you can see where they navigate, what buttons and links they click on, and what sections they completely ignore. There’s no more need for guessing on your part.

Screen activity recordings make it easy to jot down testing hypotheses that would normally require surveys, sifting through analytics reports, or painful usability testing. It becomes more like this:

“Wow. Everyone skips right over the ‘learn more’ button. Maybe we should test a bigger version of that button.”

Just watch what your users are doing and instantly know what issues need to be solved next.

Finally, here are a few more benefits we’ve found to be pretty valuable:

  • You can show your clients or your boss the point you want to get across by sharing a recording. No need to bring them over to your computer or create a screencast.
  • You can save time by filtering recordings by page, referrer, and a whole host of other Crazy Egg filters. This allows you to see how users behave in more specific scenarios or who may have specific intentions.
  • The Crazy Egg tracking script is account based, so if you run an agency or are working on more than one site, you can run Recordings on any of your domains.

Where Do I Sign Up?

If you’re a current Crazy Egg customer, you can start using Recordings immediately. You will see a new menu item called Recordings when you log in. Click on Settings to choose which sites to record and jump right in.

You’ll have 14 days to try out the feature at no cost from the point you start your first recording. After which point, you’ll need to upgrade your account to include Recordings.

If you’re not a current Crazy Egg customer, simply sign up here and give it a whirl. We offer a free trial for all Crazy Egg features.

try crazy egg recordings



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  1. Zulhilmi Zainudin says:
    May 25, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    Can I use this inside my mobile application that I develop ie Android or iOS app?

    • Sean Work says:
      June 3, 2017 at 1:14 am

      Hi Zulhilmi, Crazy Egg is for websites (and mobile websites). It’s not a tool for mobile applications.

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