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Best Medical Software Compared

Best Medical Software 

Medical software helps healthcare providers manage patients and their practices. We spent countless hours reviewing over 25 pieces of medical software to determine which was best. As a result, we concluded that WRS Health was the best for most due to its ease of use and top customer service. 

The Best Medical Software for Most 

WRS Health Logo

WRS Health

Best for Most

Every medical practice is different, yet each requires many of the same software functionalities. WRS Health is the perfect balance of across-the-board capability and robust customization.

The best medical software for most is WRS Health. It’s an easy-to-use tool that assists small to large practices. With a range of features, including patient scheduling, appointment reminders, order management, image management, and secure e-faxing, there’s something here for most healthcare providers.

Patient profile maintenance, e-prescribing, and medication management complete an efficient package backed by friendly and professional customer service. We think it would be a worthy investment for most healthcare providers.

The Best Medical Software Options To Consider

When It Makes Sense To Invest Into Medical Software

You may be debating when it makes sense to invest in medical software. After all, you don’t want to invest in it if it’s inappropriate to your circumstances.

You might consider software if you’re aiming to see more patients, increase patient satisfaction, grow your practice revenue, or follow up with patients more efficiently. A medical software platform could help with any of those scenarios.

More specifically, software would be particularly helpful if you’re struggling with patient no-shows and/or ineffective follow-up procedures, especially if you already use electronic billing and health records. Medical software is designed to streamline and upgrade the systems that deal with patient communication, booking, follow-up, and billing, and so would be a solid solution for these kinds of issues. 

#1 – WRS Health – The Best for Most

WRS Health Logo

WRS Health

Best for Most

Every medical practice is different, yet each requires many of the same software functionalities. WRS Health is the perfect balance of across-the-board capability and robust customization.

WRS Health is the best medical software for most healthcare providers. It’s an easy-to-use electronic medical record (EMR) solution that customizes patient-care plans and increases reimbursements.

With the electronic health record (EHR) software it provides, users will have access to customization tools tailored to their practice and patients. If you need to change your services over time, the software offers a helpful template library to refine your EHR.

Quick charting requirements are different for each healthcare specialty. WRS Health provides charting templates that are customizable to meet exact practice and workflow needs. In other words: whatever healthcare services you provide, the platform can quickly evolve with you.

On top of that, there’s e-prescribing functionality, which helps to cut down on errors associated with handwritten scripts.

Patient medication history is included as part of the patient record, allowing you to see medications that have been prescribed in the past.

There are health maintenance reminders that can be set for these medications too, and your practice can quickly determine the protocols to alert patients automatically.

The patient portal itself is accessible via a secure login, and new patients can go online and add all of their demographic, insurance, and medical information without fuss.

You can even send test results to your patients, including medication instructions and other educational material. Of course, all patient data is encrypted as required by HIPAA.

The customer service on offer is also top-notch, with a professional and responsive team ready to tackle issues as soon as they appear.

WRS Health starts at $274 per month, but the price will vary depending on your business needs. Schedule a practice assessment now.

#2 – DrChrono – The Best for Apple Enthusiasts

DrChrono Logo


Best for Apple Enthusiasts

Mac users have medical practices, too! If you love all things Apple, your medical practice will be a perfect fit for DrChrono, a medical software that integrates with Apple TV and an Apple mobile app.

DrChrono is the best medical software for Apple device enthusiasts.

Specifically, we’re talking about software that is tailored towards those devices. There’s no doubt you’ll get more from DrChrono if you happen to be an admirer of Apple.

Inside patient rooms themselves, Apple TV devices project videos and other materials to facilitate the conversation between healthcare providers and patients.

The user interface works and looks better on Apple devices as well, so it’s worth keeping this in mind. For some healthcare providers, this will undoubtedly be a bonus.

Aside from the Apple device focus, DrChrono also happens to be a great piece of medical software on its own.

It offers a complete suite of impressive features such as customizable clinical documentation. You can schedule and create what is known as “video visits” directly from your EHR without any additional downloads.

Online scheduling, self-check-ins, and automated appointment reminders help you stay on track while the HIPAA-compliant patient portal keeps your patients updated.

Effectively, you’ll be able to integrate scheduling, clinical workflows, and medical billing all into one web-based platform. It’s medical software that’s going to meet a lot of needs.

There’s also the option of providing care on the go with the mobile EHR app. Once again, this app is for Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches.

DrChrono doesn’t list its prices, and you’ll need to request a custom quote from them. You can also schedule a free demo to get a feel for the software.

#3 – WebPT – The Best for Physical Therapists

WebPT Logo


Best for Physical Therapists

WebPT is perfectly designed for physical therapy clinics! You can handle all your patient schedules and bookings in the same platform, plus analyze all your practice data at a glance.

WebPT is the best for physical therapists. It’s medical software designed to help clinicians keep track of patient medical records, securely store information, and share vital documentation.

The software is explicitly aimed at physical therapists. It can deliver documents, translate handwriting and is suitable for small and large healthcare providers.

As soon as you have a new evaluation, the patient will automatically receive an email with an online intake form. Your patients can complete all of the required paperwork when they want and use their smartphone, tablet, or computer to do so.

Convenient automated reminders help to prompt patients who have yet to complete forms as their appointment date nears.

On top of that, you can easily view and edit schedules for patients and exam rooms all within the same system—juggling multiple pieces of software is a thing of the past. When cancellations happen, WebPT uses a handy waitlist functionality to backfill appointments.

WebPT’s powerful analytics allow you to compare periods and view trends for patient arrival rates, including discharge statistics. You can also review data based on individual therapists and the location of their clinics.

The reports inspire action where it’s needed, and you can quickly export your practice’s data to an Excel spreadsheet or PDF at any time for further use.

WebPT starts at $3 per day per provider with unlimited clerical users. On the first tier, you’ll have access to email and live chat support and unlimited, customizable flowsheets. An enterprise plan is also available. Try a free demo today.

#4 – TherapyNotes – The Best for Mental Health Services

TherapyNotes Logo


Best for Mental Health Services

Mental health practices have special needs in more ways than one. TherapyNotes not only provides a platform for booking, scheduling, and reporting, but also ensures the privacy of clients with a fully encrypted database.

TherapyNotes is the best medical software for mental and behavioral health services.

Many treatment centers already rely on it to automate tasks, streamline everyday operations, and enhance their workflows to increase healthcare quality.

A common worry with mental health services is privacy, so it’s great to see TherapyNotes provide a fully encrypted database with firewalls and consistent onsite and offsite backups to ensure patient data is kept safe.

The software also provides an integrated scheduling system designed to streamline your workflow as a mental health professional, allowing you to complete your work faster and more efficiently.

You’ll be able to schedule intakes, sessions, and even practice-wide events with a few clicks. For users on the go, they can view their schedule using a built‑in calendar on either a tablet or smartphone.

Clients themselves can request, cancel, and reschedule appointments as they desire and without interference. They can view when their preferred clinicians are available, request appointment times, and manage their upcoming schedule as appropriate.

When it comes to the telehealth side of things, you can conduct one-on-one video sessions to meet your clients. You’ll be able to reposition or hide your preview and change your camera and microphone during the session should issues arise.

TherapyNotes starts at $49 per month for one user and $59 a month for the first clinician you add. A noteworthy 30-day free trial is available.

#5 – Practice Fusion – The Best Patient-Focused Software

Practice Fusion Logo

Practice Fusion

Best Patient-Focused Software

Hearing from your patients is a great path to improving your practice. Practice Fusion facilitates this by encouraging patient input and letting them view their own medical histories in a dedicated portal.

Practice Fusion is the best patient-focused software. It features an intuitive design that encourages patient input.

For example, patients can view their charts and contribute to their medical history with a few clicks. You’ll be able to copy links to patients and can invite them directly to the patient portal with dedicated buttons for doing so.

The software was clearly designed for interacting with patients first and foremost.

Allowing patients to see their medical records is not something you’ll see readily available elsewhere. Still, Practice Fusion is confident about leading the charge, and patients will undoubtedly feel more confident as a result.

That aside, you’ll find a variety of essential features present. You’ll be able to customize chart notes based on workflows, access patient information you need at a glance, and can choose from over 500 lab and imaging centers to order tests and then share results with your patients.

You can send prescriptions to any e-prescribing enabled pharmacy in the US and can connect your practice to health information exchanges, immunization registries, and more.

Practice Fusion starts at $149 per provider per month, including dedicated training and customer support. A 14-day free trial is also available.

Methodology for Choosing the Best Medical Software

Here you’ll find the most critical factors you need to consider when choosing the best medical software for you.

User Experience

The user experience, or patient experience, is one of the most important factors to consider overall. A patient’s experience will affect whether they’ll continue to come back, and eventually, whether you’ll keep generating revenue as a result.

You’ll need to think carefully about how the patient will interact with the medical software in question.

For instance, will they interact with you via web or mobile? How will that change their experience? You’ll also need to decide if the technology is for pre or post-operative care. Crucially, will the software allow you to include patient feedback to decrease inefficiencies? What about the user interface (UI)? Will it be easy to navigate?

This aspect will affect almost all healthcare providers, so take a good deal of time to think about it.

Availability and Security of Patient Information

Patient information availability is increasing, but healthcare providers need a way of keeping track of it all.

Will the medical software you purchase store these records for you, and critically, will they be secure? For example, you must remain compliant with HIPAA and many other regulations.

If you’ve used paper records in the past, is the software able to automatically update these for you without hassle? Most software has adapted to make this easier, but not all of it has, so you need to think carefully before jumping in.

This factor is important for all healthcare providers.

Specific vs. General

As you’ve seen on this list, there are medical software platforms designed for any medical practice as well as others designed for specific practice types. Either can be solid, but it will be helpful to look at both kinds of platforms before choosing one.  

It might be a no-brainer for you to decide on a specific software platform if it’s designed for your type of practice. But it might also be worth considering a broader platform in case it has more robust functionalities that you’d benefit from. Your size, nature, clinical capacity, unique practice needs, and payment model will all factor into this decision. 

WRS Health Logo

WRS Health

Best for Most

Every medical practice is different, yet each requires many of the same software functionalities. WRS Health is the perfect balance of across-the-board capability and robust customization.


The medical software market is booming, and there’s little doubt the pandemic has accelerated its progress. Now is an excellent time to invest in the software if appropriate for you and your circumstances.

If you need easy-to-use medical software with great customer support, WRS Health is the best option for most on our list.

DrChrono is a top choice for Apple fans, so if that’s you, you probably don’t need to look any further.

Physical therapists should turn to WebPT, while TherapyNotes is best for providing mental health services. For more patient-focused software, Practice Fusion is a great choice.

Whichever sounds most suitable, take your time to weigh up the key factors before buying.

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