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Integrify Review

As a workflow management solution, Integrify is a suitable choice for medium or large organizations wanting to improve business productivity and efficiency. Use this software to automate existing processes and improve critical process accuracy to ensure compliance with applicable organizational and external regulations. However, Integrify isn’t the easiest to use, especially for first-time users. Let’s delve into what makes this platform tick.

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Integrify Compared to the Best Workflow Management Software

Our Crazy Egg research team did a deep dive to identify the best workflow management software options. While Integrify has its virtues, these three picks from that list—our Golden Eggs—deliver versatile solutions that sports automation, collaboration, and integration capabilities. 

ProofHub lets you create customized workflows with clearly defined stages and automate recurring tasks to boost team productivity. Sign up for a 14-day trial to get started.

Process Street integrates with over 1,000 other apps to reduce your team’s need to switch contexts to get things done. Get started with Process Street by signing up for your free trial

Hive provides solutions to solve common workflow issues and problems remote teams face. Try out Hive’s premium features on a 14-day trial period.

Integrify: The Good and the Bad

Integrify is workflow management software that can be customized to fit your needs. Let’s explore the qualities where Integrify shines and where this platform falls short.

What Integrify Is Good At

As a workflow management platform, Integrify has many things going for it. Chief among them is the ability to shape the platform to fit your needs, but it can also help in unique use cases, allowing you to maintain compliance, transparency, and accuracy. 

Powerful builder: With Integrify, you can create powerful workflows from scratch, automating routine processes and making other flows more efficient. Control everything from setting rules and dependencies to managing approvals and where information is pulled from. Use these tasks and rules to provide team members with standard operating procedures they can follow to ensure process fidelity. 

Example of Integrify process flow for a simple user registration

With the visual representation of your process flow marked clearly, you can reduce loopholes and redundancies and ensure proper execution.

Audit trails and compliance: Another Integrify advantage is a secure and steady audit workflow designed to suit any compliance system. It’s an efficient solution to automate compliance, in a way. You can use this software to ensure processes and procedures meet the standards set by your organization or department. Additionally, Integrify is also useful for creating workflows that can serve as a safety net for mandatory compliance regulations, such as ISO standards, HIPAA, FINRA, OCC, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Versatile: Every organization has unique processes and requests. So, the fact that Integrify offers workflow solutions categorized by industry makes it easier to match platform presets to your specific needs. 

For example, construction companies need flexible systems that are customizable and reliable for handling quality control, vendor contract management, and change order management, among others needs. Integrify also offers workflow solutions for businesses in industries ranging from finance and manufacturing to healthcare, pharma, and even nonprofits.

Usefulness for law firms: One of the unique industries Integrify can help with is law firms and legal service providers. It gives users extensive administrative features to coordinate workflow and automate document reviews. This will give more process visibility, thanks to real-time status updates during the intake and review process. Detailed reporting and audit trails are other features that make your legal-based business processes better and more streamlined.

Document approval: Integrify offers users a formalized, automated approval process that lets them submit, route, review, approve and track different document types. Integrify allows you to manage the approval process for shared file folders, emails, and printouts. You can even build custom approval workflows to automate tedious steps of routing and auditing documents.

What Integrify Is Lacking

Integrify features a few aspects where it could stand to improve to help users realize better results. The biggest obstacle comes from one of its strengths—the platform’s intense customizability makes it hard on new users that aren’t already comfortable with this level of software.

Complicated and challenging to learn: You don’t want your team to be frustrated by trying to adopt this software, or else it will cause them to abandon the tool altogether in favor of easier-to-grasp options. Unfortunately, several Integrify users have called Integrify out for being too complicated for their teams to utilize properly. While this isn’t a terrible attribute, it means you may need to give your organization plenty of onboarding time with Integrify before team members can fully take advantage of what it can do.

Outdated dashboard: Adding to Integrify’s complicated experience is the software’s dashboard design. It lacks many of its rivals’ modern look and feel, making the overall user experience feel underwhelming. This only adds to the learning curve, as some of Integrify’s complexity could be alleviated by making the dashboard more appealing and functional.

Limited reporting: Many workflow management software solutions have robust reporting capability, which is handy for gaining more insight into workflow inefficiencies and bottlenecks and demonstrating improvements to stakeholders and executives. After all, when you know the aspects where your processes are lacking, you can remediate and improve outcomes accordingly.

While Integrify offers reporting features, it isn’t as good as many of its rivals. And, without access to the database, you can’t integrate any Integrify data into your own reports or your web portal.

Integrify Options and Pricing

Integrify offers its core product without any strict pricing tiers, which makes it an attainable solution for organizations of all sizes. Let’s examine what you’re getting and how to get started on purchasing this software for your own team.

BPM Software

Integrify homepage with headline that says "A Codeless All-In-One Workflow Automation System" and a list of features

Integrify’s business process management software gives you a host of tools to design, test, and implement processes across teams, departments, or even an entire enterprise-scale organization. 

Pricing is completely customized for each Integrify customer. You’ll have to contact the company via web form to receive a custom quote via email. Simply fill out your name, contact information, company, job title, and the number of users you need to accommodate. After submitting a follow-up screen will ask about any unique needs, such as wanting to use Integrify to improve productivity, establish audit trails, or the time frame within which you want to implement the software.

Every customer who secures access to the Integrify platform gets unlimited forms, processes, requests, and audit trails, plus a branded self-service portal, API integration, and an Integrify account manager dedicated to your account.

Integrify in Summary 

Integrify is definitely one of the more robust workflow management tools out there, and it can be tweaked to fit specific needs based on industry or department. It is a suitable solution for a wide range of business sizes, provided users are tech-savvy and comfortable enough to handle the complicated interface. 

If Integrify doesn’t seem like a proper fit for your team, remember the Golden Eggs we listed at the top of this post. Tools like ProofHub and Hive are far more user-friendly with their more modern, appealing interfaces, while Process Street is an ideal choice for unifying your tech stack in one platform. 

In case you’re looking for more information on this category in general, check out our full post listing the best workflow management software options on the market today. 

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