Credit Suite Review

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Starting a business is easy. Starting one the correct way while establishing credibility and legitimacy is not.

What’s even more difficult is building up your credit to secure the funding you need to get a brand new business off the ground, or for scaling a business you already own.

That’s because growing a business is hard—especially when you don’t have the available capital for things like making new hires, acquiring new equipment, or opening new locations.

Credit Suite makes it easy to bolster your business credit and obtain the funding you’ve been wanting. It uses a seven-step formula that has proven success for over 50,000 businesses and counting. If you’re wondering if you could be next, you’ve come to the right place.

Credit Suite logo for Crazy Egg Credit Suite review.

Credit Suite: The Good and the Bad

Credit Suite can win you over just with its step-by-step formula to acquire funding—it’s hard not to like a tried-and-true process.

It has a clear, one-word message to guide the ship: Fundability.

Fundability is what it takes not only to look like a credible business, but also to be a business worthy of credit.

Credit Suite does everything around that guiding principle. And although the sales funnel on its website can be a bit cloudy at times due to some confusing spots surrounding the pricing, what’s not cloudy is that Credit Suite is actually pretty good at what it does.

In just six months, you can go from completely unfundable to highly fundable with Credit Suite’s guidance. And you also get five full years of ongoing access to its proven fundability boosting system.

What Credit Suite Is Good At

Singular focus: Credit Suite has a laser-focused mission on improving the financial attractiveness and credibility of your business in the eyes of potential lenders and investors.

If your business has high fundability—which is Credit Suite’s signature concept and trademarked term—it means you look like a rock-solid bet to pay back loans on time and generate returns. Meanwhile, if you have low fundability, it means you appear risky to invest in, which will scare away capital sources.

Credit Suite’s multi-pronged, five pillar system aims to skyrocket your fundability into the stratosphere. Its seasoned experts conduct an exhaustive analysis of different factors to pinpoint every way you can fine-tune your business to appeal to financiers. They even have extensive knowledge of the North American Industry Classification System and Standard Industrial Classification to help you avoid classifying your business as a higher risk than it has to be.

Next, Credit Suite helps you methodically build legitimate business credit, improve profit metrics, and craft a compelling financial profile—essentially making you irresistible to lend to. It even strategically matches you with lending sources tailored to your projected profile for when you finish the process.

Credit Suite get started landing page.

Step-by-step program: From the moment you join Credit Suite, you’ll have access to its feature-rich dashboard brimming with resources for building a respectable business credit profile, however the real value lies in its “core program” that holds your hand through seven key steps.

In the first step, you’ll gain crucial knowledge on structuring your business to appeal to lenders and financiers, including guidance on proper legal and tax setup. The second step walks you through the correct way of registering your company and initiating business credit reports—which is critical to having credit agencies recognize your enterprise.

Step three has you filling out applications for starter business credit accounts, effectively planting the seeds that will blossom into better credit down the line. Step four dives deeper into interpreting your credit reports and how the agencies behind them evaluate businesses.

After establishing basic credit, steps five, six, and seven all have you add three more trade accounts each to strengthen your profile—bringing you to a total of 12 accounts.

By closely following Credit Suite’s seven steps, you can transform your business credit from non-existent to highly fundable. Each phase builds on the last, demonstrating to lenders your credibility and viability.

Steps to build business credit with six steps shown.

You see what lenders see: Credit Suite’s user-friendly dashboard gives you unmatched visibility into exactly how lenders view your business. Its interface naturally centers around its core concept of fundability, prominently tracking and displaying your score and the resources you may need to improve it.

There are five pillars to Credit Suite’s fundability:

  • Foundation
  • Financials
  • Building business credit
  • Personal profile
  • Making applications
Business Fundability wheel with the foundation section highlighted.

As you click on each topic, you can pinpoint the details to see what needs work to boost your funding eligibility.

However, the real difference maker here is Credit Suite’s Bureau Insights tool—it presents your complete business data exactly how lenders see it, including credit reports. This allows you to watch your credit being built in real-time and know where you stand with no surprises, giving you an invaluable tool for identifying weak spots to shore up before applying.

Credit bureau insights page with credit score information.

Marketplace resources: Beyond improving your funding eligibility, Credit Suite’s marketplace dashboard grants you access to an array of tools and software covering customer relationship management, accounting, payroll, email marketing, surveys, and more. You can find contractors, service providers, and financial institutions to use in your own business, all in one place.

Credit Suite also centralizes tracking your accounts receivable so you can view from a lender’s perspective, and it has virtual office features like phone systems that are available to scale your business capabilities.

With dozens of hand-picked growth resources that Credit Suite itself uses, you know you’re in good hands whether you need marketing automations, help building financial projections, or just reliable phone service as you expand.

Six business funding options shown.

Unlimited expert support: One of Credit Suite’s most invaluable offerings is unlimited one-on-one guidance from a business credit advisor so you never have to go about building up your funding eligibility alone.

At every step along the journey, your personal credit advisory expert is there to provide tailored support. When the time comes to procure funding, your advisor essentially acts as a matchmaker to align your business goals with lending sources that are the perfect fit.

This one-on-one attention from your business credit advisor may prove to be the difference maker that sparks your company’s liftoff—and you won’t find many other services that offer this level of dedicated expertise.

With hands-on, unlimited support, you can feel confident in achieving your goals on schedule.

Information on a personal business credit coach from Credit Suite.

Special events: Every now and then, Credit Suite hosts a five-day event called the Funding 30 Challenge, where over 20 finance experts and authority figures deliver condensed, need-to-know lessons about business lending.

The carefully curated speaker lineup includes fintech thought leaders such as lenders, private investors, crowdfunders, and ex-bankers, and the topics they cover include options like credit line hybrids, grants, SBA loans, and emerging funding methods.

Getting to learn from dozens of financing insiders in just 10 hours over the course of a week packs a huge value. Past challenges have drawn rave reviews from attendees who appreciated connecting with lenders and tapping into their wealth of tailored knowledge.

Though the next event’s date is unclear, keep an eye out for the next edition of this accelerated crash course on how to capitalize your business ambitions.

Credit Suite funding challenge landing page.

Impressive social media presence: Credit Suite’s thriving platforms and communities reinforce it as a trusted partner for the long haul of starting and growing a business.

With over 54,000 Facebook followers, Credit Suite stays highly connected to its community of entrepreneurs and small businesses. It posts informative content daily and runs frequent challenges to help its audience level up their business credit skills. Its live video streams also deliver insightful deep dives into critical financial topics.

On YouTube, Credit Suite boasts a catalog of over 1,000 instructional videos related to building business credit and securing funding. With nearly 150,000 subscribers, the company’s hefty following and active content calendar show it is invested in truly helping its members make progress.

Credit Suite YouTube video page.

Credit Suite’s Potential Drawbacks

Old-school sales funnel website: The moment you land on Credit Suite’s homepage, you’re immersed in flowery language about funding struggles and the salvation that Credit Suite offers.

As you continue to click or scroll through, the site follows a formulaic sequence filled with all of the recognizable cliches of cheesy sales funnels.

First, dire scenarios play on your fears and pain points around securing financing. Then, you get over-the-top promises of how Credit Suite will make everything better.

Next come the laundry lists of reasons why you must join now! And it’s peppered with gushing client testimonials for extra social proof.

Of course, nothing about this approach to sales means that Credit Suite’s services lack value or effectiveness, but today’s consumers are probably less enthused by over-the-top sales messaging and won’t find it as helpful as it otherwise could have been.

A more academic, advisory-focused approach could better attract those looking to make informed decisions.

Customer testimonial for Credit Suite.

User complaints: While Credit Suite boasts about having an infallible step-by-step system, a few past users say the process didn’t work as advertised for them.

Some reported following the program meticulously yet never managed to build their business credit or secure financing. One user highlighted not even gaining any traction at all because of a personal credit score below 700.

Additionally, others felt the entire process was overly time consuming—the constant emails and phone calls from Credit Suite felt tedious as opposed to helpful for building credit.

Nevertheless, a few negative experiences don’t outweigh the multitude of positive testimonials. However, it’s still important to have realistic expectations when embarking on Credit Suite’s path to finance.

If you have limited personal credit history or are short on time, it’s important to weigh whether Credit Suite’s approach will deliver as promised. While the program works for many, it’s not a slam dunk for every business’s circumstances, so do your homework beforehand.

Janky chatbot: During our experience with Credit Suite’s website, we were disappointed to find its chatbot to be malfunctional. For a company that has aided over 50,000 businesses, this stood out.

The chat icon prompts you to ask questions, but then fails to connect you with any actual support—at least not in our case.

Credit Suite chat feature with support.

For potential new members researching Credit Suite, leaving questions unanswered reflects poorly. Today’s consumers expect real-time communication from more sophisticated chatbots.

Considering Credit Suite specializes in technology for business growth, having a broken chatbot is a bad look. It signals inattention to detail in Credit Suite’s onboarding tools.

For many, a non-functional chatbot is only a minor hiccup that only affects the discovery stage. Once signed up as a member, you likely get much more attentive support.

Unclear pricing: When examining Credit Suite’s pricing and plans, we encountered some inconsistencies and lack of clarity.

If you click the Pricing link on Credit Suite’s navigation bar, it takes you to a page where the monthly fee is listed as $597 per month. If you click on the Fundability link that drops down when you hover over that same Pricing link, it takes you to a page where the monthly fee is listed as $497 per month.

This is a significant discrepancy, and it’s not clear if the product is the same, despite how it appears to be. For a service touting financial expertise, unclear pricing raises eyebrows.

Credit Suite plan options with red arrows pointing to two of the pricing options.

There’s also conflicting information around semi-annual and annual savings. One page boasts 30% savings paying semi-annually and 50% paying annually. But another page claims only 30% savings for paying annually. Whether or not the math adds up, this looks messy.

Credit Suite plan payment options.

The sloppiness in this area undermines trust in the accuracy of what Credit Suite presents, and makes it seem like there’s one of two things missing: either an attention to detail, or a commitment to transparency.

When money is involved, consumers deserve crystal clear terms, not smoke and mirrors— even if they’re accidental. Cleaning up these discrepancies and being straightforward about true pricing models would go a long way.

Credit Suite Plans and Pricing

As mentioned, Credit Suite’s pricing is listed on its site, but there is some incongruity from page to page.

It offers four options to fit different budgets and needs:

  • A monthly payment plan
  • A two-time, bi-annual payment plan
  • A one-time, annual payment plan
  • A monthly payment plan with a loan through Credit Key

Credit Suite Core Program

In essence, there are three main options to access Credit Suite’s core program: pay monthly around $497-$597 per month for seven months, pay two payments of $1997, totaling $3994, or pay one-time $2997 for the biggest savings.

Opting for the single payment upfront nets you a discount of 30-50% off the total cost for the other payment mentions. Either route unlocks a wealth of features aimed at transforming your business credit and financing eligibility.

In terms of what’s included, you’ll gain assistance establishing critical business foundations like obtaining an EIN, getting listings, setting up your website, and more. These building blocks optimize the credibility of your venture in the eyes of lenders.

You’ll also receive thorough training and support for actively building your business credit score. Credit Suite connects you with major bureaus, vendor trade accounts, cash credit cards, and more so you can demonstrate financial competency.

Rounding out the package is abundant financing support through your own dedicated business advisor for the first 12 months. You can secure business loans in as little as 72 hours at rates of 5% or lower. And you get multi-year guidance from a finance specialist.

Other nice perks are 24/7 mobile access, 0% financing offers to keep operations running, business valuations to understand your true worth, and credit data from LexisNexis and ChexSystems.

While Credit Suite’s pricing and savings claims aren’t perfectly clear across its website, you ultimately gain a full suite of services for building business credit and unlocking financing. Just be sure you know what you’re paying when you sign up.

Credit Suite plus Credit Key Plan

The Credit Suite plus Credit Key plan provides all the same core features as the standard Credit Suite option, the only difference lies in how you finance it.

With this plan, Credit Key gives you a loan to lower your monthly payments on Credit Suite’s services. You’ll need approval from Credit Key first, but with it can get your payments down to as low as $282 per month.

This contrasts the standard lump sum or monthly payments that are otherwise self-financed, making a Credit Suite subscription more accessible.

However, it does involve taking on some upfront debt. You would be borrowing money from Credit Key and paying interest over time versus fully owning the investment yourself upfront. Interest fees start at 1% monthly and won’t kick in until after the first 30 days.

If cash flow is very tight, the Credit Key financing could make accessing Credit Suite’s program possible when it otherwise wouldn’t be. But it does mean paying more over time and delaying how long it’ll take until you’re debt free.

Be sure to analyze both financing routes carefully to decide if the Credit Key payments are truly the right fit. The core benefits remain unchanged—it’s just about how much interest you pay in exchange for flexibility.

Plans from Credit Suite with three payment options.

Final Thoughts

Credit Suite has all the ingredients for a standout offering. Aside from the early speed bumps over transparency and/or clarity in its offering, Credit Suite provides an expansive set of tools and guidance focused on helping small businesses build credit, access funding, and facilitate growth.

With its step-by-step methodology coupled with unlimited one-on-one expert support, it is hard not to hit your funding goals over time.

We recommend Credit Suite specifically for early-stage ventures needing to strengthen credibility, financing potential, and scalability. For established businesses that need an injection of capital to invest in key components that will boost their operations, Credit Suite can also come in handy.

With the right expectations set, Credit Suite has the potential to be a pivotal ally in your long-term business success journey.

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