Best Online Incorporation Services Compared

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ZenBusiness is our favorite online incorporation service of the 12 options we reviewed. With its user-friendly interface and a guided chatbot that walks you through all steps involved in incorporation, ZenBusiness is perfect for anyone who wants a simple formation process at an affordable price. Continue reading to learn more about the best online incorporation services, with guidance for spotting the best options for your particular situation.

Top Online Incorporation Services: Golden Eggs

While there exists a wide array of services that assist you with turning your business idea into a corporation, we’ve identified a handful of options that rise above the rest. These, our Golden Eggs, are our top overall picks among the online incorporation services on the market today.

ZenBusiness uses a chatbot to guide you through the business formation process with ease, ensuring you won’t miss any steps along the way. Get started now for just $0 plus state fees.

Bizee (formerly Incfile) is a free business formation solution that includes one free year of registered agent services. Sign up now for free and just pay your state filing fees. 

Northwest Registered Agent excels in privacy protection, quality of service, and registered agent services with some unique features that can’t be found elsewhere. Sign up to incorporate your business and get extra-mile assistance when you need it.

Rocket Lawyer not only offers incorporation services, it also gives you access to discounted legal services and a wide range of legal document templates. Start a seven-day free trial today.

LegalNature provides DIY legal forms and documents to help you incorporate and manage your business. Get started risk-free on your seven-day free trial.

Crazy Egg's Best Online Incorporation Services - Golden Eggs

Online Incorporation Services Review Process

Our reviews of the best online incorporation services are conveniently organized into different use cases—scenarios like your own where someone might need a certain quality from one of these services. Each brand review highlights why that particular service shines for a use case based on our proprietary research data. 

Of the 12 brands we reviewed, our team found six common use cases for people seeking online incorporation services:

Segmenting our reviews by use case makes it easier for you to quickly identify your needs so you can find an online incorporation service that matches your specific situation. 

Once you’ve determined which scenario best fits what you’re looking for, you can use the reviews in that section to find the best options for your fledgling business. 

You can also use our section where we break down key components of incorporation services and what use cases they’re most important to. This will help you narrow your options even further if you’re on the fence between two or three solutions. 

The Best Online Incorporation Services for Fast Filing

If you need to form your business quickly, you can use an online incorporation service that specializes in expediting the process. Beyond getting your documents filed fast, you’ll also have fast access to customer support. Some online incorporation services do charge extra for expedited filings, but others include it as part of a bundled formation package. 

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent logo

Northwest Registered Agent is best known for its attentive service, availability, and transparency. Often, traits like that come at the expense of other conveniences, but this online incorporation solution can also process your business formation filings swiftly. 

When you hire Northwest Registered Agent to incorporate your business, you get a ton of perks for $225 (plus state filing fees). The company’s trademark registered agent service is included, of course, but every new order also gets filed with your state on the same business day without any extra fee. That’s a huge difference-maker. Nearly every other provider on the market charges extra for same-day or expedited filings. 

Reviews from real Northwest Registered Agent customers highlight the service’s speed. Not only is the process and formation quick and easy, but Northwest Registered Agent also responds to inquiries on the same day, so you’re never left waiting for answers when you need them. 

Check out our complete Northwest Registered Agent review to learn more about their full array of services and offerings.

Inc Authority

IncAuthority logo

Inc Authority gives you the option to select 24-hour express processing when you’re going through their incorporation process. This premier service usually costs an extra $49, but you can sometimes get lucky and get expedited processing for free as a promotional offer. 

Either way, the $49 is nominal if you’re in a hurry to incorporate as quickly as possible. If you’re pressed for time and need to get your new business incorporated right away, Inc Authority has you covered. Just make sure you select the 24-hour express processing option during checkout.

Business owners who have used Inc Authority to incorporate their companies rave about the platform’s speed and service. Beyond the option for faster filing, you can get in touch with Inc Authority’s support team seven days a week as a customer. Many other services offer limited live support that is available Monday through Friday at best. 

Refer to our in-depth Inc Authority review for more details.


MyCompanyWorks logo

If you submit a new incorporation order before 3 p.m. Eastern Time, MyCompanyWorks automatically gives you same-day filing for free. And, even if you miss that cutoff, your order will be processed on the next business day. There’s no waiting around with MyCompanyWorks.

This is a great benefit for business owners who want to incorporate quickly without having to pay extra fees. If you’re concerned about rushing into a decision based on fast filing alone, don’t worry. MyCompanyWorks has a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. So if you decide that the service isn’t right for you, you can get your money back without any questions asked.

With incorporation services starting at just $59 plus state filing fees, MyCompanyWorks is also very affordable. Most other providers charge $59 just for expedited filing alone.

Read our full MyCompanyWorks review to see more information about the services and pricing options it offers. 

The Best Online Incorporation Services for No-Frills Business Incorporation

You likely want a no-frills formation service if you’re simply interested in incorporating your business without any additional services. These bare-bones formation options don’t include registered agent services, legal advice, or any extra bells and whistles. The solutions below are perfect for a simple, straightforward, and easy incorporation experience, something ideal for small operations looking to become official via an LLC. 

Bizee (Formerly Incfile)

Bizee (powered by Incfile) logo

Bizee’s website is simple, well-organized, and very easy to navigate. This makes for a seamless incorporation experience, even if you’ve never been through the process before.  

This service doesn’t force you to get a registered agent alongside your incorporation filing. Customers also love the fact that Bizee is 100% free to use. You only have to pay your state filing fees. And, if you do want to include a registered agent at checkout, even that is included for free for your first year. That’s a nearly unbeatable package.

While it’s bare-bones if you need it to be, Bizee also offers useful add-ons like acquiring an EIN that you can include in your service package at checkout. You also have the option to turn off auto-renewal, so you’re not surprised by additional fees down the road.

Use our detailed Bizee Review to learn more about its different plan options and incorporation solutions.


MyCompanyWorks logo

If you just want some guided assistance for filing your incorporation paperwork, MyCompanyWorks is an excellent option. And you can easily select what services you need without being forced into buying packages filled with extras, unlike other providers that keep some aspects of the incorporation process locked away in expensive service bundles.

The incorporation service is reasonably priced ($59 plus state fees), and you can easily add on extras like an EIN, tax guidance forms, and registered agent services. But none of this is required if you just want to stick with the basics and file quickly and simply.

In addition to being easy to use, MyCompanyWorks doesn’t skimp on speed. They provide same-day processing for all orders submitted before 3 p.m. Eastern, Monday through Friday. This is exceptional bonus value, as other providers often charge extra for expedited filing. 

Refer to our complete MyCompanyWorks review for more information. 

Inc Authority

IncAuthority logo

Inc Authority has something for everyone. If you just want to keep it simple and use the platform for a simple, no-fuss business incorporation, you can use this provider’s services for free. You just have to pay your state filing fees.

You’ll have to navigate through some upsells as you’re going through the process, which makes it a bit less than ideal for quick, straightforward incorporation. But fortunately, they’re all clearly marked (including their actual price) and easy to decline. No shady tricks to get you to add services here. Better still, if one of those offerings presents a good deal, you can easily add it to your plan without having to purchase a premium bundle. 

Using Inc Authority to incorporate means you’ll also get registered agent services for free in your first year. Since this is a requirement in every state, there’s no reason to decline the offer. While Inc Authority has a ton of business resources and tools ranging from trademark registration to business funding, you can skip anything extraneous and stick with the basics if that’s your game plan. 

Read our full Inc Authority review to learn more. 

The Best Online Incorporation Services for First-Time Business Owners

Many first-time business owners need some additional support when getting their businesses off the ground. Beyond basic incorporation services, you’ll want fast and helpful customer service and access to business formation resources and guides. This is also ideal for business owners that need help determining which incorporation structure is right for their new business and want the reassurance that everything gets filed correctly the first time.


ZenBusiness logo

As a first-time business owner, the incorporation process might seem a bit overwhelming. But ZenBusiness simplifies things, making it easy for anyone to get the steps completed accurately and in a timely fashion—even if you’ve never done it before. 

You’ll go through an interactive guide powered by a chatbot that asks you questions about yourself and your business. As you answer these questions, ZenBusiness will automatically populate the incorporation documents required to file with your state. 

Beyond the simple formation process, you’ll also have access to ZenBusiness’s extensive library of business resources and their friendly customer support team that’s available via phone and email—perfect for whenever you have questions before, during, or after your incorporation. 

For all the details on what this provider has to offer, check out our complete ZenBusiness review

Bizee (Formerly Incfile)

Bizee (powered by Incfile) logo

Bizee offers a few types of guidance for new business owners looking to incorporate. Their resource center is a great starting point for learning all the ins and outs of incorporation and proper filing. And, anything that isn’t covered there can be gleaned from their support team, which is available by phone from Monday through Friday. 

On top of that, they have a few really helpful services and extra-mile forms of support. For the former, you can pay $99 and get Bizee’s business license research package. That helps you ensure you acquire all the permits and licenses required to operate legally in any locality. If you’re at all unsure about how the industry your business will inhabit affects what you need to operate, this is a smart investment.

Regarding the extra-mile offerings, Bizee demonstrates its commitment to supporting new business owners after they’ve incorporated the company through two unique extras. They have a Young Entrepreneur Scholarship grant and a Fresh Start Business grant, both of which can give you access to funds to not only start your business but grow it in the future. 

Read our Bizee review to learn more about the incorporation services and packages.  


BizFilings logo

BizFilings offers a startup checklist during your incorporation process, providing you with detailed information for everything you need to take care of. This is a valuable point of reference if you’ve never gone through this process before. 

New business owners also love the BizFilings setup wizard. This walks you through each step of the incorporating process, helping you to finish everything up in less than ten minutes. From there, BizFilings handles the rest on your behalf, so you won’t have to worry about filing paperwork on your own or dealing directly with your secretary of state’s office. 

It’s also worth noting that BizFilings is part of the Wolters Kluwer umbrella, allowing BizFilings customers to tap into WK solutions for health insurance, taxes, accounting, compliance, and legal services. So, if you want to easily get any of these things taken care of in addition to your incorporation service, BizFilings should definitely be on your radar as a first-time business owner. 

Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings logo

Swyft Filings is a budget-friendly incorporation service, ideal for first-time business owners on a tight budget. With rates starting at just $49 plus state filing fees, it’s tough to find a better value on the market. And the value isn’t just in a low price for incorporation services.

When you sign up for Swyft Filings, you’ll automatically be assigned a dedicated business specialist. This go-to resource is perfect for first-time business owners who will likely have lots of questions about getting started. You’ll have direct access to your specialist’s phone number, too, so you won’t have to deal with waiting on long hold times.

With a dedicated specialist, you won’t have to re-introduce or explain yourself to different support agents every time you call, either. Your specialist will be familiar with your business, your incorporation status, and your unique situation. That’s a boon for new business owners, and it represents an incredible value additive to Swyft Filings’ low price.

Read our full Swyft Filings review to learn more about the packages and services offered and pricing options. 

Solutions in this category provide legal assistance beyond the formation process. This could include lawyer consultations, access to counsel, and assistance with legal documents. This can help you in a lot of ways that are tangentially related to establishing your business, like trademark registration and intellectual property, lease agreements, contracts, and more.

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent logo

Aside from being one of the highest-rated registered agent service providers on the market today, Northwest Registered Agent also has a “Law on Call” service. For just $9 per month, you’ll have access to a team of licensed lawyers that you can go to for basic legal advice and questions. This is an exceptional value compared to similar legal services on the market. 

If you need help beyond a basic question, this service also gives you the ability to hire lawyers directly at a discounted rate of $99 per hour. To help control your costs, you can even put a cap on how many hours you’re willing to pay for as the lawyers work on your case. That combination of control and affordability is rare.

For those of you who don’t mind DIY solutions, Northwest Registered Agent also gives you free access to legal forms specific to corporations and nonprofits. While you won’t have any assistance from an attorney when you’re filling out the forms, it’s still a good option for users who know what they need and just want to make sure they’re using the appropriate template. 

Check our detailed review of Northwest Registered Agent to learn more. 

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer logo

Rocket Lawyer has one of the most extensive libraries of legal documents available for its customers to access. These cover everything for both business and personal legal needs and are all vetted by actual lawyers. 

An incredible benefit about using Rocket Lawyer for your legal documents is that you get their proprietary Document Defense service, as well. That means if you run into a dispute that pertains to one of Rocket Lawyer’s documents you’ve used, one of Rocket Lawyer’s on-call attorneys will intercede on your behalf.  

If you think you’ll need ongoing legal advice beyond your initial incorporation, Rocket Lawyer memberships also include the ability to ask questions to lawyers and access free 30-minute consultations for every new legal matter. 

Get started with a seven-day free trial. While you can’t incorporate your business during the trial period, it’s still a great opportunity to see what the service offers and ask questions to lawyers. 

Read our complete Rocket Lawyer review to learn more. 

Legal Nature

LegalNature logo

If you feel confident about your ability to find and fill out the legal documents you need, Legal Nature is the affordable way to incorporate your business that also gives you access to a vast library of legal forms. 

All you’ll need is a LegalNature+ subscription, which gives you access to its document library. Find, download, and populate over 100 types of legal documents without paying extra for a lawyer or counsel. You can even edit and fill them out directly on LegalNature’s website without even having to download them. 

Try a LegalNature+ subscription for free with a seven-day trial to try it on for size before committing to the $39 per month or $119 per year plans. 

Refer to our in-depth LegalNature review for more. 

Legal Zoom

LegalZoom logo

Legal Zoom is arguably the best-known online legal service on the market today. The platform has essentially everything a business owner would need to start a new company. Beyond its formation services, you can also rely on Legal Zoom for tax assistance, trademark services, and legal advice. 

Consider LegalZoom a one-stop shop for all of your needs. Beyond starting with them for your business incorporation (which costs between $79 and $149 plus state fees), you can tap into their Business Advisory Plan. That provides you with unlimited 30-minute consultations with real attorneys for employment and legal issues for six months or a full year. Pricing starts at $39.08 per month.

Or, utilize LegalZoom’s vast array of legal services, especially those that come in handy during the early days of your business. Whether you want to use an attorney-backed service to register a new trademark, protect your intellectual property, or almost anything else, Legal Zoom is the most cost-effective way to access all of these services under one roof without cutting any corners.

Read our LegalZoom review to learn more

The Best Online Incorporation Services for Worry-Free Compliance

This scenario is perfect for business owners who want to automate regular aspects of keeping up with your incorporation, such as state filings and annual reports. If you’re not great at keeping track of deadlines and want some extra support, an incorporation service that helps with compliance can ensure you’re always in good standing with your state. 


ZenBusiness logo

If you use ZenBusiness to incorporate your business, you’ll gain access to more than 25 templates of the most important documents, from liability waivers to purchase agreements, intellectual property, confidentiality agreements, and more. It’s easy to customize, edit, and print these from their website.

ZenBusiness also includes compliance services with all Pro and Premium business formation plans. This provides you with alerts whenever documents are due, so you won’t miss any important deadlines to stay in good standing with your state. The service covers two amendments and additional filings per year at no extra charge, as well. 

If something goes wrong and you do fall out of good standing with your state, ZenBusiness will give you a detailed action plan to ensure you return to compliance as soon as possible. Regardless of the situation, you can rest easy knowing ZenBusiness has your back.

Read our full ZenBusiness review to get all the details on what they can offer you. 

Bizee (Formerly Incfile)

Bizee (powered by Incfile) logo

With Bizee, you’ll get lifetime compliance alerts when you sign up for a Gold or Platinum formation plan. Even if you’re taking advantage of Bizee’s free incorporation service, you still have access to a free registered agent service for your first year, which will help you establish good standing at the outset without having to spend a dime beyond your state filing fees.

You can also rely on Bizee for automated annual report filings. This is an additional service that costs $99 plus state fees, but it’s a worthwhile price to pay for your corporation to remain in good standing without worry. 

Bizee also has an extensive library of business forms, documents, and legal templates to tap into. So, you won’t have to rely on a third-party legal service to access key business documents like NDAs, resolutions, meeting minutes forms, and more. 

Check out our detailed Bizee review to learn more about these offerings and more. 

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent logo

As a top-rated registered agent service, Northwest Registered Agent provides everything you need to remain in good standing with your state during the incorporation process and post-launch. 

Beyond their titular registered agent services, they offer a compliance package that handles all of your regular filings with your state. And, since a Northwest Registered Agent is doing this on your behalf, you gain additional privacy as a business owner. 

If you’re not great at remembering deadlines, Northwest Registered Agent has your back. They automatically send you an online notification 90 days before filing deadlines for annual reports that align with your state’s regulations. Then, they file the report well in advance, ensuring there are no hiccups with your state office. Just be aware that there’s a $100 compliance filing fee in addition to your state fees.

You can learn more about Northwest Registered Agent by reading our full review. 


MyCorporation logo

MyCorporation is perfect for new business owners who want access to excellent, personalized customer support. They have US-based agents and document filing experts that are available via phone or email from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time. 

Filing your annual report on time is a crucial part of staying compliant and MyCorporation offers annual report filing with all of its packages except for the basic entry-level plan. So, it’s worth it to go up a tier when you’re signing up to ensure you get your annual reports handled for you. 

Even if you decide to go with a bare-bones package, you can always add on the annual report service for $99 per year. That’s the normal going rate for this service as an add-on. Just add on the filing service each year for as long as you need it from MyCorporation. 

For more plan and service information, check our complete MyCorporation review

Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance logo

As the name implies, Harbor Compliance specializes in compliance services for business owners. They have an affordable registered agent service that you can get at a discounted rate if you sign up for multiple years at once. 

While Harbor Compliance’s incorporation services are a bit more expensive compared to other options that we reviewed, their compliance services are second to none. You’ll have access to their proprietary software that helps you organize all of your licenses, registrations, tax records, and more. This is perfect for any organization that needs to file and renew an extensive list of documents to remain compliant, and even better suited for anyone who has to juggle multiple corporations’ documents. 

For even more assistance, you can use the Harbor Compliance ComplianceAdvisor, which is a custom compliance package that covers registered agent services, annual report filings, DBA renewals, and compliance alerts. They also offer coaching services to help you stay informed on any changes or updates in your state. 


MyCompanyWorks logo

MyCompanyWorks offers a way to get compliance services on top of their remarkably fast incorporation services. The compliance add-on starts at $99 per year and includes your annual report filings. 

Other incorporation services on the market typically charge a separate fee for filing your annual report, but MyCompanyWorks bundles that into your compliance service. If you sign up for an Entrepreneur or Complete business formation package, the compliance service and annual report are included in your plan anyway, making this a fantastic value. 

You’ll also have access to the MyCompanyWorks’ ComplianceLock dashboard. This includes an array of tools, including compliance alerts and storage for all of your documents. You can also set up alerts for multiple stakeholders, so everyone is notified about upcoming compliance deadlines.

MyCompanyWorks will even monitor your corporation to ensure it stays in good standing with the state and help you fix things if you fall out of compliance.

Refer to our MyCompanyWorks review to learn more. 

The Best Online Incorporation Services for Privacy Protection

Every state requires businesses to have a registered agent. One of the main benefits of this service is to protect your privacy, as a registered agent will accept any tax and legal documents on behalf of your business. This helps provide an extra layer of privacy for business owners who don’t want to give out their home addresses and wouldn’t want to be served lawsuit documents at their place of business. 

Bizee (Formerly Incfile)

Bizee (powered by Incfile) logo

If you use Bizee to incorporate your business, you automatically get your first year of registered agent services for free. Bizee’s free registered agent service is even available to businesses taking advantage of their free formation package. This is an excellent value all around. 

For those of you running a business out of your home, Bizee’s registered agent service hides your personal address for official government correspondence. So, you won’t have to worry about someone knocking on your front door to deliver paperwork or getting flooded with mail about your newly incorporated company. Trust us, new companies get a lot of junk mail.

This is also ideal for business owners who don’t want to risk being served court summons or lawsuit papers in front of employees or customers. Bizee’s registered agents will accept these documents at another address on your behalf to protect your privacy. 

Read our full Bizee review to learn more about all of their service offerings and prices. 

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent logo

As the name implies, Northwest Registered Agent is known for being one of the best registered agent services on the market today. They go to great lengths to ensure all of your information is kept private, and they promise to never share or sell your information to third parties. 

Aside from the standard registered agent services you’ll see from other providers, Northwest Registered Agent offers premium features such as mail forwarding services with digital scanning, virtual office solutions, and even VoIP phone services.

This combination of unique extras allows you to get your new business fully set up from the get-go. You won’t find these options from other online incorporation or registered agent services on the market. 

Check out our complete Northwest Registered Agent review for more information.  

Inc Authority

IncAuthority logo

Inc Authority offers one free year of registered agent services when you use them to incorporate your business. This helps keep your business address private from day one. 

The cool part about Inc Authority is that they also offer free incorporation services. Just pay your state filing fees, and they’ll take care of the rest. Even if you’re using the free service, you’ll still have access to a free year of registered agent services. 

If you’re on a tight budget, this is one of the fastest and easiest ways to incorporate and form your business while keeping your information private. The only thing you need to pay upfront is your state filing fees. After the first year, the registered agent service renews at the affordable rate of just $99 annually—which is well worth the cost to protect your privacy. 

Use our in-depth Inc Authority review to learn more

What Matters When Reviewing Online Incorporation Services

Here you’ll find the three most important, unique criteria to consider as you’re evaluating different online incorporation services. These factors come into special consideration for particular use cases and scenarios, which you’ll see highlighted below. Use this section to assess and contrast services if you’re finding it tough to decide between multiple quality options for your exact situation.

Help and Support

Anyone seeking an online incorporation service will want some level of help and support, whether through phone, email, live chat, or in-person consultation (when a service has physical office locations for you to visit). However, this is particularly important to those who haven’t gone through the process of incorporation before. 

When it Matters Most:

  • First-time business owners – Not only do you want the reassurance of readily available support when you’re going through the business incorporation process for the first time, but helpful guidance can be immensely useful for navigating the particulars of your new business’ industry or the specific regulations of the state you’ll be operating in. 

User Experience

The online incorporation process should be smooth. You’ll want to use a platform and service that’s easy to navigate with an intuitive user interface, making it possible for you to file easily and confidently. The whole purpose of using an online formation service (as opposed to filing yourself through your secretary of state) is to simplify things and ensure everything is accurate. 

When it Matters Most:

  • First-time business owners – Look for an incorporation service with a proven track record of satisfied customers to ensure you won’t have any extra headaches or hassles along the way.
  • Fast filing – If you want a fast and simple incorporation process, you should be able to navigate through all the steps quickly and easily.
  • No-frills business incorporation – When you’re zeroing in on just incorporation services without the need for extras like a registered agent or legal assistance, be sure to appraise your options for simplicity, a lack of upsells, and a transparent checkout and filing process.

Counsel and Document Management

There are lots of different reasons why a business may need legal advice during or after forming a new business. Whether you want to register trademarks, protect your IP, draft contracts, access legal documents, or avoid lawsuits, you’ll find some online incorporation services go the extra mile with services that help you in these areas. Even if you just have simple questions and compliance needs from a lawyer, you can often save some money by getting these benefits in a package from your incorporation service of choice. 

When it Matters Most:

  • Legal assistance – Getting fast access to lawyers or even free consultations for business and personal legal matters is a boon for some young, newly incorporated companies.
  • Worry-free compliance – Having a lawyer in your corner helps you stay compliant with the state you incorporated in for things like annual reports, articles of organization, meeting minutes, and other ongoing requirements beyond the initial business formation. 

Further Reading

Our team here at Crazy Egg has extensively covered the top of online incorporation services. Use the resources below to access our guides, instructional how-tos, and additional reviews that provide much more insight into business formation tips, tools, and services. 

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