Infographic: How to Nurture Your Leads & Drive 3X The Clickthroughs

by Today's Eggspert

Last updated on July 25th, 2017

Have you ever pondered why many businesses get blessed with fruitful lead conversion while others fall prey to lead cultivation? A recently conducted survey stated that 79% of qualified leads are never converted due to lack of lack proper nurturing. Though, ample strategies are implemented to successfully convert these qualified leads, but when these formed approaches fail to pull out the favorable results, drip email marketing comes as a celestial blessing.

Drip email marketing alone deliver 80% fueled open rates than single sends. Simply put, drip email is the quintessential seed that nurtures leads in the best possible way. But, what is this drip email marketing and why it is considered to be a divine mantra to nurture & cultivate the qualified but unconverted leads?

Known by various names like; automated email, autoresponder, marketing automation, auto generated emails, etc. drip email is actually a set of pre-written emails, scheduled to be sent. This campaign aims towards successful lead conversion, and keeps the lead engaged afterwards. Though, several email marketers find setting a drip email campaign a daunting task, but it carries the essence of deriving 3X the normal clicks. Knocking out stat, isn’t it. But, with this astounding stat comes the need of when to make drip email marketing your rule of thumb?

The expert team of Monks have come up with an informative Infographic: “Drip Email Marketing” that carries the insights of a drip email campaign and its fruitful wonders.

Click on the infographic below to view a larger size:

drip email marketing infographic

View the complete interactive version of this infographic click here.

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