Infographic: A Breakdown of Color Preferences by Gender

by Sean Work

Last updated on July 24th, 2017

Choosing the right colors for a web or app design can be one of the most difficult decisions there is.

Funny right? Not the coding, not the copy – the darn colors!

Those who are not skilled in graphic design or the arts should probably leave this decision alone (we always botch it) :).

One factor that comes into play when making these palette decisions is: what gender are you targeting?

The infographic below will shed some light on how men and women perceive colors differently and even how they name colors differently. These interesting insights may adjust your thinking on how you design, and even label products and page elements.

Below this infographic I will show you some ways to get some great color palettes. Call ’em hacks if you will.


A big thanks to Kissmetrics for putting out this infographic.

How to Choose Colors

Again, choosing colors is an art in itself. There are a couple of sites out there that can help. Even if you’re not a graphic designer, these sites will definitely spark inspiration – so they are well worth the visit!



On the surface, just seems like a place where designers can showcase their latest stuff. But there is sort of a hack you can employ using this wonderful website.

First, if you see a design that’s eye-catching, you can grab the color palette used.

grab the color palette

Just click on any color in the color palette and Dribbble will tell you the hex value of that color.

dribble hex value color

Say you were sort of impressed with the first color palette you found, and it was that soft red (#F17474) that you really liked. By sorting other designs on Dribbble by #F17474, you can search for a better matching palette that fits what you’re really after.

You can also enter any hex value you like after the URL address: and find designs based on that color (make sure you drop the #).


I guarantee any site owner that spends a lot of time on this site will eventually become better at branding and design later on :).

Adobe Color CC

Formerly known as Adobe Kuler, Adobe Color CC is a great tool for tweaking potential color palettes until you get them just right. Simply slide and spin the interactive controls and find that perfect color match.

adobe color cc

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