Best SEO Reporting Tools Compared

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In this post, we’ve analyzed and reviewed 11 SEO tools, with Ahrefs earning the title of our favorite SEO reporting tool. This provider gives you the fundamentals for understanding SEO, analytics to beat your competition, and reporting and monitoring technology to stay ahead of them. But the real satisfaction doesn’t come from how easy they are to use—it comes from something else entirely. Read on to find out. 

Top SEO Reporting Tools: Golden Eggs

Our Golden Eggs are the top picks for SEO reporting tools that rise above the rest of the pack, offering you the fast track to SEO supremacy through data, expert advice, and advanced capabilities.

Ahrefs is user-friendly but incredibly powerful, providing you with backlink profiles and allowing you to chart performance over time. Start by getting your free Ahrefs site audit today

Semrush has over 50 tools for finding new angles for SEO improvement and keyword opportunities, plus fine-tuned reporting. Start by using Semrush for free for up to 10 daily requests. 

SpyFu helps you understand the strategies your top competitors are using and lets you spy on what Google is starving for. Schedule your custom demo today.

Crazy Eggy's Best SEO Reporting Tools - Golden Eggs

SEO Reporting Tools Review Process

You won’t ever build momentum if you’re constantly switching tools, and getting it right the first time prevents you from drowning in anxiety about your choice. That’s why we structured our post around use cases—common scenarios for needing an SEO reporting tool that aligns with why you’re looking for one in the first place. 

During our research, we segmented our picks by three main use cases: 

Within each use case below, you’ll see reviews for three to four different brands offering SEO reporting tools. It makes finding your ideal selection far easier than having to comb over each and every provider. 

We know time is of the essence, and reading about SEO is only exciting to a select few. This post’s structure is built to make your decision as pain-free as possible. 

The Best SEO Reporting Tools for Getting the Most Out of Your SEO Strategy

Your relentless search for an SEO reporting tool stops here. That’s because the providers below will ease you into learning the ropes of SEO, then deliver advanced knowledge, insights, and KPIs once you’re comfortable with the interface. These tools help you build strategies, follow through on them with precision, and get the most out of SEO as you burst your way to the top of the SERPs. 


Ahrefs logo

If you want user-friendly software with the power of Thor’s hammer, you’ve found it in Ahrefs. This platform is known for its suite of SEO tools highlighting keywords you can use, how they are used, and what articles are utilizing those keywords. 

Ahrefs will give you an overview of each website’s organic traffic, which will tell you if a keyword is worth pursuing or not. And if you want to create content for Amazon or YouTube, Ahrefs is the only platform on this list that offers specific keyword research for each of those platforms. 

Here’s the best part—when it comes to backlinks, no other SEO reporting tool comes close to outperforming Ahrefs’ backlink checker. The tool lets you monitor your backlinks and get key information on how your competitors are doing on all of the above SEO factors. Using those figures will show you what you need to do to outrank them. 

Ahrefs delivers all of the above in comprehensive but easy-to-grasp reports, helping you see all the SEO wins and mistakes you’re making on your web properties. Plus, reports can be generated automatically at a regular cadence that will spotlight your new backlinks and all your ranking improvements. 


SpyFu logo

SpyFu gives you an immense amount of control over SEO reporting and delivers incredible knowledge to illuminate the path forward for your strategy. Create PDF reports in no time that cover everything from keywords and backlinks to what your competitors are doing and historical ranking trends.

Run reports so you know the most profitable ads and organic searches your competitors are getting. SpyFu gives you access to profitable AdWords and PPC data to show what contemporary tactics are working. You can easily create custom reports and see every competitor’s ad usage over the last nine years. Or, run a unique report on backlink health data for you and your competitors. SpyFu will even provide recommendations about backlinks you should go after. 

And with the SpyFu content marketing tool, you can use all the information you collect from reports to create a marketing strategy that is based on what’s already working for your peers or competition. SpyFu gives reliable data that will get you the best results in the shortest time.  

Raven Tools

Raven logo

You have a lot of options with Raven Tools between its classic SEO package, its separate features that zoom in on site audits, Google Data Studio, and other SEO focal points, and its deep competitive insights platform, Raven Reimagined. 

You can generate custom reports on a wide array of data, such as seeing the precise ad copy performing well for competitors and what landing pages they appear on, keyword ranking reports, mobile browsing speed performance for assessing on-page SEO improvements, and more. 

Analyze up to 50,000 backlinks from competitors and categorize your reports by domain authority, anchor text, and link type. This gives you a deeper understanding of the best strategies for getting new backlinks. 

Raven can even give you site health metrics like page views, average time on site, and total visits to help you see if you’re growing or losing traffic, plus what you can do about it. 


Searchmetrics logo

Searchmetrics helps you see market opportunities no one else recognizes. They do this with their exclusive cloud of research data that pulls from search engine usage around the world. That level of information provides you with SEO reporting on steroids. 

The platform’s marketing suite helps you find opportunities for more revenue and improved customer engagement. For instance, the domain overview provides instant analysis that identifies gaps in your online strategy. Then, run SEO reports that reveal the best keywords to employ locally and see how they perform in the top countries around the world. 

But it doesn’t stop there. Have you experienced a sudden drop in organic traffic but can’t tell why? Searchmetrics has tools that help verify traffic loss and know where it’s coming from. On top of that, AI tools in the software can show you the potential of a low-traffic keyword and what its potential is for the future. 

The Best SEO Reporting Tools for Monitoring a Network of Websites

It can be tough enough to wrangle all the SEO metrics and reporting elements for one website. What if you’re managing 10 sites or 50 or more? The providers below help with rank tracking, reporting, and content strategy at scale, plus ways to improve social media marketing and paid advertising for multiple sites at once. 


Sitechecker logo

Usually, it’s hard to see exactly where growth is coming from when monitoring keywords, links, and everything SEO. But Sitechecker gives your team full access to review all the sites you manage and see what’s happening where in real-time. 

Sitechecker’s dashboard is one of the best in the biz. Get a comprehensive view of how keywords and links are performing on your website alongside over 100 different onsite SEO elements rated for their positive or negative contributions, like a scorecard. 

You can get really into the nitty-gritty with Sitechecker’s reporting. See the number of crawled pages, errors, indexed pages, warnings, and notices that can affect your SEO score and user experience. More important issues are marked in red, with warnings highlighted yellow and notices in blue, and see clear descriptions of each issue and how to fix them.  

This tool makes you a pro at managing multiple sites’ SEO, even if you’re brand-new to growth hacking. You get site monitoring reports that inform you of updates made to pages, which is really helpful if you have contractors or a lot of team members touching your sites. Just an adjustment to one of your site’s elements can mess up your wider strategy, like an update that causes a page to be removed from indexing, causing tons of traffic and revenue to be lost. Sitechecker will make sure you see this issue right away and nip issues in the bud.

Moz Pro

Moz logo

Moz’s suite of tools is all about website optimization. With Moz Pro, you can run reports that find your website’s hidden potential and see what’s missing.

Moz Pro’s keyword explorer helps you target the right keywords for all of the websites you manage with ease, and site audits let you dig into the health of your site and any necessary fixes to handle. It tracks searches across Google, Bing, and Yahoo in over 200 countries, so you know exactly how to approach your content strategy no matter where your customers are. You can also build custom reports that automatically cover on-page optimization, crawled sites, ranking data, and more. 

Don’t worry if you know nothing about reporting because Moz is very friendly to beginners. They provide reporting templates so you can show stakeholders the impact of your SEO work across all websites and do it all with little effort. Moz does all the hard work for you, and they even recommend SEO opportunities you’re missing out on. 


GrowthBar logo

GrowthBar is a huge help for handling the SEO considerations of content across a wide array of websites. This tool helps you run reports that tie keywords and search volume to suggestions for where to take your content strategy next and helps you decide quickly if a keyword is worth pursuing. 

This is helped a ton by GrowthBar’s AI-powered writing tools. They help you swiftly whip up unique, effective content for each site you monitor and each keyword you’re going after. Generate outlines and get in-platform guidance for optimal word count, SEO and post tiles, link usage, and even intro paragraph construction.

One GrowthBar plan allows you to track 1,000 keywords across three sites, with another able to handle as many as 25 sites. See the organic keywords that your competitors are ranking for and exactly how much traffic they’re getting from those keywords. Or, keep it focused on your own network of sites and keep the reporting focus on the health of your on-page SEO, backlinks, keyword usage, domain authority and trust, and more. 

The Best SEO Reporting Tools for Agencies

Running a successful agency looks hard. But the secret to the successful ones is having a good tool that helps you whip up reports tailored to the needs of each of your clients at scale. The ones we review below focus on agency growth, giving you the essentials for deep dives into analytics, reporting, ad campaigns, and opportunities usually overlooked by other tools. 


Semrush logo

The payoff you get with Semrush is fast and noticeable because of how many of their tools your agency can use to create a unique SEO strategy for your clients. Once you get the hang of generating reports in Semrush, you will take off quickly. 

Run reports for keyword ranking, backlinks, market research, and advertising. With over 20 billion keywords to track, Semrush offers some of the widest reaches on the market. Combining these capabilities with white-label and branded reporting makes it extremely simple to create tailored angles for each client you manage. 

Sprinkle in information about keywords and content for comparing your clients against their competitors and add in Semrush’s capacity for social media analysis to really bring the best for each of your clients. Semrush is also one of the best SEO tools for recognizing toxic backlinks pointed to your site that actually lowers your client sites’ authority. 

SE Ranking

SE Ranking logo

Many agencies consider the rival to Semrush, SE Ranking to be the best SEO tool available on the market. That’s because of the granularity of control you get over generating reports for clients. Manually run reports or automate them so your team saves time, which can be used instead on finding new keywords, link-building opportunities, and areas for improvement. Reporting covers seven key categories, from rankings and competitor analysis to marketing plans and financials. 

For example, you can generate a full overview of paid or organic promotional strategies used for one client, then analyze it for how to build the right kind of traffic for their needs. You don’t need to waste money on paid strategies—look at what’s working and start there. 

You also have the power to create monthly reports with SE Ranking, which can include things like a rankings overview, organic traffic, keyword growth, and much more, with built-in comparisons for easy spotting of month-over-month improvements or declines. And you can tap into reporting templates, so there’s no need to create anything from scratch. 


Conductor logo

Conductor allows you to see exactly how the content you’re creating for clients ties into their sites’ SEO performance. 

You’ll get tools on this platform that inform you how to make content your clients’ customers really want. Having this kind of power gives you an advantage when it comes to managing a network of client websites at scale.

Conductor also lets you run reports that show you exactly what their customers are searching for online so you can understand their needs better. This approach is going to help your SEO strategy move towards showing evidence of what’s working with client content and helps you solve client problems faster, minimizing headaches. 

You can also tap into Conductor’s premium Orchestra service, which gives you an on-demand group of digital marketers that will consult or even provide training for you and your team in the nuances of SEO. No other provider offers anything like this. They will help you strategize and improve the customer’s journey for your clients. And Conductor’s smart reporting will display your performance beautifully to easily show clients or bosses that your efforts are making progress. 


AgencyAnalytics logo

Perfect for identifying website problems and managing your reporting to clients, AgencyAnalytics is all about automation. In fact, you can automate reports in under two minutes with this platform. Even better is the ease with which you can send presentation-ready reports to your clients in minutes.

All of your SEO reporting tools are available to help you manage and spotlight strategies, keywords, and links. And your AgencyAnalytics dashboard will help your agency organize all of your client’s data in one simple-to-manage location. 

Use custom dashboards to also help monitor social media engagement, competition reporting, Google search metrics, and SEO site audits, which will in turn help with finding problems with ranking difficulties. Plus, you can whitelabel these custom dashboards with your different clients’ logos and branding, separated out based on how you manage each client and their needs. 

Further Reading

Below you will find other articles that will increase your knowledge about SEO so you can wield a reporting tool with full confidence and capability. Dive into our selection of Crazy Egg posts that will enlighten you on SEO concepts and tactics both basic and advanced. 

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