Best Medical Transcription Services Compared

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Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

Automated medical transcription lets you get more done in less time without hiring someone to do it for you. Our team of researchers spent two weeks diving deep into the best medical transcription services to find the best, once and for all. In doing so, we identified Acusis as our top pick because of its Fort-Knox security, reliability, flexible usage, and one-touch dictation functionality.

The Best Medical Transcription Services for Most 

Acusis logo


Best for Most

With a range of dictation upload methods, great security, and HIPPA compliance, Acusis is a top pick for most healthcare providers. The ability to integrate into your existing software only makes the service more compelling—get started today.

The best medical transcription service for most is Acusis. With a high level of security and assured HIPAA compliance, along with one-touch dictation and additional power features included, there’s a lot to like.

The flexible usage options mean you can use what you want from the service and leave it at that—there’s no need to struggle with an upload method that isn’t suitable. Read on for more about this outstanding medical transcription service and while you’re at it, see our other top picks too.

The Best Medical Transcription Services To Consider

  1. Acusis – Best for most
  2. DataMatrix Medical – Best for quick turnaround times
  3. The Dictation Source – Best for tracking your transcripts in real time
  4. SmartMD – Best for patient tracking
  5. EHR Transcriptions – Best for keeping transcripts secure

When It Makes Sense To Invest Into Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription services are services that ensure medical reports get typed up from dictated audio sources. They are more than helpful in the right scenarios.

For example, if you’re a doctor, nurse practitioner, or surgeon, there’s a good chance you find your job stressful at the best of times—paperwork is the last thing you want to contend with after a long day. If you find yourself with a mountain of paperwork that needs transcribing, but you can’t seem to find the time to do it, a medical transcription service can help you.

You may be a healthcare provider already using a form of speech recognition software—this is common—but may be unhappy with the accuracy or even the time spent proofreading to get your clinical documentation right. Medical transcription services allow healthcare organizations to outsource their medical transcribing, adding that all-important human touch.

You might be in the position where your transcriptionist is retiring, and you find yourself needing a solution without wanting to go through a tough, tedious hiring process. Medical transcription services can either serve as long-term support or short-term help, so you can hire your next transcriptionist when you’re ready—the choice is yours because the flexibility is often high.

If any of this sounds like you, then a medical transcription service will undoubtedly lift some of the weight off your shoulders.

#1 – Acusis – The Best for Most

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Best for Most

With a range of dictation upload methods, great security, and HIPPA compliance, Acusis is a top pick for most healthcare providers. The ability to integrate into your existing software only makes the service more compelling—get started today.

Acusis will be a strong choice for most healthcare providers because of its HIPAA-certified, professional transcriptionists, top security, and flexibility.

The service offers dictation capture through the mobile app, digital voice recorder of your choosing, or you can even dial into a toll-free dictation system—the choice here is more than impressive. That’s not to mention Acusis can integrate into your existing medical software, such as EHR software, to deliver files as quickly as possible.

On top of the multiple upload methods, the transcription service from Acusis comprises online editing for quality control purposes, followed by a separate offline quality assurance process to ensure a high-quality result. As for keeping data safe, all Acusis staff have their HIPAA certification renewed every year so you can be sure guidelines and patient data stay protected.

The turnaround time for transcriptions ranges from a few hours to 24 hours—the options here aren’t slow, whatever you pick. Acusis doesn’t provide its prices publicly, and you’ll have to reach out for a custom quote.

#2 – DataMatrix Medical – The Best for Quick Turnaround Times

DataMatrix Medical logo

DataMatrix Medical

Best for Quick Turnaround Times

Super-fast turnaround times are not always a luxury, sometimes they're a necessity, and DataMatrix Medical ensures you get what you need as quickly as possible. Throw in full mobile apps on iOS and Android, and medical documentation that gets delivered straight to your software, and you’ve got an option that’s fast AND versatile.

DataMatrix Medical is a great medical transcription service with speedy turnaround times and a suite of valuable features.

Lightning-fast turnaround times? No problem. DataMatrix Medical can deliver your files in just over an hour, depending on what you require, and up to around 24 hours if you pay less. You’re unlikely to find yourself waiting for a long time, whatever you go for, which for some, will be just what they need.

The team consists of medical transcriptionists and virtual medical scribes trained to deliver clinical documentation straight into an existing EHR system. While this is standard for most services, DataMatrix has a strong track record for delivering consistently in the area.

Add in integrated services, like authorization and referral management, coding, and billing solutions, and you have a solid package. It’s worth noting that dictation audio can be sent solely through mobile apps, including iOS and Android platforms.

You won’t find any public pricing here, but a free, two-week trial is available. The trial allows you to get 2000 lines transcribed, use a library of templates, and provides workflow consultation.

#3 – The Dictation Source – The Best for Tracking Your Transcripts In Real Time

The Dictation Source logo

The Dictation Source

Best for Tracking Your Transcripts in Real Time

Unlimited, secure storage of documents, fast turnarounds within a few days, and 256-bit encryption—The Dictation Source has it all. This HIPAA-compliant service even offers real-time data reporting to sweeten the deal. Try the seven-day free trial today.

The Dictation Source has a lot to offer with a wide variety of services and real-time reporting—not something readily available elsewhere.

When we say real-time reporting, what we mean is that real-time tracking and additional reporting are available for all documents. You’ll be able to see the progress of documents with updates and can access them through your EMR and EHR software for greater ease of use, or if you prefer, via email or fax.

The Dictation Source also offers unlimited, secure storage of documents, fast turnarounds typically within a few days, and unlimited use of templates. The service is HIPAA compliant, so you won’t need to fret about regulations. Security includes 256-bit encryption—in other words, robust security—and secure web, email, and FTP servers.

Unfortunately, no prices are listed; however, there’s a seven-day free trial available for all interested, and you can get started right here

#4 – SmartMD – The Best for Patient Tracking

SmartMD logo


Best for Patient Tracking

SmartMD offers patient tracking that allows you to find patients waiting to be dictated or get status on reports. There's also EMR integration, templates to save time, and support seven days a week. Don't forget the no startup fees or minimums either that round off the package.

SmartMD offers on-time medical transcriptions with a range of helpful features for healthcare providers.

One particular stand-out feature is the ability to track patients—a feature you won’t see throughout the market. Tracking patients allows you to find patients that are waiting to be dictated or get status on reports, keeping you up to date at all times. While it may be small in the grand scheme of things, having a way of tracking your patients can be a huge help, and we’re pleased to see it here.

SmartMD is EMR-integrated, too, meaning your patient charts get delivered straight to your existing software. Skilled staff can also help you create macros and templates to save you time and polish your reports, which is a bonus. The service offers dedicated phone support seven days a week, and there are no startup fees and minimums.

There are four main packages available as shown below:

The costs per transcribed line increase in each package, but so do the features available. For instance, the “Professional” tier includes custom templates, increased storage, and you get reports faxed to the office. There’s also a free trial that allows you to transcribe 250 lines, upload from your digital recorder, dial into the toll-free line, and fax to referring physicians for 30 days.

#5 – EHR Transcriptions – The Best for Keeping Transcripts Secure

EHR Transcriptions logo

EHR Transcriptions

Best for Keeping Transcripts Secure

Need a 528-bit encrypted VPN connection for your data security? EHR Transcriptions provides it along with personalized formatting and account management, US-based phone support, and multiple dictation methods. There are no setup fees or long-term contracts.

EHR Transcriptions provides users with some of the best security—for a medical transcription service—on the market.

Protecting patient data is serious indeed, and with EHR Transcriptions, you get a leading 528-bit encrypted VPN connection. To add to that, all staff are HIPAA-compliant, meaning regulations get followed. There’s even a $500 no-lost-transcription guarantee, so you can be sure you’re not taking unnecessary risks with your data.

Aside from security, there’s personalized formatting and account management from a dedicated team, US-based telephone support with extended hours, and reports get indexed for quick access from anywhere. You can provide dictation via a digital voice recorder, your computer microphone, or the iPhone app.

EHR Transcriptions doesn’t publicly list its prices, but there are no setup fees and long-term contracts. Get a free custom quote today.

Methodology for Choosing the Best Medical Transcription Services

Here you’ll find the most significant aspects you need to consider when picking the best medical transcription services.

HIPAA Regulations

HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is something healthcare providers must follow because it ensures patient medical information remains safe.

Naturally, then, when using medical transcription services, you need to ensure the service you use follows the HIPAA guidelines—failure to do so could result in severe fines and other penalties.

Almost all medical transcription services based in the US shouldn’t be an issue here, but international services might pose a problem. Ensure the service you like follows HIPAA and makes it clear how it protects your patient’s data. This factor is of critical importance, and it affects all healthcare providers equally.

Software Compatibility

Electronic medical record (EMR) software is increasingly common in medical practices—it stores patient data. Electronic health record (EHR) software is similar, but healthcare providers share the data more widely.

You’ll want to ensure the medical transcription service you opt for is compatible with your EMR or EHR software because it will allow for the easy transfer of transcription files. Otherwise, your team will have to organize the files one by one, using up valuable time.

Even though they’re popular choices, not all healthcare providers use EMR or EHR software, so this will only affect those that currently use them.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time, also known as TAT, is the time taken to transcribe and deliver the completed files directly to you.

Some medical transcription services need a day or more to get these files to you, while others can offer better turnaround times, typically for higher costs.

It’s worth thinking about what you’re willing to pay and how quickly you need your transcription files. Larger healthcare providers may need these files more quickly, for instance.

Acusis logo


Best for Most

With a range of dictation upload methods, great security, and HIPPA compliance, Acusis is a top pick for most healthcare providers. The ability to integrate into your existing software only makes the service more compelling—get started today.


Medical transcription services can be a great help to healthcare providers and save both time and money.

The best for most is Acusis, with its flexible service, multiple upload methods, and HIPAA-certified professionals.

DataMatrix Medical is a smart choice for fast turnaround times, while The Dictation Source offers helpful real-time reports.

For patient tracking needs, go for SmartMD, while EHR Transcriptions offers top-notch security for added peace of mind.

Be sure to think about HIPAA regulations, the compatibility of your medical software, and turnaround times before making your final choice.

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