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How great would it be to simplify a hectic warehouse’s operations through software? If your warehouse is buckling under old processes, mismanaged people, and poor inventory insight, you can benefit from warehouse management software. Fishbowl is the best all-around option for most people because of its advanced and comprehensive automation capabilities, bolstered by seamless integration with QuickBooks.

The Best Warehouse Management Software for Most

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Best for Most

Fishbowl is an affordable warehouse management software with all the automation features you need as a small to midsize businesses. Lighten your daily workload by tracking inventory, reordering stock, and streamlining workflows on autopilot within one easy-to-use platform.

Automating your warehouse management is key to continuous growth. With Fishbowl, you get a comprehensive set of advanced automation features, including the ability to track material expiry dates, stay on top of equipment maintenance schedules, and monitor reordering times to ensure you never run out of crucial parts or materials.

The software delivers everything you need to automate and streamline inventory workflows. Plus, you’re always clued into what’s going on with automatic and customizable real-time notifications on desktop and mobile.

The 5 Best Warehouse Management Software Options to Consider

  1. Fishbowl –  Best for most
  2. Infoplus – Best customized reporting
  3. Shipedge – Most comprehensive solution for ecommerce fulfillment
  4. WISE WMS – Best food and beverage warehouse management solution
  5. Zethcon – Best for 3PL providers

When It Makes Sense to Invest in Warehouse Management Software

Warehouse management software is a great move for any business with inventory because it helps shorten your overall order cycle while improving and automating order fulfillment processes. Both of which… make for happy customers.

So, it’s an excellent time-saving investment that can also greatly improve the customer experience. With it, all your stock and order information updates in real-time, and you can rest easy knowing you’re getting accurate feedback to make data-driven decisions. 

Many warehouse managers struggle to follow sales from end to end. When you invest in warehouse management software, those customer and sales tracking woes are no more.

Another tell-tale sign it’s time to invest is if you have stock sitting in the shelf for way too long. Whether it’s out of season or simply not selling, your warehouse management software can give you deep insights you otherwise wouldn’t have. From there, you can make better purchasing decisions to optimize stock levels across your entire business.

If you have ever struggled with shipment logistics, quality control on fulfillment, or warehouse productivity, this service eliminates confusion and improves picking accuracy so orders are correct the first time. 

#1 – Fishbowl — The Best Warehouse Management Software for Most

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Best for Most

Fishbowl is an affordable warehouse management software with all the automation features you need as a small to midsize businesses. Lighten your daily workload by tracking inventory, reordering stock, and streamlining workflows on autopilot within one easy-to-use platform.

Physically updating sales reports or manually reordering stock equals less precious time to focus on actually growing your business. It also opens the door for costly human error, especially as you scale up operations.

If you’re looking for a better, less time-consuming way to manage your inventory and warehouse, Fishbowl is our #1 pick. Its advanced inventory management and automation capabilities are some of the best we’ve seen without sacrificing usability.

With it, you can stay on top of all operations on a broad scale and subsequently drill down into specifics regarding your equipment, supplies, materials, and stock.

For example, you can set up a comprehensive serial number system to track equipment, set expiration dates, and trigger automated alerts when it’s time to remove perishable or expired materials.

Not only do you gain deeper insight into your warehouse, but you also reduce waste and save time.

Fishbowl’s reordering features remind you when it’s time to buy up to prevent stockouts while deep inventory insights empower you to control the flow of your stock in real-time. 

However, those reminders go even further. You can set up automated reorder points that automatically click “buy”. So, you’re not only aware of inventory levels, but you don’t even have to lift a finger to get more at the right time. These triggers are easy to set up and you never have to worry about running out of anything again.

Electronic data interchange lets you give vendors a heads up when you need more inventory, too.

So, everyone knows what’s coming to reduce lead times and ensure you get what you need… when you need it.

But where Fishbowl really shines is the ability to integrate with dozens of other tools, from your preferred shipping platforms to your ecommerce CRM. Doing so turns your warehouse management system into a workhorse that works for you behind the scenes.

For example, Fishbowl syncs with numerous accounting platforms, including QuickBooks, so your records update with each order and change in inventory as the changes enter your system.

It’s so useful in this application that Fishbowl has become the #1 warehouse management software for QuickBooks users because of its simplicity. Plus this allows you to continue using accounting software you have been familiar with for years.

The array of possible integrations makes Fishbowl an automation wonderland. It will keep your warehouse running smoothly and give you more time for what’s important.

This is a full-service warehouse management platform also offering:

  • Asset tracking
  • Barcode and POS hardware
  • Fishbowl Go mobile app
  • Order management
  • Serial and lot traceability

And if you have more than one warehouse, Fishbowl offers location control software that will automatically track inventory from every warehouse you manage, helping you make transfers between them. Easily study sales trends or make buying decisions based on specific locations.

Sign up for a 14-day trial to take Fishbowl for a test drive today!

#2 – Infoplus — The Best for Customized Reporting 

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Best Customized Reporting

Ready to make decisions with data that actually makes sense? Infoplus comes complete with custom reporting that gives you real-time data exactly how you need it. It's time to say goodbye to confusing information (at best) and hello to smart, data-driven business practices—for good.

A successful warehouse manager knows where they need fulfillment processes to be and how they want to get them there. And the best way to know what you need is with accurate reporting.

One of the most common issues with warehouse management software is that they don’t offer the types of reports managers need or the ability to create custom reports that give you insights you can actually use to drive your business forward.

Most systems are rigid and don’t offer exactly what you need. Infoplus is different. 

What we love is that its robust warehouse management software focuses heavily on custom reporting. If you manage larger warehouses or multiple locations at the same time, Infoplus gives you the deep reporting required for true insight into what’s working and where you can improve.

Your daily workflow is encapsulated in the Infoplus dashboard. From there, you can set up user-defined reporting that you can customize to deliver the information each user needs without cluttering things up with info everyone brushes past. Instead, everyone sees the data that matters most to them.

It goes well beyond seeing orders created and inventory levels. Say, for example, you want to improve upon the process during the lifecycle of orders you received for the day.

You can easily create and shape a user dashboard for the office or warehouse floor that makes this possible.  

Infoplus also gives you even more control with its custom report builder software. It gives you the building blocks you need to apply smart filters that organize your data how you want without any technical experience with the tool.

You can add custom tags, alerts, and review insights that give you actionable data. 

Some other core warehouse management features available are:

  • Custom billing and invoicing
  • Custom scripts and a complete API
  • Permission-based portals

Simply put, if you define a key metric, Infoplus will deliver that data to you. 

Infoplus focuses its core warehouse management software around being an extension of your business. The functionality provided allows for simple automation and scalability made available because of an intuitive user interface that works based on what you define. 

Reporting is a thorn in the side of any business owner. Take back your time, create reports that capture the information you need and develop processes that get noticeable results.

For more details on pricing, contact Infoplus for a free demo.  

#3 – Shipedge — The Most Comprehensive Solution for Ecommerce Fulfillment 

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Most Comprehensive Solution for Ecommerce Fulfillment

Use the best software for Ecommerce fulfillment solutions. State of the art software organizes orders, maps your warehouse based on sales, and even uses artificial intelligence for inventory forecasting, and replenishment of products selling at high volumes.

Managing a warehouse for an online store is a totally different task from warehousing for a physical location.

Rather than getting products out of the warehouse and onto the shelf, you’re now responsible for getting the right products shipped to the right customers while ensuring the accuracy of your online stock levels.

Managing warehouse operations is typically one of the most complex aspects of ecommerce fulfillment.

Shipedge is an all-in-one cloud-based warehouse management solution specifically for online stores that focuses on simplifying logistics, consolidation of online sales channels, syncing inventory across your warehouse and online store, and improving your shipping processes.

Shipedge covers all aspects of the manufacturing and fulfillment processes, from simplifying supplier management and keeping track of raw materials to streamlining order fulfillment, introducing automation, and reducing shipping costs while delivering better online shopping experiences.

It also covers everything in between. Its labor management functionality, for example, helps by delivering beneficial reports, including expense by service, hours spent on specific tasks, and the costs associated with those hours.

You can also centralize information and streamline operations from multiple warehouses and sales channels into one system with smart order routing capabilities.

There is also lot control inventory management for ecommerce, which particularly helps if you sell perishable or regulated items. This software allows you to track inbound and outbound items with barcodes or expiration dates.  

What we find great about Shipedge is how they map your warehouse in a unique way and offer specialized ticketing barcodes that eliminate confusion on when to ship products. 

That’s not to even mention further use cases it can handle, like dropshipping, billing, and returns and exchanges.

Communication and support are also very important in ecommerce fulfillment. Shipedge’s customer service communication is like social media, in the sense that you can create updates, send messages, and post reminders to your clients. Manage customers with specific ticketing systems or respond to them all. 

Pricing is based on three levels of service: Shipedge Startup, Suite, or Enterprise. Pricing is not cookie-cutter but is customizable and scalable. To get started, contact Shipedge. 

#4 – Royal 4 Systems’ WISE WMS — The Best Food and Beverage Warehouse Management Solution

Royal4 Logo

Wise WMS

Best Food and Beverage Warehouse Management Solution

For over three decades, Royal 4 systems has been leading the food and beverage industry in warehouse management software. With it, you can easily provide fresh produce to your customers and clients while minimizing inventory and overhead.

Let’s face it. If you work in the food and beverage industry, you already understand that traceability and compliance are just a few of the hardest things a warehouse manager must endure on the job. They simply cannot be ignored. 

With Royal 4 Systems’ WISE WMS, you get real-time visibility across every touchpoint within the product chain. With specialized software dedicated to the food-and-drink marketplace, you can track cartons, pallets, and anything else within your supply chain. 

The WISE WMS software provided by Royal 4 Systems implements a rule-based warehouse management system, meaning you enhance all the information you need for the products you pack and ship to clients, which provides you with better management opportunities. 

WISE can trace fresh food from the warehouse to the store and allow traceability on unique attributes specific to your inventory. Plus, it helps you keep tabs on expiration dates so there are no mistakes with spoiled food being delivered.  

A key benefit of WISE is its protocols for ensuring food safety compliance, both for the United States and internationally. This WMS will help you keep on top of proper weights, temperatures, and expirations, all part of the standard software system. So, you can rest easy that your warehouse is following best practices.

Pricing is not made available online, contact Royal 4 Systems for more details. 

If you need to manage your warehouse and in the food and beverage industry, Royal 4 Systems’ WISE WMS is the best solution for your warehouse management needs.  

#5 – ZethCon’s Synapse WMS — The Best for 3PL Providers 

Zethcon Logo

Synapse WMS

Best for 3PL Providers

Remove the complexity of third party logistics with the best 3PL warehouse management software on the market. Synapse WMS can help you grow your business and improve your fulfillment processes with deep functionality that optimizes warehouse workflows while enabling end-to-end accountability.

If you want to improve your 3PL (third party logistics) warehouse’s operations, ZethCon’s flagship warehouse management software—Synapse WMS—is the way to go. 

Improve your inbound and outbound packing and shipping capabilities with Synapse WMS. The easy configuration of this warehouse management software will help drive revenue with a high level of flexibility, allowing you to grow no matter the size of your warehouse and thus maximize your operations across dozens of facilities. 

For 3PL providers, your performance is how you get and keep clients. In Synapse WMS, you get full control and configuration for providing transparent reporting to the companies for which you store and ship products, plus the ability to easily manage clients in multiple industries with discrete needs.

Whether you’re housing and shipping CPG products or more intense inventory like chemicals and perishables, Synapse can adapt to help you manage inventory and client relationships better.

Plus, the expertise of the professionals at ZethCon can give you all the knowledge and guidance you need to improve operations and grow.

Synapse WMS also integrates with a wide array of industry solutions, from order management and ERP systems to robotic pick-and-pack lines and logistics management. ZethCon can even help with data migration and onboarding to reduce downtime when implementing Synapse WMS.

Synapse is built for complexity and will make your warehouse run like a well-oiled machine.  

Other services provided are:

  • Detailed project planning
  • Training at your local facility or corporate training center
  • Support during and after you go live with your new software 

Regardless of your industry, If you are a 3PL provider then ZethCon and Synapse WMS is the best tool for handling a range of unique challenges.

Chat with ZethCon’s sales reps or set up a free demo to receive more details on pricing and how you can get started with this innovative and result-driven warehouse management software. 

Methodology for Choosing the Best Management Software

Finding the best warehouse management software for your business can be a daunting task. As you can see there are several options available and knowing the software to select that maximizes your warehouse management requires some thought. 

Warehouse Specificity

If you are a 3PL provider or manage a warehouse in the food and beverage industry you want software built for your specific needs. 

Integration for 3PL is very specific and requires specialized attention to the areas of your warehouse, such as exporting key data. While in food and beverage, you may be more concerned with expiration dates, FDA regulations and food handling. 

Beyond that, it’s good to ask yourself questions like 

  • How many warehouses do I need to manage with this platform?  
  • Is this solution better for having lots of in-house staff or an ecommerce scenario with few workers? 
  • Can this platform give me custom insights, tailor to the type of stock I routinely carry?

With WMS solutions, the first key decision is making sure the solution can be tailored to your needs.

Inventory Management and Location Control

Warehouse management’s leading pain point is managing inventory. The tools provided by Shipedge, for example, offer modules that focus primarily on knowing what is available throughout your warehouse and what can be removed. 

You also have options on how you can reorder your inventory, control where the inventory goes when it’s requested, and multiple options on reviewing how much is available and how much has been sold depending on location. 

Fishbowl, for instance, gives you control over automating your inventory details, allowing you to customize what gets ordered, to where, and when.

Make sure the solution you choose can help automate some of the time-consuming tasks of inventory management while giving you the ability to specify actions to specific warehouse locations and capabilities.

Real-time Record Keeping 

Being able to quickly review what areas of your warehouse is struggling helps you make real time adjustments that can really benefit your bottom line. Infoplus is a great example of what to look for when it comes to reporting. 

Most often, reporting is time consuming and it’s hard to find exactly what you are looking for. Sifting through Excel spreadsheets, looking for details on overstocked products can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

But, with custom reporting, you create the data you need so it’s there in the place you want it to be. 

In order to improve your business processes, optimize customer service, and grow your business effectively, reporting must be part of the equation. How detailed you need it is up to you. 

Automate The Details 

Software integration makes your daily tasks easier to manage. It gives you time to focus on what really matters in your business. 

Not having to crunch numbers manually eliminates human error, while also simplifying financial reports and giving your clients, employees and customers a clear visual on where they stand regarding billing, payroll, or return on investment. 

Automation eliminates mundane task management on a wider scale and, with software integrations, can streamline routine actions outside of just reordering stock.

Fishbowl is a leader in the integration arena for warehouse management, a great example of improving your warehouse’s accounting, particularly when using Quickbooks. 

Figure out what the most time-consuming and painstaking daily tasks are that pull you away from your productivity and then automate those processes with the software that gives you the best opportunity to do so.

Fishbowl Logo


Best for Most

Fishbowl is an affordable warehouse management software with all the automation features you need as a small to midsize businesses. Lighten your daily workload by tracking inventory, reordering stock, and streamlining workflows on autopilot within one easy-to-use platform.


Increased warehouse productivity, improved labor costs, and inventory management are all important areas your warehouse can benefit from using warehouse management software. 

This list and the methodology we provided you will give you the guidelines you need to make the best choice for you. 

By using one of the recommendations on this list, you will establish a quick and easy path to improved success. 

Regardless, utilize this guide to give you the confidence that your investment in a WMS platform will guarantee a hefty return on investment in the least amount of time. 

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