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How Crazy Egg’s Heatmap Report Discovers Hotspots of High Click Activity on

by Sean Work

At The Daily Egg, we publish a lot of content on how you can improve your online business. Today we’re going to show you what our product actually does for a change.

The video above shows you our Heatmap Report and how it can be used to improve a web page. In this case, we used the Heatmap Report on a popular blog post.

Like the narrator in the video says, “The Heatmap Report is all about clicks.” The “hotter” the heatmap appears, the more clicks that region on your web page is getting. This indicates what regions visitors tend to gravitate to more.

One reason why this report is so useful is unlike traditional website analytics that give you gazillions of rows of numerical data – the Crazy Egg Heatmap Report allows you to quickly know where your visitors are focusing. You don’t have to do any spreadsheet wizardry or hours of analysis. Just look and see where the action is.

Now, if you find that the action isn’t where you want it to be, then you have a case to make improvements to your web page. It can be as simple as wanting them to click a sign-up button or fill out a form. Often, you’ll find that all the unnecessary clutter of text, images, videos and other buttons are distracting visitors from acting on your more important page elements.

But having me sitting here telling you about it won’t prove to you how useful it is. Try it for free right now! And let me know if you discover any valuable insights about your website in the comments below.

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Get updates on new articles, webinars and other opportunities:

Sean Work

Sean Work is the VP of Inbound Marketing here at Crazy Egg. You can follow him on Twitter @seanvwork. You can listen to his podcast "Worketing" on YouTube or SoundCloud.


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