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How To Get a Consistent Flow of Customers in 5 Simple Steps

by Adam Kreitman

A lot of people get really good at one piece of the marking/selling equation (ie. PPC, SEO, Social Media, Direct Mail) but either completely ignore, or badly botch, the rest of the equation.

Dov Gordon realized that if you want a consistent flow of customers, you have to pay attention to the ENTIRE equation.

So learning from his own experience, and observing the struggles of others, Dov developed a deceptively simple, yet extremely powerful, five step system for getting a consistent flow of customers.

Dov Gordon

Dov Gordon

Dov now helps small business entrepreneurs who love what they do, but are having trouble getting enough customers. And using his system, he helps these owners create a steady, consistent, predictable flow of new customers and clients.

We’re very fortunate to have Dov share the basics of his system with us in this interview…

Before we dig into your system, it’s important to understand what the purpose of a marketing system is. How would you define it?

Most people would say it’s “To make more sales, to make more money.” And obviously that’s true, but there’s a more subtle answer.

The purpose of a marketing system is to get the attention and interest of your ideal customers.  And help them take the next step closer to buying, whatever that may be.

You developed a simple 5 step marketing/selling system. Can you give us an overview of it?

Sure.  It’s simple.  And it’s based on answering the questions your prospects are asking themselves precisely when they’re asking themselves the question.

The first question your prospect asks himself when he comes across some marketing message from your company is “Should I pay attention to this?  Is it interesting to me?”

Your marketing therefore must get him to answer “Yes!  This is very interesting.”  And how do you do that?

A lot of things will get attention…a loud noise, a funny joke, a sad story, etc. But they won’t necessarily get their interest. Interest is what gets someone to want to do something differently than what they were trying to do before.  The something different is that they take an action and enter your sales funnel.

The good news is that there are only two things that he’s interested in:  (1) A problem he has and doesn’t want and / or (2) a result he wants and doesn’t have.

So your marketing needs to be about one or both. Therefore, the first step in your marketing and selling system has to be to address a problem you can help solve and/or a result that you can enable through your business.

Once he concludes “Yes!  This is interesting!” he now has a new question.  This second question is this:  “Are you for real?   Can I trust you?  Can you really help me solve this problem?  Get that result?”

And so now your marketing system needs to convince him that the answer to those questions are also “Yes.  They’re for real.  I can trust them!”

The way you do this is to create a hand-raising free offer…a free consultation, seminar, articles, 30 day trial, etc. The key here is that it needs to be based off of a key problem the prospect has or result they’re looking to achieve.

After they take you up on your hand-raising free offer, and they liked it, the third question is at the top of their mind: This third question is “OK, I see you’re trustworthy.  But can you help ME.  MY situation is x, y and z.  Can you help ME?”

As you’ve no doubt guessed, your marketing system’s job is now to help him easily answer “Yes!  You can help ME!”

If your system was effective up to this point, he’ll now want to know specifics.  Like “How much does it cost?”  Or, “Can you give a proposal?” Depending on your business. And here your marketing system needs to create a paid offer that he can’t refuse. This is where you help them solve that full problem or get that full result.

The first three steps are your preparation.  It’s the foundation work.  Now you’re ready to put your message out there.

Step 4 is all about getting your free offer noticed. It’s about tactics. It’s where you get into advertising, PR, social media and so on. The problem is that most small business owners jump straight to Step 4.

But when you skip over the foundation work of Steps 1, 2, and 3 the tactics don’t work. Because people look at the offer and think “Is this interesting to me? Is this something I should pay attention to?” and their answer is “No.”

The action step here is to pick one tactic, one method for getting noticed, and master it.

Finally, Step 5 is the time when you actually make your paid offer. It’s a sales conversation. And it can be in the form of a sales letter, webinar, seminar, or a one-on-one conversation – depending on what you’re selling. Then follow it up with back end sales.  And referrals so that you give more people the opportunity to get their first question answered.

Can you share a case study of how having a system like this has helped a client?

Yes, absolutely.  Let’s look at a client who has allowed me to share his story, Tom Zeeb, from Traction REIA.

Tom teaches people how to quit their jobs by replacing their income through real estate investing.  He runs a monthly Real Estate Investor’s Association (REIA) group where people come to learn and network with others in the business.  And he also has a not-inexpensive coaching program where he works with you 1-1 for a year.

Tom came to me because he was not getting a consistent flow of people into his coaching program.

I interviewed four people who had already invested to join his program and from just those four interviews we saw patterns.  We learned that the key problem they were having went something like this:  “I’ve read all the books.  I’ve taken all the trainings.  And now I’m out there on the street trying to make these deals work.  But I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.  I enrolled with Tom because I realized that he can help me take all this book knowledge and convert it to street smarts so I can start making some real traction.”

Based on these insights, we changed his company name from Capital Area REIA to Traction REIA and Traction Real Estate Mentors.  And he now uses this insight to the true problem and result of his ideal clients in all his marketing.  He now has a process he follows and repeats.   And every time, he lands new clients.

Dov Gordon explains these five steps in depth – and a lot more – in his popular free seminar called “The 5 Steps to A Consistent Flow of Customers.”  

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