Best Medical Practice Management Software

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Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

Providing excellent customer care is at the core of what you do, but using the wrong software can make doing so quite the challenge. To help you choose the right software, we dove deep into the top medical practice management software options on the market. Based on our experiences, Epic is the best option for most practices because it’s comprehensive, easy to use for everyone (including your patients), adaptable to different specialties, and delivers centralized information across your entire practice within one platform.

The Best Medical Practice Management Software for Most

Epic Logo


Best for Most

Instantly gain access to patient records and review medical history from anywhere, even if you don't use an EHR. Start gaining deeper patient insight across your entire practice with a complete overview of medical history, medications, past treatments, and more. Includes an intuitive patient portal, as well.

Epic slides in as our top pick because of its versatility and ease of use for everyone, from your nurses and doctors to your patients and their families. It gives your practice everything you need to centralize patient information, but it also gives your patients everything they need to stay on top of their health.

From an intuitive patient portal and easy telehealth appointments to paperless billing, time-saving automations that reduce data entry, and detailed analytics, it’s an all-in-one solution for medical practices of all shapes and sizes.

Find the Best Medical Practice Management Software for You


The 5 Best Medical Practice Management Software Options to Consider

  1. Epic – Best for most
  2. Kareo – Best for independent practices
  3. WebPT – Best for physical therapy clinics
  4. LumaHealth – Best patient engagement features
  5. DrChrono – Most customizable medical management software

When It Makes Sense to Invest in Medical Practice Management Software

Medical practice management software exists to help medical facilities of all sizes run efficiently, both in terms of clerical tasks and patient record management.

When it comes to billing, proper medical coding is critical. Without it, you run the risk of incorrectly billing your patients and missing out on crucial insurance payments. MPM software can help this process with built-in features that keep the most up-to-date ICD-9 codes in place and auto-populate fields based on relevant inputs. 

So, you no longer have to flip through coding books to find the right codes or worry if you’ve used the right one.

When you have manual charts and medical data in filing cabinets, it’s also difficult to manage patient information, especially at scale as your practice grows. Finding one file in a haystack can take hours, but the right software eliminates paper… everything. And ensures you have quick access to what you need.

With the right software, you can quickly find everyting you need to know about a patient’s medical history, contact information, or even specified notes regarding their medical needs (while being kind to the environment).

With a simple internet connection and a computer, you can implement a compliant, time-saving, and modern approach to managing your medical practice with ease.

#1 – Epic — The Best Medical Practice Management Software for Most  

Epic Logo


Best for Most

Instantly gain access to patient records and review medical history from anywhere, even if you don't use an EHR. Start gaining deeper patient insight across your entire practice with a complete overview of medical history, medications, past treatments, and more. Includes an intuitive patient portal, as well.

Epic is a full-service software solution that covers every corner of your medical practice. Its comprehensiveness, ease of use, and bonus features make it our top pick.

It covers a wide range of medical management areas of need, like improving patient experience, enabling telehealth, and supporting focused specialties. Aside from high-level management features, there are hundreds of smaller features designed to improve day-to-day functions, like statement consolidation, paperless billing, workflows, and coding automation.

But what really separates them from the other software providers in the market is its built-in electronic medical records systems. Epic allows providers, staff, and clients to see and manage medical records in an efficient and collaborative way.

Epic lets you centralize medical records across your entire practice and gives everyone access from anywhere. It works on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and even select smartwatches.

On top of that, built-in analytics and statistical tools can help your staff identify high-risk patients in a few minutes and provide higher-quality treatment than ever before.

We also love that you can use a different EHR system and still have the ability to see new patient medical history, care notes, and more as long as they come from another physician who also uses Epic.

There are dozens of dedicated modules for different specialties, including (but not limited to) cardiology, oncology, radiology, fertility, long-term care, surgery, urgent care, and more.

Odds are, Epic offers a specialized module to help streamline and improve your practice’s operations.

Not only is it great for you and your team, but it’s also excellent for your patients. Epic’s MyChart functionality gives them a centralized place to manage their health and relationship with you and your team.

Patients can see their prescriptions, get in touch with a doctor, and even schedule a new appointment without ever needing to pick up the phone. It also allows for personalized outpatient self-care recommendations and keeps your patients well-informed, leading to higher care satisfaction and fewer issues later.

If a patient’s currently in the hospital, they can even use MyChart to view their care schedule, call for help, and stay in touch with their doctors throughout the process.

It’s never been easier to give your patients peace of mind.

Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about pricing and how Epic can help improve your entire medical practice!

#2 – Kareo — Best for Independent Practices

Kareo Logo


Best for Independent Practices

The medical practice software designed for the little guy. Get only what you need and nothing you don’t. Optimize your care delivery workflow exclusive to independent providers. And incorporate the most trusted and proven billing technology for independent providers available.

If you’re a small or independent medical practice looking for a better way to offer exceptional care, streamline day-to-day activities, and get more done, Kareo is a great choice.

It’s a highly customizable solution, making it an excellent option if you want to tailor a plan to match your specific needs without needing to pay for modules and features you’re never going to use. There are numerous tools and services to help with just about every aspect of running your practice.

From billing, patient engagement, and EHR to deep analytics and telehealth, the Kareo platform offers it all. And then some.

There are even different levels of service for each function. For example, Kareo offers standalone billing software with a DIY approach and managed billing, complete with a team of experts to help you collect more payments, faster.

There are also numerous features designed to help you streamline patient self-pay options, write patient statements so everyone’s on the same page, and tools to help you get found online.

Kareo Engage is the patient engagement module that helps you grow your practice with marketing tools, re-care reminders, online communication, and improving the patient experience at every touchpoint.

With the powerful schedule and appointment features, this module makes running your independent practice silky smooth. These front office tools allow for custom scheduling capability, appointment reminders, and personalized alerts. This really helps keep a close relationship with your patients and gives them control over their health.

The fact that Kareo is specifically for independent practices is a standout feature in itself. They don’t work with hospitals or large-scale operations, so you know you’re getting solutions tailored to how you do business.

Kareo’s integrated EHR allows you to write scripts and notes and manage patient records easily. It’s an EHR designed by healthcare providers, so it’s powerful but also focuses on ease of use. 

Other key features included in Kareo are: 

  • HIPAA-compliant telehealth video services
  • Analytics that turn patient data in to more revenue
  • A personalized mobile app for improved productivity

Obviously, each practice is unique so pricing will be as well. Contact Kareo and tell them about your needs and they will create a pricing plan appropriate for you. 

If you are a new practice just getting off the ground or a thriving clinic that wants to streamline specific processes, Kareo has the tools and resources to help you.  

#3 – WebPT— Best for Physical Therapy Clinics

WebPT Logo


Best for Physical Therapy Clinics

Create and send custom documentation for PT, OT, and SLP patients with WebPT, use custom billing software with built in claim processing codes, and analyze progress through a intuitive cloud based dashboard that improve upon patient outcomes with the only built in tracking software for rehab therapists.

WebPT makes it easy for therapy professionals to enhance patient care and deliver exceptional experiences to therapy patients while requiring less work from your team. With it, documentation and marketing tools help you maximize your clinic’s potential while empowering you to give each patient the attention they deserve.

The software makes it easy for clients to schedule appointments, and even includes a special feature for celebrating milestones to encourage forward progress.

You can also improve accounting workflows and identify what’s working and what’s not on the money side of your business with WebPT’s financial trend analysis.

However, the heart of WebPT lies with its documentation features.

All physical therapy providers need to document everything while not spending days doing so. It’s a delicate balance that’s not easy to manage if you’re relying on old-school documentation practices.

Even if that’s what you’re using today, WebPT helps ease the transition so you can get more done in less time and modernize your practice.

The custom EMR built into WebPT helps keep patient progress reports secure and safe, no matter what. Patient outcomes can be shared and evaluated with a few clicks, while discharge summaries are easily updated if something changes on the fly.  

PT-specific medicare reporting and billing specifics—such as therapy threshold and the eight-minute rule—are built right into this platform. NCCI edits and functional limit reporting are also standard features, while WebPT’s medical billing software lets you expedite payment and billing, along with submitting claims quickly with accurate reports. 

WebPT provides tailored modules for PT specialties like pediatrics, pelvic health, neuro, and more. 

But WebPT is not just for physical therapists. It’s Ideal for all outpatient rehab service providers as well. Occupational therapists and speech and language pathologists can also leverage this software to great effect. 

Three pricing plans are available:

  • Lite: Starting at $3/day per provider, with unlimited clerical users
  • Standard: Starting at $6/day per provider, with unlimited clerical users
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

WebPT is the medical practice management solution for outpatient rehab and physical therapy clinics, letting you streamline your workflows and improve your day-to-day capabilities.

#4 – LumaHealth— Best Patient Engagement Features

LumaHealth Logo


Best Patient Engagement Features

This robust communication and patient access software,simplifies the patient journey throughout the medical care life cycle. It acquires and retains patients and manages patient intake from a central, easy to use dashboard.

If you’re looking for medical practice management software with a laser focus on patient engagement, LumaHealth is the way to go. It doesn’t ignore crucial pieces, like billing and scheduling, but it really shines with automated patient communication, appointment reminders, mobile access, and patient retention features.

Texting a doctor is every patient’s dream. With LumaHealth, you get all the tools you need to facilitate HIPAA-compliant mobile communication.

Your patients can ask questions, get updates, and even get lab results and prescription information delivered straight to their phones. In a modern world where most of us are attached to our mobile devices, it makes sense to engage with patients where they are.

But the communication tools don’t stop with your patients. LumaHealth also helps streamline other types of communication as well, including secure chat that doesn’t require users to log in or any additional pieces of software.

Appointments run smoothly when your patients are prepared. And, Luma’s post-care messaging helps patients get specific follow-up information to recap treatment guidelines and set subsequent appointments with ease. 

And if you have a diverse patient list, you can communicate in over 20 languages via mobile messaging to set appointments, answer questions about care plans, and more. 

Plus, online self-scheduling gives patients the convenience of controlling their appointments.

You can also create an efficient patient check-in and waiting room experience with zero contact check-in, allowing your patients to limit face-to-face interactions by checking in via text message. 

What’s also incredible is LumaHealth’s capability to automatically send out educational content to specific patients. This works great for patients who struggle with managing their health or need more specific post-care guidance..

Let’s face it, if we can get even one hour back in our day, it’s a game-changer. 

Other services provided by LumaHealth to help you improve patient engagement are:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Telehealth 
  • Patient monitoring surveys

Request a demo with LumaHealth today to see if it’s right for your practice.

#5 – DrChrono — Most Customizable Medical Management Software

Dr ChronoLogo


Most Customizable Medical Practice Management Software

Customize your medical practice to meet your unique needs. Tailor your EHR around your practices key goals, improve your workflow with an integrated practice management software that improves patient engagement while bypassing nonessential daily tasks.

It’s clear no two medical practices are the same. Rigid EHR and medical practice management software can stifle your productivity and efficiency if you select a cookie cutter platform. 

DrChrono steps into the light by making a clear statement with its incredibly customizable software. If you want to use software built around your practice, DrChrono is a great choice. 

DrChrono will help you address unique challenges with its focused approach for medical practice and health record management..

First, you can create a specialty EHR. If you specialize in allergy and immunity, dermatology, internal medicine, or OB/GYN—to state a few examples—you can add detailed demographic fields ideal to your patients and a list of primary medication fields, among other customizations. You can even create special note taking fields so critical information about your patient is easy to find. 

And you can set up integrated fee scheduling so you don’t have to append separate billing software to DrChrono. 

Efficient billing is critical to your practice’s well-being. DrChrono helps you achieve better collection of payments and claim rates with integrated tools for handling their complexity, seamlessly adjusted to the custom features you need for your practice. 

Another key feature is the onPatient portal which is customized for each patient. This portal allows your patients to fill out paperwork before they get to the appointment and message your practice and staff through a HIPAA-compliant platform. That can go a long way towards helping patients alleviate stress about a procedure. 

And because the portal is HIPAA-compliant, medical records are also available for review along with educational material for specific medical care techniques.  

Here are some other useful front-end features:

  • Appointment profiles
  • Real-time eligibility checks
  • Online scheduling
  • Mobile and Online Billing
  • Self check-in
  • Automated reminders for patients and staff

DrChrono offers a 30-day free trial to test drive the platform and you can start today by contacting the company with a simple form submission that includes your practice’s specialty and number of providers.

Methodology for Choosing the Best Medical Practice Management Software

We know the better your medical practice software is, the easier a time you will have running your practice. 

As we uncovered the best medical practice management solutions we used a systematic methodology.

The recommendations on this list offer you a quick solution to getting started today. 

Medical Record Management

This is important for all medical practices, small and large. Being able to access electronic medical records and use adequate information about medical history, current notes, medications, allergies, and more is critical to excellent and safe medical care.

Epic built their entire platform around EMR and EHR integration. Patient records and the ability to access them from anywhere, along with collaborating with just about any other medical record platform, makes managing your patient medical history a breeze with the most accurate data. 

The provider you select should incorporate the ability to easily see records and customize them to your practice’s needs. Or, if you’re looking to enhance patient engagement through detailed communication and patient information, a platform like LumaHealth has deep features to help you achieve that end. 

Time wasted fumbling through a clunky dashboard looking for the data you need or not knowing you if you have the most current patient medical history can be catastrophic. 

Medical Practice Specialty

There are dozens of medical practice management solutions out there and many are generic. They offer a simple way to improve your practice daily operations. 

However if you want the best experience that also increases efficiency, using MPM software that caters to your specialty is what we recommend. For example, WebPT is designed for outpatient therapy services specifically. 

If you want a little more control over your software or belong to a unique specialty, DrChrono has modules focused on over 15 different areas of medicine, while also offering customization to fit anything else. 

The main point here is to make sure you can maximize a platform’s interface and usability for your practice as much as possible. Specificity is the best way to do that.  

Scheduling and Engagement

Most all of us have been in a situation where an appointment has been forgotten by a provider. It is the most frustrating thing a patient can experience. It sends a signal that our health means nothing to the practice. This is a message you never want to send. 

LumaHealth combats this with a MPM platform that keeps customer engagement at the forefront of your practice. Patient scheduling can be done online and helps guide patients to the best appointment time for them and with the proper provider. 

Kareo also works great in this regard, helping independent practices maximize their ability to book and treat patients. If you’re looking for full customization in scheduling aids, Kareo delivers best in this regard.

Scheduling software also helps reduce call volumes, while improving your ability to acquire and retain patients, because self-scheduling, canceling and rescheduling is made simple for users allowing them to do things at their own convenience. 

If no-show rates are a concern in your practice, customer engagement through mobile text message reminders and alerts will help lower or eliminate accidental no-shows. It can also assist with post-care follow-up communication with patients as well.

And mobile patient intake technology on platforms like LumaHealth can speed up your new patient onboarding with a contactless check-in process. Patients can add insurance card details, fill out screening forms, and even complete check-in and bypass sitting in a waiting room entirely with the zero-contact waiting room feature.

Consider your scheduling and engagement needs when looking for a MPM software to use for your practice. 

Epic Logo


Best for Most

Instantly gain access to patient records and review medical history from anywhere, even if you don't use an EHR. Start gaining deeper patient insight across your entire practice with a complete overview of medical history, medications, past treatments, and more. Includes an intuitive patient portal, as well.


Your medical practice needs the right software to run efficiently and open up solutions to many of the problems that independent and midsize practices face. 

We think Epic is the best medical practice management software for most clinics and offices. It’s a well-rounded option that can be plugged into any practice for better patient insight and record handling.

But it all depends on your particular needs. Use our methodology to make the right decision and look through our product reviews above for one that fits your use case.

When you use this software, you will help your patients achieve better health outcomes while streamlining the day-to-day clerical work necessary to keep your practice running for years to come. 

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