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A 3-Step Process To Finding Your Writing Groove

by Cori Padgett

If writing is part of your marketing mix, there are always good days and bad days when it comes to what you’re actually producing.

Sometimes your output is bangin’ and you write content that oozes personality, dribbles intelligence and smacks your readers upside the head with something they would never have known, if it weren’t for you providing fabulous enlightenment.

And then they thank you for slapping them around, because it was so damn fun for the both of you! (Metaphorically speaking of course, there were no readers abused in the writing of this blog post.)

Then there are those days where it feels like every word you write lands with a dull, sickening plop on the floor of self-defeat, oozing with… well… a whole lot a nothin’.

No spice, no authenticity, no reader engagement. Just words, without the wisdom and intelligence bits you were aiming for.  So what’s a writer to do?

Three things actually.

Step 1 – Self examine

When you’re stuck in a rut and can’t get your write on, it’s probably time to assess just what it is you’re trying and failing to write about. Roughly 99.9999 percent of the time (yes that’s an accurate statistic, I checked! Kinda…) that you’re having trouble writing, it’s because you’re trying to write on a topic you know exceedingly little about.

When you don’t know a topic inside and out, it means you’re also probably not very passionate about it either. So what happens when you mix a lack of passion and a lack of knowledge?

Let’s just say it ain’t pretty man.

No passion and no knowledge equals you, struggling as a writer and whining to all your friends that you have writers block, while you Tweet and Facebook all day in an effort to feel “productive”.

Or eeking out spectacularly crappy content chocked full of evidence highlighting all the facts you don’t really know. Either way, not exactly what you were hoping for now is it?

Step 2 – Regroup and realign

Once you know what you’re writing about just isn’t what you were born to write about, it’s time to regroup and realign your goals. Sit down with a good old pencil and piece of paper, and start listing out things that you are indeed passionate and knowledgeable about.

List them whether you think you can write about them or not. Get them all down on paper first, and then you can begin to assess whether those passions and things you know stuff about are going to be a fit for you and where you ultimately want to go.

Figure out a game plan to begin allowing yourself to write about things you love to talk about, and not just things you think you should talk about.

When you only try to write about things that are cool or popular, or that you think people want to hear, rather than writing about what you KNOW and LIVE and BREATHE on a regular basis, you’re going to struggle and probably ultimately fail to reach your goals.

And what’s the point of writing for a living if you’re going to set yourself up for failure?

Step 3 – Do it

Once you’ve figured out what you love to write about, it then becomes a matter of just doing it. Don’t waste time, waffling around and asking “Should I or shouldn’t I?”… just sit your butt down in a chair and get to writing.

When you write about things you know, things you love, things you’re passionate about, your personality and intelligence and character comes through with every little word.

You’ll find yourself falling into a “zone” and writing suddenly becomes easier and faster and better than you ever could have imagined. Call that your groove thang baby.

When you write what you know, you can inspire people, you can motivate people; you can cheer them up or make them laugh. You can instigate a debate, provoke deeper thought, and literally change a life.

Words have power, and when you find the right ones, conveyed in the right way, you can accomplish amazing things. Your voice begins to shine through and you move people.

But it all boils down to writing what you know and what you’re passionate about, and totally rocking it in the process. Do it any other way and you’re destined for an epic failure. ‘Nuffsaid.

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  1. XuDing says:
    October 28, 2011 at 10:30 am

    Thanks for these three great tips.

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