How to Design a High Converting Mobile Lead Generation Flow

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Last updated on October 11th, 2017

Everything is moving towards mobile.

For examples, Google penalizes you if your site isn’t mobile optimized and Facebook Ad CPC (cost per click) is much cheaper on mobile compared to desktop.

More than half of the world’s web traffic now comes from mobile phones. This means more and more potential customers are viewing your website on their phones.

If you still haven’t optimized your site’s conversions for mobile user experience, then chances are you’re losing money.

On top of that, audience targeting is way more successful on mobile than on desktop, so you can’t afford to put off mobile any longer.

digital ad campaignes

In this post, you’ll learn the exact strategies you’ll need to achieve success with your mobile site and convert more leads through your mobile lead generation flow.

So, What is Lead Generation Flow?

You already know the basic funnel method of marketing. You know that people start with awareness, but the real benefit comes further down the funnel.

end of funnel

Specifically, getting the contact information for people allows you to engage in permission marketing and sell them on your product or service as a thought leader.

But what you might not know is that there’s a more intricate flow than just an optin form, and mobile provides you with a unique set of advantages.

Specifically, you’ll need to create a highly simplified process for generating leads on your mobile site.

Three of the biggest problems preventing purchases on mobile devices include difficult navigation, too much information to type, and too many steps to complete the purchase.

factors preventing sales mobile

While this isn’t specific to lead generation, the same concept applies.

In order to succeed with lead generation on mobile, you’ll need to engineer the whole process in a way that boosts your conversion rate and maximizes its effectiveness.

The mobile marketing game is different than what might work on a desktop screen. Since the screen size is smaller, you need to be more targeted and clear with your messaging.

Major players like Zappos are creating powerful mobile experiences, and you need to start doing the same.

This is exactly how you can do that.

Create an Irresistible Offer

The first and most critical part of generating leads is by creating an enticing offer that will excite potential leads and encourage them to sign up.

Oftentimes, we think that “irresistible” means “comprehensive,” but nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of providing a detailed resource, this should be something quick.

This is particularly important with mobile viewers, as they’ll be most interested in something that can get them a result quickly and without a lot of effort.

A great example of this is Brendon Burchard, a leader in the personal development space. He offers a free download of the 10 predictors of success.

Brendon Burchard

This is a simple checklist that provides a concrete measure of success.

While the download is certainly the most popular type of lead generation offer, it doesn’t have to follow this format.

The 30 Day List-Building Challenge uses a challenge as its irresistible offer.

30 day challenge

There’s something engaging about a 30-day challenge that piques interest and encourages a user to sign up.

While the offer is core, however, it’s only delivered after the visitor actually signs up. In order to move him or her to that point, you need to market it effectively.

You probably understood the benefit of both the 10 Predictors of Success and the 30 Day List Building Challenge immediately.

Why? Because the headline made the benefit distinct and clear.

Engage Readers With a Magnetic Headline

While it can be fun to play around with a creative headline when you’re generating leads on a desktop screen, there’s simply no room for meandering when you’re on mobile.

Your headline should draw readers in by explaining the primary benefits of your offer in as few words as possible.

If the premise of the offer can’t be explained in 5-20 words, you need to make it smaller or refine the problem you’re trying to solve.

For maximum impact, consider emphasizing a few key words in the headline.

Death to Stock uses a clear and engaging headline and emphasizes the benefit (“beautiful photos”) without being obtrusive or distracting.

Death to stock

It’s a good idea to test multiple headlines and decide which are the best. I also recommend asking others unfamiliar with the market if they understand what your headline has to offer.

Once you’ve created a masterful headline, it’s time to fill out the optin form with an additional reason to sign up.

Write Compelling Copy That Woos The Customer

While you should be able to convey the main premise of your offer in the headline, you shouldn’t neglect the copy that follows.

Instead, you need to use a subheading, short paragraph, or explanatory bullet-points to elaborate on the other benefits of the product you have to offer.

To write copy that converts on your mobile site, you need to tap into the deepest fears, frustrations, pains, and goals of your target audience.

Use their language to explain the problem, and list exactly why your offer will solve that problem.

Basecamp knows what problems keep their target customers up at night, and draws on that in-depth knowledge to explain the benefits of their software.


This kind of short, to-the-point copy starts with the problem and paints your offer as the solution.

It’s a tried and true formula for increasing conversions and attracting more customers and leads.

I recommend taking it a step further, though. Instead of leaving it up to you, include more details that will help to build your reliability.

Include Trust Signals That Indicate Authority

There are a number of ways you can include authority behind the offer you have for lead generation.

I recommend including as many of these as seems reasonable since each one can provide a different level of trust for a different type of visitors.

A great example of trust signals at work is HubSpot including logos of companies that use their product, as well as the total number of users worldwide.

34000 customers

Combined, these show just how widespread the software is and breaks down mental barriers potential leads might have to trying out the product.

However, there is a caveat. Unless your trust signal provides the headline or copy, I don’t recommend putting it at the top of the page.

The real estate at the top of a mobile lead generation form is incredibly limited, and you should focus on your headline and call to action.

The trust signals you use, like testimonials, featured customers, or security seals, should go below the fold.

This ensures you can convince subscribers on the fence, while not confusing prospects when they first get to the page.

Position Your Most Important Features Correctly

You should always include the headline and call to action above the fold on your mobile lead generation page.

The reasoning isn’t just because “above the fold is always better,” since it doesn’t always matter.

Instead, the reason for this is to maximize the limited space you have on mobile. Since your headline, copy, and call to action all (should) tell one story, you need to keep them together.

Breaking them apart doesn’t make much sense, and might confuse your prospects. Unlike a desktop page, it isn’t possible to see everything after scrolling even a little bit.

That’s why I recommend keeping the most important pieces together in a single page above the fold.

Birchbox uses this space to include not just one but two calls to action that both direct to the same signup page.

Birchbox man

This is a great way to keep a call to action button available, even when the prospects scrolls further down the page to read additional reasons to sign up.

But what if you don’t have such a direct call to action?

Sometimes, your primary goal is to engage, then promote a signup only after you’ve built authority through content.

Lights Camera Expert uses the top of the fold on mobile to engage the viewer in a video as well as compel the viewer to scroll down.

lights camera expert

Prioritizing video like this makes sense for a course on increasing media presence. Decide what your priorities are, and dedicate the space to the next step you want the visitor to take.

And whatever action you want to emphasize, you should make it as easy as possible.

Let Users Contact You Directly With a Tap to Call Button

If you don’t currently have a way for users to call you directly, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Even worse, you’re going to lose out on valuable customers that are frustrated when they can’t reach you.

According to Agendize, 61% of your customers want a phone call during the purchase process.

Research by Google and IPOS shows that when searchers aren’t able to call you, they’re 47% more likely to explore other brands.

Google and ipos study

Most companies solve this problem by simply adding a phone number to the site, but there’s a more dynamic way to make this happen on mobile.

Since most mobile devices are phones, you can create a button that when clicked, calls any number you provide.

To maximize your mobile conversions, you should add a simple tap to call button. When used effectively, it looks like this button on the Direct Line mobile site.

got a question call

It’s easy to add this functionality. You just need to add a bit of code to your normal phone number. In HTML, create an anchor link and include the “tel:” prefix to the reference.

make hashtag clickable

When done like this, the phone number will look like a regular hyperlink with default formatting (usually blue and underlined).

I recommend adding some styling to make it stand out. In the Direct Line example above, they added a green button shape around the link, which makes it pop.

By doing the same, you can make your tap to call button stand out.

In fact, I recommend using colors to make all of your action buttons catch the eye of the mobile user.

The best strategy in your toolbox is using contrast. Here’s how you can use it effectively.

Make Your Form Stand Out With Contrast

It’s no secret that contrast can help draw a viewer to whatever you’d like him or her to see.

A great way to do this is by providing a different color for the button you’d like the visitor to click.

Webdam does a great job making the call to action stand out from the background, using a bold red button that sits in stark contrast to the muted earth tones of the background image.

Webdam see how

Clicking on it leads directly to a lead generation form, which once again uses color to its advantage, drawing viewers into the lighter-colored form requesting contact information.


Experiment with these to make a form with a visually appealing image.

But remember: your job isn’t done. You need to create the rest of the flow to make your lead generation funnel a true success.

Build Relationships With an Engaging Thank-You Page

Once someone subscribes, your job is not finished. In fact, it provides you with a perfect opportunity to deepen the relationship immediately.

Before your first email reaches his or her inbox, you can foster likeability by using the thank-you page.

Brian Dean at Backlinko uses a thank-you page that encourages followers on Twitter.


Exactly what you want to do here is up to you. I recommend pairing this down to the most critical elements of what you want to promote.

In other words, don’t ask for the new subscriber to like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter, subscribe on YouTube, and keep up with your Instagram and Snapchat accounts.

Instead, look to create genuine interest in the one or two ways that you use to engage with your most loyal fans.

Since this only requires a single tap at a moment when the lead is interested in what you have to offer, it’s a great way to generate a much larger social following.

Give Subscribers a Way to Refer You

Once a subscriber has engaged with you, followed through with the lead generation flow, and perhaps even followed you on a social channel, it’s time to leverage his or her interest.

If you’re seriously committed to high conversion rates, look to create a referral program that benefits both the subscribers and their friends.

Nootropics supplement Ignite includes a great call to action offering a free product sample, along with a great use of contrast to highlight the call to action.

Ignite power stacks

But what really makes the lead generation flow stand apart is the referral program Ignite offers, allowing you to refer others for bonuses and discounts.

want huge discounts

It’s a simple and easy way to increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

Since you’ll be completing this on mobile, it can be even more effective since it’s easy for a lead to text a friend or send the link through Facebook Messenger.

Test and Refine

Finally, but most certainly not of least importance, is testing.

To create a truly effective lead generation flow, you’re going to need to make continual adjustments to improve the layout and effectiveness of your pages.

Testing is what makes the best companies in the business stay effective.

The most important pieces to target are of course your optin form and offer.

However, it’s worth noting that you should also revise each step in the process, from the thank-you page to your first email, to any referral program you’re running.

Simple optimizations for mobile can make a huge difference.

When optimized their site for mobile, they saw a 65% increase in e-commerce conversion rates.

Voices login

Retail behemoth Walmart saw a 98% increase in e-commerce conversions after optimizing their site for mobile as well.

Walmart mobile

Even small improvements can pay huge dividends. Test, refine, and record the result of the experiments you choose to run.

The Bottom Line on Mobile Lead Generation Flows

If you’re going to maximize your conversions on mobile, you need to carefully consider what strategies will work best.

You first need to be aware of the effort required to sign up. Mobile users tend to find extensive forms and complicated navigation too much work, so simplify the process.

Before you start planning exactly how to set up your lead generation process, you need to have a compelling offer. Look to solve a simple problem or pose a challenge.

To make your offer stand out, write a compelling headline and craft copy that’s engaging with the readers.

Place your optin form in a location that best serves your goals, and make sure you use contrast to make it stand out.

But the lead generation flow isn’t finished once you have the optin form ready. You’ll need to create a thank-you page once the user signs up.

By providing a method for referrals, you can increase the effectiveness of the optin form without more work on your part.

And of course, for maximum results, test and refine as you continue to grow your leads and improve your conversion rate.

How will you create a mobile lead generation flow?

About the Author: David Zheng is the Founder of GrowthWit and WiseMerchant and the Head of Growth at BuildFire. He specializes in growth hacking, content marketing, and ecommerce strategies. He helps influencers, ecommerce brands, venture backed startups, and Fortune 500 companies grow their traffic and revenue online.

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