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Think about it. A team that misses important details will destroy your project. It’s to be avoided. So we spent hours looking for the best software that can help. Notion stands out as best for most. They let you promote continued learning with a central team knowledge base, create effective project management road maps. and offer an incredible doc and note-sharing software. Teams can’t miss the mark when you and Notion are in charge.

The Best Team Management Software for Most

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Best for Most

Customizable to fit all your collaborative needs, Notion improves teamwork through great tools like a knowledge base, Kanban board, and calendar integration.

Notion makes fumbling important project details non-existent. In fact, the project roadmap keeps the priorities your team is focused on front and center. All the documents are easy to locate and don’t require scrolling through dozens of comments to finally find a needle in a haystack to download a file. Now you can empower your team to share and find documents all in one place cutting down on distractions.

The simple drop-down in the project road map shows organized tasks, the status, who’s working on it, and when it’s complete. The team wiki learning center can house blueprints, SOPs, commonly asked questions, and even serve as a new hire team member onboarding area. Notion takes everything you know about team management and obliterates it. They created new flexible software that will keep your team working at Olympic level quality.

The Best Team Management Software Options to Consider

  1. Notion—Best for Most
  2. Asana—Best for Simple Projects
  3. Slack—Best for Executing Productivity Shortcuts
  4. Trello—Best for Visual Organization
  5. Podio by Citrix—Best for Workflow Customization
  6. Toggl Plan—Best Productivity Tool Integration
  7. Basecamp—Best for Increasing Project Efficiency

When It Makes Sense to Invest in Team Management Software

There are a few key criteria that will tell you when you should invest in team management software.

Growing Teams

If you have more than five people on your team, it’s a good idea to consider getting team management software. It improves communication and lowers the risk of falling behind on projects. It helps team members stay on task and waste less time.

Complex Projects

It’s hard to keep track of your work with complicated project spreadsheets. Team management software makes sure you get each step of a project done on time. It breaks down tasks. Making it easy to follow. And allows you to set deadlines and delegate tasks throughout the project easily.

You can now make tracking your budget easier then every, so the final product is the best it can be and cost effective.

Improve Budgeting and Resource Use

Team management software lets you monitor all tasks, when each person completes them, and how much money they spent versus how much they planned to spend.

Tracking these metrics can show how effectively you used your resources throughout the project. It can also help with predicting your future financial needs.

Use reporting features to monitor resources and the time it takes to complete each step. Knowing this information helps your team maximize their productivity and budget.

Lower Risk of Oversight

When you have a system to keep track of each step, you can catch mistakes before they happen. That means your team is less likely to forget something. It makes for more efficient working conditions and greater project success when you don’t have to stop and figure out where the project went wrong.

#1 Notion—Best for Most

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Best for Most

Customizable to fit all your collaborative needs, Notion improves teamwork through great tools like a knowledge base, Kanban board, and calendar integration.

Notion takes personal and professional organization and makes it a no-brainer. You have everything at your fingertips, from word processing and data collection to a knowledge base and calendar for employees to reference project deadlines. A Kanban board setup helps you organize tasks and separate the big stuff from the day-to-day.

Notion has all the blocks you need to build successful team collaboration. Notion serves everyone from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. With a dedicated manager and custom contract, the software becomes more efficient, and you don’t pay for anything you don’t need. Take a risk-free trial.

#2 Asana—Best for Simple Projects

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Best for Simple Projects

With an appealing layout and easy-to-learn UI, Asana makes managing teams on lower-scale projects a cinch. The platform integrates with 100 popular apps to make it even more powerful when you need it.

Asana works especially well for small teams that need to keep track of individual tasks rather than complex projects. Asana makes it easy to keep team members on track with the ability to assign tasks to different people.

When team members complete an assignment, they can check it off as complete on the calendar or task list. Asana will also notify you when you have new tasks or upcoming deadlines, so you don’t miss them.

Asana’s workflow features let you assign, manage, and like tasks with a My Tasks list. With easy-to-read reports, you can understand how your team functions and where improvements can be made. It also offers features like Focus Mode and priority tasks, so each team member stays on schedule.

With the free Basic software, you get unlimited teams, projects, activity logs, and file storage for up to 15 team members. Add in 100 app integrations and time tracking features, and even the Basic package can work for smaller businesses.

When you upgrade to paid plans, you have the choice of three tiers:

  • Premium—$10.99 per user per month
  • Business—$24.99 per user per month
  • Enterprise—Custom pricing

Premium has everything from Basic, plus unlimited tasks. You also have timelines, milestones, and rules to keep everything together and on track. With private teams and projects combined with custom fields and forms, you can control who accesses what and separate small groups within your team.

The Business tier adds portfolios, goals, workload, approval, and proofing features to cut down on the margin for error within your team. With customization features that range from a rules binder to locking specific fields, you can truly make Asana your own. Advanced integrations with other business apps make it easy for you to increase your task management scope.

With custom pricing for Enterprise, you choose the features you want. In general, this package gives you SAML and SCIM, data export and deletion, and blocks native integrations. With attachment controls and custom branding, you have what you need for a unique team management experience. Priority support also puts you at the top of the list if you have a problem.

You can also do a free trial of the Premium and Business plans.

#3 Slack—Best for Executing Productivity Shortcuts

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Best for Fast Communication

Effective communication is essential for teams. Slack is the premier chat platform for collaboration and syncs easily with the other project management tools you’re already using.

You’ve probably used this one before. Slack makes communication convenient. It lets you create channels so your team can talk to each other in a chat-based space. You also get notifications, so you never miss a message.

While Slack’s messaging feature stands out, it has others to help you improve team productivity. You can use productivity shortcuts to get work done faster without lowering quality or keeping anyone out of the loop.

The free version of Slack mainly gives you the chat feature. But you can add more to your team management software with its three paid versions:

  • Standard—$8 per person per month
  • Plus—$15 per person per month
  • Enterprise Grid—Custom pricing

The Standard package’s unlimited message archive and apps combined with group video calls and screen sharing mean you won’t have to worry about missing details. Slack Connect, which comes with this version, lets you work with outside organizations and businesses for a completely collaborative experience.

The Plus plan gives you 99.99% uptime guaranteed, along with user provisioning and de-provisioning and a SAML-based SSO. You also get data exports for messages that allow you to keep the messages you need in a convenient location.

With Enterprise Grid, you can customize your package and pricing. At this level, you have access to features like unlimited workspaces, support data loss prevention, and HIPAA-compliant message and file locations to protect your and your client’s privacy. Designated customer support gives you quick access to help when you need it.

While a free trial of the Standard and Plus tiers is not openly advertised on its site, Slack allows workspace owners and admins to request a free trial through this contact form. You must use the email address connected with your Slack account

#4 Trello—Best for Visual Organization

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Best for Visual Organization

With a clean, board-style interface, Trello makes it easy to keep track of multiple projects and tasks. Assign cards to team members, set deadlines, and more in this platform.

When you’re using the Kanban system to break down tasks, Trello lays everything out in front of you. You can make lists and add cards to organize tasks. Within those cards, you can write notes, leave comments, assign deadlines, create custom fields and checklists, and share files with other team members.

Fortune 500 companies use Trello for its visual and user-friendly layout. The software doesn’t limit how many people can use your board, making it ideal for teams of all sizes.

The free forever version lets you create up to 10 boards per team with unlimited cards and lists. You can also attach files up to 10MB, make use of one board power-up, use 50 Command runs per month with the built-in butler, and have two-factor authentication for team member security.

You can upgrade from there to two premium packages:

  • Business Class—$9.99 per user per month
  • Enterprise—Ranges in price from $17.50 per user per month for 20 users to $7.38 per user per month for 5,000 users

Business Class gives you unlimited boards, cards, and lists, along with advanced checklists, 250MB file attachments, and customizable board designs. With unlimited power-ups, 1,000 Command runs with Butler, and over 100 app integrations, you’ve got what you need to increase team efficiency.

You can alter your experience as you see fit with custom fields, list limits, card repeater, and calendar view. Domain-restricted invites and advanced admin permissions mean you can control who sees what and how much they can change. Trello is also one of the only team management software companies that gives you priority support with all its paid packages.

Enterprise has the same features as Business Class, along with some extra admin and security features, like SAML SSO. With power-up administration and attachment restrictions, you control your team’s workflow. Organization-wide permissions public board management gives your team access to everything they need without creating confusion.

Request a free demo of Trello.

#5 Podio by Citrix—Best for Workflow Customization

Podio logo


Best for Workflow Customization

Gain customized visibility into your team’s productivity with Podio, by Citrix. Great for remote teams, this platform also allows you to add limited-role access for clients and automation tools.

Podio is designed to structure your workflow and increase productivity every step of the way. With this software’s customizability, you increase your team’s focus and reduce project complications.

It keeps everything in one space, so you have access to anything without having to search for it. You can comment, attach files, and keep everyone on the same page—literally.

Card boards keep track of tasks, so you have a quick view of your project. You can also integrate plenty of apps based on project needs. With its “open plan online office,” sharing and communication become that much easier.

The free version for five employees is pretty limited, including only task management, apps, and workspaces. But once you upgrade, you can choose from three packages:

  • Basic—$7.20 per employee per month
  • Plus—$11.20 per employee per month
  • Premium—$19.20 per employee per month

The Basic tier gives you all the free features, plus unlimited items, management, and external users for when you collaborate with people outside your business.

The Plus package upgrades you with a light user role, automated workflows, and read-only access, making sharing information and repetitive tasks more efficient.

At the Premium level, you can take advantage of visual reports of your team’s productivity, interactive sales dashboards, and advanced workflow automation.

Podio can also create custom packages and pricing for large enterprises. You’d need to contact them directly to discuss that. 

#6 Toggl Plan—Best Productivity Tool Integration

Toggl Plan logo

Toggl Plan

Best Productivity Tool Integration

Toggl Plan gives you a simple way to manage complex projects. This software integrates beautiful with tools you’re already using, like Slack or Asana, and those which you may lean on down the road.

When you have a complex project, Toggl Plan simplifies it. Its straightforward system gives you more time to focus on your project.

Toggl Plan integrates easily with project management software. It also works with as many other productivity tools as you need, like Asana and Slack, so you get the best of all worlds.

Toggl Plan’s free version allows up to five users. Unlimited tasks, milestones, team timelines, and plan boards mean you never lose track of tasks. Shared timelines keep everyone in sync, and data import allows you to include information for everyone to see.

Once you upgrade, you can choose from two packages:

  • Standard—$8 per user per month
  • Business—$13.35 per user per month

Standard gives you all the features of the free version, plus recurring and multi-assign tasks. Toggl Track integration helps you with time tracking, and you can upload files up to 100MB to the shared space. You even have customizable options for everything from colors to favorites.

Business grants you access rights to your software, plus data export to keep track of information. Priority support makes solving software problems faster, so your team doesn’t lose any time.

Toggl Plan lets you try either paid plan with a 14-day free trial.

#7 Basecamp—Best for Large Companies and Teams

Basecamp logo


Best for Large Companies & Teams

Collaborate, communicate, and knock out projects with the easy, company-wide team management of Basecamp. Trusted by thousands, Basecamp gives you a platform to accommodate as many team members, clients, and tasks as you’ll ever need.

Basecamp is the only team management software on our list that doesn’t have separate packages. It does have a free version, but if you want everything it has to offer, you’ll need the paid one.

At a $99 per month flat rate, it seems expensive at first. But when you consider that you usually need to pay per person for more limited features, you can see its value.

You get comprehensive features, and without a user limit, you don’t have to worry about upgrading as your team grows. Basecamp has many of the same combined features as Slack, Asana, and other team management software. That includes unlimited projects, 500GB storage, unlimited clients, and advanced client access, so everyone involved in the project stays connected.

Project templates help you get started fast. With a company HQ and team projects, team members will only see work relevant to them.

In the free forever plan, Basecamp Personal gives you three projects, 20 users, and one GB of storage. The company says this free version is great for personal projects, students, and freelancers.

Basecamp offers an impressive 30-day free trial. If that’s not long enough for you to decide whether to invest, you can ask the company to extend it.

Methodology for Choosing the Best Team Management Software

With so much team management software out there, it’s challenging to figure out which one will work best for your team. Before you pick one, find out where your team can improve and how software can help. Consider these features and factors when researching tools.


Some team management tools have user limits or features that will not grow with you if your team doubles in size. Look for scalable plans and affordability in the long term, not just what will suit your current needs. 

Task Management Features

Above all, your team management software should make it easier to keep track of tasks and projects. That’s why, at a minimum, your software needs to let you plan, schedule, and track all tasks.

Planning, scheduling, and tracking features breaks down projects into step-by-step tasks to keep your team from getting overwhelmed. It also helps if you can get recurring tasks. This feature means your team doesn’t have to reenter the same tasks every few days.

Also, look for monitoring abilities. How much can the admin control the workflow and tasks?

Collaboration Features

Your team needs to communicate well. Your software should have features that let them do that.

Whether you use Slack’s chat-based system or commenting in Notion, these features prevent unnecessary in-person meetings or calls. Collaboration features also allow your team to share ideas, files, and updates throughout the project.

Reporting and Budgeting

Reporting and budgeting features tell you how everyone works together and how fast they can realistically get things done. They also help you keep track of financial resources, so you can predict where you’ll spend most and where to cut back.

When you have reporting features, you can keep deadlines on track. Plus, with a time tracking feature, everyone knows when different project phases will be complete and when to move forward.

Data Access and Storage

Data access and storage give you space to collect everything your project needs and allow access to anyone who needs it. You won’t have to worry about losing data, especially if you back it up.

With data access, you can share documents and even create them right in the software itself. Just make sure you get enough storage so you have room for all your resources.

Notion logo


Best for Most

Customizable to fit all your collaborative needs, Notion improves teamwork through great tools like a knowledge base, Kanban board, and calendar integration.


Your team management software should focus on helping your team stay on task and finish projects on time while reducing stress.

Notion has enough features for most businesses. Still, if you only need bare-bones software, we recommend something like Trello, Slack, or Asana to keep things running. And Basecamp is a fantastic tool for larger teams and companies.

No matter which one you choose, the best team management system will improve your team’s productivity, accuracy, and communication.

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