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Stop throwing away a small fortune. Use lead management software to seize opportunities in your sales pipeline. Hours of meticulous research led us to our recommended provider for most, HubSpot. They have easy-to-learn tools, the interface has a microlearning curve, and HubSpot offers incredible education on lead nurturing that will take you or your team from novice to advanced.


The Best Lead Management Software for Most 

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Best for Most

For an all-in-one lead management option that’s actually simple, HubSpot is your best bet.

HubSpot helps your sales team manage an avalanche of leads with your eyes closed. What makes them the prime choice is the ease of use for non-technical users. Plus they have clear resources that help you keep in touch with every lead that comes your way.

Hubspot gives your team the power at will to generate handfuls of cash, with this free lead gen software. Plus HubSpot is a master of visual feedback. You can view your entire sales funnel in a minute-by-minute report with their visually stunning dashboard. Track leads behavior, qualify them and organize your leads in one place while automating sales activity. Below you can find out all the rest of the benefits HubSpot gives you for free.

The Best Best Lead Management Software Options to Consider

  1. Hubspot – Best for Most
  2. Zoho – Best for Customization
  3. – Best for Organizing Large Teams
  4. Pipedrive – Best for Focused Workflows
  5. HelloLeads – Best for Mobile App Lead Management

When It Makes Sense to Invest Into Lead Management Software?

Lead Management software lets you predict and change the future core of your sales.

So any business that aims to grow and scale should be investing in lead management software. 

Think of it as managing a shift in a coffee shop. Having one or two customers at a time can seem easy, but what happens if ten, or a hundred, or a thousand customers come in?

At some point, you can’t serve them all right away anymore. 

Growing your leads can be similar.

After a certain number, you won’t be able to serve them all right away. When you begin to receive inquiries, visitors, or orders you can’t handle, many customers become dissatisfied and leave.

So, if you want to prevent the leads you spend your marketing budget on from slipping through your fingers, you need a lead management tool that does the job of capturing all your leads. Then tracking their behavior, qualifying them, and making them sale-ready before the sales team can take over.

This allows you to serve all of your customers much more quickly, removing the chance to get frustrated while waiting for you to respond to them. 

#1 – Hubspot — The Best for Most

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Best for Most

For an all-in-one lead management option that’s actually simple, HubSpot is your best bet.

The Hubspot CRM is all of your marketing and sales software in one platform. At its core, Hubspot is made simple and built without overwhelming its users.

Many customer testimonials agree that the Hubspot CRM provides a good user interface and user experience. This enables quick implementation and ease of use for many users regardless of the level of their marketing and/or technical knowledge. 

With Hubspot, you can optimize lead conversions while keeping an eye on sales and marketing opportunities. 

The free forever Hubspot CRM package contains enough of what you want when it comes to lead management.

The software can automatically record, log and track emails, and store up to one million contacts into its business database. Plus, you don’t have to leave the CRM to email and call your prospects. 

Hubspot offers tons of free resources to help you make the most out of each sales funnel. 

Especially if you are new to using lead management software, Hubspot is your best bet at becoming a lead management specialist.

#2 – Zoho — The Best For Customizing Every Detail Of Your Site

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Best for Customization

To customize your lead management even with a free plan, try Zoho.

Zoho CRM is a more traditional CRM than HubSpot but it offers tons of customization options available even for free users. 

For paid options, users can add custom views, add custom buttons, edit conditional fields, and change page layouts. Customizing your CRM—especially when you have the resources to do so—comes in handy to make your lead management process more efficient and easier to use depending on what the users’ priorities are.

Zoho has two payment options for its four subscription tiers. Users can pay monthly than annually (at a slightly higher per-user cost). This is helpful for businesses that are still experimenting with what works for them without having to commit to annual plans.

As a bonus, Zoho CRM also includes an AI-powered sales assistant called Zia that responds to voice commands. 

#3 – — The Best for Organizing Big Teams logo

Best for Organizing Large Teams

Even when everyone’s remote, brings the whole sales team together in logical project workflows that make lead management easy.

Team efficiency and organization are at the core of Seamless inter-departmental communication and task allocation is a success factor that’s often overlooked. And this is why makes it to our list. makes it easy to visualize sales tasks in logical positions on the web page so one doesn’t find themselves lost or overwhelmed.

What is a project management tool doing here?’s lead management template automatically transforms the platform into a lead management tool along with’s main features. also seamlessly works with the tools you already love—no coding required!

We recommend making things extra easier by integrating Clearbit into the system to automatically populate it with information about your leads. By just adding the company name, business information about that company automatically populates your leads board—no need to do the researching and date-entry leg work.

#4 – Pipedrive — The Best for Focused Workflows

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Best for Focused Workflows

Pipedrive lets you automate and integrate your sales pipeline from the start, so your customer data gets you more information in less time.

Pipedrive CRM lives up to its name and it starts you off with a standard sales pipeline the minute you log in. This enables salespeople to immediately start inputting their current deals, tasks, and ideas in the platform. If you wish to change your pipeline structure for the day you can easily do so. 

With the straightforward UI, businesses can immediately start entering their ideas and current deals here, and you can also send emails without leaving the platform. 

One of Pipedrive’s key features is that it formats and automates email fields—including populating it with customer data—this means you don’t have to spend time typing individual quality emails.

You can seamlessly integrate 3rd party service providers such as Mailchimp, Gmail, LinkedIn, etc., so you’re not just limited to Pipedrive’s built-in features. 

All in all, Pipedrive provides an experience that allows its users to focus on the key areas that matter such as coming up with sales opportunities based on the data presented and lead nurturing. 

#5 – HelloLeads — The Best for Mobile App Lead Management

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Best for Mobile App Lead Management

With HelloLeads, the first lead management mobile app, now all your leads are in your pocket wherever you go.

With Salespeople always on their feet (literally and figuratively) It only makes sense to want to access everything at the palm of your hands.

HelloLeads leads in the mobile app versions of lead management systems with its lead tracking, sales management, and communication features. more.

Finding leads near you is possible through google map and capture geolocation. You can also add leads through Forms, by scanning QR codes, business cards, or by importing excel files.

As a mobile app, you get convenience, efficiency, and productivity in managing your leads anytime, anywhere.

With HelloLeads, you get:

  • Instant communication to leads
  • Get deeper insights using value-added information of your lead
  • Follow up reminders, 
  • Google Calendar Integration, Facebook integration, WhatsApp Integration
  • Carry your sales data wherever you go, anywhere and any time
  • Sales team management, team performance tracking, weekly reports, analytics

Methodology for Choosing the Best Lead Management Software

Lead management doesn’t have to feel like rocket science. Instead, it should feel like opening a window to everything that’s going on with your sales processes.

Ease of Setup and Implementation

It’s important to note that the people who will be using these lead management systems are non-IT folk. Therefore, the ease of setup regardless of technical aptitude is a major factor for consideration. 

The longer the learning curve, the more counterproductive your teams could get. Find software that doesn’t feel like an extra task for your teams to log into and manage their customers and date.

At the end of the day, your lead managing software should simply let you manage customers see opportunities in every pipeline–and in just a few clicks as possible.


There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to lead management.

Look for a lead management software that allows you to customize your dashboard according to your goals, organization, and preferred process. 

Software tailored to your preference enables you to efficiently come up with better strategies and better manage priorities.

App Integrations

Chances are, you already have sales applications that work for you. Don’t abandon what’s not broken and see if the tools you love (e.g. email apps, lead generators, task trackers, etc.) can be easily integrated into the lead management system.

Make what works for you, work for you better.

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Best for Most

For an all-in-one lead management option that’s actually simple, HubSpot is your best bet.


The risk of failure is high when it comes to just using one’s intuition in creating sales decisions. 

With the availability of management tools, there is no excuse not to consider investing in lead management software. 

If you’re just starting, you should look into Hubspot CRM. Make the most of its free sales and marketing resources to ease you into letting go of manual labor and dive into automation and data-driven strategies.

Knowing where your leads are in the pipeline and ensuring that they’re kept an eye on is crucial to your team’s success.

Now you have a list of everything to kickstart better sales strategies and marketing campaigns, you’re on your way to be a better business.

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