Best WordPress Directory Plugins Compared

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Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

When using a WordPress directory plugin, it’s important that the plugin offers the directory capabilities your business needs. To determine the best plugins, we researched and reviewed the best five companies that meet our top four criteria for a top-performing plugin. Our top choice, Directories Pro, combines versatility, ease of use, and customization power, making it an excellent option for most businesses. This plugin is affordably priced but works equally well for a startup building its first directory as it does for a larger enterprise building a larger directory. 

The Best WordPress Directory Plugin for Most 

Directories Pro logo

Directories Pro

Best for Most

Directories Pro is the best plugin for most because it lets you do the most for the least. With it, you can create a huge range of directories, customize everything about them, search them with versatile filters, and even monetize them--all for only $39.

Directories Pro is a highly versatile plugin that gives you tremendous customization power while still being easy to use. It can help you create everything from a review directory to a searchable map directory, and you can do that with ease. You can create unlimited directories with your subscription, and you’ll enjoy an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

This plugin automatically takes care of all of the details that you don’t want to worry about, including loading speed and mobile optimization. Affordably priced and absolutely worth the cost, this plugin is a user-friendly choice for the new small business owner. It also has the power and functionality that the owner of a rapidly growing larger enterprise needs. 

The Best WordPress Directory Plugin Options to Consider 

  1. Directories Pro – Best for Most 
  2. Sabai Directory – Best for Creating Community Connections
  3. Toolset – Best for Building Directories From Scratch
  4. GeoDirectory – Best for Scaling Up Fast
  5. Business Directory Plugin – Best for Headache-Free Directory Setup

When It Makes Sense to Invest Into a WordPress Directory Plugin

WordPress directory plugins are so versatile that they can enhance almost any business’ website. It makes the most sense to invest in a plugin when that plugin can give your website the functionality that you can’t get elsewhere. 

If customers don’t really know who you are yet, you can use directory plugins to provide site visitors with important information about your company. If customers are having trouble finding your business, you might use a directory to help customers find all of the locations of your stores or offices. You could also use a directory plugin to showcase businesses that complement the services you offer, or to collect and display customer reviews to show clear social proof of your quality products and services. 

These multiple potential uses all add value for your potential customers, and they can help to drive sales and business traffic. Done well, a WordPress directory plugin can be a valuable investment that can help to grow your business. 

With free and low-cost plugin options available, it’s rarely too early to invest in a plugin. If your business is growing, you’ll want to use a plugin that will let the directory grow and expand with you. If you’re a startup on a tight budget, then you may want to consider a free or low-cost plugin that offers basic functionality without requiring a large investment. 

If you’re looking for increased WordPress site functionality and want to display a collection of information so that it’s easily accessible, then it’s time to invest in a WordPress directory plugin.

#1 – Directories Pro — The Best for Most

Directories Pro logo

Directories Pro

Best for Most

Directories Pro is the best plugin for most because it lets you do the most for the least. With it, you can create a huge range of directories, customize everything about them, search them with versatile filters, and even monetize them--all for only $39.

Directories Pro offers an optimal combination of customization, versatility, and value, making it a top choice for most WordPress site owners. 

With Directories Pro, you can customize nearly everything, including all fields. You can also build a wide variety of directories, including website and user directories, as well as local business directories. 

The drag-and-drop editor is intuitive and easy to use, so there’s no need to know any coding. You can modify your directory even if you have limited site-building experience. 

One of the major advantages of Directories Pro is its advanced search and filter feature. This allows for fast and smooth searching, so viewers can access the exact information that they’re looking for. 

Directories Pro is also known for its fast and responsive design. It utilizes a cache to ensure optimal performance and speed, so you don’t have to worry about it slowing your site down or causing users to drop off. The directory is optimized for both desktop and mobile users, so there’s no need to worry about accessibility. 

There are plenty of opportunities with Directories Pro. You can use the app to create an unlimited number of directories. By adding custom fields and taxonomies, as well as conditional fields, you can tailor the directory’s performance to be exactly what you need. Monetization features allow you to charge users who submit listings to your directory, bringing in another source of revenue. 

Other top features include: 

  • Multiple translation options
  • Display maps with Google Maps or OpenStreetMap
  • Compatibility with SEO plugins
  • The ability to let guest users submit both listings and reviews
  • Supports multiple contact form plugins to add a contact form to your database listings

Directories Pro is highly versatile, so it’s suitable for most businesses. With the ability to create multiple directories, you can truly customize your site’s performance. While Directories Pro offers plenty of editing power, it’s also easy to use, so it’s a good choice for the new business owner as well as for the veteran site designer. 

A regular Directories Pro license costs $39 and includes six months of support, making it an affordable option for nearly any business.  You can extend that support to 12 months for $12.75. 

Get started today!

#2 – Sabai Directory — The Best for Creating Community Connections

Sabai logo

Best for Creating Community Connections

If you’re a local-level business looking to connect with both customers and other businesses in your community, Sabai Directory will be your plugin of choice. It includes robust search capabilities, user reviews, and multiple map styles, all for just $29.

If you’re looking to create a database like Yelp or Google Places, Sabai Directory is the way to go. This plugin delivers premium features that are designed to create an easily searchable, community-based database. 

With this plugin, you can create an interactive listing database that’s searchable by keyword, categories and locations, rating, distance, and more. This database includes list and map views, helping your site visitors to quickly identify your store or restaurant locations and access important review and rating details. 

Particularly valuable for restaurants, Saba Directory also allows you to allow users to add their own content to the directory. With this setting enabled, users can post reviews, upload reviews, comment on reviews, and add photos. This makes the directory a truly interactive experience, moving past just being an information-providing directory and into the realm of creating engagement with your customers. 

Sabai Directory’s visual form editor is user-friendly and clean. You can choose from more than 12 field types, customizing the directory’s appearance and performance as needed.

Other benefits include: 

  • The ability to choose from multiple map styles
  • The ability to add rating criteria and charts with details like food, service, and price
  • Fully responsive design that looks great on any platform
  • Payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout

The Sabai Directory regular license is $29 and includes six months of support. You can extend that support to 12 months for $9. 

This plugin is affordably priced and offers all of the capabilities you want when creating a community-based directory. The ability to let customers contribute to the directory fosters important connections and conversations, making this app an ideal choice for businesses with multiple locations. It’s particularly ideal for restaurants. 

Download Sabai Directory here.

#3 – Toolset — The Best For Building Directories From Scratch

Toolset logo


Best for Building Directories From Scratch

If you’re the hands-on type who likes to build things from the ground up, Toolset will be perfect for you. More than just a directory plugin, it’s a literal tool set for customizing your website--which means it lets you create and customize all your directories by hand.

Toolset isn’t your average directory-only plugin, but it offers even greater value. Toolset is actually a suite of tools that you can customize to enhance your WordPress site. The tools and plugins include: 

  • Types to create customized posts, taxonomies, and fields
  • Views to display content without using PHP
  • Layouts drag-and-drop tool for easy site-building
  • CRED to build forms to collect information
  • Access to manage memberships and users within community areas of the site
  • Module Manager to help you reuse your site designs on other websites

You can use Toolset to create custom directories. Build out a complete listing and directory site, complete with forms that allow for content submission and custom searches. You can also create a directory that displays search results on Google and Azure maps, perfect for businesses with multiple locations. 

Toolset makes learning to use the plugins easy and risk-free. You can experiment with a training site, so you learn how to use the plugin without inadvertently making changes to your site that you don’t want. Toolset delivers technical support through its forum. 

Toolset costs $69 per year for one site, and it renews at $51 per year. That includes one year of free updates and support. While this is more expensive than some of the other plugins listed, remember that Toolset isn’t just for databases, but also offers increased versatility to your entire WordPress site. 

Install Toolset here.

#4 – GeoDirectory — The Best for Scaling Up Fast

GD logo


Best for Scaling Up Fast

GeoDirectory is designed for fast-growing businesses building seven-figure listing directories that handle heavy traffic--so if that’s you, you’ll really appreciate its high-level customization and easy search functions. You’ll also appreciate its price--only $199 per year.

Your database needs to be able to grow with your growing business, and that’s just what GeoDirectory does. GeoDirectory is capable of scaling to millions of listings and the high traffic that comes with that type of growth. 

Compatible with most WordPress page builders, GeoDirectory features a drag-and-drop builder that’s easy to use. You’ll also enjoy full control of the style of each page, so you can get the exact look that you want. 

You can use shortcodes and widgets to further customize the listing’s design. If you’re working with a designer, they can further customize GeoDirectory for a unique, made-for-your-business feel. 

With GeoDirectory, you can create a searchable directory with a map display. You can also create a searchable directory of products, like real estate listings or cars. Ready-made themes take some of the work out of designing, letting you quickly get your directory online. 

GeoDirectory offers technical support through its support forum. 

With its subscription-based pricing, GeoDirectory is more expensive than other plugins, but it’s also equipped to grow with your business and handle those large-volume directories that other plugins can’t. A subscription costs $99 for four months, which includes all add-ons, themes, products, and premium support. A year costs $199. 

With GeoDirectory’s ease of use, support availability, and ability to scale to support large enterprises, it’s a valuable investment. Get started today!

#5 – Business Directory Plugin — The Best For Headache-Free Directory Setup

BDP logo

Business Directory Plugin

Best for Headache-Free Setup

Business Directory Plugin isn’t just easy to use. It’s easy to learn HOW to use--not only is its Getting Started guide second to none, it offers top-level support and a robust knowledge library. If you’ve never built a directory before, this plugin has your back.

The Business Directory Plugin offers some of the best support you’ll find. It offers a comprehensive Getting Started guide and Knowledge Base, so you can troubleshoot on your own. If you need additional help, you can submit a support request.

This plugin makes it easy to build a wide variety of databases. You can show directory results on a Google map, use templates to easily create your directory, and even offer free and paid directory submissions to generate revenue. 

These directories are designed to rank well with an SEO plugin, and they’re mobile-friendly to look just right on any screen. You’ll enjoy the ability to customize fields to your needs. 

Three plan levels are available, with the Basic plan starting at $99.50 per year. Each plan includes a year of support, as well as other benefits like unlimited listings, the ability to add category images, and automatic updates. 

This plugin’s versatility and support make its higher cost well worth it. Upgrading to the Pro plan means you can use the plugin on up to five sites, delivering increased value to larger businesses with multiple sites. 

Download Business Directory Plugin here.

Methodology for Choosing the Best WordPress Directory Plugins

To determine which WordPress directory plugins are best, we considered multiple criteria that are essential to the plugin’s usefulness and performance. We’ve outlined those criteria below so you can understand how we evaluated the plugins, and so you can use that criteria to help determine which plugin is right for you. 

Customization Options and Tools

A directory is only useful if you can customize it and get it to perform in the way that most benefits your business. Rather than using a cookie-cutter directory, it’s essential that you’re able to tailor and design the database to your needs. 

The best plugin for any business will give you the ability to customize the type of directory you’re using as well as the fields. With the ability to fully tailor the database to your needs, you’ll get more out of its performance. 


While a directory plugin that lets you create one specific type of directory can be useful, a plugin that’s highly versatile is much more valuable. Features like the ability to integrate payment options and map-based location searches are highly important to a plugin’s performance. Other perks like bookmarking tools and rating and review options mean you’ll be able to do more with a single plugin. 

The more versatile a plugin is, the more value you’ll get out of it. Maybe you don’t need that map-based search right now, but knowing it’s available means you can implement it when your business grows or you roll out a new project that would benefit from that function. Choosing a more versatile app can pay off in multiple ways.

Overall Ease of Use

Directory plugins can be both complex and obscure, so ease of use is worth considering here. You don’t want to have to struggle over getting your directory set up. That ease of use is equally as important when it comes to adding on new directory items in the future. 

No matter how comfortable you are with plugins and site-building, it’s important to choose a directory plugin that’s easy for you to use. Look for perks like shortcodes and widgets that make the process of creating and adding your directory to your site easier.

A more user-friendly plugin will let you play a direct role in the directory’s creation and maintenance. It can also save you money in maintaining your site since you’ll be able to make changes and updates yourself without hiring a site developer.

Technical Support Availability

While you always hope that you don’t need tech support, it’s always good to know that support is available if you do run into challenges. When deciding if a plugin is right for you, it’s important to weigh the availability of tech support. 

Many plugins come with some tech support, but that can be limited to the first few months. When choosing a plugin, consider how much tech support you’re likely to need and what types of support channels, like email or phone, are most important for you. 

Directories Pro logo

Directories Pro

Best for Most

Directories Pro is the best plugin for most because it lets you do the most for the least. With it, you can create a huge range of directories, customize everything about them, search them with versatile filters, and even monetize them--all for only $39.


A quality WordPress directory can drive sales and add revenue, but it’s essential to use a directory plugin that lets you get the exact performance and design your business needs. Directories Pro offers that versatility and customization capability at an affordable price, but there are plenty of other options that may be better if you need greater support or scalability. When choosing the right plugin for your business, be sure to consider factors like how much customization control it gives you and how easy it is to use. 

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