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Don’t let work be the reason your health suffers. Standing desks can help diminish the risk of blood clots, arthritis, and other health issues that come with sitting at a computer all day. We recommend ApexDesk as the best standing desk for most people. Its contoured design makes it comfortable beyond your expectations, whether you’re standing or sitting.

The Best Standing Desk For Most

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Best For Most

The ApexDesk Elite Series is sturdy, has a quiet dual motor that quickly moves between adjustable heights. And is comfortable for you to use when sitting or standing.

Unlike standing desks that only improve your health by forcing you to stand, the ApexDesk gives you the best standing and sitting experience. We’ve found that most people want a combination of both. For example, someone might do all their conference calls standing and then lower the desk for their writing. The best desk is usually the one that makes sitting and standing more productive and pain-free.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sit comfortably for hours? If you want a desk that seamlessly transitions between sitting and standing, while making both more comfortable, The Apex desk delivers. Plus, it allows you to organize your workspace with more than enough room for your home office supplies. And don’t be worried about putting it together, you can have this desk up and running in under 30 minutes. 

The 7 Best Standing Desk Options:

  1. ApexDesk – Best for most
  2. UpliftDesk – Best customizable electric standing desk
  3. Fully – Best L-shaped electric standing desk
  4. Jarvis by Fully – Best eco-friendly standing desk
  5. Flexispot – Best budget standing desk converter
  6. UpRite Ergo – Best dual-monitor compact standing workstation

When It Makes Sense to Invest in a Standing Desk 

If your lower back is tapping out by 2 p.m when you’re at work. You need to invest in a standing desk.

Years of sitting at work, school, at conferences, the movies, and all the long road trips can cause long term nerve discomfort, making it almost impossible to sleep or do anything active.

We all have heard that standing can improve our health.

And it improves posture and decreases the risk of weight gain and obesity.

In fact, studies show that standing for 3 hours after lunch can reduce blood sugar spikes by 43% compared to sitting for the same amount of time.

A sedentary lifestyle has been linked to a 112% increase in risk for Type 2 diabetes.

Using a standing desk can prevent some of these problems from becoming health concerns later.

Heart disease has also been linked to sitting for excessive hours and many consider a sedentary lifestyle the new smoking. 

Another thing to consider is if you already experience chronic pain, in your joints, lower back, or knees from sitting you really need to get a desk as soon as possible.

Mood swings are also associated with sitting in one place for too long. Stress and fatigue have been associated with sitting for an entire workday. Standing desks can actually make you feel better and have a positive effect on your well-being. 

Look, if you work more than 32 hours a week behind a desk, it’s probably a good idea to get a standing desk. 

It’s important that we mention, standing at a standing desk may not be the best idea for you if you have a hip injury or some medical condition that prevents you from comfortably standing.

Another reason for passing on a standing desk would be any kind of major cardiovascular disorders that can affect blood pressure unexpectedly. Lower extremity swelling or if you suffer from dizzy spells.

If you experience any disorders that you may feel concerned about you should consult your physician before moving towards a purchase of a standing desk.

Just like anything, too much of something isn’t good for you. So try to find a natural balance between sitting and standing at work. Standing desks don’t replace regular exercise, but they do promote higher energy levels, creativity, and support health much more than sitting. If you want to feel a bit more focused and productive at work then a standing desk is an excellent idea.

#1 – ApexDesk Elite Series Review — The Best Contoured Electric Standing Desk

ApexDesk Logo


Best For Most

The ApexDesk Elite Series is sturdy, has a quiet dual motor that quickly moves between adjustable heights. And is comfortable for you to use when sitting or standing.

The ApexDesk Elite Series is an electric multi-purpose desk. It lets you sit or stand with push-button ease. The ergonomically contoured, one-inch thick desktop permits you to sit close to the workstation and maximize the ample desk space provided. 

You can choose from two different sizes: 

  • 71″ x 33” with narrowest mid-section at 29″, 
  • 60” x 28” with narrowest mid-section at 26.5”

The durability of the Elite Series is confirmed by over 1,300 reviews on Amazon with a perfect five-star rating. Industrial-grade steel creates the frame of the desk and MDF (medium-density fiberboard) wood is used for the desktop, allowing it to hold up to 225 pounds.

Quickly adjust the height between 29” or 60” for sitting or standing. The whisper-quiet electric lift system uses dual motors for quick height adjustments. 

Coming in at $599, the Apex Elite Series of electric standing desks earn their name and deliver on quality. Easy assembly, eye-catching design, and five-star functionality make this desk a winner, particularly if you don’t have to worry about making it fit in a small home office space. 

#2 – UpliftDesk Review — The Best Customizable Electric Standing Desk

Uplift Logo

Uplift Desk

Best Customizable Electric Standing Desk

Create your masterpiece, customized for you and designed with you in mind, your electric standing desk is coupled with beauty and functionality, and engineered for safety, stability, and reliability.

The fleet of standing desks by UPLIFT (which come in two sturdy models, the V2 and the V2-Commercial) are the iPhones of standing desks. They look great and are adaptable enough to work in large studios or small rooms. 

The desktop style and material is customizable, and you can choose from over fifteen types of finishes and laminates as well. 

UPLIFT lets you truly make it your own, binding you to an appreciation of your standing desk even more. 

Custom attachments take it a step further. 

The desktop power grommet lends power to printers, additional monitors, and any other devices you need. The under desk swivel drawer keeps you organized while still keeping the design of the desk clean. And the monitor attachment frees up space, making room for you to use more of the desktop’s surface area.

The V2 & V2-Commercial standing desks have industry leading craftsmanship. The frame can bear 355 pounds and uses a two motor design to lift. 

Not only can you adjust the height, but you also have the flexibility to adjust the frame’s width between 41.3 and 72 inches.

This desk is so sturdy it even has attachments for sleep! 

A hammock can be connected to the bottom of your desk, so you can get revitalized with a nap while being suspended under your custom desk.

A certified professional ergonomist (yes, that’s a thing) and expert office furniture designers worked tirelessly to create a desk that accommodates users of all sizes and needs through best-in-class vertical height adjustment capabilities. 

Base models of the UPLIFT standing desk start at $549, but remember there are a host of accessories that can be added. If you like making sure you get exactly what you want, then this award-winning and reliable option is perfect for you.

#3 – Fully L-Shaped Desk Review — The Best L-Shaped Standing Desk and Accessories

Fully Logo

Fully L-Shaped Standing Desk

Best L-Shaped Standing Desk

This modern, and versatile corner desk gives you all the space you need to move freely while getting things done, adjust the height with ease based on your needs while maintaining stability.

Fully has created the best L-shaped desk a professional workspace could call for. This is the standing desk that will stand the test of time (*insert rimshot*).

Its Jarvis steel frame has upper and lower cross bars, leading to better lateral stability. This matters because your desk extends a full 81” x 72” at its largest size, giving you ample space for your computer, work materials, iPad, and even your cat. 

Other sizes available include: 

  • 60’x 60” 
  • 72” x 60”
  • 72” x 72” 
  • 81” x 60”

Three motors, one in each leg of the desk, power the height adjustment system that can accommodate heights from 5’4” tall to over six feet. 

If everything has to have its place in your workspace, you will be satisfied with accessories like the wire management grommets, desk organizer extensions, and monitor fixtures, among many others that Fully offers. 

We loved the pole-mounted monitor arms, which can serve as monitor mounts, laptop trays, or both. The mount provides a more natural line of sight, encouraging better posture while bringing your neck and spine into a more natural alignment.

Stand all day with the help of comfortable anti-fatigue mats, created with supportive foam that increases your ability to stay on your feet for longer. 

Or, try one of the unique balance boards designed around the idea that movement is healthy. These keep your joints loose and body aligned while strengthening your core, hips, and knees. 

At $1,104.15 (which is the current sale price on their website), you receive a high-value standing desk for the long haul and supportive accessories that help with standing for extended periods. 

#4 – Fully Eco-Top Desk Review — The Best Eco-Friendly Standing Desk

Fully Logo

Fully Eco-Top Standing Desk

Best Eco Friendly Standing Desk

Improve your health, productivity, and environment at the same time with the most eco friendly standing desk available. Helping the environment never looked so good.

Fully doesn’t stop there, though. Its Jarvis Eco-Top electric standing desk is made with Oregon-sourced fiber that is, at minimum, constituted of 92% recycled or recovered material.

On top of doing your part for the environment, you also get to enjoy a very useful standing desk.  

The desktop is then coated with an extremely durable, powder-coated finish that makes the Jarvis Eco-Top harder, smoother, and water-resistant for those unexpected spills.

What you get is a clean, minimalistic canvas to serve as your workspace. But, minimalism doesn’t mean it’s any less functional or reliable. 

Able to support a full 350 pounds, this standing desk can handle anything you need it for, with enough space for your computer, laptop, printer, and then some. And with the array of sizes available, it works well in small or large spaces. 

There are two shapes of desktop available, rectangle and contour, with the latter giving you a more ergonomic, curved eco-top with a slightly smaller surface. 

There are a few different sizes to choose from for the rectangle option:

  • 30” x 24”
  • 42” x 27”
  • 48” x 27”
  • 60” x 27” 

While contour comes in two desktop sizes:

  • 48” x 30”
  • 60” x 30”

No matter your choice, the pricing is consistent. Both options cost just under $500 with Fully’s current sale pricing. 

Plus, the Eco-Top is backed by a 10-year warranty on all desk frame components, mechanical parts, motors, and electrical components, so you can make a risk-free decision. 

#5 – Flexispot ClassicRiser M2B – 35” Review — The Best Budget Standing Desk Converter

Flexispot Logo

Flexispot Standing Desk Converter

Best Budget Standing Desk Converter

Improve your health, productivity, and environment at the same time with the most eco friendly standing desk available. Helping the environment never looked so good.

The Flexispot ClassicRiser converter is a solid piece of equipment that turns any regular desktop into a multi-functional standing desk workspace. 

It’s perfect for students, people on the go who have to work in tight spots, or remote workers who want to comfortably turn a kitchen table into a productive workspace. Switch from sitting to standing faster than you think with a slight squeeze of a hand bar.

This highly rated standing desk converter (with over 400 reviews of five stars) can be placed on any desk that is three feet wide or greater. 

When placed on a 28-inch tall desktop, the ClassicRiser M2B will accommodate users as tall as 6’ 1”. And if you have a 31-inch high desk, that gives a taller user a maximum of 6’5” inches of ergonomic real estate. 

The converter is rated for a maximum desktop load of 35 pounds.

This foldable, portable workstation delivers space-saving benefits because of its innovative vertical height adjustment technology. It also offers evenly dispersed stability, preventing that annoying wobble when typing so many other converters have. 

Flexispot has mastered small space desktop management and makes it easy to improve your posture while you work with this compact desktop converter. And, you get all of these benefits for $200. 

Work anywhere there is a desktop space and stand or sit with comfort. 

#6 – Uprite Ergo Review — The Best Dual-Monitor Compact Standing Workstation

UpriteErgo Logo

Uprite Ergo Sit2Stand Workstation

Best Dual Monitor Compact Standing Workstation

The solution to the traditional bulky standardize sit2stand workstation. Turn any desk into a functional, high quality, ergonomic, affordable standing workstation

Uprite Ergo is changing how we use our desk space and tables at home. Maximize your work management superpowers with Uprite’s dual-monitor holding, compact, and lightweight Sit2Stand workstation. 

This portable workstation holds your monitor, keyboard, and mouse with an efficient design that can be attached to and removed from any table. 

It also gives you a way to easily move your workspace over and out of the way, transforming your workstation into a multipurpose area to handle business, be creative, or enjoy lunch. 

The dual-monitor mount can handle weights between 6.5 and 21 pounds and hold two monitors of up to 24.4 inches in width each. And, with a vertical height adjustable up to 18 inches, the Uprite Ergo makes it easy to put two monitors at perfect eye level.

Below the mount is a convenient sliding working area that can hold a notepad, a cup of coffee, pens, your cellphone, a laptop, or anything else that fits.

At $450, it costs less than your traditional standing desk and is more reliable and sturdy than your cheaper desktop workspace converters. 

Methodology for Choosing the Best Standing Desk

This is not something you come across every day. I mean, have you ever found an article about standing desks so riveting?

Standing desks are a game changer for mental and physical health, fostering creative ideas, and improving productivity in office spaces, home offices, and virtual learning situations.

For example, how many times have you been walking around your house and an idea just pops into your head? Or you sit so long at work that you get that feeling of pins and needles in your foot?

That’s not your foot going to sleep, it’s diminished blood flow and an internal signal that it’s time to stand up. 

Consider these main points when you think about which standing desk, converter, or workstation to choose:


Where is your standing desk going? Will it be too large for your office or the room you plan to place it in? 

This list gives you fantastic options for desks that come in many sizes, so measure your space first to narrow them down. Keep in mind that many desktops come in contoured and rectangular options.

The four electronic standing desks come in two parts—a frame and a desktop. It’s important to measure for both, as the desktop can extend well past the frame. 

Also, remember to think about all your office equipment. You want to make sure everything is comfortably sitting on the desktop and that one small bump doesn’t cause your monitor or printer to stage dive onto an unforgiving floor. 


This matters significantly. Consider the following before committing to a purchase:

  • How much does it weigh?
  • Is it electrically-powered or do you need to manually move it up or down?
  • Does the desk come with tools in order to assemble it? 

(I can’t tell you how many bad reviews I’ve read just because people didn’t know they needed a phillips screwdriver.)

The more your desk can support, the more you need to be sure you can adjust the height with ease. 

One day, a height might feel fine, the next it may not. Having to remove all of your work materials to manually adjust your desk can become a nuisance. So it’s critical you be aware if your desk is electric or manual.


You’d hope this is part of any high-priced standing desk, but you should never assume. It’s like assuming a Jeep Wrangler always comes with four-wheel drive and power windows (I mean, it’s a Jeep for crying out loud). 

You can love how it looks, but if it feels flimsy and wobbles every time you type or move your mouse, you will start mumbling obscenities. 

Learn about the warranty, the kind of materials used, and the weight it can hold and push with its internal height adjustment system. Is it as stable at the tallest level as it is at the lowest? 

You must find that out. 

Customizations and Design

Based on many customer reviews, accessories, custom desktops, and frame color mattered a lot to those who have purchased a standing desk recently.

Being able to make this purchase unique by putting your touch on it makes it worthwhile. 

Countless accessories are available to assist with staying organized and encouraging creativity while using your new standing desk. That ranges from features that help with organization to accessories to enhance your comfort, like an adjustable massaging foot rest.

It’s wise to see what accessories and customizations you can make that help you get the job done quicker, safer, and with better organization. 

ApexDesk Logo


Best For Most

The ApexDesk Elite Series is sturdy, has a quiet dual motor that quickly moves between adjustable heights. And is comfortable for you to use when sitting or standing.


So what is the best standing desk for you? 

This is, more than anything, a personal choice. Find what fits in your space, offers the level or portability or customization you want, and provides both durability and comfort when you use it for the months and years to come. 

Plus, if you want one that is kind to the environment, there’s one option that rises above the rest.

Whatever you decide, standing and moving freely while you work offers mental and physical health benefits that many legendary folks before us have enjoyed. 

Let this methodology guide you when you move in the direction of getting your standing desk. 

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