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Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

Are you falling behind or losing track of orders completely? That can be a death sentence for your business. We dived into the world of work order software, picking the top five options. We feel that MaintainX is best for most. You get limitless order management, forms, checklists, and a very user-friendly interface.

The Best Work Order Software for Most

MaintainX Logo


Best for most

MaintainX delivers an intuitive work order software with no limits on the number of orders you can create or the number of assets and locations you can manage. It makes facility maintenance, safety standards, and equipment management a breeze. Current customers include McDonalds, Burger King, and Hilton. Includes form creation, a built-in communication network, and API-based integrations. Paid plans start at $10 per user per month.

Maintenance management becomes crucial with growing manufacturing capacities. Particularly because there’s a greater need to have an organized system that simplifies inventory, maintenance, and operational tasks.

MaintainX software brings together production workflows, standard operating procedures, safety inspection checks, and the quality control features you need. This changes the dynamic of your business overnight in many ways. The platform is intuitive and makes even the least technological individual a pro when using this software. Plus, if your needs are limited, there’s even a free-forever version available.

The Best Work Order Software Options to Consider:

  1. MaintainX – Best for most
  2. Limble CMMS – Best for enterprise asset management
  3. UpKeep – Best option with a CMMS mobile app
  4. FieldEdge – Best for enterprise-grade businesses 
  5. Maintenance Care – Best free edition

When it Makes Sense to Invest In Work Order Software

Gone are the days when businesses used manual labor and paper for operations, maintaining records, and communication – and luckily so.

Recent technological innovations and the internet have given us various automation options to enhance daily efficiency.

To help you understand whether your business can benefit from getting a work order software, let’s discuss a few industry-specific applications:

Facilities Maintenance

Businesses involved in facilities maintenance work tracking can benefit from work order software, making managing facilities more streamlined.

For instance, a property management company has to identify the area of work, the tenant for which the work is performed, and the owner responsible for costs—all of which can be made easier by using the software.

Customized Manufacturing

For those who aren’t aware, service-oriented work order programs are different from manufacturing-oriented work order programs. 

One of the more notable differences between the two is the obligatory communication or incorporation of the bills for the materials used for manufacturing-oriented programs whenever a given order is complete. Quality management is also crucial for manufacturing work order management.

You’ll be able to streamline product inspection and quality assessment processes by getting a work order software optimized for the manufacturing environment.

Plus, CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) solutions, a type of work order software, can maximize your equipment‘s operational health, ensuring nearly 100% uptime.

What’s not to love?

Travel and Delivery-Related Work Needs

Businesses dealing with vehicle-based needs and delivery find themselves facing several work-related requirements. This, in turn, can complicate operations and increase the possibility of committing blunders.

Luckily, work order software includes useful features like GPS tracking, truck inventory management, and routing and dispatching capabilities, which can help boost efficiency for companies that have vehicles in the field.

Aside from these industry-specific applications, work order software can help decrease costs, automate recurring tasks, boost performance efficiency, and extend equipment and asset lifespan by reducing upkeep costs.

If you can identify areas in your business that could potentially benefit by using a work order software, read on as we present our best five options.

#1 MaintainX – Best for Most

MaintainX Logo


Best for most

MaintainX delivers an intuitive work order software with no limits on the number of orders you can create or the number of assets and locations you can manage. It makes facility maintenance, safety standards, and equipment management a breeze. Current customers include McDonalds, Burger King, and Hilton. Includes form creation, a built-in communication network, and API-based integrations. Paid plans start at $10 per user per month.

MaintainX is hands down one of the best work order software in the market. 

It offers user-friendly work order management solutions that you can try out with a free plan.

This could be particularly useful for single-site businesses that have to be very careful when making purchase decisions.

With no limit on the number of orders you want to create, you can use the software to design locations and assets and extend invites to as many users as you need.

Additionally, this CMMS software makes it easier to maintain facilities, safety standards, and equipment and ensures easy communication among the maintenance department members.

Users can access MaintainX from any device connected to the internet.

There’s also the option to download an intuitive work order app from the company – available for Android and iOS smartphones – to access, update, and customize mobile work orders on the go.

MaintainX has found takers in global giants like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Hilton Hotels.

It’s definitely a good match for the manufacturing and industrial niches, property managers, schools, quick service restaurants, SMBs, and enterprises.

Prominent Features

  • Unlimited work orders, assets, and locations
  • Unlimited photos and PDFs upload 
  • API-based integration with third-party tools
  • Form creation templates
  • Built-in communication network
  • Multiple device access via an intuitive mobile app


MaintainX offers four plans chargeable per user per month:

  • Basic – Free
  • Essential – $10
  • Premium – $39
  • Enterprise – $115

There’s also an option to save 17% on your billing if you choose to pay annually.

#2 Limble CMMS – Best Work Order Software for Enterprise Asset Management

Limble CMMS Logo

Limble CMMS

Best for Enterprise Asset Management

Track and manage 50 or 500,000+ assets using one intuitive, multi-faceted enterprise asset management platform. Includes real-time asset data, sensor connections, detailed maintenance logs, QR code capabilities, unlimited custom search fields, vendor management, inventory management, and more. Paid plans start at $50 per month.

Despite often being used interchangeably, Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) have different uses. While the former is more maintenance-focused, the latter helps track an asset’s entire lifecycle.

Limble CMMS is one of the best tools to get a detailed understanding of every asset, making it a great option for EAM. It has all the necessary tools to allow you to track each one of your assets – whether they’re 50 or 500,000 in number – within a single solution.

In fact, regulating maintenance work is also easier, with most users vouching that they have experienced a 30% boost in overall communication and productivity through the software.

Limble CMMS users can receive real-time asset data with sensor connections and view detailed maintenance logs. The platform also makes it easier to track KPIs, find information using QR codes, and enjoy unlimited custom search fields, which allows you to track whatever you want for your assets.

Some of the most popular brands on Limble CMMS’s resume include Unilever, Nike, and Holiday Inn.

Prominent Features

  • Preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Work requests 
  • Work orders
  • Asset management
  • Inventory management
  • Vendor management
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Multiple language CMMS


There are currently four plans offered by the platform chargeable per user per month:

  • Starter – $50
  • Professional – $80
  • Business Plus+ – $120
  • Enterprise– $205

Again, if you opt for an annual subscription, you can get a lower price.

#3 UpKeep – The Best Work Order Software With a CMMS Mobile App

UpKeep Logo


Best for Mobile Use

Manage work orders on the go using UpKeep’s intuitive and clean mobile app. Incredibly beneficial for field service businesses and agile maintenance teams managing moving assets. Includes calibration management, inventory tracking, invoicing, control keys, depreciation tracking, and workflow automation capabilities. Limited free plan is available with paid plans starting at $35 per user per month.

Although UpKeep is a CMMS software, plenty of corporations use it for its excellent field service management (FSM) capabilities. It’s also a mobile-first solution, making it perfect for agile maintenance teams and technicians who are always on the go.

Users can create and manage recurring work orders while simultaneously organizing them according to priority. The app allows users to manage calibration, track inventory, run invoices, and control keys and locks.

Inventory and asset management in the field is also easier thanks to the platform’s QR codes and meter-reading features. Again, all of these activities can be done from the UpKeep mobile app – provided users have a stable internet connection.

Upkeep is best for organizing daily tasks without the need to assign work orders to others. Several renowned brands like Yamaha, Marriott, and Chick-fil-A have shown trust in this solution.

Prominent Features

  • CMMS and FSM capabilities
  • Highly-interactive mobile app
  • Work orders and work requests
  • Inventory management
  • Depreciation tracking
  • Time and cost tracking
  • Workflow automation 


UpKeep offers four plans chargeable per user per month:

  • Community – Free
  • Starter – $40
  • Professional – $75
  • Business Plus – $120

You’ll see a decrease in prices if you opt for the annual subscriptions.

#4 FieldEdge – The Best Work Order Software for Enterprise-Sized Businesses

FieldEdge Logo


Best for Enterprises

FieldEdge is designed to help large businesses and enterprises streamline coordinated activities and improve advanced customer support processes. Includes activity tracking, automatic work order creation, customizable forms, billing and invoicing integrations, an uploadable price book, and an intuitive mobile app for iOS and Android. Paid plans start around $100 per month for desktop users and $125 per month for field technicians.

FieldEdge is specifically designed for large businesses that want higher customization and don’t mind paying higher prices for it. 

You see, these companies have a large number of employees and want to do things in a way that makes operations most convenient for them and not adapt to those of a software program, which is exactly what FieldEdge can offer with its customizable features.

It helps teams coordinate activities without losing contact with the main office. This feature makes it a great option for service businesses like locksmiths, HVAC installers, plumbers, and landscapers.

One interesting feature of FieldEdge is that the platform creates a new work order whenever a customer calls. While this can be useful for large companies with higher customer volumes, it can also get annoying if a customer calls to simply check on order status.

FieldEdge has a mobile version of its software that’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Users can keep track of things like activities for the day and the total number of hours worked through it.

Prominent Features

  • Customizable forms
  • Application prompts
  • Intuitive mobile app
  • Uploadable price book
  • Billing and invoicing integration with QuickBooks
  • Plenty of support and customization


FieldEdge doesn’t list prices on the website. After conducting some research, though, we found that the company charges $100 per user per month for the desktop version and $125 per user per month for field technicians.

Users can opt for a $4000 one-time fee for software set up and remote training as well.

#5 Maintenance Care – The Best Work Order Software for Free Trials

Maintenance Care Logo

Maintenance Care

Best Free Edition

If you’re on a tight budget, Maintenance Care offers a robust free edition, outshining the other free plans on this list. It’s a great choice for businesses currently using spreadsheets and manual methods who’re new to the world of automation. The free plan comes with basic reporting, automated notifications, unlimited task types, and a free mobile app for management on the go. Paid plans start at $75 per month.

Work order software is still gaining popularity, so many businesses haven’t tried it out yet. As a result, it’s normal for decision-makers to feel apprehensive before they finally take the leap and buy a plan.

Maintenance Care could be the perfect fit for such businesses. 

It can introduce workforces to the wonders of automation, especially those who still use Excel spreadsheets and manually written paper records to keep track of work orders and maintenance management.

The platform offers a solid free forever plan that covers all the basic needs of work order management online. Businesses can still enjoy features, such as basic reporting, unlimited task types, and automated task notifications, without paying any extra money. And if you decide you like the software and want additional features and users, then simply upgrade at a later time.

Users can manage and track everything on the go by downloading Maintenance Care’s free mobile app. 

Prominent Features

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Work orders
  • Asset tracking
  • Wireless sensors
  • Integrations
  • Reporting
  • Document storage


Maintenance Care has three plans on offer, the prices of which are based on yearly payment:

  • Free Edition – Free
  • Work Order Edition – $75
  • Enterprise Edition – Request a quote

The company claims that the Enterprise Edition is “less than you think” and comes with additional features like acid barcode scanning, custom fillable forms, and project management.

Methodology for Choosing the Best Work Order Software

Every business has a unique set of demands, and the work order software you choose must meet those demands.

Plus, if you choose the wrong software, you’re working against yourself-defeating the whole purpose of getting the software in the first place.

Take the following factors into consideration before finalizing your decision.

Company Reputation

We cannot stress enough the importance of buying software from a reputable company.

The fact that a company enjoys a good name in the market means they offer high-quality products and offer efficient customer support – both of which are mandatory for getting the most out of your software.

Ask the company how often they update the program as well. 

You see, work order software has to process all kinds of data, which could result in glitches and problems, but frequent updates can ensure things keep running smoothly and easily with minimal issues.

Schedule Tracker

You want a work order software that has a schedule tracker – there’s no other way about it. 

This will allow you to create different schedules automatically and keep them updated, which can be useful for businesses dealing with a lot of equipment that needs maintenance. Similarly, a schedule tracker can help to create and track billing cycles, client appointments, and several other services that have to be monitored.


There is plenty of task and time management software in the market. But irrespective of the wide selection available, you should choose a software that can handle your specific work needs efficiently. 

Having one software for one thing and then another software for another piece of your process becomes tedious. Don’t settle for a work order software that almost meets your requirements.

Make a list of all the important functions of your organization, and then select software that can take care of all these tasks. Getting this part right will help you create better work timelines and deliver a consistently great customer experience.

Core and Additional Features

Every software you select will have two kinds of features: core features and additional features. Your job is to strike the right balance between these two. 

Core features can include work order management, predictive maintenance, preventative maintenance, and asset management. The idea here is to look for software that offers features that align with your organization’s goals.

EAM, mobile apps, QR scanning, vendor management, multi-language and multi-site support, custom reports and dashboard, and so on are features that go beyond the essentials. You’ll decide on these additional features based on your industry type and the assets you manage.


Every business has a budget constraint – you know it and we know it. And while work order software isn’t very expensive, you might end up with a huge bill if you’re negligent. 

Generally, pricing plans are categorized under three headings:

  • Monthly Subscription Plan. This plan will have the vendor specify a maximum number of work order software users for a fixed fee.
  • Monthly Subscription Plan by User Number. This plan involves charging accounts on a sliding scale depending on the number of team members who use the software every month.
  • Perpetual Licensing Fees. This plan will give you unlimited CMMS access in exchange for a significantly higher fee upfront.

Before officially choosing an option, try to find out how much it’ll cost long-term and whether there are any hidden charges. After learning about the numbers, you can then calculate the time it will take for the software to start paying for itself. 

Of course, it may take a while for your business to get to this point, but this is how things should be in the end. If the cost is too high, look elsewhere. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time breaking even.

MaintainX Logo


Best for most

MaintainX delivers an intuitive work order software with no limits on the number of orders you can create or the number of assets and locations you can manage. It makes facility maintenance, safety standards, and equipment management a breeze. Current customers include McDonalds, Burger King, and Hilton. Includes form creation, a built-in communication network, and API-based integrations. Paid plans start at $10 per user per month.


Having work order software will give you smooth operations and ultimately a better customer experience.

Choose the right software by considering your requirements and objectives, and then compare each option based on these factors. MaintainX is our top overall recommendation since it suits the needs of most organizations, but it may not be for everyone.

For instance, if you want a CMMS mobile app, Limble CMMS would be a better option, while those who haven’t ever tried work order before should consider getting Maintenance Care.

Regardless of your industry niche, business needs, and size, you can use this guide to find the best work order software for your circumstances since we’ve made a point to include an option for everyone.

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