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Webinar: 10 Conversion Rate Optimization Truth Bombs That Will Change the Way You Think

by Sean Work

A couple of weeks ago, we interviewed Larry Kim, founder of WordStream and current CEO of Mobile Monkey. The interview was a success, and we decided to do a webinar together to keep the good momentum going.

Now, I have no idea what Larry is going to unveil in this webinar. But I do know that Larry always rocks webinars and blows away his audience with incredibly valuable insights and strategies.

Originally, I didn’t like the headline for this webinar. For some reason, I thought it was too much of a cliché, at first glance. But then I realized, if Larry is going to reveal “truth bombs,” then I’m probably going to learn something – so I decided to run with it.

I can’t wait to see what Larry shows us in this webinar. I’ll be there moderating, and I’ll get all his juicy tips and implement them into my marketing machine here at Crazy Egg.

The more important question is: will you?

This webinar aired on Wed, Sep 6, 2017 – To receive a link to the video, please fill out the form below:

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Get updates on new articles, webinars and other opportunities:

Sean Work

Sean Work is the VP of Inbound Marketing here at Crazy Egg. You can follow him on Twitter @seanvwork. You can listen to his podcast "Worketing" on YouTube or SoundCloud.


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