Best Landing Page Creation Tools Compared

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Multipage websites are a great way for your audience to get to know you, but in this crowded market, you need the hyperfocused power of landing pages to really convert your traffic. Whether you’re trying to gain podcast subscribers or sell niche products, these one-page, one-link, one-purpose pages earn conversions in a way full websites can’t. That’s why we spent dozens of hours researching tools to help you get started creating these pages. With hundreds of templates and reasonable pricing, user-friendly Landingi stood out as the top landing page creation tool for most users. 

The Best Landing Page Creation Tool for Most 

Landingi logo


Best for Most

No coding skills? No problem. Landingi helps you build a landing page that’ll get you customers, listeners, or clients in no time.

Some of the more well-known landing page creation tools come with a hefty price tag and steep learning curve. Not Landingi. Whether you want to use Landingi’s drag-and-drop tools to create a custom landing page or would rather choose from one of over 400 templates, Landingi makes building a page easy and quick.

At wallet-friendly rates, you can build unlimited landing pages and nab unlimited conversions. And even with the least expensive plan, you’ll get one domain and two account users. For a little bit more per month, add the power of Landingi’s Unsplash integration, popups, custom HTML, 800+ Google fonts, and basically everything you’d ever need to create excellent landing pages galore. 

The Best Landing Page Creation Tool Options to Consider 

  1. Landingi – Best for most
  2. ConvertKit – The best for creatives looking for conversions
  3. – Best for using landing pages to understand your target audience
  4. Unbounce – Best for experienced brands with big wallets
  5. Carrd – Best for creating low-cost, super-simple landing pages

When It Makes Sense to Invest In a Landing Page Creation Tool

With landing page creation tools, landing pages are inexpensive to build. Just like your website is your brand’s online home, your landing page is the online home for an individual coupon, mailing list, webinar, special product, or bonus download—or any other type of promotion you offer. 

Because landing pages are focused on a singular goal—such as getting a person to sign up for a paid online class or purchase a limited-time product—they excel at driving conversions. When they’re done right, that is. 

If you have a tight budget, take advantage of the landing page tools with affordable plans. Those of you with big budgets can go with the more sophisticated landing page creation tools to help you generate leads. 

You can also use a landing page as a way to validate your business idea and gain leads before you officially launch a new venture. 

Maybe you’d like to start an online creative writing university to help people write and sell books. Instead of paying for a full website, create a landing page that quickly introduces your first course, provides a reasonable price, and offers a signup button. If you get lots of interest, you can expand into a full webpage, utilizing landing pages for special discounts or course signups. 

A large marketing agency, on the other hand, can utilize landing pages long after creating a full website. If traffic is getting slow and you’re launching a new service to renew interest, a landing page can help you showcase it. 

Landing pages can also gather feedback for you, particularly if you utilize a landing page tool that’s geared toward gathering information from your target audience. 

#1 – Landingi — The Best for Most 

Landingi logo


Best for Most

No coding skills? No problem. Landingi helps you build a landing page that’ll get you customers, listeners, or clients in no time.

Whether you’re new to landing page creation or have been at it for a while, Landingi’s range of tools enables you to create meaningful landing pages within minutes. You won’t need any coding skills, either—just choose from one of the site’s 400+ customizable templates to get started. 

We love that on each of its templates, Landingi gives you guidelines to strengthen the focus of the page. Instead of only using lorem ipsum placeholder text, each text area comes with a simple prompt to help you write valuable copy. 

A screenshot showing a Landingi template for a webinar.

This feature is incredibly helpful for beginners, but it also saves time for the more seasoned marketers out there. 

If you’re not sure where to start or need to quickly find a landing page or popup that fits your use case, choose from template categories like:

  • Click-through
  • Coming soon
  • Sale of product or service
  • Coupon download
  • Ebook download
  • Newsletter signup
  • Recruitment

You can also search the templates by industry if that’s easier for you. 

With any Landingi plan, you get unlimited landing pages. Landingi’s sales funnel tool lets you connect several landing pages to create a seamless funnel for your target audience. 

When you snag those conversions, Landingi organizes their information for you on your dashboard. Or, you can opt to export the data to another app. Landingi also offers PageInsider, 

an exciting AI tool that shows you three different pieces of information about each landing page: 

  • Smart Map: tells you where your customers are likely to look first
  • Percentage of Attention: estimates how much attention your clickable buttons will receive 
  • Clarity Score: analyzes whether your page is clear and easy to understand 

Whether you’re a huge agency or a solopreneur, you can add PageInsider to any Landingi plan for $5 a month. Landingi also offers A/B testing to help you optimize your landing pages.

Landingi’s pricing plans reflect the product’s commitment to serving individuals and big businesses alike:

1. Core—$29/month billed annually or $35 a month—unlimited landing pages and conversions, 1,000 unique visits per month, one custom domain, two account users, and full email, chat, and phone support

2. Create—$65/month billed annually or $79 a month—unlimited landing pages and conversions, 20,000 unique visits per month, two custom domains, 10 account users, full customer support, and Unsplash image library 

3. Automate—$89/month billed annually or $109 a month—unlimited landing pages and conversions, 40,000 unique monthly visits, four custom domains, 10 account users, full support, Unsplash image library, and campaign scheduler

4. Agency—$109/month billed annually or $129 a month—unlimited landing pages and conversions, 50,000 unique visits a month, five custom domains, unlimited subaccounts and role assigning, Unsplash image library, campaign scheduler, agency control panel, priority support, and the option to white label the site

If you need more room to expand, you can add domains for $5 each per month and 5,000 additional, unique visitors for $5 a month. Landingi also offers a 14-day free trial.

#2 – ConvertKit — The Best for Creatives Looking for Conversions

ConvertKit logo


Best for Creatives Looking for Conversions

If you’re looking for a way to connect with your audience while generating new leads, ConvertKit is a well-established newsletter tool that comes with solid landing page creation capabilities, too.

Creators tend to build a fanbase using email newsletters rather than PPC or social media advertisements. That’s why ConvertKit is our top choice for authors, podcasters, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, artists, and anyone striving to make a living with their creativity. 

ConvertKit is a well-known email marketing platform that provides a space for creators to send their fans career updates, introduce new products, announce events, and offer exclusive deals and steals. At its heart, ConvertKit is a place for you to build relationships with the people who support your career.

A screenshot showcasing how ConvertKit helps creators connect with fans.

If you already use ConvertKit for your email marketing list or you plan to start using it, ConvertKit’s landing pages fit seamlessly into an email marketing strategy. 

The tool also offers several form templates—from freebie forms to exit intent popups—to help you earn new audience members using lead magnets. Upload a song, ebook, article, or downloadable print to offer in exchange for a new email address and ConvertKit will automatically send the freebie to your new subscriber.

You can either host forms on your ConvertKit landing page or embed them into your existing website, whether it’s on Squarespace, WordPress, Wix, Shopify, or Weebly.

Here’s how ConvertKit’s pricing shakes out: 

1. Free—$0—unlimited landing pages, forms, and emails, plus audience segmentation, digital product and subscription sales, and community support 

2. Creator—$9 a month billed annually—everything in the Free plan plus live chat support, free migration from another tool, automated email sequences, one additional team member, and third-party integrations

3. Creator Pro—$25 a month billed annually—everything in Creator plus priority live chat and email support, unlimited team members, newsletter referral system, subscriber scoring, and advanced reporting

Get started with the Free plan or a free trial of the Creator plans to see if ConvertKit fits your needs as a creator-slash-entrepreneur.

#3 – — The Best for Using Landing Pages to Understand Your Target Audience logo

Best for Using Landing Pages to Understand Your Target Audience

Do you love the idea of using interactive quizzes, surveys, and feedback forms to help understand your customers? offers hundreds of templates that do just that. goes beyond basic landing pages. WIth, it’s all about user interaction—which means abundant audience insights for you. 

If you already have a website but want to create landing pages that generate leads and help you get to know your target audience, embed your page onto your website. Or, use the tool to create standalone landing pages that help you shape your budding business and learn who your customer base will be. shines at letting you create multi-page lead-generation funnels that help you get to know your customers. But as with a traditional landing page, each page has a narrow focus—and viewers will only see one page at a time. 

You can easily use’s drag-and-drop page creator or one of its fully customizable templates for quizzes, surveys, customer feedback, payment pages, and more.

A screenshot showing one of’s customizable quizzes.

While provides you with lots of quiz ideas, you can also tailor quizzes and surveys to meet your needs. If you’re running a book box business, for example, you can customize a What type of reader are you? quiz template to understand what items your customers would value in a book box. 

If you need help motivating audience members to complete a survey or quiz, you can add a coupon offer to any of’s templates.

Customer feedback is another helpful way to learn your target audience’s needs. To that end, offers customizable review funnel templates for Amazon, Trustpilot, Capterra, TrustRadius, G2, Yelp, and Google Business. 

A screenshot showing review funnel template options on

In addition to these useful templates, provides additional features that help you engage your audience, including: 

  • Drop-off identification: find out where in your funnel your audience stops interacting and make changes accordingly
  • Funnel insights: learn where customers are visiting your page from and what device they’re using
  • Partial submissions: see each answer a person gives on a quiz—even if they don’t complete it
  • KPI overview: keep tabs on submissions, visits, average visit time, and completion scores
  • Social share: easily allow users to share your landing pages with their social network
  • Contact info boxes: use up to 15 fields to collect insightful data from customers 

All pricing plans include unlimited projects, visits, questions, forms, and pages, along with the basic features. Each plan also comes with customizable themes, 200+ templates, coupon codes, analytics, 25 language options, answer scoring, and instant answer feedback.

1. Free—$0—100 submissions a month, one user, partial submissions, and the ability to test paid features

2. Starter—$19/month billed annually or $25 a month—everything in Free plus 1,000 submissions a month, one payment platform, and basic customer support

3. Professional—$49/month billed annually or $75 a month—everything in Starter plus 5,000 monthly submissions, ability to buy team seats, one custom font, three payment platforms, and priority customer service

4. Business—$149/month billed annually or $195 a month—everything in Professional plus 15,000 submissions a month, three team members, a custom domain, 10 custom fonts, 10 payment platforms, and priority customer service

Ready to discover more about your audience? Start for free or try a 14-day free trial of one of its paid plans today.

#4 – Unbounce — The Best for Experienced Brands With Big Wallets


Best for Experienced Brands With Big Wallets

Do you need a tool designed to help you handle tons of traffic and garner thousands of conversions? Unbounce is the original landing page tool, and it knows how to navigate the business.

If you’re experienced at using landing pages to drive leads, Unbounce is the landing page creation tool that’s almost as smart as you. Unbounce helps with high-level marketing tasks. Take Google Ads, for instance. If you’re spending lots of money on PPC ads and aren’t seeing much revenue, your website could be the culprit. 

A screenshot comparing a classic website to a focused, Unbounce landing page.

Remember, websites are there for customers to explore everything you offer—not to get them to convert. Unbounce sends those clicks straight to a landing page that matches your ad and offers a single, irresistible CTA.

Unbounce helps brands raise their Google Ad Quality score, lower their cost per click, and increase conversion rates. Brands that focus more heavily on social media advertisements can drive those clicks to Unbounce landing pages, too. 

Another key strength is Unbounce’s optimization tools. Whether you’re writing copy, A/B testing entire landing pages, tinkering with design, or uploading images, Unbounce helps you optimize each detail for ideal results. 

Unbounce is in the process of rolling out new, AI-powered features to help beginning marketers get started with landing pages. But for now, its classic tools are tailor-made for experienced individuals, marketers, and agencies—especially if you’ve got a robust budget. 

Here’s the breakdown of Unbounce’s pricing tiers. Note that each plan comes with unlimited landing pages, sticky bars, and popups:

1. Launch—$74/month billed annually or $99 billed monthly—20,000 monthly visitors, 500 monthly conversions, 1 domain

2. Optimize—$109/month billed annually or $145 billed monthly—30,000 monthly visitors, 1,000 monthly conversions, 5 domains

3. Accelerate—$180/month billed annually or $240 billed monthly—50,000 monthly visitors, 2,500 monthly conversions, 10 domains

4. Concierge—$469/month billed yearly or $625 billed monthly—more than 100,000 monthly visitors, 5,000 monthly conversions, and 25 domains

Find out if Unbounce is a fit with a 14-day free trial.

#5 – Carrd — The Best for Creating Low-Cost, Super-Simple Landing Pages

Carrd logo


Best for Creating Low-Cost, Super-Simple Landing Pages

Sometimes, less really is more. Carrd’s landing page creation tool is ridiculously inexpensive and easy to use, allowing you to dip your toe into the world of single-focus web pages without investing a ton of money.

Sometimes, all you need is something without frills. Like a simple, one-page website that introduces you or your product to the world without costing you tons of money. That’s what Carrd is for. 

A screenshot showing one of Carrd’s simple, visually attractive templates.

Carrd comes with plenty of elegant, simple templates that can focus on whatever you want them to. They can function as mini-websites that highlight who you are and what you do. Or, they can act as landing pages that get the word out about your next big project. 

With Carrd’s Pro plan, you can build custom forms or choose pre-built contact and signup forms to secure new leads. Or use widgets to collect payment for highlighted products.

An example of Carrd’s product purchasing feature.

It would be nice if Carrd came with more directions for what copy to put in its templates instead of the lorem ipsum filler text. But considering how easy it is to use this tool—and how little it costs to benefit from the Pro features—this doesn’t matter a whole lot. 

You can build and maintain one Carrd site for free. For more features, check out the pricing tiers, which are as simple and elegant as Carrd itself:

1. Pro Lite—$9 per year—three sites, pro templates, custom templates, and unbranded URLs

2. Pro Standard—$19 per year—10 sites, custom domain URLs, pro and custom templates, widgets, forms, embeds, Google Analytics

3. Pro Plus—$49 per year—25 sites, custom domain URLs, pro and custom templates, widgets, forms, embeds, Google Analytics, password protection

To see if Carrd is what you’re looking for, try a Pro plan for free for seven days

Methodology for Choosing the Best Landing Page Creation Tool

When you’re hunting for a landing page creation tool, it’s crucial to find one that matches your needs. Here are three criteria to consider as you test out different options.

Template Choices

Whether you’re short on coding skills or short on time, pre-built templates are a lifesaver. Especially if the templates are fully customizable. In addition to giving you a quick way to put together an effective landing page, templates can give you ideas. 

This is why we love Landingi. It offers over 400 templates for everything from newsletter signups to coupon downloads. If you aren’t sure what to write on the page, use Landingi’s prompts to write copy that’ll drive conversions. 

If you need better templates for quizzes, surveys, and customer feedback, you’ll find them in’s 200+ templates. Those who prefer having a bit more control can benefit from Unbounce, which provides you with templates if you want them but also gives you the option to customize pages with JavaScript and CSS. 

While super-affordable Carrd comes with landing pages, you’ll have to write the copy without any helpful prompts, which is a minor drawback. And ConvertKit’s landing pages are geared toward email lists, which limits their usefulness for a broad range of use cases but is perfect for creators. 

Mobile Responsiveness

In this day and age, few people exclusively use desktops or laptops to browse the web. Tablets and smartphones abound, which means your landing page should be fully responsive on any device. 

Landingi automatically creates a mobile-responsive version of your landing page, but make sure to preview it before you hit publish. It may need tweaking to look the way you want it to on a phone or tablet. Thankfully, Landingi makes it easy to edit the mobile version of your page., Unbounce, and Carrd also optimize your pages for mobile devices and give you the option to review and edit them as needed. ConvertKit does too, but user reviews point out that ConvertKit’s mobile landing pages can be clunky and you’ll probably need to edit them.

Analytics Features

Without analytics, it’s hard to measure how well your landing pages are working. All of the options on our list integrate with Google Analytics to help you measure success. ConvertKit,, and Landingi also offer varying degrees of data that you can access from within the tool—without integrations. 

Unbounce lets you do this too, but it also has an excellent Landing Page Analyzer. This free tool analyzes page speed, design, SEO, copy, and the target industry before delivering a personal report on the effectiveness of your landing page. 

Whichever landing page you choose—even if it’s not on our list—make sure it provides the data and insights you want.

Landingi logo


Best for Most

No coding skills? No problem. Landingi helps you build a landing page that’ll get you customers, listeners, or clients in no time.

The Top Landing Page Creation Tool in Summary

So, what’s the best landing page creation tool for authors, podcasters, small- to mid-size businesses, and online storefronts?

With its huge range of landing page templates, helpful prompts, and valuable data insights, Landingi is our top choice for most people. If you need something different, use our criteria to help you find another tool on our list—or in the great big beyond that is the internet. 

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