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AdWords Lessons From SEO Agencies?

by Adam Kreitman

C’mon! AdWords lessons from SEO agencies? What do SEOs really know about the complex and strategic world of PPC? Well, in this article we’re gonna find out. Over the last few months, I’ve been monitoring the AdWords campaigns of the companies bidding on the keyword “seo agency” in Google (I…

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AdWords Lessons From a Fiercely Competitive Market

by Adam Kreitman

It’s actually pretty simple. Ad copy and landing page.  That’s all a prospect will see of your AdWords campaign. If you get the messaging on both right (and it jives with the keyword they typed into Google), there’s a good chance you’ll be successful with AdWords. If not, you’ll probably…

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Show Me My Heatmap

Playing around w/ @CrazyEgg and like it so far. Quick, nice and simple. Also easily implementable with #googletagmanager built-in tag.

Brandon K. Lee