Best Web Design Agencies Compared

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Websites are a dime a dozen, and standing out is the biggest problem you face. Out of the 10 providers we reviewed, Jordan Crown is our favorite web design agency for setting your home on the web apart from the crowd. They create websites that make it easy for leads to find you and raise your brand profile. 

Top Web Design Agencies: Golden Eggs

Below you’ll find our Golden Eggs, the three agencies we consider stellar for the widest range of needs based on our research and their ability to handle projects of varying complexity.

Jordan Crown has a decade-long track record of delivering high-performing websites to their clients. Get started on your new site or redesign by requesting a quote today.  

Helium Sites gives small business owners the best chance of having a custom website at a steal of a price. Schedule a call with Helium to get the ball rolling. 

Digital Silk delivers cutting-edge web design and app development to help you grow your business. Request your quote from Digital Silk to see what they can do for you. 

Crazy Egg's Golden Egg: Best Web Design Agencies Compared

Web Design Agencies Review Process

The reviews that follow are all selected and researched based on the most common use cases we found for needing a web design agency. We do this for a few reasons, which we will get to in just a second. 

For now, let’s look at the three common use cases we uncovered that inform how we categorize the reviews that follow: 

We take these use cases and sort our agency reviews by them because it lowers the time you need to spend looking for what you want. You can quickly recognize your own needs in one of these buckets of reviews and then drill down on the handful of agencies that are more appropriate to your needs. Making this easier on you is our primary focus. 

Your buyer journey is specific to you and your business, so take whichever route you’d like. Focus on the reviews in the use case most relevant to your own scenario, or read through them all to get a feel for what these providers each bring to the table. Either way, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to get started with confidence. 

The Best Web Design Agencies for Creating or Overhauling Your Website

Today, more than ever, the competition online is fierce. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or what your services are. Consumers are smarter than ever but also more fickle about user experience. So, having a website that isn’t just a WordPress template that anyone with a computer can create isn’t enough. These agencies will deliver unique, effective, and modern website designs that are anything but cookie-cutter.

Jordan Crown

Jordan Crown brand logo.

Jordan Crown is all about building websites that find you opportunities to make more sales in your industry because mediocre websites don’t sell things. 

This agency makes sure your website delivers a top-notch user experience, whether visitors are coming to your site for content, information about your business, making a purchase, or anything else. 

Hundreds of clients have been satisfied with Jordan Crown’s ability to improve their websites’ efficacy, including companies like T-Mobile, Comcast, and Peoplefirm, which each overhauled their websites to get better results with Jordan Crown. 

Jordan Crown’s proprietary platform lets them show you website proposals that will meet your budget and spotlight opportunities you could be missing. And, if you love WordPress, they have developers with that as their specialty who can give any WordPress site a facelift that hardly resembles a cookie-cutter template.  

Bop Design 

Bop Design brand logo.

If you have any negative notions about how web design agencies work, Bop Design will shatter your reservations in a few short minutes. They are a premium B2B marketing and web design firm that holds itself accountable for your success. 

What makes them unique is the full team of branding specialists that go beyond creating a wireframe for your new site and create strategies to better position your business and increase awareness about what you do. Bop Design also includes content marketing strategies for their web design clients. 

This firm is fully plugged into modern best practices, and they share that expertise to keep you up to date on what’s trending in B2B marketing and web design. Their web development, WordPress Development, and responsive website designs are exceptional, and they have a wealth of experience designing for clients in fintech, aerospace, medtech, and SaaS. 

If you’re looking for a website that reflects the cutting edge in B2B tactics and content to match, Bop Design is the perfect vendor to turn to for your web design needs. 

OSC Web Design

OSC Web Design brand logo.

OSC Web Design goes beyond just constructing your new home on the web when they work with you. Sure, they have a cutting-edge website design, but they are also interested in helping clients with their business growth and generating ideas that change their industry. 

Web apps, digital marketing, and analytics are just a few other things OSC Web Design delivers. But, this agency excels at its core competency, creating one-of-a-kind websites that balance your branding with your ideal customers’ needs. 

OSC Web Design uses an eight-step process to ensure your website and positioning are unlike anyone else’s. They dive deep into your niche, your customers’ pain points, and more as they build out your site. Unique, outside-of-the-box thinking makes OSC special and has kept customers coming back since 2012.


Huemor brand logo.

Huemor uses storytelling, web development, and smart design to create websites that get results. They’re the only design company we found that infuses the power of story into the heart of your website’s design and functionality. 

They specialize in user experience design, full-stack web development, and conversion optimization. It doesn’t matter if you are a B2C or B2B operation—they can create a website you will be proud of. But, more importantly, it will convert visitors into paying, loyal customers. 

While they do work with small business owners, 85% of Huemor’s client focus is mid-market organizations. They’ve done work for Geico, NBC Sports, and the Special Olympics, to name a few notable clients. They know what they’re doing. 

If you’re looking for a web design agency that will take its time learning what’s important to you, then turn that into a user experience you can’t wait to share, Huemor can help.

The Best Web Design Agencies for Building Web-Based Applications 

Forget everything you know about web design being just pretty websites and marketing. These forward-thinking masters of internet creativity are also building the web applications we can’t live without. And they can help your business do the same. If you have a new app idea or already have an application that needs improved functionality, these agencies will craft a plan and deliver the goods.  

Digital Silk

Digital Silk brand logo.

Digital Silk has become a potent enough website and web app design firm that they’ve been featured on Fox News, ABC News, and an abundance of other platforms. With impressive development capabilities and a mind for strategy during builds, this agency can deliver the level of service you crave.

Mindful of the importance of ease of use, Digital Silk creates web applications that sport intuitive design and are tailored to your business’s strategic approach. This keeps your app users coming back for more and recommending your platform to their friends and peers. 

Digital Silk won’t just leave you after the app has been built, either, as they’re laser-focused on ensuring the results you want, not just an application facelift. They make it easy to review before-and-after designs, digital trends, and case studies before getting a quote. We find Digital Silk’s transparency is one reason customers love them so much. 

Digital Silk’s ecommerce apps create superior buying experiences, boost customer engagement, and generate better conversion rates while enhancing brand loyalty. That’s why the NFL, IBM, and AT&T love working with Digital Silk, and it’s likely you will, too.

Unified Infotech

Unified Infotech brand logo.

Have you ever heard of a boutique digital transformation agency? If not, now you have because that’s exactly what Unified Infotech is. They focus on a full transformation of your business into something greater than it was when you started with them. 

This is one of two agencies on this list that delivers equal focus to web design and web development. That means you are in equally good hands whether you want Unified Infotech to build your web application or design your website (or both). 

Make no mistake, they’re industry experts at planning, designing, developing, and scaling useful, high-quality web applications. Citi Bank, Sony, and other high-profile enterprises have tapped Unified Infotech’s talents for their own needs. Not only will they create web apps for your business, but you can also utilize them for mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

Agency Partner Interactive

Agency Partner Interactive brand logo.

If you need custom web applications that have uncommon functionality or requirements, Agency Partner Interactive is waiting for your call. They offer data-driven solutions in web design and they build web applications from the ground up, using the best designers and developers on earth. 

Agency Partner Interactive can say that because of their uncompromising vetting and hiring process, which mirrors the top tech companies in Silicon Valley. Their business model is tailored around only accepting top talent and holding onto them, resulting in savings they can pass onto their client base. 

This firm is well-rounded in the services they offer.  Beyond custom software development, they provide ecommerce development, SEO, web development, email marketing, and much more. Better still is that they focus primarily on small businesses. So, not only are you getting all of this quality, but you are getting it at a price even smaller operations can stomach.

The Best Web Design Agencies for Small Businesses On a Budget 

Let’s get down to brass tacks—most people don’t hire a web design agency because it’s expensive and using an online site builder is much cheaper. But not every agency’s design services are out of budgetary reach for SMBs. We found web design agencies that will offer your small business a doorway to a better website that people will trust while preventing your pockets from looking like rabbit ears because they’re empty. All the firms in this use case average around $25 per hour for simple website design. 

Helium Sites

Helium Sites brand logo.

Zero-work websites with no upfront costs? Yeah, it’s a thing, and Helium Sites delivers it. They will design, build, and maintain your site for you without you ever having to lift a finger. You’ll just pay one monthly fee, making their pricing both affordable and predictable enough for small businesses to take advantage of.

But that also doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing personalized service and strategy. Helium Sites uses a proven conversion framework that turns visitors into customers. They’re not only giving you a great deal on your small business website, but they’re also guaranteeing to add more revenue, making sure your new website soon pays for itself. 

For a growing business, you can pay less than $6 per day when billed annually or $7 per day billed monthly. That includes custom designs, unlimited updates, and no hidden fees, plus the creation of SEO strategies and landing pages that help you increase website traffic and conversions, respectively. In three simple steps, you can have your new small business website up and running without any of the usual headaches of tapping into an agency or doing it yourself. 

Geografixx Inc.

Geografixx Inc brand logo.

For 22 years, Geografixx has been focused on building sites for small businesses. They’ve created over 4,000 websites for their clients. 

As an SMB-focused agency, they know how you think, what your concerns are, and how to build a website within your budget that gets results. 

And, if you need a little more help with SEO or graphic design to help build your brand, they can help there too. But even with their years of experience and additional services beyond site building, Geografixx is still extremely affordable. Plus, they are experienced in building for dozens of different industries, so you can rest assured they will build a website that fits your exact needs and gives you more than what you’re paying for, which always feels good. 

Website Iconix

Website Iconix brand logo.

Website Iconix is known for taking client ideas and bringing them to life in futuristic, playful, and engaging websites. Your website is built by an expert team of full-stack web developers who work closely with results-driven UX designers, so your new site will be eminently functional and beautiful. 

Not only can you utilize their web design services for an affordable price, but you can also take advantage of Website Iconix’s full end-to-end array of digital services, including brand strategy, logo design, app development, and even animated video creation. They can also handle your inbound marketing. 

You get high-end quality at bargain pricing, plus 24/7 customer support from Website Iconix. They’ll be there when you need them, and you’ll have a web design agency in your corner you can trust. Because losing leads or sales because of website downtime or other bad outcomes with no one to help you in your time of need is awful. 

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