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How To Sell With Six Words Or Less

by Russ Henneberry

It’s the most concentrated form of marketing — the tagline. When done right, a tagline can pack an explosive marketing punch in just a few words. But the lessons learned here extend far beyond taglines.  The psychology behind these brilliantly crafted bits of marketing can be applied to every level…

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A Content Marketers Guide To Creating Curiosity

by Russ Henneberry

If you want more attention for your content, learn to excite curiosity. Curiosity is one of the critical levers successful content marketers use to sell products, services and ideas in this increasingly noisy world. Let’s take a look at the research. What creates curiosity? According to research by Carnegie Mellon’s…

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The Simple Way To Give Prospects The Confidence To Buy

by Georgina El Morshdy

It is often the tipping point. The point at which a prospect becomes a paying customer. In the Adweek Copywriting Handbook, legendary copywriter Joseph Sugarman presents an interesting tactic.  He calls it a “satisfaction conviction”. According to Sugarman, a satisfaction conviction: “…conveys a message from you to your prospect that…

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Show Me My Heatmap

To capture data, @blueearth recommends website heatmaps #CrushinItMN