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Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

Sales directly impact your bottom line—when done well, sales activity drives revenue and brings in loyal customers. When done poorly, sales efforts can drive customers away from something that exists to help make their lives better. After digging deep into dozens of sales courses, we narrowed them down to our top picks. Along the way, we found Hoffman Sales Training to be the best of the best. It’s a hands-on course from a trustworthy brand with a proven customer-focused system that covers the sales from start to finish.

The Best Sales Course for Most

Hoffman logo

Hoffman Sales Training

Best for Most

Hoffman Sales Training backs a straightforward, customer-focused training course with 20+ years of proven experience and its founder’s personal, authentic brand.

Jeff Hoffman is the brand for MJ Hoffman and Associates. His company provides value up front, and the course’s hands-on experience separates it from the rest. It covers the entire sales process and is always focused on the customer’s needs. 

He has taught top businesses across the globe, and he stresses authenticity and connection when selling. The training is simple, proven, and effective. It is hands down the best course for most.

The Best Sales Course Options to Consider

  1. Hoffman Sales Training – Best for most
  2. Richardson Consultative Selling – Best for phone sales
  3. SRG Sales Presentation Training – Best for B2B sales
  4. SalesScripter SMART Sales System – Best for prospecting
  5. RAIN Group Sales Mastery Program – Best for individuals    

When It Makes Sense to Invest Into a Sales Course

It is never too early to invest in a sales course. Purchasing a sales training course is an investment. It should be a priority for sales teams searching for an advantage.

Failing to properly train a sales team may save your organization money initially, but it can have massive long-term consequences as that team fails to close enough sales and bring in enough revenue over time. 

According to a RAIN Group survey, 83% of sales organizations do not have effective sales training. Training a team with a proven sales course creates a clear competitive advantage.  

The number of employees an organization has is irrelevant, as most sales courses can be tailored to fit a team’s size. We believe sales teams of any size should be well-trained. 

When making a training decision, a company should also look at the specific issues facing its sales team. 

Is the team outmatched by the competitors in its market?

Do its sales reps have inconsistent monthly numbers?

Do some team members flourish, while others struggle?

If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, purchasing a third-party sales course should be considered.

#1 – Hoffman Sales Training – Best for Most

Hoffman logo

Hoffman Sales Training

Best for Most

Hoffman Sales Training backs a straightforward, customer-focused training course with 20+ years of proven experience and its founder’s personal, authentic brand.

Hoffman Sales Training is clearly the best sales course for most because it is hands-on, customer-focused, trustworthy, and proven.

This is a one-day course offered nationwide. It is broken down into seven modules, and its intended audience includes sales reps and sales managers.

Hoffman is unique because it doesn’t rely on several coaches to convey the company’s message. When you sign up for a Hoffman course, you are getting personal coaching from Jeff Hoffman and his business partner, CeCe.

Jeff is the brand, and he is truly passionate about what he does. This program is not the fanciest, most elaborate course on the market. It is simple, and it gets results.

This training is hyper-focused on the customer in the sales process.

Jeff stresses the importance of being authentic, genuine, and present. The course’s signature “Why You? Why Now?” prospecting technique teaches students how to connect with potential clients.

Jeff also emphasizes the importance of existing customers in bringing in new business. The course has an entire module dedicated to using clients to farm for new prospects.

MJ Hoffman and Associates is a trustworthy company that cares about the customers purchasing its course. An uncommon aspect of the Hoffman website is the vast amount of free value it provides up front.

Hoffman uses webinars, a YouTube page, and even a blog and podcast to give free sales tips. The sales course is also relatively inexpensive compared to some of its overpriced competitors.

This tells us Jeff’s team does not want to simply make money and move on. He and his company care about its students and want them to succeed. 

Finally, Hoffman Sales Training is a proven course with previous blue-chip clients. 

The company has been a top sales consultant for over 20 years. Some of its previous clients include Google, PayPal, and Deloitte.

Jeff’s sales methodology is award-winning, and he has been featured in Fortune and Entrepreneur Magazine.

This process has been taught in 23 countries within six continents.

When in doubt, go with Hoffman.

#2 – Richardson Consultative Selling – Best for Phone Sales

Richardson logo

Richardson Consultative Selling Course

Best for Phone Sales

For a customizable, thorough, and hands-on training course specifically on phone sales, Richardson Consultative Selling has you covered.

Some sales teams only want a course focusing on the calling aspect of sales. In this case, they should purchase a course that targets phone sales specifically.

Richardson Consultative Selling Course is the best phone sales training because it involves its participants, covers the entire sales call process, and teaches repeatable actions.

This course can be either a one- or two-day interactive workshop. It is tailored to sales professionals, sales leadership, business development, and sales managers. The course can be completed virtually or on-site with an instructor. It is focused on consultative sales calling.

Unlike classroom-style sales training, Richardson is unique because it prides itself on a “Learn-by-Doing” philosophy. Students participate in brainstorming activities, problem-solving exercises, and role-plays.

During the in-person training, students receive intensive feedback from the Richardson coaches. The virtual format uses tools like polling, chats, and breakout groups to replicate the in-person experience.

This is not a class where students fall asleep from boredom. This is a truly interactive experience.

Richardson’s Consultative Selling Skills covers the entire phone sales process. The workshop goes over the six steps listed below:

  1. Planning and Preparation
  2. Understanding the Customer
  3. Positioning Value that Differentiates
  4. Resolving Objections
  5. Follow Up and Closing

The course develops calling skills and teaches a repeatable process instead of surface-level techniques. It gives students a “Consultative Selling Framework” they can use consistently in the field. It also emphasizes the six essential sales skills and teaches them to their students.

Instead of teaching cookie-cutter sales calling techniques, the course stresses the importance of leveraging each student’s natural strengths. It acknowledges that not every salesperson is the same.

This course is best for a sales team searching for a calling process that gets results.

#3 – SRG Sales Presentation Training – Best for B2B Sales

SRG logo

SRG Sales Presentation Training

Best for B2B Sales

SRG offers in-depth B2B sales presentation training that goes beyond the course itself. Pre-training and followup consults are included!

For B2B sales teams, it can help to choose a program that specializes in business-to-business.

Sales Presentation Training by Sales Readiness Group (SRG) is the best for B2B sales because it is focused on the long term, is fully customizable, and has a unique licensing program.

This is a one- or two-day course focused on B2B sales presentations. It is available for live in-person or virtual classes.

Unlike courses that are focused on educating students then moving on, this course is focused on long-term student success.

While the course itself is only two days maximum, it includes follow-up sessions with its students. SRG stresses the importance of not only learning the information but also creating sustainable changes in its students’ behaviors.

Every sales team is different, and this course is focused on tailoring to the needs of each individual team.

To make the course more relevant, SRG includes a pre-training consultation that is personalized for your team. It includes exercises, case studies, and examples to fully understand the challenges your organization is facing.

It is also worth noting the skill level customization option. The training is presented differently for sales veterans than it is for inexperienced newbies.

Finally, Sales Presentation Training has a licensing option for in-house training.

If a business has a large or growing sales department, it can license this course and teach it using its own internal sales trainers.

The licensing terms are cost-effective, customizable, and allow the sales organization to use the course as often as it chooses. It will even provide internal trainers with a “Train-the-Trainer” certification to ensure they are teaching the course effectively.

The unique delivery and value offered by SRG’s Sales Presentation make it our clear frontrunner for B2B sales courses.

#4 – SalesScripter SMART Sales System – Best for Prospecting

SalesScripter logo

SalesScripter SMART Sales System

Best for Prospecting

The SMART Sales System from SalesScripter teaches sales professionals all the best tactics for prospecting in today’s market--for free!

Not all sales courses focus on the entire process. There are courses that focus on specific aspects of the process, and this is helpful to sales organizations wanting a targeted approach.

SalesScripter SMART Sales System is the best course for prospecting because it is hyper-focused on prospecting, it teaches a specific strategy, and the course is free.

This is a 13-hour online course focused on the prospecting side of sales. It is intended for sales managers, sales trainers, sales professionals, and inside salespeople.

The course takes an in-depth look at prospecting. It teaches how to effectively cold call, leave voicemails, and send emails to prospects.

It teaches students how to prospect during a time when potential clients barely answer the phone anymore.

It covers how to get around gatekeepers, and how to use prospect pain and value proposition to generate leads. It teaches how to use LinkedIn effectively, and how to determine an ideal prospect.

The course also teaches students to develop the mental strength needed during the prospecting process.

The SMART Sales System explains how to use its signature “SMART” (Sales Messaging and Response Tactics) technique for reaching out to potential clients.

It gives its students a strategy for what to say in certain situations. The program prides itself on staying in the sweet spot between giving no instructions and being too complicated. It has a simple strategy for building rapport and leading the conversation in the right direction.

The SMART Sales System training is the only free course mentioned in this article.

Through its online course, SalesScripter is focused on providing sales professionals with value up front. It offers this course for free because it has a sales prospecting software platform for sale, which many students purchase after taking the course. This platform may be of value to your company as well, but it’s not required to take the SMART Sales System training course. 

When it comes to sales courses that focus on prospecting, SalesScripter SMART Sales System is the best available.

#5 – RAIN Group Sales Mastery Program – Best for Individuals

RAIN logo

RAIN Group Sales Mastery Program

Best for Individuals

RAIN Group’s self-paced sales course is perfect for solopreneurs, individual sales professionals, and sales team members who learn at their own pace.

Not all members of a sales team need to take a course at the same time. Sometimes, it is more effective for team members to take courses separately.

The RAIN Group Sales Mastery Program is the best fit for this situation because it is self-paced, packed with content, and focuses on what top sellers do differently.

This course is all online, and it is tailored to individual sales professionals at any level. When going through at the recommended pace, it takes about four months to complete.

The RAIN Group Sales Mastery program has 27 lessons lasting about 20 minutes each. Students can complete the course as quickly or slowly as they like.

It is the perfect course for busy salespeople who prefer to learn gradually over time.

The course is packed with a variety of content including modules, tools, checklists, and access to research.

It also tests its students through quizzes and engages them with role plays. The content is downloadable so students can learn on the go.

The program’s focus is what top salespeople do differently. By studying the best of the best, it offers its students a clear and actionable roadmap to success.

It explains how sales has changed, and what students can do to succeed in the new environment.

If you’re looking for a sales course to complete on your own, go with RAIN Group Sales Mastery.

Methodology for Choosing the Best Sales Course

Choosing the right sales course can be a difficult task. We’ve narrowed down four things a sales organization looks for when picking which is the best fit. These were also factored into our research of our five recommendations.


When choosing a sales course, it’s worth noting who its intended audience is. While many courses tailor to all sales professionals, some specialize in specific niches and experience levels.

Enrolling a financial sales team in a course that specializes in vehicle sales is a critical mistake.

It is also important to avoid enrolling a veteran sales team in a course for beginners.

Program Delivery Options

Understanding the program’s delivery method is essential.

Do the coaches train students virtually through a webcam? 

Do they come to the office for in-person training? 

Does the sales team travel to the training headquarters to learn?

In-person training is more engaging, but virtual training can save time and money. 

It’s important to know which delivery methods are available, and which is best for each sales organization. 

Content Focus

Not all sales courses cover the same topics.

Some courses focus on prospecting. Others specialize in sales presentations. Many courses spend time on every aspect of the sales process. 

It is vital that an organization understands what will be covered in a course, and how that benefits its sales team. 


The length of the course is another aspect that must be factored in.

Not all sales teams have time for a five-day offsite training. Most courses range from one to three days long, while others are online and stretch for months.

It is useful to know how long a course will take to complete before purchasing.

Hoffman logo

Hoffman Sales Training

Best for Most

Hoffman Sales Training backs a straightforward, customer-focused training course with 20+ years of proven experience and its founder’s personal, authentic brand.


For most companies, Hoffman Sales Training is the best fit. It has everything needed in a sales course, and it does the best job of educating its students.

If you are looking for something more specific, consider our recommendations for phone sales, B2B sales, prospecting, and individual-focused courses.

Always take note of the intended audience, delivery options, focus, and course length when deciding. 

Investing in a third-party sales course can be a difference-maker. Use our recommendations and methodology to choose which is the right fit for your team. 

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