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Nowadays, consumer preferences are as diverse as the platforms they use. This means businesses have to juggle the challenge of maintaining effective communication across multiple channels—especially since consumers not only expect seamless interaction, but also the flexibility to choose their preferred mode of communication, whether that’s social media, chat, email, or direct calls.

This is where Boei steps in. They promise to bridge the gap between businesses and customers across various channels by integrating a range of contact options onto a single platform. Boei is bringing omnichannel customer interaction and lead generation solutions to many industries, ranging from coaching to ecommerce, to travel and beyond

These tools include chat, contact forms, and even direct call options, all of which help make the customer experience more personalized and responsive. Let’s see just how effective these tools are and whether Boei is right for your business.

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Boei: The Good and the Bad

Boei is making a name for itself thanks to its ease of use and wide range of customer engagement tools. But all tools have their unique pros and cons. Here’s what we like about Boei and where we think they could improve.

What Boei Is Good At

Flexible, Versatile Communication Options: By tailoring its solutions to a wide variety of popular platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email, and more, Boei ensures that you can connect with your customers on their preferred platforms.

Customers are looking for personalized contact and engagement options, so meeting customers where they’re at with their contact method of choice is a great way to enhance the overall customer experience.

For example, let’s say you run a Shopify store. Boei gives you the option to offer a single contact option, like booking a demo or a call. Or, you could give your customers a handful of options so they can engage with your brand in the way they’re most comfortable with or excited about. Email, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Business Chat, Whatsapp, and more can be embedded into a single widget with ease.

Boei chat popup example on the Orangebeard website.

From a customer’s point of view, you can see how this approach allows for more personalized and comfortable communication. In turn, this can boost both customer engagement and customer satisfaction over time.

It can also streamline communication for your business. Rather than managing a bunch of messaging widgets, apps, and platforms, you can consolidate everything into one solution with Boei.

Ease of Integration and Use: Another of Boei’s best features is its simplicity and ease of integration. You can easily embed Boei into your website to chat with your visitor across 50+ different channels, regardless of the platform you’re using—be it WordPress, Wix, Shopify, or Squarespace.

The ease of integration, coupled with a user-friendly interface, means even if you have minimal technical know-how, you can still set up Boei quickly and start enhancing your customer interactions. While no-code software and tools are increasingly becoming table stakes, Boei’s ease of use still stands out, especially for small businesses or individual entrepreneurs who might not have the resources for complex website modifications.

The straightforward setup process not only saves time but also reduces any likelihood of errors, making Boei a quick, reliable way to enhance your online customer interaction.

It’s worth noting that unlike some peers, Boei lets you put these chat tools on each page of your site if you choose, rather than just the homepage.

Boei homepage screenshot.

Customizable Contact Forms: Beyond traditional chat functions, Boei also lets you offer customizable contact forms. The depth of these forms is up to you. You can limit them to basic queries or include options like feedback collection, call-back requests, and newsletter sign-ups.

This feature is particularly useful if you’re looking to engage with your audience while also gathering specific data. Since you can tailor these forms, they can be customized to optimize for everything from lead generation to customer support.

If you’re in ecommerce for example, you could use Boei to create a contact form on your product pages. The form could not only allow customers to ask questions about specific products but also sign up for back-in-stock notifications or subscribe to a newsletter featuring new arrivals and exclusive offers.

This is a good example of how a form can serve dual purposes: facilitating immediate customer engagement while also helping to build your mailing list for future marketing campaigns.

These forms can be built into the communication widget (which often appears in the corner of your screen/website), so they’re a non-intrusive yet effective way to connect with your website visitors. This level of customization in contact forms makes Boei a powerful way to capture leads and gather actionable insight from your visitors.

Boei’s Potential Drawbacks

Limited Design and UI Customization: Boei’s design and user interface (UI) customization options might fall short if you’re seeking a more tailored and branded experience.

The current design choices, particularly in terms of widget customization for logos and icons, are somewhat basic, which might not align with the unique branding needs of your company. So if you’re looking for highly sophisticated design elements like a wide variety of widget styles or more advanced placement options, you might find Boei’s offerings to be a bit limited.

Lack of Depth for Advanced Users: While Boei offers a handy native form component, and its no-code functionality is excellent for beginners, its forms might not fully meet the needs of a more advanced user.

The form components are still somewhat limited in terms of input fields and customization options, which could be restrictive if your business requires more complex or specific form solutions.

Unclear Pricing Structure: We’ll cut right to the chase: there is no pricing page on Boei’s website.

The only pricing info on its website is this statement on the FAQ page: “Boei has a generous free plan for up to 20 leads per month. We also have a paid plan that gives you more quota.”

You’ll need to reach out to Boei directly to learn about pricing options.

Boei Plans and Pricing

Again, there is no pricing information available on Boei’s website.

It does give you an option to create a free account to get started.

You can also reach out to Boei’s team to learn more about what plans it has available for your business.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Boei is a great option if you’re looking for an omnichannel approach to your customer communication. The ability to offer such a wide variety of contact methods—from social media messaging to direct calls—with one streamlined platform is definitely Boei’s biggest benefit. It simplifies interactions for customers and also makes it easier for you to manage all those interactions on your end, too.

For these reasons, we think Boei is a great communication tool for many businesses and scenarios. For instance, ecommerce, coaching, and home services businesses can all benefit from it as a chat, messaging, and lead generation tool.

So whether you’re looking to boost lead generation, streamline your customer queries, or just offer a more “full stack” communication experience, Boei is a flexible, user-friendly solution.

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