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Best OKR Software Compared

In our review of six objectives and key results (OKR) software brands, WorkBoard emerged as our favorite OKR software. Built precisely to help companies of any size implement the OKR framework, WorkBoard goes above and beyond with OKR-specific feedback tools, a colorful yet powerful interface, and a customer service team that coaches users through any learning curve. There’s a ton to love about WorkBoard, but it’s not the only excellent option in this category. Let’s dive in.

Top OKR Software: Golden Eggs

Here you’ll find the best OKR software brands among the many we researched—our Golden Eggs. 

WorkBoard excels at helping large and small teams learn how to adopt the OKR framework successfully. Request a free demo today to see if WorkBoard is right for your company.

Leapsome offers an unbeatable mix of OKR and HR management tools for SMBs. Reach out to the Leapsome team to schedule a demo or sign up for a 14-day free trial.

Weekdone gives every account an OKR coach, taking the training workload off small or nonexistent HR departments. Start on a 14-day free trial of Weekdone

Best OKR Software - Golden Eggs

OKR Software Review Process

To help you decide which brand of OKR software best fits your needs, we first researched the most important reasons why someone might look for this software category in the first place. As we reviewed the six brands that made our top list, we outlined three key use cases to categorize our reviews:

For each use case, we’ve identified two brands offering OKR software that fits those particular needs. This makes it easy for you to find an option that will work for you and your organization. 

You can skip right to the reviews in the use case that best applies to you or read through this whole post to get a feel for how different brands of OKR software excel in different scenarios.

The Best OKR Software for Integration with Your Training Methods

If your organization uses OKRs to indicate employee performance and growth, you may want software that does more than just track goals and results. You’ll need something customizable that integrates with or replaces the software you use for onboarding, training, employee education, performance reviews, compensation management, or any combination thereof. Let’s look at the two brands we identified as ideal choices for these needs. 


Leapsome brand logo

Leapsome is your one-stop-shop for all things OKR and HR. If you want to use one software platform with built-in tools for everything from onboarding and compensation management to performance reviews and OKRs, Leapsome delivers. 

Facilitate team and one-on-one meetings, employee analytics, feedback, praise, and performance reviews while also designing custom learning paths that teach your team how to achieve individual and team goals, such as learning a new skill or using a specific tool. You can set private and team-wide OKRs and use a goal tree, activity feed, goal analytics, and OKR check-ins to stay on the right track.  

And with Leapsome’s employee surveys and compensation management tools, employees can offer feedback and feel motivated to achieve personal and team-wide goals. 

These features help both SMBs and enterprise-level companies stay organized while growing to their full potential. A growing B2B commerce company with 25 employees that might struggle to manage project development, employee satisfaction, and constant onboarding and training can rise to the occasion with the help of Leapsome. 


WorkBoard brand logo

WorkBoard is our top choice for enterprise-level companies that already use some of the most popular team management software brands and just need a high-powered OKR solution. WorkBoard throws its weight into providing the features big businesses need to create, meet, and measure quarterly goals. 

Use WorkBoard’s four key tools—WoBo Strategy, WoBo Objectives, WoBo MBRs & Workstreams, and WoBo Analytics—to create long-term strategies on both the business and product levels. Define quarterly OKRs to help carry out these strategies, with each OKR tied to various workstreams. When a task is completed, the OKR is automatically updated. At the end of each quarter and year, the company’s actual results are used to build the next OKRs.  

If the thought of training hundreds of employees to implement OKR software makes you sweat, don’t worry! WorkBoard offers dedicated support and online courses to turn you and your team into WorkBoard and OKR pros. 

Along with helping the biggest brands coordinate and organize their many moving parts, WorkBoard offers many native integrations for software that helps you train, educate, and compensate employees, such as Workday, Microsoft Teams, Jira, Slack, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook. 

The Best OKR Software for Small Teams and Organizations

OKRs are a great way to keep larger teams mindful of end goals, but even the smallest organizations can benefit from an OKR framework. That’s why we selected two brands that offer high-quality software free for small teams, meaning you don’t have to wreck your budget or bottom line to organize and manage key objectives and requirements. 


Profit.co brand logo

Profit.co is OKR software built to accommodate small and mid-size teams and offers a free version for up to five users without sacrificing the quality found in its paid version. You’ll be able to get started with the brand’s visual guide to OKRs and then hop over to built-in OKR templates. Unless you upgrade to the Growth plan, these aren’t customizable, but they’re a great starting point. 

Then, choose the OKR level (company, department, team, or individual) and the key result type for each OKR, such as percentage of completion, milestones, tasks, or others. On the free version of Profit.co, you can either build your own KPIs or choose from the brand’s 300 preset choices. 

Together with the included task management tools like team workspaces, task boards, and checklists, this is everything smaller teams will need to start using the OKR framework. Whether you’re a small repair shop or a local ad agency, you can set, manage, and track OKRs and the tasks required to complete them. 


Quantive brand logo

Quantive, formerly known as Gtmhub, acquired the popular OKR software Koan in 2022 and launched Quantive Solutions OKR Software. One of the most loved aspects of Koan was its free forever plan, which Quantive has continued to offer, calling it their Essentials plan. 

The Essentials plan is designed to help small businesses get up and running with the OKR framework. Users can create multi-level OKR cycles for the quarter or the year, clone OKRs to use them again for new objectives or sessions, measure key results by percentage, numeric value, or a value of achieved/not achieved, and provide a quality score and feedback for each OKR.

You’ll also be able to write comments, award badges, and share GIFs to keep employee engagement strong. Alerts and notifications help your team stay on track with updating their results, and customizable reports help you give helpful feedback every session. 

One drawback is that if you want project boards and OKR task alignment tools, you’ll need to pay $18 per user per month for the Scale plan. But these aren’t critical for smaller teams, and we’re impressed with how meaty Quantive’s free forever plan is. You can always switch to the Scale plan should you ever outgrow Quantive’s Essentials package.

The Best OKR Software for Supplementing Your HR Department 

Is your organization small enough that you don’t really have an HR department or manager? Or perhaps your organization is so large that your HR department is always overwhelmed. In either of these cases, you could use OKR software that comes with employee or leadership training to help your business implement the objective/requirement framework without a hitch. 


Weekdone brand logo

Weekdone is feature-rich OKR software that stands out in one key way: it offers live training and support to help your whole team learn the OKR method within Weekdone’s software. We can practically hear your HR department sighing with relief. 

Weekdone’s pricing structure is unique, too. There’s only one plan, and it includes all the tools that the platform has to offer, plus live support and training sessions. The price varies depending on how many users you have, and if you only have 1-3 users, Weekdone is free. 

In addition to its stellar support options, Weekdone helps you create advanced automated reports. Reporting is essential to staying on top of your OKRs, but it can take up a lot of time. With Weekdone’s automated reports, you can keep your team on track without spending hours writing and sending the reports yourself.  

Along with the free forever version for up to three people, Weekdone offers a no-credit-card-required, 14-day free trial for four or more users. 


Inspire brand logo

Inspire is an OKR management platform that helps train your company’s HR team or managers in implementing OKR. We particularly love Inspire’s leadership development curriculum. You can not only learn the ropes of OKR yourself, but you can also help create OKR leaders at every level of your company. 

This software brand capitalizes on its association with Paul Niven, a leading OKR author and coach, and Niven’s OKRs Training organization. Together with OKRs Training, Inspire offers certification programs, training, and coaching for everything you ever wanted to know about OKR methodology. 

Inspire’s software helps you align teams to your company’s strategy, educate managers on how to lead a team through OKR implementation, foster collaboration between team members on every level, and encourage your whole team to keep their skills fresh.

Every aspect of the software is geared toward motivation, progress, and continual learning. And the more self-motivated and OKR-educated your team, the less your management has to worry about whether they’re making the most of the methodology. 

Further Reading

You’ve probably gathered that OKR can be a challenging framework to learn and implement if you haven’t done it at your organization before. It requires meticulous planning, continual learning, and frequent individual, team, and department evaluations. We invite you to learn more about OKR with some of our other posts on the topic right here on Crazy Egg’s blog.

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