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How to Survive The Social Media Jungle with Smart Content Curation

by Today's Eggspert

navigating through social media jungle

If you’re spending hours every week on content curation, then you’re missing the point. The art of curation originally moved into the spotlight because it saved social media marketers valuable time and effort while allowing them to achieve great results. When optimized, your content curation plan should help you keep…

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Think About the Funnel: How to Optimize Your Off-Site Presence on 8 Social Media Sites

by Sharon Hurley Hall

social media and your funnel

A lot of conversion optimization advice targets onsite conversions: ensuring that every aspect of your website is working to lead visitors to take action. But if you’re only focusing on what happens on your website, you’re missing a trick, because there’s lots going on offsite that has an effect on…

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Advertising on Instagram

by Today's Eggspert

a step by step guide to advertising on Instagram

Are you looking for new ways to advertise your business in 2016? If so, be sure to include Instagram in your marketing plans. This photo and video sharing social network provides great opportunities to promote your products and find new prospects. Launched in 2010 and acquired by Facebook in 2012,…

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How To Get Conversions From Conversations

by Today's Eggspert

conversions from conversations

Every business is trying to figure out a way to get potential customers from social media to their checkout page. We have an insane number of tips for generating leads from social media and converting them into loyal customers. These tips have been chewed and spat out many times, but…

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6 Tips That Will Drastically Improve Your Twitter Conversions

by Neil Patel

use more action words for twitter

With more than 300 million active monthly users Twitter has become a powerhouse and terrific medium for creating and reinforcing a brand image. Most marketers would probably agree that it’s transformed a great deal from the original intent of the social platform. Today, it’s an amazing tool for reaching fans…

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