Infographic: How to Generate Leads with Social Media

by Sean Work

Last updated on May 28th, 2018

Today’s infographic is about generating leads with social media.

However, I want to quickly look at using social media for prospecting and outreach because, for certain businesses, this can be an amazing method of lead generation.

From what I can tell, a lot of salespeople are still employing the age-old “pitch email” when it comes to prospecting and outreach. I know this because I get plenty of them myself.

But I just really feel that the traditional pitch email approach isn’t that effective. No one likes unsolicited email. No one likes getting sold to. And not many salespeople really like selling. So why do salespeople keep beating this dead horse?

I always think of any sales endeavor as a relationship-building campaign. Here’s how I go about it:

  1. Connect – This part is super obvious. Target the people you want to do business with and connect/follow them. It’s probably a good idea to put some distance between when you connect and when you make your first engagement.
  2. Listen – Before you dare start selling, listen to them. And a good way to start listening is to ask some questions. If I were selling Crazy Egg, I would ask a UX designer, “How do you go about finding your user pain points or where they get stuck in your product.”
  3. Discover – Along with all that listening, you can take notes and discover what your prospect’s pain points are.
  4. Offer – As you listen, an angle for your solution will present itself. In my example, I would offer the designer a free trial of Crazy Egg.

What this really boils down to is NOT treating your prospects like quotas that you have to ram through every week. Everyone can sense your brute force numbers game. No one wants to be put through your extrusion process (Ow!). Instead, start a relationship with your prospects. If your solution doesn’t fit their needs, help them find what they need. That act of giving will be repaid one day ;).

And what better place to do all this than on social media, right?

Infographic How to Generate Leads with Social Media

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