Best Marketing Project Management Software Compared

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ClickUp is our favorite marketing project management software of the six tools we review below. This platform stands out from other options with its innate team collaboration features and ability to track project goals. Bring all of your project marketing needs into a single source of truth. But ClickUp is just one of many great options to consider. Continue reading to find the best marketing project management software for you. 

Top Marketing Project Management Software: Golden Eggs

Below you’ll find our Golden Eggs—the marketing project management tools we rate highest. They’re worth closer consideration for most teams because of their breadth of capability for a variety of needs and project work styles. 

ClickUp is a robust project management solution that delivers integrated team chat, versatile project views, and marketing-specific templates. Try ClickUp for free when you sign up today.

Hive offers a wide range of team collaboration tools like proofing, live chat, video chat, and streamlined intake forms. Start your 14-day free trial today. is versatile and remarkably easy to use, making it a smart choice for marketing teams of all sizes and skill levels. Try for free with a 14-day trial.

Best Marketing Project Management Software - Golden Eggs

Marketing Project Management Software Review Process

The reviews below are categorized by use case, each generated during our marketing PM software research. These use cases describe some of the most common needs or desired benefits that lead marketing teams to look for a good project management solution.

For the six brands reviewed in this guide, we found three use cases that will apply to a wide array of buyers:

Categorizing these reviews by use case will make it easier for you to find the best marketing project management software if one sounds like your situation. If you see a use case that fits your current scenario, feel free to jump straight down to that section’s set of reviews. 

All of our reviews that follow focus on why and how a particular tool addresses the needs and requirements of that particular category and how they rise to the occasion for marketing teams. 

The Best Marketing Project Management Software for Agile Teams

Agile marketing teams prioritize speed, efficiency, and the ability to make changes during a campaign without losing sight of goals and deadlines. For a good fit, an Agile team will want a marketing project management tool with versatile project visualizations and the ability to track key deliverables. Team collaboration features and alerts for changes are also crucial for Agile marketing teams.


Hive logo

Agile marketing teams love Hive’s versatile project views. Team members and project managers can switch between Gantt charts, Kanban boards, calendar views, tables, and portfolio views. So, whether you want to see the big picture progress of a project or just focus on your specific tasks, Hive has you covered. 

The platform comes with tools that let your marketing team’s creative professionals shine without hindering your initiatives’ progress. Say someone comes up with a new idea that can be added or run parallel to an existing campaign. That user can simply enter a new creative request, which will be approved through your pre-designed workflow. 

Once the project manager signs it off, the entire project timeline and deliverables will be updated accordingly based on priority levels for each task. 

Team members, project managers, and stakeholders will also be notified of relevant status updates. If an issue arises during the project, an alert will be sent to the appropriate parties so your team can address it ASAP.

Want to dive deeper into this software’s capabilities? Check out our full post reviewing Hive’s platform.


ClickUp logo

ClickUp is a feature-packed and robust project management tool that makes it easy for project managers and marketing teams to stay on track with campaign timelines, goals, and deliverables. 

Every project can be broken down into tasks and priorities, so everyone will know which elements are the most urgent and which ones can be put on the back burner. You can also set up relationships and dependencies between tasks to ensure that everything is completed in the right order. This prevents your team from running into blockers while waiting for other people to complete tasks.

Project managers can create folders to track each unique sprint cycle. This is an easy way to keep each sprint within a larger marketing push organized and adjust your goals accordingly for upcoming milestones. 

For more information on ClickUp’s features, plans, and pricing, refer to our in-depth ClickUp review


Ravetree logo

Ravetree is a project management tool with a built-in CRM feature. This helps marketing teams access real-time information on what’s happening with customers. If a priority changes unexpectedly, project initiatives within Ravetree can be adjusted without derailing your existing progress.

The software has views and templates that support both Agile and waterfall-minded projects. You can set up a timeline view to visualize dependencies across tasks and monitor everything through Ravetree’s Gantt charts. No matter how you want to attack your marketing efforts, Ravetree can visualize it and give you deep insights. 

For Agile marketing campaigns, set up your user stories, epics, Kanban boards, and sprint planning directly in Ravetree. There’s no need to find workarounds or rename these initiatives. 

Ravetree also has built-in forecasting tools, milestones, time logs, and sprint planning capabilities. All of these make it easier for Agile marketing managers to allocate resources efficiently without overloading their teams. 

The Best Marketing Project Management Software for Integration With Your Other Software

Marketing project teams want a tool that goes beyond basic Zapier integrations and can sync brilliantly with their other tools to unlock new ways to save time, money, and resources. The best tools in this category can help enhance your social management, email campaigns, and CRMs because they play well with leading platforms in those categories. logo

Trusted by more than 152,000 organizations, is one of the most popular project management tools on the market today. It even has a specific tool for marketers—Monday Marketer—that comes with everything you need to support strategic planning, product launches, creative requests, events, campaign tracking, and more.’s integrations will make your life much easier. Sync it up with your Facebook Ads account to access that data directly on your project boards or incorporate a Clearbit integration that pulls form data into your workflow for better lead capturing and management. 

For marketing teams that manage events, the Eventbrite integration makes it easy to track new registrations and the success of your events directly from within’s dashboards. You can completely customize which data points you want to pull from Eventbrite and how they’ll be used in your projects. 

That’s just scratching the surface. Our complete review post goes into more detail on everything this platform offers. 

Project Insight

Project Insight logo

Project Insight stands out from the crowd with its ability to support project portfolio management. So, marketing VPs and other executive-level positions can keep track of marketing projects on a holistic level. 

One of the main reasons Project Insight has the edge over other tools in this space is its robust integration capabilities. In addition to the out-of-the-box integrations supported by the tool, you can also use the platform’s REST API to set up custom integrations for your team. This means it can be fully customized to meet all of your marketing project management needs.

For example, you can set up an advanced integration with your billing platform to assist with more informed decision-making related to project expenses and estimated profits. The software can even generate new tasks and issues directly from incoming email messages—there’s no need to create a new task manually, and nothing will get overlooked. 

Lots of other project management tools on the market offer basic integrations. But if those tools seem too rigid for your needs, Project Insight is a better alternative for getting the most out of all your tools from a single source of truth. 

The Best Marketing Project Management Software for In-Platform Collaboration

Most marketing teams have to manage and organize lots of different campaign materials, ranging from visuals to written copy and more. In-platform collaboration helps marketers share files, edit files, and communicate with teammates in real-time while working on tasks and deliverables. So, whether you’re managing blog post production, redesigning your landing pages, or working on print publications, collaborating within your project management software makes things easier for everyone involved in the process. 


Basecamp logo

Basecamp is branded as a project management and team collaboration tool and hits the mark in both categories. It has two different ways for individuals and teams to communicate in real-time. The messaging feature is designed for long conversations about a specific topic, such as an ongoing campaign. But Basecamp also comes with a “Campfire,” its real-time group chat feature for one-off discussions and quick collaboration. 

The platform makes it easy to mention teammates, attach files, add videos, and more. Basecamp’s interface ensures nobody misses out on an important update or announcement. Chats, message boards, schedules, and all files are just a click away from a single screen. 

You can even set up automatic check-ins for your project teams. This is a quick and easy way for people to share updates and start work days on the right foot with the most up-to-date information, even if they’re working in different locations or time zones. This feature alone can help you eliminate mundane and unproductive meetings while keeping everyone on the same page. 

Read our complete Basecamp review for more information


Hive logo

Hive delivers project management software that is perfect for remote and hybrid marketing teams. If your team isn’t always in the same room, Hive makes it easy for everyone to communicate and collaborate in real-time. 

The platform comes with integrated live chat, eliminating the need for your team to rely on a third-party messenger. These chats are great for quick one-to-one discussions as well as group or project threads. You can use this to get a quick answer from a single teammate or share updates with your entire team.

If live chat isn’t enough, you can also enter video chats directly from Hive. Teams that would prefer sticking with Zoom or Google Meet can simply use Hive’s shortcuts to open a new video meeting directly on those platforms. Hive also comes with collaborative document editing, perfect for taking and sharing meeting notes. Everyone can make updates to the document before, during, or after a call. 

Another cool collaboration feature within Hive is its streamlined process for new intake forms. Whether a new ask is coming from a client or an internal source, you can easily set up those forms to create new project tasks and assign them to the right team member. 

Get all the details by reading our full review post on Hive.


ClickUp logo

With ClickUp, your team doesn’t need to rely on third-party tools like Slack, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams to stay in touch. The platform comes with real-time chat that can be used to connect project teams from anywhere. 

ClickUp’s chat feature is a simple way to manage and organize your marketing projects. In addition to segmenting your marketing team from the rest of the company, you can create even more threads for various campaigns, so updates on your email campaigns will stay separate from your social media initiatives. Even if your team has multiple threads to monitor, everything can easily be viewed from a single notifications feed—ensuring no important updates are overlooked.

These collaboration features can be taken to the next level when your team uses mentions and assignments within the task comments and live chat. Let’s say your team is discussing an idea for a campaign in a group chat. You can quickly turn a mention into an assigned task so the right people know which action items to prioritize. 

In ClickUp, sharing files, adding links, embedding web pages, and adding videos to threads and tasks is simple. You can also see all of the attachments of a thread grouped together for even faster access to them. 

Check out our full ClickUp review to learn more

Further Reading

In addition to the marketing project management software reviewed in this guide, our team here at Crazy Egg has extensively covered the topic of project management over the years. Below you’ll find a mix of other reviews and guides that will help you find the right tools, expand your knowledge, and improve your project management skills. 

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