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Best Online Form Builders Compared

Among the ten tools we reviewed, Jotform is our favorite online form builder. The application features a drag-and-drop form builder, has more than 1000 free templates, and lets you accept payments directly from the form. The form builder is also versatile and fits most use cases. Read on to find the best form builders for various scenarios. 

Top Online Form Builders: Golden Eggs 

Below are our Golden Eggs, the best online form builders among more than 30 apps we tested:

Jotform is a simple but powerful online form builder that lets you create customized and on-brand forms and surveys to fit most use cases. Try Jotform for free today, or try any paid plans risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Google Forms is a free form builder that is easy to use, offers events and appointment scheduling, and supports payment processing integrations. Sign in to Google Forms for free with your Google or Gmail account

HubSpot Online Form Builder offers some of the most robust free online form builder features, including unlimited forms, multiple fields, and personalized emails. Try HubSpot Online Form Builder today for free with no credit card required

Crazy Egg's top online form builders: golden eggs.

Best Online Form Builders Review Process 

Most online form builders have the same essential capability. They help you create and manage online forms. However, these apps and programs have different features and capabilities. So, it makes sense to match the form builder to your use case. 

First, we identified the most common scenarios when people use a form builder. Next, we shortlisted the10 form builders featured in this review and used them in different scenarios. The process made it easy to identify tools that match each typical use case. The best 

Again, online form builders are not created equal. For example, you can use a free tool to build an email list for your small newsletter. However, the same builder would be useless if you need to collect payment or guarantee PCI compliance. It would be best if you used the correct form builder for the job. 

We’ve broken up this post into five distinct online builder use cases. We’ve also noted the best form builders for each use case. It’s worth noting that some form builders have extensive features that cover multiple use cases. So don’t be afraid to experiment with the form builders in different scenarios. 

The Best Online Form Builders for Building an Email List 

Using a form builder to create an email list is relatively simple. You only need to ensure that the tool easily embeds on your website or landing page. Then, you can easily collect names, addresses, and other critical information. You also want software that easily integrates with your CRM so you can manage all vital information on a unified platform. 

HubSpot Online Form Builder 

Hubspot brand logo.

You don’t need to pay for a form builder if you only need to collect information for building an email list. The HubSpot Online Form Builder is free to use. And it integrates seamlessly with your HubSpot CRM and Marketing Hub software stack if you’re already a HubSpot user. 

The software is easy to use thanks to its drag-and-drop format. In addition, HubSpot doesn’t hide essential features behind paywalls, unlike many other form builders. For example, you get unlimited custom forms, submissions, and fields. The forms also connect to your contact database. 

You can embed the forms on your website or landing page quickly. You can also choose from various field types, including text, radio select, drop-down, date picker, checkbox, and at least seven more field types. The form builder is robust, functional, and feature-rich, even for people who don’t use other HubSpot products. 

You’ll also find this software useful when it’s time to nurture leads in your email list. For instance, contacts are redirected to your CRM immediately after they fill out a form. Then, you can schedule calls or send personalized emails directly from the HubSpot CRM. 

Pabbly Form Builder

Pabbly Connect brand logo.

You might need more advanced features than HubSpot Online Form Builder offers for free. The Pabbly Form Builder is a terrific alternative if you need additional features like GDPR compliance, autoresponder emails, and conditional redirect. It’s a paid alternative but well worth the fee. 

Pabbly charges depending on the number of forms. It costs $10 for one form, $26 for three forms, and $70 for up to 10 forms. The best part is you don’t have to pay extra to unlock more features. You have access to all of Pabbly Form Builder’s features, and they are plenty, regardless of the number of forms you purchase. 

The form builder’s other notable features include unlimited submissions, embedding, payments, file uploads, reports, and users. Plus, you can customize the Pabbly branding to reflect your brand. But, again, all this is included in the price, regardless of your purchase. 

Finally, the drag-and-drop form builder is highly customizable. You can change elements such as colors, form fields, font styling, and background. You can also choose from various form types, including pop-up and sliding. You can also respond to form submissions directly from the Pabbly dashboard. 

Best Online Form Builders for Lead Generation 

Customization is often the number-one concern for form builders designed to generate leads. Most people aren’t excited to fill out forms and would much rather get what they came for without the hoops. Regardless, lead generation is a critical part of the sales process, but you can make it painless with the proper form builder. 


Typeform brand logo.

Typeform lets you create forms, surveys, and questionnaires for different purposes, including for purchase, signup, and subscriptions. In addition, the tool’s conversational and engaging format is appealing to web users, increasing the chances of people interacting with your web form. For example, questions appear one at a time, just like a face-to-face conversation. 

The software is also easy to use, with numerous built-in templates. There’s also plenty of room for customization, including changing the interface messages, designing custom themes, and scheduling a close date for your forms. The tool manages to strike the perfect balance between simplicity and customization. 

Typeform also offers chatbot-style forms with no coding required. It’s an excellent feature for generating leads, recommending products, and automating visitor interactions. In addition, Typeform offers tried and tested chatbot templates, including lead capture, customer support, and registration. 

The software’s standout feature is its logic jumps. You can apply a logic jump to take responders in a different direction depending on how they answer questions. It’s a terrific solution for tailoring your forms, surveys, or questionnaires to individuals. TypeForm offers a free plan, with the paid plans starting at $25 per month. 


Wufoo brand logo.

WuFoo is the perfect online form builder for sales and marketing teams that value data and analytics. The app has a robust reporting and analytics feature. Still, it’s easy to use and requires no coding knowledge or experience. 

You also get access to more than 400 form templates, including multiple sales lead form templates. You’ll find templates for various lead management use cases, including B2B lead generation, consumer lead generation, and B2C signup leads. In addition, WuFoo offers a Theme Designer to change form elements such as typography, background, and logo. Or, you can create custom CSS rules to enjoy further customization. 

From the analytics side, you get a Form & Analytics page to keep track of critical metrics like the number of submitted entries, pageviews, conversion rates, and the average time it takes to complete your forms. Furthermore, you can use the Zapier connector to link with your favorite CRM to have all your sales and marketing information in one place. 

You can also accept payments with WuFoo forms. The app has a built-in payment processor. Plus, it integrates with multiple popular payment processing services, including Square, Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.net. WuFoo has a basic free-forever plan, with the paid plans starting at $14.08 per month for up to 10 forms.  

Best Online Form Builders for Event Registration and Appointments 

While most people have no trouble marketing and promoting an event, many hosts neglect to make the event registration process straightforward, easy, and reliable. The same can be said about creating a seamless appointment scheduling process for your clients. Fortunately, there are free and paid form builders that can help you create a fast and convenient registration process. 

Google Forms 

Google Drive brand logo.

You don’t need a complex or expensive form builder to host an informal event or for a growing practice. Google Forms has everything you need for basic event registration and appointment scheduling. The program is also free if you have a Google or Gmail account. 

Google Forms uses a drag-and-drop interface to simplify the design experience. For events, the form templates come with various custom fields for personal party planning, education, business, and more. In addition, you can customize the background, colors, and header image to match your branding. Finally, you can send the form via email or as a link embedded in your invitation webpage. 

It’s equally easy to use Google Forms for appointment scheduling. You can set up drop-down or multiple-choice questions with time slots for clients to choose from. Alternatively, you can use conditional logic to assign clients a time slot based on their chosen day of the week. The Choice Eliminator add-on available from the Google Workspace Marketplace lets you block out unavailable slots. 

Collecting payments directly on Google Forms is possible, but you’ll have to use an add-on like Stripe, Neartail, or Payable Forms. You can also use Zapier or a similar connector to integrate Google Forms with your favorite appointment bookings or event platform. 


Jotform brand logo.

You can easily consider Jotform for every use case we feature in this review. It’s a terrific all-around form builder with free event registration and appointment scheduling templates. In addition, it has an intuitive Form Designer to help you quickly design a beautiful event or appointment form. 

You can choose from more than 80 customizable event forms. You can choose from various themes, drag-and-drop fields, apps, and widgets to create an eye-catching event. You can also add personalized backgrounds, logos, button options, and fonts. The best part is that Jotform doesn’t charge a commission or processing fee on ticket sales. 

Jotform has equally terrific appointment scheduling templates and features. With features like translations, a custom Thank You page, conditional logic, save and continue later, and offline mode, Jotform offers all the features you need to streamline your booking or appointment scheduling process. You also get industry-specific templates like a doctor’s office or beauty salon, which you can further customize to match your branding. 

Jotform lets you accept payments directly from your form, so you don’t have to redirect users. It integrates with the most popular payment processors and platforms, including PayPal, Stripe, Cash App Pay, Square, and Apple & Google Pay. Jotform also has a generous free plan with a five-form limit and up to 10 monthly payment submissions. The paid plans start at $34 per month. 

Best Online Form Builders to Generate and Fill Out PDF 

Regulated industries such as healthcare, legal, and finance require specialized form builders with built-in compliance and security. Failing to secure customer information can lead to reputation loss, fines, and even delicencing. Some industries, like legal, require special features such as filling and signing PDF documents. 


Formstack brand logo.

Formstack specializes in professional and business-style forms and documents and is a terrific form builder for the formal sector. You can choose from more than 300 templates, including legal, payment, real estate, and therapy forms. You also get an easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder to create professional forms without writing a single line of code. 

For businesses concerned about compliance, the forms are Global Privacy Compliance, PCI DSS, and HIPPA-compliant out of the box. You also get reCAPTCHA to protect against spam.  The builder also provides A/B testing to compare forms against each other and discover the top performers. 

Formstack also has nifty features for contracts, agreements, and legal documents. For example, you can upload a PDF to Formstack, and the program automatically creates a fillable PDF with the appropriate fields. You can also add an electronic signature field to your forms. 

You can accept payments directly on your forms. Formstack only integrates with PCI-complaint payment processors, including popular options like PayPal and Stripe. The platform doesn’t charge fees for accepting or processing clients’ payments. Lastly, Formstack has a free tier, with paid packages starting at $50 per month. 


Formsite brand logo.

Formsite is a no-frills form builder focusing on secure data collection. You can encrypt text in pre-selected form fields. You can also automatically encrypt all payment information in your online forms. 

Additionally, you get password-protected reports, reCAPTCHA spam protection, and HIPPA compliant-forms with the enterprise plan. The app provides a straightforward drag-and-drop form builder and more than 100 customizable templates to create forms quickly. You can also easily embed the form on your webpage or share it as a link. 

Formsite also lets you collect signatures for approvals, application forms, and contracts. You can also convert your form results into PDF format with images or another custom formatting. Then, you can share a PDF file via email attachment, save it to Google Drive, or review it later. 

Finally, Formsite offers convenient form-building features, including save & return, linking related forms, 40+ item types, and QR codes. Formsite prices start at $21 per month, with a 14-day free trial for the lower-level plans.   

Best Online Form Builders for External Requests 

Online forms aren’t just for gathering information about visitors, leads, or clients. These forms can also help manage external requests like employee recruitment, vendor applications, or customer requests. The main thing to look for is customizable and request-specific templates that you can tailor to your exact scenario. 

Zoho Forms 

Zoho Forms logo.

Zoho Forms is an easy-to-use form builder with all the templates you need to make external requests. These include software evaluation, free trial requests, vendor applications, job applications, complaints, and product inquiry forms. In addition, the form builder integrates with Zoho product suits, including the CRM. 

The form builder provides more than 40 form fields, including advanced options like electronic signatures, file uploads, subforms, and matrix choices. You can also set up advanced field rules to show or hide fields depending on the user’s response. For example, you can configure a job application form to display the Upload Resume field only if the respondent entered a year of graduation and they have 1+ years of work experience or are currently employed. 

Additionally, you can send confirmation emails or SMS directly from Zoho Forms to redirect responders to specific pages based on their responses. The drag-and-drop editor is easy to use despite the app’s advanced features. You can customize templates, including changing the theme, background, fonts, buttons, and colors. 

All forms are mobile-optimized out of the box. Furthermore, you can collect electronic signatures, which is helpful for offer letters, vendor contracts, waivers, and similar forms. Lastly, Zoho Forms integrates with most business software stacks, including Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Google Sheets, WordPress, and Salesforce. In addition, ZohoForms has a free-forever plan, while the paid plans start at $8 per month. 


123FormBuilder brand logo.

123FormBuilder offers more than 2,000 free form templates, so you’re sure to find the template you need in your category. For example, application forms include job, vendor, and sponsorship-specific forms. Similarly, there are numerous customer service forms, including tech support, satisfaction surveys, and customer service questionnaires. 

You get all required fields, including text content, short and long answers, single and multiple choice, and dropdown fields. These fields are categorized into Basic, E-Commerce, Specialty, and Other Fields. You can also drag and drop the fields to the desired position or reposition the fields after creating the form. 

123FormBuilder also covers all your bases, including conditional logic, payment integrations, electronic signatures, and plenty of third-party integrations with CRMs, mailing list tools, helpdesk, and other software stacks. You also get intelligent CAPTCHA spam protection and HIPPA-complaint forms with selected plans. 

The platform also allows numerous publishing options via WordPress, social media, and additional platforms like Unbounce and Salesforce. This capability is helpful if you’re targeting a mass audience and wish to use multiple channels simultaneously. In addition, 123FormBuilder has a free-forever plan, with paid plans starting at $19.99 per month. 

Further Reading 

Finding the best online form builder is only the first part. A form builder is only as good as the user, so learning about form design and best practices is important. We have two more posts to complement this review. So be sure to check them out so you’re ready to go once you identify the most suitable form builder for your needs. 

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